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Watch out for Starscream.


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No worries brother Khoal. We got it.

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When is the next meeting of the North? This and Guardheim should be a topic.

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Yes, Haagen now has 55 Divine from melee ToD and a +2 Occult Focus.

I also play the wizard Takasi and Rob the Rogue who have Arcane Expert 8 and Shortbow Expert 8 respectively.

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Just achieved Focus Expert 10.

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I want that Dwarven Banded Armor +1 very much. I have Captain's Chainmail but I haven't tested tier 2 heavy with my cleric build.

If anyone would like a tier 2 wand, staff or robe I'll be in Rathglen for the remainder of Alpha.

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Wanted to add a thank you to the new Yew and Iron Splint cleric heavy armor. It looks...divine!

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Hi Stephen, Ryan suggested I post a message on the boards to ask this and didn't want to create a separate thread.

I have Strength Domain giving me a Heavy Melee Attack +14 and Crusader Armor giving me a Heavy Melee Attack +11. Each of these when slotted alone show up on my character sheet. When I slot both of them though only the higher one applies. Are these two supposed to stack? Are Armor and Feature training benefits intended to stack?

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Well if they really are only 'group Power-restoration consumable glossed as camping out for the night' then it makes sense that they're Cleric oriented. It's more of a buff/debuff like healing, restoration, etc.

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Ravenlute wrote:
To get Rank 8 on some of those you need a Wis 11. :(

No they all boost wisdom enough that by rank 7 in all of them (50K xp) you have Wisdom 11.

I acquired a gatherer (Hargaresh) who achieved Wisdom 12 a couple weeks ago.

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Well another advantage is attracting players on the fence. I'd be willing to bet there are more players who are not attached to companies than those who are, and being able to say 'Join us and level now' can be more attractive to some players than saying 'Help us capture more towers and then you can level'.

You don't lose the role level, and I'd bet some players will be highly motivated just to achieve that as a self proclaimed goal. I know I like being able to say I made Cleric Level 9 to the outside world even if it doesn't mean much to anybody who kicks my ass in game. :)

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Nihimon wrote:

It sounds like you're suggesting that several nearby Settlements would all allow a single Settlement to take all the nearby Towers so that Settlement could provide higher level Training.

That wouldn't really be very useful, because, during the War of Towers, your Training and Support are both limited by the number of Towers your Settlement controls.As soon as the Towers reverted to their "rightful" owners, the temporarily inflated Settlement would no longer Support the Training it had offered, and it's not likely any of the other Settlements would either.

Not suggesting, just wondering.

What about crafting? I have crafters who can do Tier 2 stuff now even though they lost their training.

Even just for combat getting the training in as soon as possible is still better than not getting any at all.

If it comes time to protect ourselves and use that training an alliance of smaller settlements would be ideal for boosting everyone in times of aggression from larger settlements.

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Last I looked we had around 20 towers, so should be pretty good for training you if we can get allied.

In the spirit of cooperation and 'goodness', is it possible to have 'training days'? Several settlements could band their towers temporarily to train. It would be a nice test here to realign large companies to multiple settlements a few times.

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Reaching Wisdom 12 is not so bad for a dedicated gatherer. A focused freeholder will get there around 100K by boosting nothing but Forester, Nature, Perception, Rambler, Scavenger and Survival.

If anyone would like to hire or join a company for providing early camp usage I can start one up. Look for my cousin Brawny Lumberdwarf during EE.

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As a Fancy Lad cleric in a rogue/wizard settlement I already do all my cleric training at Ozem's Vigil! I hope you and Sunnfire work things out, but since it's just Alpha I actually wouldn't mind seeing a merger with Ozem's. How many towers do you guys have anyway? Where do you plan to do your crafting and AH training?

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I like the term 'Kaballer' personally.

Don't forget that Ambrosia costs 2 Azure crystals and Moonstones and Pearls aren't that common in my walks. Those are resources you could be putting in wands, staves and charge gems.

Any word when we'll need ammunition? The value of consumables will change then I'd think. Those overdraws and healing were free yesterday.

