Edition Conversion Content in PF2 CRB?


I know I'm not alone in that I possess A LOT of PF1 AP material that I've not yet had the opportunity to GM but would like to think that I'll eventually have an opportunity to run. Can a developer or someone already in possession of the 2E CRB tell me if there is any content specifically addressing PF1 conversion rubrics (i.e. DCs)? My CRB is shipping via Amazon, so this is more an impatient curiosity than anything else.

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There isn’t. My initial take is that it won’t be hard to convert monsters, traps and treasures from PF1 to PF2 but that PCs will take a little more work. (DCs and the new UTEML structure might cause some thinking from time to time).

Personally, I’d feel comfortable winging a conversion as DM, but I think I’d get players to build their characters from the ground up in PF2, rather than trying a direct, one-to-one conversion (meaning there’d be a fair few changes on that side of the screen).

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Unsure if I just haven't found it yet or if it is being held back until the Gamemaster Guide but a lot of the underpinning tables don't appear to be in either the Core Book or Bestiary.
The Universal Monster table in particular doesn't seem to be in so I'm not sure how easy it is to convert an encounter where the creature isn't in the new Bestiary and ensure it is broadly the right level of challenge. On the same basis the Hazard table is also not in the new books so your stuck with only the listed hazards as a reference point rather than the full table.

Thank you both for your replies. Understanding the underlying math inherent to a system has never been a strength of mine (hence my heavy investment in professionally designed APs). Historically, a small reference doc has done the trick, though. Perhaps with an accompanying conversion of a shorter 1E module. I'm fairly certain the devs will eventually produce something along these lines given the sheer volume of excellent 1E AP lines released.

Helvellyn - You might just be right about the topic better falling within the bailiwick of a GM Guide.

Mr. Geddes - I agree wholeheartedly with your observations regarding off-the-cuff conversion. I've been toying with a RotR conversion as it's the most generic AP, already been dabbled with on these boards by folks with a much higher-degree of system-inherent math mastery than I, and the one with which I have the most experience running under the 3.5/1E rulesets.

In the mean time, I'm sure that once I've litmus tested a few methods suggested by others or determined some conversion rubrics through trial and error I'll get something workable. But boy a simple official reference doc would be a godsend!

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I had the same question...I was wondering how difficult it would be to take characters through a Rise of the Runelords campaign using characters that were generated in 2e and using 2e rules

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"But boy a simple official reference doc would be a godsend!"
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I concur.

Also, I want to see how to handle converting NPC's with PF1-style multiclassing.

My group are currently playing ROTRL - but want to play Skulls and Shackles next.... I'd like to move them into 2nd edition then.

I have no idea how hard it will be yet. considering S&S is not a universally loved AP.

I have only just started organising the data as its about a year away... so hoping there will be guides sooner rather than later.

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