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Thank you.

This seems like the best answer.

Thank you for the reminder concerning Milestone levelling.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Hi everyone.
Migrating from an heavily houseruled 5E to PF2E and I have a question about PF2E Experience Point awards.

If the party is composed of six PCs, but the encounter is built for four PCs, is it OK to me to not add additional monsters to the encounter, but award fewer XP to each PC for the encounter?

Suppose that the party of six PCs had an encounter worth 40 XP for a four PC party. Would it be OK to award each of the six PCs 26 XP?

4 x 40 = 160 XP
160 XP / 6 = 26 XP

What are the rules concerning hiring mercenaries to accompany the party on (deadly) adventures?

Wheldrake wrote:
Hrothgar Rannúlfr wrote:

So, there's nothing that a fighter could do just via the Fighter class and/or feats to get beyond +8 to hit? Even with just one weapon?

Was thinking that I might've missed something.
You do realize that legendary proficiency is +8 + your level, right?


I am interested in the topic due to the very probable homebrewing that our group will do. So, confirming how many plusses should be available by bonus type is important to me.

Thank you both.

So, there's nothing that a fighter could do just via the Fighter class and/or feats to get beyond +8 to hit? Even with just one weapon?

Was thinking that I might've missed something.

Thanks, again.

Not considering magic items or ability scores, what is the best bonus to attacks with weapons a character can get? Is it +8 for Legendary Proficiency?

What else is there?

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Thanks for all the feedback, everyone.
Much appreciated.

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I am not yet comfortable enough with the PF2 rules to do it, but I really feel that truly emulating the AD&D 1st Edition Ranger within PF2 really necessitates creating a Variant Ranger class. To me, it's definitely homebrew territory, at this point.

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Why is multi-classing only available via archetypes in PF2?

Why didn't PF2 keep PF1-Style multi-classing?

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Thank you.

Leaving Legendary weapon proficiency as something that might be attainable by 7th level for a Barbarian definitely appears to be forward thinking for future releases.

Hi, everyone.

I'm still trying to digest the basics of Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

Tonight, I was looking at the Barbarian class and I noticed something that seems odd, to me.

At level 7, the Barbarian gains Weapon Specialization and it notes that the Barbarian gains an additional 4 damage if he or she is legendary.

How can a barbarian become legendary in a weapon by 7th level?

Thank you.

... and other ranged weapons.

Is there any restriction against using a shortbow when standing right next to your target?

Just wondering.

Thanks in advance. :)

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PF2 makes me want to play in Golarion.

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I like the idea of just making a human with an ancestry and background, but no class.

From there, could apply the weak or elite modifications and maybe add a thematic ability and the NPC would be done.

I think I like it.

Hi, everyone.

What level is the average human in PF2?

And, how rare are higher level human NPCs?

Just wondering if the assumption that 95% of the population is 1st level is accurate?

And, maybe 2% are 2nd or 3rd level? And, another 1% are 4th or 5th level?

And, higher levels are even rarer?

Just wondering.

Thank you.

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Thank you.

I was just thinking about NPC Classes from PF1E (Warrior, Adept, Expert, Aristocrat) and wondering if there were any plans for such for PF2E?

Thank you!

I like the Bulk rules for PF2. Really like them.

But, I seem to recall seeing something similar somewhere else.

Does anyone know what other d20 TRPG might also have Bulk rules?



Thank you.

Much appreciated.

Hi, everyone,

I've been looking around the site for pregenerated characters for Pathfinder Seconde Edition. So far, I haven't found what I'm looking for.

Is there a PDF file with some pregenerated characters available somewhere? If so, please provide a link as I cannot locate it at this time.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Side-question on Attacks of Opportunity...

Is it true that only Fighters can make Attacks of Opportunity in PF2?

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"But boy a simple official reference doc would be a godsend!"
— Feral Chihuahua.
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I concur.

Also, I want to see how to handle converting NPC's with PF1-style multiclassing.

Thank you.

Do the rules allow for just taking another class when levelling up?

If I'm a first level fighter and I earn 2nd level, can that level be the first level of Wizard?

James Jacobs wrote:

We'll have full rules and advice for building monsters in the upcoming Gamemastery Guide. I know that's not ideal for the first few months, alas, but it's the best we could do.

In the meantime, one way you could "fake" it is to simply rename monsters from the Bestairy; simply rename and describe a monster differently and you've got something that in the short term will keep your players guessing.

We're also loading up each Adventure Path installment with new monsters and stat blocks too; that's a great place to farm additional creatures. Even if you're not running the adventure, you can pull out the stat blocks for your own use however you wish.

Sounds good. I definitely want some monster building rules for the Second Edition.

Hi, everyone.

I was not able to participate in the playtest, but now that PF2 is out, I've been looking at the PFRD for PF2 on Nethys and I like what I see.

My main issue is that our group has been playing an hybrid of several editions of the game based on the PF1 chassis. From what I've been able to digest of the PF2 chassis, the math appears much more streamlined while still allowing for optimum diversity between characters. And, from a very brief observation of some of the monsters, PF2 looks to be easier to GM (which is a definite strength, in my opinion).

The Rosetta Stone for conversion for me is to map out how the action economy converts from PF1 to PF2. Has this already been done? I'm not necessarily looking for a full conversion guide, just a conversion of the action economy.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Do weapons do different damage by size, like they did in PF1E?

Thanks, Joana.

I'm running the AD&D UK Saltmarsh trilogy with Pathfinder and ran across some Koalinth while prepping the second adventure. I'll take a look at the link that you provided and compare that with the AD&D 2E Monstrous Manual for inspiration.

