Feiya and beast-bonder: additional cohort

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I was wondering if Feiyas Beast-Bonder power that allow her to get additional familiar aka cohort allows:
A) arcane +2
B) arcane +4

So Are those arcane +2 powers cumulative or not? Both Daji and other cohort give same power. So it is possible that other power just owerwrite the other and you get one of those arcane +2 power or They Are cumulative. I don't know whitch witch is the correct one.

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Personally, I treated them as not stacking.

Silver Crusade 2/5 RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16 aka cartmanbeck

They would not stack, I'm pretty positive about that.

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Many thanks. That is the most propably outcome, because They all give the skill, not a boost. But you can newer be sure, so it was good to get other opinions.

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