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IRL: Maneuvers take more time to execute, Require more attention.

Game wise: I think it's built in to discourage Maneuvers. since they seem to slow the combats way down.

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Sundakan wrote:

He should have to roll, yes.

Then no matter the outcome smack him upside the head and tell him to stop being a prick.

LOL, It's liberating for the welfare of the Needy!! He is just more Needy then everyone else in his views.

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_Ozy_ wrote:
Make it a puppy. No DM would ever dare to harm a puppy!

You need to get out more!! Puppies are more tender and less gamey. Perfect for a goblins snack!

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I've only seen one person who has successfully ran a group bigger then 10. But that was before computers and he used a chess timer for turns. you take to long, you lose your turn. if you had a problem with it, leave the table!

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- The Fighter (i don't know really much about his build) uses a whip, doesn't seems to provide incredible damage

If he's Tripping or Grappling, A rogue could be very Handy!!

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Alia Blackburn wrote:

So recently some friends and I decided to do a new campaign and I should take the reins as DM. It's been amazing until we added a new player. I was excited at firs but as the sessions went on it became apparent that she did not wish to be a team player. She decided to play a mute ranger which I was fine with, it was an interesting idea. But, as a ranger in combat she kept running off by herself and getting put in critical danger, and role playing she would be utterly disrespectful to nobles, guards and even other players. She ended up betraying the party for their first big bad which ended up with the party killing her. Her reasoning was that the party wasn't bonding with her.

The party did reach out to her. Two members tried to learn sign language to communicate better, even asking her to teach them but she shot them down. Invited out to the town, she said no. She also insulted many NPCs included 3 nobles, two of which were housing her, the deputy of the town, and the entire party.

Ohm, I think she might have been role playing a character from a book(I think its from "Leather and Lace series"). Did she have a background written up? A dual wielding Shotel/Sickle like swords (tripping/disarming)/ sharpshooting Mute silver braided haired elven Ranger.

Not everyone is meant to play at every table.

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Everyone talks about guns being Dangerous, Killing and Maiming people! Why doesn't anyone look at the other tool that causes more deaths unintentionally, Maims more people and is easier to steal then most guns!! not to mention is directly related to 1000% more citations, Breaking of Laws then Guns and is in some way linked to 40% of all Felony crimes in the United States.

The only thing you need to lawfully buy one is a check book and a state Lic.


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johnlocke90 wrote:
By RAW, yes it is mandatory.

Yeah, I had a GM that demanded I always have Power attack and Combat expertise active at all times.

He also kept telling me my dwarf with racial hatred of orcs and goblinoids feels sorry for them.
Needless to say I didn't play with that railroading GM for long.

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Korthis wrote:

So I play my characters based on their stats. My barbarian had 8 charisma and last session for hit with a death curse that gave me -6 charisma and boils.

I don't know how to play a character with 2 charisma, what does that even look like?
Also, could it be spell sundered?

Ohm, Just wait for town visits.last game I played with a 3 charisma fighter. We kept him unconscious when ever we were in a civilized area.

It worked quite well til the DM game him a poison immunity. (and he was coup de graced twice)

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
That's the question you should be asking your GM,not us. Consider reading the Player's Guide as well.

Alchemical glue on her armor buckles and a Big Push. no more Paladin!

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Axial wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Are you one of those people who want to play paladins in Skull & Shackles or a Cleric of Iomedae in Hell's Vengeance? ;)



Playing the same race as the antagonists is not the same as playing a class or alignment which directly contradicts the theme of the game.


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Piccolo wrote:
The absentee player has also told me that her work schedule wildly varies, and it's likely she still won't be able to show up regularly.

My GM in my monthly(that is requires a digitally response about every 2 or 3 times a week) game has just sent out Attendance/ expectation of play Contracts. so expectations are in black and white..

We have 3 people that are issues with response timing.

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In one game I played in, we had cards about 200 different ones. (Like buff cards) with a random benefit on them.

(a one time or for the session +1 to +5 on saves, skill checks or attack rolls, a one time Critical hit or Critical confirmation, a random 1st to 5th lvl potion, scroll or other 1 use item, a random LG guard for sleep/ camping or a Mount-Last 6-24hrs, a piece of equipment or building materials, gems, gold, and Re-rolls.)

Or save them for a permanent skill point, experience or an ability point.