There are more Apothecary and Alchemist drops than any other crafting in the game and the majority of resources I see are specific to that type of crafting. The global economy is another balancing factor for the usefulness of any of these items.

So far I don't see any tokens for resistance to sonic, psychic or negative energy. Psychic doesn't really have any resist buff for anything, token, orison, cantrip, spell, maneuver, consumable, utility nothing. Just one Tier 2 potion that gives psychic attuned (+4 resist instead of +12).

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How does a plus increase grenades?

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Urman wrote:
don't run, walk (shift to toggle) (which is hard, to never provoke opportunity, because you have to keep reapplying walk).

Thanks, I'll try that. I didn't really have to run away and heal I just wanted to be 'safe' but with his exploit that was a bad tactic. I'll just heal while meleeing him and charge to touch of darkness if he uses a bow.

The saving grace here though was the physical resistance. I didn't fair as well against Nihimon's wand and staff combo. I have to kill wizards quickly, but resistance helps.

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OK I wouldn't call it 'solidly'. It took quite a long time, and I needed a little practice. I was still able to almost beat you with the sploit and given another chance and the right timing I'm sure I could win.

I'd like to know how you were doing 140 damage past my 42 physical resist from heavy armor and shield of faith using just +0 weapons. Just from me running away? 182 damage seems pretty high for that attack from a longbow and I'd like a way to mitigate that.

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Dazing Touch
Healing Word
Touch of Darkness

Exhausting Critical
Staggering Critical

Pot Steel Plate

Shield of Faith
Divine Favor

When he switched to longbow exploit was able to beat me if I ran away to heal. If freedom and mind blank were working I would have been able to heal back in peace, maybe. Instead of completely running away to heal I did better jumping back and healing while he used the spear, then I ran up to touch of darkness or dazing touch when he was using a bow. I could have alternated healing and damaging better to throw him off.

Note that none of the spells above provoke opportunity.

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Good news about graphics then I guess. No biggie to me though either way. If pixel art can be popular then there's no reason a 'throwback to early MMO' graphics game couldn't be popular if the game's good.

On thing I noticed that was weird is I clipped through someone's face and I noticed the back of their mouth was textured. Has anyone else seen that? Anyone see teeth?

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Oh and any word on encumbrance? Last I heard you were flipping the penalties on this week.

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So next patch 11/13 and the tests on 11/14-16 will help determine EE?

I'm up for some escalations! Should we try to plan something? Do you want the servers stressed?

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Lee Hammock wrote:

Eventually you will be able to get resource information from the world map, at least about the hex you are in or neighboring hexes.

Currently your rank does not affect resource depletion except that higher ranking gatherers will deplete hexes faster and you need them to get higher tier items. You need level 7 skills to harvest tier 2 resources and level 14 to harvest tier 3.

Once you open a node the depletion check is run. If you choose not to take it, the numbers have already been decreased. I'd like to change this at some point, but it's a minor thing overall.

Great info to know, thanks again Lee!

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Lee Hammock wrote:
At that point best case scenarion you're getting 7-20 resources, one per type, every fifteen minutes. Or you could go to a hex that is not mined out and get a lot more a lot faster.

Gotcha. So how would we tell at a glace? I'm walkin' through a hex and I start to mine, what should I see in an hour of mining in a good hex vs a stripped one?

And how does my rank work into depletion? Just a greater chance to take more from the hex in one node vs going to several nodes? How do the Tiers factor into ranks?

Oh and what if I see a resource and decide not to take it, does that avoid the depletion?

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Lee Hammock wrote:

Anything reduced to 0 or a negative number automatically increases by 1 each 15 minute check. The negative number thing comes up if you happen to get a lot of items out of a node, and once we get the harvesting/gusher system online.

So if the fastest a resource will ever replenish is 1 every 15 minutes, and if you can get it to 0 it will automatically replenish then what is the harm in stripping every possible resource? I'm not following the advantage to leaving a hex alone. Even if it's only a 1% chance that the number will grow by 1 there's still a resource available to harvest.

