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”When you examinen or defeat this card, Display it...”
”When you encounter this card, evade it”

How can you defeat this card, if you have to evade it when you encounter it?

Is the there mistake in the first part of this card or the last part of this card text?

I'm pretty sure we played this as examining caused it to display, as that happens outside of an encounter. If I recall correctly, the scenario where this appeared had scenario text that was causing us to examine more than normal, so there were a lot of trigger events happening, which included this one.

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Yep. Examine caused it to be displayed, but there is Also that text that says in can be displayed if you defeat the card aka win the check. But that does contradict with the evade part... so there seems to be error is some part of the card.

Either the evade should say: you may evade or the defeat part should be removed From the card, or something else...
I would like to know what.

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Maybe there's a missing "may" in there, but there's another possibility.

If you encounter the card under circumstances that don't allow you to evade it, then you would move on to the check to defeat, and the scenario probably wants that card to end up displayed next to the scenario rather than banished back to the box after it's dealt with. Adding the two words "or defeat" to the first power handles possible exceptions, and it's not like the card is short on available space for printing extra words.

Even if the scenario that uses the Elusive Knowledge Henchman doesn't include that possibility, the wording also future-proofs similar cards that may be built in a hurry using Elusive Knowledge as a template. It's better that we have a discussion at our leisure about redundant text during the Season of Factions' Favor than a game night comes to a halt on a technicality during the Season of the Great Taldan Bake Off.

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Possible, but official confirmation would be nice, so that I would know do I have to evade it, is I can or not. Or if there Are some other things hapening in here.
Thanks for idea of not allowed to evade. It could be possible.

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As Sam P said, these things tend to be there for any strange edge cases. For instance, if in some future rogue like class deck they had a card that said "Discard this card to explore your location. You may not evade your encounter during this exploration."

Since the Golden Rule would mean that you can't evade the Elusive Knowledge, what would happen if you couldn't defeat it? So, the part about defeating it is there just in case something weird ever happens.

I feel like someone (Keith maybe?) confirmed as much for a similar card at one point, but I'm not locating that very quickly.

What scenario is this from?

Dark Archive 4/5 Venture-Captain, New York—Albany aka Sam P 332

It's from 4-5D Temple of Light and Metal. The scenario gives everybody an extra location examination each turn, so even characters that don't normally examine locations are enabled to have a favorable run-in with Elusive Knowledge. That's why I read Elusive Knowledge's evasion as intended to be mandatory: the knowledge eludes you if you blunder into it in an encounter, compelling you to peek ahead and risk hitting Bonecrushers and Evil Eyes if you want to win the scenario. It's an interesting challenge on paper, though I haven't seen it at the table yet.

Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

Looks like Elusive Knowledge also appears in 3-3A: Hidden in the Stacks. Still no luck locating where anyone said anything about that.

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That line is there exclusively for weird edge cases that prevent it from evading, so that you still have a method of defeating it and displaying it. (Andrew is remembering correctly that I've previously said it, but I also have no idea when or where)

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Many thanks!
This has been pushling me for a while as an odd card out!

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