In another game we had an encounter scale. that worked with lead pebbles. ever time there was meta-gaming at the table. the GM would roll a d10 and take the number of pebbles. for Good rp, we could get a d6. for a good success, sometimes a critical hit for a d4/d3/d2. and the scale would administer justice by it's balance of +1 to 3 in our favor or the GM

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Dryko wrote:

Through some randomness and a deck of many things, I have acquired a small castle.

If the castle can't be used for gold generation, what other ways could the castle benefit the group? If nothing huge, should I just try to sell it?

OK,what type of character are you?
what type of land? a crop baring farm grounds, shore line for fishing community, rivers for mills and gold sluises and Mountains for mining?

Or the castle it's self, Militia/ Knight or Mercenary training, New Guild ? Inn/Tavern?

get more creative, A Brothel, Gambling hall? Thieves guild?

Sky's the limit!!

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I think it's burdenless, but there us a 3pp one that doubles or triples CC.

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HowwwwL wrote:
What are good classes to multi class with a Barbarian besides Oracle? I am looking for something unique to play as my next character.

In one of my games, I'm playing a 1/2 orc Unchained Barb/ Unchained Rogue(Scout /Skulking Slayer).

it's a total Blast!

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JohnnyBlue wrote:

when i played Skyrim I was an orc Stealth build. and when I did get caught I used the rage mode.

I what to do the same for my Pathfinder build.
And was told to go with A barbarian and put ranks in Stealth.
(Thanks Sundakan)

I have no Ideal on how to build a champion. I just want the LV 1 build I will work on it on the way. but will welcome any and all tips.

thank you all.

I'm playing a stealth Barb 1/2-orc And loving it, U.Barbarian / U.Rogue(Scout/Skulking Slayer) giving me excellent stealth and Precision damage on charges, as well at flanking.

Skilled Rager-stealth (Feat): makes the stealth while raging possible.
Fast Stealth(Rogue Talent) full move while stealthed
Swift Foot(Barbarian) extra 10' movement while raging
Shove Aside (Barbarian): charge thru an ally square if they aren't adjacent to the enemy.
Shove aside(Greater): same as above. but thru any number of allies.

Giving me a stealthed or charge of 50' move with precision damage!!

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Stopped by police for 'gaming material' -- Back in the Dark Ages of Gaming (after a troubled person shot two of his friends and then blamed gaming for the cause) our area went from a 'modest' gaming presence to worse than dancing in 'Footloose'.
Still remember to this day being stopped by a police officer from a nearby community and the question "Do you have any dice or gaming materials on you?" came up as one of the questions. Thankfully, I didn't *at that time*, so it wasn't lying when I said 'no'.
When he requested to search my bag to verify it, and found a model kit for a P-51 Mustang he let me go without any further questioning. Still sticks in my head, though.
Holy bananas - I never knew it got to the point of actual law enforcement taking it seriously! Where did you live?

I used to game in an second floor apartment of a warehouse/parking on weekends, in the South of Market area in San Francisco. Our group tended to be real loud.

They had a new attendant (Cute Younger-ish Latina, barely spoke English, 18-19 yo) who kept coming upstairs and stealing our sodas and (individually wrapped pies and cake slices, Roach coach pre-made sandwiches as I recall)snacks. so we cut her off when she started taking 3-4 things at a time.

about 30-40 minutes later, we get a call from the club up the street asking what we're doing. because there is 3-4 cop cars blocking the parking lot door. so a couple of us went down to see what was going on. getting ready to raid us, SWAT team style-this was before Bullet proof vests were a common sight.

Turns out they got a call about something ugly going on upstairs, and when we were being loud it confirmed what ever was called in. we never heard the cops downstairs.

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I know, I was actually hoping someone would pull a different spell (that I over looked,) that would explain the wands activating as they did.

According to the GM, it's all 100% pathfinder.

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I remember once playing a 5e game where we were running through a scenario at 1st level, and the Wizard player burned all of his spell slots on Magic Missile in the first encounter (It's actually pretty effective in that system). The DM seemed really surprised that he would do that, and the player said that his resources were there to make the encounters easier, not for him to waste time hoping for the perfect play.

It really opened my eyes in regards to playing spellcasters.

and the second encounter was a TPK from a pair of Goblin archers in trees??

(sounds like your talking about a game i played in)

But for the record, I love my mean Ol'Martials.

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I play in a (not PFS)game with lots of factions, political intrigue and very party conflict oriented due to nearly every character is in different faction and/or sub-factions.