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Thanks Lee, good to know! It sounds like the more we harvest the less likely nodes will regenerate. Will there be resets? If we get to zero and nodes no longer generate at all what happens?

KarlBob wrote:
My guess is Belladonna Berries. They're everywhere in the far NW; by far the most common item I find in Nature nodes. I just hope they're vital for an important, popular recipe, so people in other regions have some incentive to buy the silly things.

They can be used for Weak Deadly. With the latest update all +2 tanner recipes will need it. Like Ordered Essence it sounds like it will be valuable.

I would like to know what kind of love we're getting in the Northwest. Seems like a lot of vitals and numinous if we're comparing mining stuff. Not much metal but plenty of gems.

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Lee Hammock wrote:
<Kabal> Häagen wrote:

Are our interactions with mineral nodes impacting resources? If so how? It's been like this for weeks.

On the bright side we have everything we need to build as many +1 charged wands and staffs as we want.

There is a bug in the system currently that resource ratings are being reset each time the server resets, i.e. every morning. So even if you exhaust a resource, it will be back to full after the restart the next morning. This is in addition to checks run every 15 minutes to restore resources bit by bit if they are below max. So gathering has an impact, just not a long term one.

What's the long term plan for how it should work? If it wasn't bugged what should we see? I'm thinking of investing in a gatherer focused character and want to know how higher skills will impact a hex.

I got a dumb question for everyone though. Was there a blog post or is there a place that explains what all the terrain types are, their icons and what resources to expect? And how much do they vary based on map location or just terrain type?

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:

If there is a bug, it is not the Inability of a Scavenger 5 to harvest anything, it is the contents.

As a Scavenger 7 (70%) I've been through five hexes of a six hex ring around Alderwag. I have logged out and back in thrice to be sure there were no synchronization issues.

In 34 middens, I have found 34 Perfect Deep Blue Spinel (T2 Raw Gem) I have not found a single other thing in any of the 34 middens.

I sort of also have a case of the Perfect Deep Blue Spinel blues in that area.

Around the hexes of Stoneroot I have Mining 90:
True Coal
Perfect Bloodstone
Perfect Deep Blue Spinel
Potent Saltpeter
Potent Cinnabar
Potent Brimstone
Potent Paraffin Wax

I have Foresting 30:
Potent Juniper Berries
Pine Logs

I have Scavenger 30:
You do not have the skill to harvest anything here

I have Dowser 30:
Uncanny Antithesis Essence
Uncanny Esoteric Essence

Are our interactions with mineral nodes impacting resources? If so how? It's been like this for weeks.

On the bright side we have everything we need to build as many +1 charged wands and staffs as we want.

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
If your friendly is hitting you with AoE, we can't tell the difference between someone not paying attention, someone being a jerk, and someone actually trying to kill your PC.

If he's in your party and you're grouped up what's supposed to happen?

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Fun times!

Right prior to this event I stripped down totally to my skivvies in Alderwag, jogged on over to Rathglen to finally hit


(personal goal of mine in Alpha, since I wasn't in during the pre 7 days where I hear it was a high level free for all)

Encumbrance patch went in and there was a nudie group hug around the Vault all morning.

The invite said bring your best gear but I didn't want to risk it. Don't know why. So I brought plain old +0 stuff. A divine focus, a staff, and chainmail. Except my Novitiate's Holy Symbol +2 since I wanted to use as many spells as I could. Nothing else though. Brought me about halfway on the bottom encumbrance bar.

I jogged north to Ozem's and about halfway there I fell through the ground-sky and woke back in Rathglen. I shut down for a minute and I was back up North pre-ground-sky right away.

I turned a party of 5 into a party of 6. Fletcher, Daeglin, Lito, Thod and Looper. All great chaps, most ranged fellas. Cal set the pace for both parties on Mumble telling us which direction to stay in to keep it in the hex and coordinating when each combat type should begin.

I decided not to kill anything. I spent my time casting the following spells and orizons:

Agile Feat
Minor Cure
Battle Rage
Divine Endurance
Endure Elements
Lesser Cure

My strategy was simple; stay near the rooted ranged players. Fortunately my entire party stood together for the most part in the back. We drew aggro a few times and my priority went to the party leader and whoever was standing immediately next to him.

