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Silver Crusade

Hippeh stew's gud fer fortifyin' fer the winter.

Yup. Winter's coming.

That's whut dey say. Ayup

Scarab Sages

Ah reckin so.

Who'll git me sum more hippeh? This here stews a bit thin

{knocks on door} Good day sir or madam, I'm here selling Funky Wagnals' "Dank Memes Encyclopedia"...

Scarab Sages

Sumbuddy wunna shoot this heer sumb&+&!? Ah run outa ammo.

Eyes hippy chick

That's awesome, how did you braid your underarm hair.

I gots me mah new fowlin' piece. It's a Sig Sauer Shoggoth Mk 325. Inter-dimensional Plasma Pulse rifle. Mah Uncle-Cousin Aloysius bought it fer me as a courtin' present.

Naow, lemme see here...

Fiddles with several knobs and cranks bolt back

Say cheese hippehs!


Silver Crusade

You dun ripped a hole in the space-time continue-whatsit.

Holy Trucker's Hats and PBRs! I think I was just shot so hard I died in my next life too! {croaks}

Scarab Sages

Goddangit, Mammy! Whut kinda rityull wuz thet?

Peeks in rift from other side

It's this durn shootin' iron! It done blasted a hole clean through tew another univerts!

Scarab Sages

Thet's uh pahrfull shootin ahrun.

Dang thing is a messing with the flow of time as well. There's snow on the mountaintops yonder! Last I reckoned it twern't even near Samhain yet!

Scarab Sages



Who let that thar dirty money on mah poarch!?!?

Silver Crusade

Do we shoot it, Mammeh?



Scarab Sages

Ah maht gots uh resspee whut gots monkey innit.

He does look mighty plump and tastee

Scarab Sages

Shor do.

Well, whachoo waitin' fer? Blast dat varmint!

You don't find this in the least bit metagamey?

It's even wurse! He's a dang hippeh Monkey! GETTIM!

click click


Scarab Sages

Goddang Hippeh Monkeh!!


Quick lil critter

Silver Crusade

Ah tell you whut.

Scarab Sages


Chicken butt

Scarab Sages

A shor does lahk summa yer chikin stew, Mammy.

Silver Crusade

Ah lahks the hippeh stew better.

Wheal, go shoot me a hippeh!

Did you say chicken stew man, I dig it

That's sum meat on the hoof boys!

*click click*


Scarab Sages

Goddang hippeh. Ain't good fer nuthin but fillin uh stew pot.

Ah thinks ah missed

Scarab Sages

Shor iz awfill kwiet round heer. Ah kinduh lahk it.

Man, if we all had a bong we'd all get along

Silver Crusade

Dang hippeh! Git off meh properteh!

*click click*


Scarab Sages

Yew git 'em Mammy! Shoot thet sumb@&&$!


The eyes are useless when the mind is blind...Heavy

Scarab Sages

Kinduh lahk Ol' Blind Pew, up neer Cricker Holler. 'Sept we lahk him, ya dang hippeh.


My aim is off


You know what's cool man, put on the wizard of oz at the 3rd lion roar start playing dark side of the moon. That's some heavy s++# man

Scarab Sages

Dang hippeh! Howcum yew alwuz gotta be perluttin thuh invirenment with yer marijewanna smoke?

Dun ferget that patchewlee stench cloud always floatin' aroun 'em two. Dang hippehs.

Scarab Sages

Goddang hippehs ain't gud fer nuthin but fertuhliezin.

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