Hi, everyone.

Just wondering if there was an official Pathfinder Koalinth.

From looking around, I haven't located one in the Bestiary or the SRD.

As best as I can determine, a Koalinth is an aquatic Hobgoblin.

If there is no official Koalinth, would adding the Aquatic Creature template to a regular Hobgoblin suffice? Or, would it leave something off?

Thank you.

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I voted in the poll, a few days ago.

No. Our group won't be switching to PF2E. We have finally houseruled and homebrewed our modified version of PF1E to our liking.

Right now, if I were to switch, it would either be to Castles-n-Crusades or DnD5E. But, won't even do that as I still like PF1 better and can import from those two games and other editions and variants of End, as desired (with a little bit of work).

I may run some PF2E adventures using the Pathfinder Legacy (house ruled) rules set though, if an adventure really captures my interest. But, I have a lot of adventures to run, already, and Rappan Atthuk awaits!

1. How can a character gain extra feats without gaining levels?

2. Can a character train during downtime to learn an extra feat? If so, what timeframe is required and how much does it cost?

Thank you, ChibiNyan.

That helps.

I'm against using the metric system for Pathfinder as the metric system seems to be based on real world measurements that may not be true on Golarion.

For instance, Earth's meter is one ten-millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator.

Can we be certain that this would be the case on Golarion? Is Golarion Earth-sized?

Also, would characters in game think in meters? What would be their in world reason for doing so? Feet, yards, miles, gallons, etc... seem like they'd be more natural, to me.

Of course, a group of adventurer's did make it to Earth to face off with Rasputin... So, perhaps, it makes perfect sense to have the metric system as a unit of measurement as there is some connection of Earth to Golarion.

Hmmm... Perhaps, meters make perfect sense if Golarionlings are travelling to Earth and back?

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I was trying to figure this out, last night.

I came to the conclusion that without Double Slice, it's just another action to attack with a second weapon with the normal penalty for the second attack (and any other penalties that I don't yet understand).

Of course, that could always have been done in PF1 if your BAB was high enough to grant a second attack.

One thing I really like is that they've embraced the idea that not only should a character get better at hitting things as they go up in level, but they should also get better at dodging things as the gain levels.

Adding level (modified by proficiency) to both to hit and armor class seems like a good thing, to me.

Not sure about adding full level to both, yet. I'm not sure how much other bonuses will matter at higher levels. But, then again, if the targed DC's are based on the adventure's expected character level, then the other bonuses beyond character level will truly matter.

So, this may be an awesome thing!

I did read somewhere on these forums, don't remember where, that someone was thinking of running a game without this level bonus. That could work, too. And, it'd be easy to do.

So, it's probably a win win.

RafaelBraga wrote:
Hrothgar Rannúlfr wrote:

So far I've only had time to scan the classes, but I like the general design of the classes. I haven't digested the classes, yet, though. But, I do like the options and the design space that is left open to build upon.

Makes me wish this version of the game had come out 10 or 15 years ago.

Trying not to bash, but some design choices really looks like things from 15 years ago :P

You are right. D&D 3.5 came out 15 years ago. There are similarities, but this feels like it has more options, out of the gate than 3.5. And, with more room to expand.

So far I've only had time to scan the classes, but I like the general design of the classes. I haven't digested the classes, yet, though. But, I do like the options and the design space that is left open to build upon.

Makes me wish this version of the game had come out 10 or 15 years ago.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

We are not. Instead, each +1 a weapon has from magic adds the damage die again. So a +1 longsword does 2d8+Str damage instead of 1d8. A +3 Greataxe does 4d12.

This does mean you might need as many as 6 dice for damage, but no more, and it also follows much more logically from the way Pathfinder is structured.

Wow! That's a lot of damage.

Are monster hit points being increased to compensate? Or, will they stay about the same?

If they stay the same, this will make fights go faster!

I'd probably start with just asking the GM to assign a BAB progression and saving throw progression to the Blood Hunter class to replace its proficiency bonus for attack rolls and saving throws. Also need to convert the skill list.

Any abilities that key off of proficiency bonus can probably just use the 5E proficiency bonus.

For spells, if there's a Pathfinder version, use it. If not, check with your GM first.

For the +2 ability score boosts that the 5E classes get at various levels, we allow the character to choose 2 Pathfinder feats (but we give all characters a feat every level as a houserule). This could be scaled back to just a bonus feat.

Our group does this with most 5E classes in our Pathfinder game and it works well. Originally, we were going to convert to 5E, but in the end we decided that we wanted the AD&D 1&2E classes, D&D 3X, and Pathfinder versions of the classes all available for play and since I owned mostly 3X and PF books and the adventures I plan to run were written in 3X/PF, I decided we'd stay there. The 5E classes work fine in our game (YMMV). Even 5E spells seem to work OK (though some 5E cantrips are higher powered and should probably be 1st level spells in PF.

I like the Blood Hunter, but have never played it or seen it played, other than online.

For me, it's a flavor thing.

Meters and the metric system really only make sense on Earth, since it was originally based on the distance from the equator to the North Pole (1 meter is one ten-millionth of the distance). On worlds of differing sizes (perhaps Golarion is larger or smaller) the length of a meter would be different, in game.

Hmmm... Perhaps, a Golarion meter is five feet?

Regarding the metric system.

Please, no. Just no.

Feet, yards, and miles, please.

Please, please, please, no meters, liters, or any other such like measurements!

Thanks, Kyrt-Ryder,

I think you're describing exactly what I was thinking of.

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