After partying for 2 hours I received the following loot:

Copper Coin (172)
Curio of Defiance (Purple Tier 2)
Fragment of Battle (Green)
Fragment of Learning (Green)
Fragment of Secrets (Green)
Greater Token of Grace
Greter Token of Protection
Intro Holy Symbol
Intro Trophy CHarm
Lesser Token of Awareness (4)
Lesser Token of Curing
Lesser Token of Freedom (4)
Lesser Token of Mind Blanking (4)
Lesser Token of Parrying (8)
Lesser Token of Riposting (2)
Lesser Token of Striking (7)
Recipe: Apprentice's Bloodblock
Recipe: Costume Circlet
Recipe: Stocking Cap
Torn Merchant Clothes (Green Tier 2)
Torn Peasant Clothes (2)

This comes from not killing a single mob myself. My encumbrance was about 90% full when we finished.

Not once did anyone accidentally attack me, though I did fall victim to a little damage from AoE.

I only died once and that was when I decided to switch to a mage staff for giggles on a red Risen Adventurer.

I had fun. Let's go on it again!

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Thanks Nihimon, you taught me a great deal too. Foul arcane magic! Those long range staff attacks make it tough to run for shelter and self healin'. My armor was no match for your non physical attacks so it was pretty easy for you to beat that 2 hp/stamina threshold today. Plus all those damn blasted stuns!

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Valkenr wrote:
@Nightdrifter, I know this particular case isn't a worry. The OP is mistaken in their assessment. The compulsion to take lesser cure is to revive allies, I think everyone I play with is has a focus in their inventory and lesser cure trained. I started a post on that over at the GW forums.

Ah, so you admit it's invaluable to everyone. Another reason for praise to the gods!

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'Tis all about value per xp spent.

130, practically comes with your character. You'd be a fool not to do it!

Nightdrifter I love your programmin'. How much damage per stamina will a tier 3 player be doing to me when I have tier 3 armor and training? More than 2 per stamina? Can you explain it? A challenge of intelligence in search of wisdom!

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Valkenr wrote:
Racial bonuses and club proficiency have nothing to do with this. It is entirely about bad game design. You can't have a free-form system when every role is forced to dip into another role to remain competetive. It also leads to stagnation, when everyone is using the same combat strategy.

Everyone dips into the role of a clubber, why not give the gods a try?

Aren't we all blessed of Pharasma mate? Don't be afraid to heal yourself, fighters, rogue and wizards!

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Valkenr wrote:

Generally, and stated by Ryan a long time ago, if the community ever feels that a single feat is compulsory(aside from base things, like hp, power, defensive bonuses, etc.), it should just be given to everyone automatically, or it needs serious change.

So if you ever suggest that everyone buys a feat, it is either in dire need of change, or you are about to get your ass handed to you by someone who understands the game better and has a counter to your strategy.

You know that sounds good in theory but does anyone not have their basic racial feats? Anyone not proficient with a club?

This ain't some high level do-dad I'm talkin' bout here. Pick up what the good lords gave you lads!

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Valkenr wrote:
I would say, for the time being, minor cure, and all heals should provoke opprotunity and be stationary. Once ranged rooting is gone, and these people can be chased down and cc'd more than they can remove, then it can be changed back.

Nerf the cures all you want, but for a wee little tithe everyone can and should learn how to pray and heal. That 130's not going to mean squat when you're saving up 20K for your next bonus a month down the line.

Go forth everyone and get yourself an idol of the divine!

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Nightdrifter wrote:

That's just over 2 hp/stamina ... which is mid to low end for T1 (though that very much depends on how stats match up between attacker and defender).

Right, it very much depends on how stats match up. But the healing is always consistent, well except like you said with interrupts. But again, I'm assuming you can fight the opponents interrupts too.

Bottom line, if all is fair and equal between two opponents and one of them can outheal the opponent's DPS well then it's a no brainer no isn't it? With your spreadsheets and python who-si-whats-its aside, come on out and break in those focuses people. For those who've used it what do you think, eh?

