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Is this web site, anything to do with us here? 8.38397996

I thought I would give yo' all a heads up.

What of those movies that have so much going on artistically, but falls short in the story department or the acting was just over the top?

I loved "Hellboy" it had a unique vision, good story, and the acting was spot on. "Hellboy II The Golden Army" is a beautiful movie from top to bottom an eyecatching film, acting was passable, but it was short on story.

"Dune" was stunning artistically and the story was pure Frank Herbert. The acting was unredeemable even Patrick Stewart did not give a good performance.

What of those movies that have so much going on artistically, but falls short in the story department or the acting was just over the top?

I loved "Hellboy" it had a unique vision, good story, and the acting was spot on. "Hellboy II The Golden Army" is a beautiful movie from top to bottom an eyecatching film, acting was passable, but it was short on story.

"Dune" was stunning artistically and the story was pure Frank Herbert. The acting was unredeemable even Patrick Stewart did not give a good performance.

What am I doing wrong?

Role-playing that's what do. We seldom stop and think what it takes to project a story into the minds of your players. Narrative and character are the tools for storytelling making worlds coming alive. Worlds are peopled by NPCs and when your NPCs live so does your world. Let's start a dialogue that uses what know works for you and suggests trying something new ideas to fit Pathfinder.
Sometimes all you need is a name, a profession, and motivation. There are other times when complexity is needed. What is the bare minimum do you need to play an NPC. What do you look for when you want to slip into a persona? Do you have a method to come up with NPCs?

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Tell me the wildest, funniest, or craziest familiar yearns.

I am making a character who grew up as an apprentice to the executioner. Unknown to the public at large the apprentice is the only grandchild of the executioner. The apprentice is at fault for the death of a friend, he is condemned to death and the executioner intercedes for apprentice by fixing the execution. The apprentice enters an imposed exile.
What skills and or feats would this background have?

Can perception be added to like a skill?
If you have an extra skill during character creation can I invest that extra skill into perception and raise it up from expert to master?

What are your favorite movies and tell me why they are so special?

  • My favorite movie pre-Star Wars-(1944)"To Have and Have Not"- Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall are smoking hot and the art of verbal gamesmanship is unrivaled.
    The novel was written by Ernest Hemingway the screenplay by William Faulkner
  • My favorite war movie- (1944)"Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" the special effects were 40 years ahead of their time.
  • My favorite sci-fi movie pre-Star Wars- (1956)"Forbidden Planet" monster from the Id and Robbie the robot.
  • My favorite after "The Empire Strikes Back" is (1982)"Blade Runner" that moody Ridley Scot classic.
  • My favorite contemporary sci-fi - is (2016)"Arrival" with its' hexipodal aliens and unique story and storyline.
    These are a few of my favorite things.

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Could you find where my package is? it has been 17 days.

The more worldly of you know the diversity of open-air oriental markets. Describe a merchant and her booth and wares and the oddities she sells. Let the merchants be colorful, let the wares be luxurious and let the oddities be really be odd, be creative, be weird, "Say I would buy that for a dollar!"

Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook Softcover Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook Softcover
Order 4786568

I could not find were you confirm the orders so will tell you// I want these 2 books

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"DANGER, DANGER WILL ROBISON, DANGER!" said the shiny bubble headed creature as it raced by.
"Danger, what danger, " says a lizard on a nearby rock, "I just got here in the sun." It then see's the gaint carniveruos carrot stalking down the trail. The lizard reluctanctly moves off the rock. I'm as old as dirt and irratable of change. I had just figured how to navigate the old site when some fool races by and everything changes. And you have to move off of a perfictly warmed rock. I like the look of the site though.

I am looking Gaming group or players in southern Birmingham, Alabama.area.
I will run "Numenera" campaign/

Can you give me ATOMIC EMPIRES price on these items?
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2 items in my sidecar were prepaid and I wondered if I canceled these if recover the money I paid for these?
?= what purpose does focus serve on the right side [start thread]?
?=why don't you have a more private method of contact? anyone can look in on our business.

I am not a particularly well-read individual I am envious (in a good way, it challenges me to catch up) of your HAVE READ LISTS and your gifts of memory. I have always read books for ideas, wisdom, and truth. I have read a few books that outright offended my sensibilities. Two of these are Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World and Joe Halderman’s The Forever War.
I read Huxley in high school. Huxley offended my sense of religiosity and righteousness Brave New World lost me in the first few chapters. It was the idea of a baby factory that withholds oxygen from fetuses to create a serval cast that so offended my right to life position. I threw the book down and never picked it up again.
I read Halderman's The Forever War in college. Halderman offended my prejudice. The idea that homosexuality would become the dominant preference of humanity offended my sensibilities. I threw down the book, I picked back up the book thinking that it is only ideas what harm can they do?. I finally let a book defend itself without pre-conceived notions. What was a dangerous idea in my mind ends as a minor theme in the book?
It changed how and what I select on my reading list. It expanded my process with the questions who? when? why? where? and how? To reserve judgment until the end of a book and to get as much information about the author and their intention to write the book.
Some would say that books contain dangerous ideas and they corrupt the minds of children and the weak let's burn all the books that do not conform or threaten our standard. I credit science fiction for breaking me out of that mindset and for freeing me from an anchor, a limited worldview. It takes dangerous ideas to shake up the mind and to challenge a worldview grown stagnant. What books would you challenge people to read that have dangerous ideas? How did you grapple with those ideas and how did these ideas change your worldview? If good books give the reader dangerous ideas, how do we get a dangerous mind? Let's talk about dangerous books.