My character a Ranger-Crib Warden(Urban-esque law enforcement game archetype) 6/ rogue-Shadow Jack(perception/ stealth heavy ambushing law enforcement game archetype) 3/ Barb 4 and my buddy is a Paladin 6/Cleric 9. Our faction is law enforcement and kinda the defenders of the poor and desperate in an area called the CRIB(The CRIB is an area of 23% of the Sanctuary City where 75-80% of the lowest's all a huge maze of shanties in a wall-less 12 story giant size building. Basicly a Super slum).

while the 2 of us are on a mini-quest (There is almost more small group stuff, than full party adventuring), our weapons get sabotaged the paladins +2 greatsword is healing for 2d8+3, more healing then damage he's doing. my sword is turning foes invisible. needless to say, our first random encounter was quite a bit rougher then it should have been.

We blew off 24 charges from a Hex breaking Rod to Dispel the 2 swords breaking the weaponwand spells.

The 2 wands are stolen from other party members. 15-16 hours away from where they last saw us.

So my question is, How do you make weaponwand last more then 15 hours?
Money is to tight for 2 Permanency spells, Maybe someone could have scraped up enough for one. but most of us are in the crapper for failed/semi-failed missions.

any ideas?

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methanos wrote:

I am thinking of playing a half ogre.

That is up to the GM of your homebrew. as PFS doesn't allow such. there is half-ogre(size L) and a Ogrekin(size M) templet in HL.

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CorvusMask wrote:

Do players really grind exp in P&P games? .-. I thought that was video game only thing

Like, doing so in P&P would feel really unnatural and take out of roleplaying. And you don't even have steady source of monsters to grind over and over :P

YES! If the GM allows them too. Of coarse by grinding, your destroy the balance of ecology of the area.

and that might mean a whole new threat arises!!

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Any tips/tricks/hints/experience to give?

Making a character interesting is as limited as your imagination!

1st, What interests you in the fighter, make a background! personal fluff can be important definition.(even if it is just for your use and the GM never wants to see it.)

2nd, don't he afraid to let the character evolve to keep your interest.

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You've all forgotten the thing that makes Martials so much better then caster! Simple thing called sleep. if you can't rest, you can't get spells back.

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LordBiBo wrote:

I am not singling him out. Things happen to all players from time to time. If they fight some spiders, one can get poisoned and lose some con temporarily. A 3rd level wizard might use charm and blindness spells to make things easier for his minions to fight the PCs. Various undead like wights and shadows do energy drains and strength damage. These are all threats that a 4th level party should reasonably be able to take on (those are all CR 3).

Generally the target of these abilities is whoever the monster can happen to reach most readily at the time. Or whoever seems to be the most threatening if the attack is ranged. So fighters are going to be the most likely to take the brunt of attacks since they are up front where the monsters can reach and that is kind of their job. They also tend to have the best chance of making fort saves vs poison bites and AC to avoid being hit at all. Intelligent creatures will use ranged effects on spellcasters because magic is dangerous and unpredictable, so that makes wizards/clerics (who are usually not in the front lines) targets of ranged stuff. He plays a rogue, so of the group, he is probably the least likely to be targeted since he tends to bounce around and sneak attack things before scurrying away.

Sure it sucks to lose a level, stat or whatever weird status effect that monsters can do, but these monsters exist and it seems weird to specifically avoid using them for the benefit of one sulking player.

In one of my games, I'm dealing with a fellow player just like that!

He thinks such things happen because we disliked him. I'm playing a tank and he's a melee/short ranged, light armor Ranger/Rogue(front line support). Of coarse while he was irked about 2 strength points, a con pt and a lvl. I was down 11 strength, 4 con and 4 lvls. it was all temp damage, so just an inconvenience!

He acted like he got castrated. While I was unable to carry my own gear out of the temple we were in and it was his fault as he disregarded ropes on pulleys in the room just before the pit trap filled with the freaking Philippine Wraith things that chewed us up.

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Mr. Bubbles wrote:

So just the other day I was reading my copy of the Inner Sea Gods when I came across a curious little ditty about Shelyn in her entry. Apparently, the Goddess of Love supports couples who have affairs, and the example was described as the couple being in a loveless, politically motivated marriage.

I would be fine with that example if it was the only one in the entry. Reading on, I read that Shelyn "does not require fidelity" in a relationship and Shelyn actually supports those who "find love outside of marriage" (which in the real world we call an affair.)

As a Neutral Good goddess that's widely portrayed as the purest, most kindest and lovable deity in the pantheon, how can she openly support one of the most emotionally harmful things you can do to a person, something I imagine many people who play Pathfinder have experienced first hand?