With my resistances I'd like to see someone hitting me for 2 hp/stamina. I can reduce your damage dealin'; can you reduce my healin'?

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Neadenil Edam wrote:

The level 1 holy symbol lesser cure for 350 HP is way more effective.

Just do not count on heals to always save you, if you are tripped, stunned, interrupted etc it may not fire off.

Well you do have to find it as a drop, and if everyone started using it the damn thing would cost a fortune! Minor cure is something every player can and should invest 130 xp in. Do it for the gods!

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Nihimon wrote:
Very sorry if I misled you, but I live in Texas and I have a job, so I won't be in-game for a couple of hours at least (wife and kid get dibs on my time when I get home).

Sorry, assumed incorrectly that your message board posting times equaled free game time.

I'm on and off here and there so just PM in game whenever you can. I'm itchin' for a fight!

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Been waiting all day Nihimon.

I can't do the math yet but I have faith that ymmv with the efficiency of healing a consistant amount of 50 hit points versus the variable amount of damage one sees based on resistances, df/s, armor and saves.

If you can even it out so that your opponent cannot do more than 50 damage to you at the same rate then that 130 xp could save your life.

Join me, praise the gods and make this small investment into the Divine! The day of judgement shall come my brothers and sisters.

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Giorgo wrote:
I would rather my PC drop dead before he losses the ability to switch from axe + open hand to longbow at a moments notice. :)

Drop dead enough and you'll lose both your axe and your longbow!

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KotC Carbon D. Metric wrote:

Another POV.

Healing in combat can help save your life or a friends but in situations where you are equally matched spending power to heal, you restore less health (50 health) per power point than the enemy is doing to you for their attacks (Generally between 60-250).

Don't forget to take into account resistances. I have Physical Resist 41 at Tier 1 alone. Show me who's doing 250 with Tier 1. Either way they're risking good gear, and if you CAN'T dish out and resist damage on an even footing with your opponent to begin with then healing or no healing won't matter anyway. Don't have much advice for anyone if you can't win either way, do you?

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Nihimon wrote:
I'll try to meet up with you with a Level 1 Wizard somewhere and see how it works out. You're up at Stoneroot, I assume?

Aye. Let's fight over a tower. Plenty of them with open windows thanks to a few non affiliated companies I won't mention by name here.

I won't use Divine Favor, Endure Elements, Inspiring Word, Shield of Faith, etc.

Better test would be if I brought a 1st level commoner with a club and a wand. I have one in Thornkeep weaving right now but I can build another in Rathglen if anyone wants to tangle there. Reputation or no. :)

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130 xp for an invaluable option in combat especially at Tier 1.

Players will find neither melee nor ranged attacks will take down someone who is self healing half the time and attacking the other half, at least not for the first month of EE anyway.

I challenge everyone to try it and post the results.

What's your player killer rank and how'd you achieve it?

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Nihimon wrote:
In PvP, expect to be brutally punished for Provoking Opportunity.

Running away while healing or buffing yourself helps negate those 'punishments'.

If you're so outnumbered or outgunned that you can't even heal yourself and run away then fighting back is going to be futile.

Best advise if you cannot win is to strip naked (til player looting is enforced anyway).

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Nihimon wrote:
When wielding a Greatsword or Longbow, it should not be possible to put anything in your off-hand.

Don't think he meant 'off hand'. You put the focus in your secondary on-hand and use ~ to swap weapons.

Everyone can (nay, SHOULD!) do this.

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No need to be a cleric.

49 xp for Focus Proficiency.
81 xp for Minor Cure 1.

Slot the secondary and when times are tough ~, F1, 1, 1, 1!

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For a couple hondos of xp you too can heal yourself. PvP is easy to test, so let's rack up those player killer achievements. Make sure you got good resistances, attack til you're half dead, switch to self healin' til you're back to full then go back on the offensive!

So why haven't you trained in a divine focus yet?

I challenge anyone who can't heal right now to bring it!

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