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The Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs: Dejah Thoris danced in my dreams for years lathe and nacked. To an 11-year-old boy in rural Indiana, it was some heady stuff, the year was summer of 1971. The scope of my world exploded to include John Carter, Tars Tarkas, and Dejah Thoris. It made me aware of just how big the screen of the imagination really is. on has come in/ in the nicest tone possible I am inquiry why was not shipped with order
Starfinder Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station (Dead Suns 1 of 6) Starfinder Adventure Path: Splintered Worlds (Dead Suns 3 of 6)
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I pay homage to my mentor in gaming; Phil Pringle believed in these three gamemastering principles.

  • (1.) Keep player character levels low
  • (2A.) Keep your player characters on the run.
  • (2B.) Keep them running with overwhelming firepower, nothing clears the mind to practice the art of creative thinking as a blood-curdling scream coming from your throat.
  • (2C) Run to live, there is no shame in a 1st level character to run from a 12hit dice multi-planer creature with the great big bloody axe.
  • (3) Keep the pressure up and when they make mistake, kill them in an absurdly grotesque. horrific, and abominable way.

It is with these principles in hand he would lead a group of two or three players into Blackmoor Tower (Pringlelized). I died every trip in and never had as much fun since.
Have you died in an interesting way lately? Tell us a yarn about your most colorful, picturesque, and gruesome death.

Throwing of popcorn and heckling are not only allowed they are encouraged.

I have some dice that are on back ordered. I would like to close that item out,

if I had idea's for your material where would I post that?

Are there any guidelines for conducting forest fires in the game? Has any one actually used them and are they realistic? I like to match the scenes in the movie "Always" with Richard Dreyfus.

[a] can I end my subscription to Pathfinder Companion after October; the one about the "COVEN".
(b) will there be a Starfinder Companion?
(c) can I end my subscription to the Comics when "Runesquar" ends?

I messed up last night. I made a post to what thought was a request for unique creatures. It wasn't. Yet it was a great idea to have a make an MOSTER CONTEST. The idea is to post your best, most improbable, most macabre, odd or even silly creature. The winner of the CONTEST gets bragging rights. Sorry I wish it could be more but I'm broke

{1} A Stuffed Golem: appearing most often as a foam filled teddy bear or a stuffed animal. The stuffed Golem gives a child a sense of security to fall asleep and are the guardians of slumbering children. They are especially adept at soothing and quieting fussy children.

The Hobbit's Hairy Feet tavern,
Ludicrous Lil's inn,
No Tales Told bar, and
Crusty Libation bar.

New spells for old!!! Often we take for granted the possibilities that a spell has. Playing it the tried and true manner, because that is the way it has always been played. This is SHOCKING GRASP is one of these spells. Indulge me when I ask you to A before you B.
[A].You have to qualify to participate,. You must tell us one stupid thing you did with electricity or tell us true story about yourself and electricity.
[B]ll Then tell us how you would breath more life into the shocking grasp spell

[A1] When I was nine years old (old enough to know better), I put a naked wire into an outlet. It began sparking and it turned bright red. I reached for it and pulled it out of the outlet. I burned my thumb and my forefinger and that charred oder (just the opposite of barbecue) reached up into my nose and slapped my brain around. " Boy, you ought to know better." came from the little voice on left shoulder and from my right shoulder came a voice that said "Let's do it again.” Here is two tor the price of one; [A2] I have a deep brain stimulator. It conducts a small amount of electricity from my stimulators under the skin on my chest through wires that go trough my neck and into my brain. My little brother likes to use my controller to switch me off and on, He likes to watch my face scrunch up when the current comes back on. It takes me couple of hours to get back to normal,
[B] The spell says Creature or object touched. would it not need somebody complete the circuit and wouldn't the spell caster be in that circuit and take damage also. The spell is instantaneous.
Just wear a sweater on a cold day., and walk up and touch someone. Snap. Even the most durable adventurer should be stunned. Atleast need a moment to clear his head, This much electricity going off nearby is going to effect the playing environment . Think about it, then tell how feel about it.

I still have not figured out how you get skills, how you make ranks in them, and what that has to do with the advancement of hit points? I have listened to the videos, and read the books and still feel like I do not have a good grasp of the concepts.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM Screen—Alternate Cover (OGL) Print Edition
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 2 (OGL) Non-Mint
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic (OGL) Hardcover
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 3 (OGL) Hardcover
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Pathfinder Unchained (OGL) Non-Mint
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Villain Codex (PFRPG) Non-Mint
Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion (PFRPG)
Pathfinder Player Companion: Kobolds of Golarion (PFRPG)
Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the Stars (PFRPG)

I hate the waiting for a package, the doubt, the uncertainty, and the nail biting,

It would be a kindness if you could locate order 4335831 and see how many more days of waiting there will be. I heard a rumor that you allow us to download the books that we bought.

How do get started and Where?
!st with the game, I have collected all the books and I am reading a lot but understanding next to nothing. So; I fall back to my roots; back in the early 80's when Gygax answered his phone and the Hustle was still a pretty nifty dance move. Yes, I have mummy rot between my toes and ears. I am an old D&Der who would like to learn how to play Runeqest. Yes I knew Methusalia on a first name basis.
2nd I would like to know where to post on the messageboards also, things like questions? Humor? Serials? Where do the cool kids hang out?

I have two skills to prepose:
Sleuth: this is deductive method applied to gathering of clues. The questioning of witnesses and suspects. The presenting of the facts in a logical fashion. This organizes several die roles for perception, diplomacy, and sense motive all in one roll.
Carousing: It's amazing the information you can get with a little small talk and a lot of booze can get you. A good time was had by all and the new friends you' ll find... WEARING YOUR SOXS!!!