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I was looking clockwork servant card and wondering what it does and why.
You can put a card to clockwork servant. Is is like a hand extension to you? So that you can take that card to use any time later in the game or ... ?
When do you have to discard it? At the end of your turn or never?

Yeah, it's basically a temporary hand extension for very situational cards or something.

While it's displayed, no other cards can interact with it, so it can't be discarded (at least with the cards that we can see)

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Me and my playing partner have each gotten the servant on one of our characters; his CD Alahazra, and my Ashnul. Since there are currently no powers, cards, or scenario rules which can forcibly interact with displayed cards, think of the card displayed on a clockwork servant as in a safe deposit box - the card is safe and can be retrieved any time outside of an encounter. My friend would always put a cure spell on his servant to always be available when he needed it but without the danger and annoyance of keeping it in his hand. I do the same thing with the healing prism from WotR, or sometimes I'll put my mastiff on it if I feel I may want to have a huge hand size for a particular turn.

I'm sure there are more potential applications for the little guy I haven't thought of yet.

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I think it's best used for cures or armors. A little "break in case of emergencies" servant, if you will.

Clockwork servant+Transmogrify = defeated villain.

That's only if you scouted the Villain beforehand. And if you did that, you'd be able to set up however you want, so it's fairly irrelevant.

The power on the Clockwork Servant to recharge itself to give you a card can't be used during an encounter (there was a thread about this type of thing before)

Oh, I know. But using the servant to hold on to Transmogrify guarantees that it doesn't end up in my discard pile (or buried or whatever) during the course of the game. As someone currently playing Alahazra (CD), I can have the spell waiting for me as I go through my various scouting cards, blessings, etc. If I'm able to find the villain (which is very likely especially in late game situations), I can draw the card just prior to exploring.

Obviously, this won't work if the villain is a barrier.

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