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I am making a character who grew up as an apprentice to the executioner. Unknown to the public at large the apprentice is the only grandchild of the executioner. The apprentice is at fault for the death of a friend, he is condemned to death and the executioner intercedes for apprentice by fixing the execution. The apprentice enters an imposed exile.
What skills and or feats would this background have?

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I'd probably give that Background an ability boost for INT or WIS. The job itself isn't physically stressful, and a good executioner shouldn't be too charismatic. Being good at Society checks and Medicine checks seems appropriate. I'd give them Jail Lore (or Knacker Lore, depending on your setting), and give them Experienced Professional for said Lore.

Boosts: STR or CON, and one free boost.
Trained in Execution Lore skill
Feat: Quick Repair(for that executioner axe sharpening)

I would actually use Dex for the fixed boost. An executioner doesn't really need so much strenght or durability, while they need to be accurate in what they do.
Dex, or maybe even Int: helps with knowing their job (lore), and with crafting and maintaining implements.

If they are the sword/axe type of executioners then Strength 'is' the accuracy stat. I'd say Strength or Wisdom, professional executioners tend to be hard headed and strong willed since their job is often gruesome and very personal...and no one wants to wants a professional head-cutter to 'lose his head'.

Maybe Con and Wisdom to keep your cool and not lose your lunch. Quick Repair for sure though, it's a very tools oriented trade. Read Lips could also be a good fit if you want something a bit more curious.

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