The entry says much of Shelyn's doctrine is about healing broken hearts and finding the courage to love again, and yet here she is encouraging the very behavior that will break those hearts. This is not Good behavior for a Good deity.

I disagree, I think the POLITICS of Religion has warped our view of what marriages are, A Union between two people, Not a CHAINS AND SHACKLES between 2 people. I've seen 40-50 year old OPENED Marriages that support solid family values.

But by Opened, I do not mean screwing street corner angels or every ditz that walks in to the room. It's all about communication and being with special people openly, nothing in secrets or hiding!
By no means am I saying such marriages are for everyone, But I think it's for those stable enough to handle it.

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Valafar Zaros Kiokras wrote:
My character would want to worship Urgothoa, asmodeus, Zon Kuthon, Nethys, Dahak, Lamashtu, Zura, Orcus, and Pharasma as a pantheon

and your a cleric too, right??

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Rhedyn wrote:
Bardofcyberspace wrote:

First I don't think there is a right answer per say but I want to see what people think of Lawful Good.

A group of assassins try to kill the party. One or more of them are captured in they failed assassination. Can the Lawful Good Magus take party in torture to get answers out of the attackers?

The Lawful Good Magus has a military background and Served in the Kingdoms army.

If you think he can or cant please list rules and or your opinions that support your view. Thank you.

1. All studies suggest that torture is ineffective.

2. Torture would make you the bad guys. We don't torture not for their well being but for ourselves to say something about us.

Outside of contrived situations no one nonevil should torture.

I disagree. Morality is based on the ethics of ones gods!! And Torture work perfectly well to get the answer YOU WANT and/or ASK FOR!! It's not so good for getting the Truth.

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Bardofcyberspace wrote:

First I don't think there is a right answer per say but I want to see what people think of Lawful Good.

A group of assassins try to kill the party. One or more of them are captured in they failed assassination. Can the Lawful Good Magus take party in torture to get answers out of the attackers?

The Lawful Good Magus has a military background and Served in the Kingdoms army.

If you think he can or cant please list rules and or your opinions that support your view. Thank you.

I'd have to ask who his god... that would be a deciding factor!!

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Jeremias wrote:

Hello Folks!

The question is in the title... I am struggling with that question myself. As a DM I let the players do it as long as they pay for it, which can lead to interesting cases (e.g. the druid reincarnating as an Orc).
But now I am in the situation where I died two times in the same AP book, Book 4 of Kingmaker. First in an ill-advised chase after the intital attack and again because the final big bad concentrated his attacks on me. As I died once before (some redneck ogres critted me), I'm thinking: Is this really how it should play out?

Is it really like that, that death and ressurection comes cheap after Level 12? Or would you think, that this leads to a revolving afterlife-door kind of world which should be avoided? What are your thoughts on this matter, not only my personal situation but also from a broader perspective, especially the IC and OOC impact on the world/game?

Talk to your GM? why did it focus on you? Are you over optimized for the party??

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the 3rd level pc has 8 archetypes in 3 classes.

Player is arguing why he WILL be a Chaotic Neutral Paladin with the GM!!


the 1st lvl barbarian has a 24 strength (dumped everything else) and a +1 great ax (from taking 3 or 4 traits that gave him 900gp each) the Android App says its legal!


the 6 strength wizard has 290lbs of gear in her backpack.

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Conman the Bardbarian wrote:
The Beard wrote:
... the cleric of Pharasma tells you it won't heal anyone that doesn't belong to the same religion.
...the cleric of Pharasma is an it.

is an It and an Undead lord. can't figure out why he can't get spells?

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Hmm, Nice idea... I would say.. yes, but you'd have to work in how she Prays and picks her spells.

It comes down to how well believable you make her.

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Claxon wrote:

While you race suggestion is valid under the Race Builder rules, it is definitely too powerful for any martial character. The draw backs are not significant enough to offset how strong your race is. The way you've built it, there is absolutely no reason not to build any strength based martial character using anything else.

I absolutely wouldn't allow it.

You miss a HUGE limitation. 13ft tall and 1/2 a ton!! He'll be on hands and knees in most lodgings or he's out in the elements. Most barns don't have much higher then a 10ft.

How common are these guys in the world? How a well viewed are they,If they are Viewed badly. Nobles are gonna send armies after them in their lands, are there Bounties on them??
If they're Rare, Then no ones is gonna have LARGE gear for them.

Not to mention how much food is s/he gonna eat. Rations, Gear and Resources have all doubled in cost and size if not more.

