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I've been to pluto man and I saw stuff

Scarab Sages

Yew ain't bin tuh jack er shit, hippeh! Thet wuz jest them dang shrooms yew et.

Scarab Sages

Ain't nobuddy heer?

Scarab Sages

strums a banjo

Silver Crusade

That's jes fahne.

Scarab Sages

Thank ya kindleh.

Fine playin' zombeh

Scarab Sages

Ah shor does uhpreeshate yer compluhmint, Mammy!

Blows on an empty moonshine jug

I feel a hootenanny comin' on!

Scarab Sages

Ah shor does lahk uh good hootenanny.

Silver Crusade

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Ah alwehs git them hootenannies when Ah eats Mammeh's burritos. Ah kin clear a room whens ye git me goin'.

Uh hootennany...well sweet tater pie and shut maw mouth. lemme grab ma squeezebahx...and mah gun

Scarab Sages

Ah rekin so.

The Exchange



Scarab Sages

Goddang hippeh. Yew shor sownd lahk yer from New York Citeh!


T'aint nuttin worse than a cahpetbaggah from New York City

Scarab Sages

Yew sownd funneh.

Silver Crusade

Rulluh, zombeh? We worship them Ole Ones 'n ain't nothin' sound weirder then them names.

Them Deep Ones come from New York City. Never did cotton to them folks. Always so fancy in their gold and jewels. Talking 'bout how they worship Dagon, and I probably never heered of him. 'Course I heered of him! I ain't no ignerant Baal worshipper! And I never did get why they all wear them silly glasses. It don't make them look any more smarter or less fishier...

Silver Crusade

Should sturt callin' it New Innsmouth City.

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Before them square-head dutchies landed it wuz called New Y'ha-nthlei. But those Knickerbockers wanted to call it New Amsterdam. Said the name wuz easier to say. Buncha pot-smokin' Dutch hippehs.

Well now Mammy, yew no them boys lega lized that thar poison bush over in dutch land or whatever theys a callin themselves. Buncha goddamn re jex you ask me. spits on ground

Feh. Why cain't these hippehs make do with fermented sea scorpion venom like weuns useta drink back in my yout?

Silver Crusade

Durn tootin'.


Wahl awl be...that gawldern frogsa talkin'...

Silver Crusade

Froggeh! Sgood te see yeh.



She crushes the frog to her corpulent bosom

How wuz yer trip to Y'ha-nthlei? Did auntie Ephemia feed you proper?


Whar'd that thar zombeh go runnin off to

He sed he was gittin tired of them hippehs sayin he was approperatin' his zombehness from Haiti. Eye'll miss that rotted feller.

Fur a secund there, I wuzza thinkin he done got ab duck ted by sum hippeh cultist.

{answers summons} Howdy!

Silver Crusade

Dang hippehs! Git off meh properteh!

But I've only come to share the Holiday Joy! Also, you can't make me leave with violence; my DR 20/buckshot nullifies physical harm.

{returns to playing Hank Williams Sr. melody on kazoo and child's ukulele}

Silver Crusade

Thet's handeh - I've got a sack full o' buckshot raht heere...


{attempts to summon barbarians with bronze kazoo of Valhalla}

Silver Crusade

Yur bar-bear-eeyuns is stoned, hippeh. Better start runnin'.

{answers call of kazoo} MEDIOCRE. CONSIDER THYSELF CULLED. {Power Attacks & slays hippeh, returns to Valhalla}



Well, align my stars and summun me thru a wormhole that was a sight!

I wasn't usin' mah riful. I'm kinda miffed now.

BluePigeon wrote:
I wasn't usin' mah riful. I'm kinda miffed now.

Ayup. Reckon so

Ayup. Reckin

Well Now, if that thar don't entice that there zombeh back, I'm plum outta idears

Nah zombeh done found hisself a wormyhole into some alternate place where the zombie apocalypse is popping off. I gots a ectogram from him th' other day. He sed the huntin's good an' he's chasin' round this sheriff an' his crew with a whole buncha other zombehs

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