What happen in scenario 3-2a if you trigger dance of death

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Where undead minions goes in scenario 3-2a if you trigger promo Dance of dead that says to add one undead minion to every open location.

Where do these minions go!

A) all go to siege deck
B) They go to sieged locations
C) one goes to siege deck and one to each other location?

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It was Dance of the Dead barrier... (did forget the the from the between.) and the scenario is Raid on the Warehouse (season on plundered tombs)

One more... Where do your character token card go if you fail the Dry Quicksand barrier?

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Even one more. When you kill the last bane from the siege deck, do you destroy the card from the location deck if win more than 10 or do the scenario end immediately when the last bane is dead. I think that the last one is the rigth ansver in here, because the siege deck is then empty.

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If something instructs you to add a monster to a deck; it still occurs unless the Defensive Stance overrules it (which it doesn't; that's only from monsters that came from the siege deck originally).

So yes, you can have monsters - via the effect of cards like Burning Child or Corrupted Staff or Dance of the Dead - put into location decks even in siege scenarios, as rare as it is. It's actually beneficial for the players, since they might be banished in place of boons later on.

Remember that the siege deck is not a location, and you generally won't be adding anything to it.

As for your last question, I'm not entirely certain... I'd be tempted to say you DO banish from the location deck, because that sounds like a part of 'resolving the encounter' to me, and I'd rule that the game doesn't completely end until a player has finished their encounter.

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You would still have to banish the top card of the location deck.

If the result of your check to defeat a bane exceeds its difficulty by 10 or more, banish the top card of your location deck.

That happens during a step in the middle of the encounter. The card in the siege deck won't be declared defeated until the end of the encounter, at which pointed it would be banished and then the siege deck would be empty.

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Many thanks to both of you! These interesting but weird scenarios Are sometimes harder to swallow ;)

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