He'll be an outsider, so every Crime may be blamed on them. he 5ft taller then the tallest human. so he's a perfect target for collective chaos.

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Issac Daneil wrote:

I believe it's original (because I also believe it's heritage from 3.5 and older) intent was to mark the assassin as a dedicated murderer who places value in mortal life, only as long as the opposite end of the weight stays down.

They don't have creeds, death is a service, and they instigate the violence.

Mind you, I think a lot of Pathfinders who are good aligned, or even neutral would consider nonlethal approaches if:
1) It was more easily effective without dedicating to it
2) Didn't carry the almost blatant threat that anyone not escorted directly to prison would simply wake up, heal up, and come back for round 2. I imagine, if I were a bandit, and someone whopped me so well that I passed out, and I came to with them looking at me saying "Go away." I'd listen and never look back.

Assassins being evil Dates back to AD&D(2nd ed.)

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Malusiocus wrote:

So I just recently started my modified CotCT campaign with an evil party. First session in, one of our players already got himself killed by trying to poison and seduce some city guards, and dealing two damage to them with a coup de grace with a bladed fan on one of the guards she brought back to her room. I had some really good roles for the poisoned, half-drunk guard and both ended up dead by the end of the battle.

To avoid slowing down the campaign, the majority of our players opted to have our problem player just use the same character sheet and have them play the twin sister. Unfortunately, scumbag player is playing this character the exact same way and almost got himself killed twice more in the same session.

So obviously he has fun playing his character in a certain fashion, though his play style can be disruptive. Should I punish him for playing his characters in a reckless fashion, or adjust the campaign so that he can do so?

Well his actions are bring attention to the Party. use PEER pressure to Reign him in after a Vicious fight with a Wandering Paladin and his Cohorts.

Also Not every person is a good fit for every Campaign. Are other players complaining yet??

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Otherwhere wrote:

They can be a blast to play, but they seldom work out well for a long term campaign as treachery takes a toll on your fellow players.

I played an Anti-paladin who was great fun! We were doing a dungeon delve, and discovered some brigand's hideout and had figured out some of their traps. One trap was a poison gas triggered by a button on a throne chair. We had been captured and tied up. My anti-p was tied up on the throne, so I figured: "I'm chaotic evil. I have good saves. So...!" I pressed the button. I made my save, and one of my fellow players, but not the other two nor any of the npc's. We escaped, but as we were climbing out, I went first, he handed up the treasure - and then I cut the rope. As I rolled the cover back over the escape, I shouted down: "Now there's no need to divvy up the treasure!"

Ahhhhh - fun times.

Of course, the next iteration of their characters all had it out for me - totally from a meta perspective. And we saw why evil groups tend to be a problem. "There's no loyalty among thieves." Especially if they are evil.

I so agree. Also allot of Gm's don't allow inner party conflicts, So it playing evil tends to be rougher.

Lets not mention how players value their characters these days.

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Don't forget the time of year as well. October thru December is holiday season.

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ok, I think it's called "Death Stalker or Rest Giver" .

I played with a kid that was using it. I thought it was over Kill at the time because it had Archetype like mods for the type of sniper the character is.
The kid left for College and isn't answering his mail to his old box. I thought it was from web site. But the GM of the Campaign says its pdf of a 3pp book as he remembers.

Anyone have any ideas where to find it?

Any help would be great!! THANK!!!

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Zhayne wrote:
The reward for playing PF is playing PF. Your player is already getting penalized ... he's not getting to have fun with his friends.

First rule of the game, Not every person is a fit for every group.

So if you want a Dedicated Group, Then make it a priority to get items!

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Zedth wrote:

Am I wrong in thinking this seems like too much damage?

That is enough damage to knock a full grown commoner unconscious and on death's door, in a split second. Something about that seems off to me.

Seems like 1d8 or 1d6+1 might be more appropriate.

Am I crazy?

I could introduce you to a cousin of mine who nearly killed himself with on 2 Coyote traps. So yeah, 2d6 doesn't sound to far out of place.

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Treppa wrote:

First off, You need to be experienced with meditation to HELP control emotions!! I stress just the Help part. and i'm not talking close your eyes for 10 minutes a day. I'm talking Hours a day.

So no Novice is just gonna find a quick cure in meditations for a real problem.

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Debrio wrote:
Roughly how many is following this game and it's progress? Does anyone know?

You have to understand not everyone is following PFO, But allot of peeps are waiting for it! Well, just go in to any MMO and ask who's waiting for PFO and every third person has an opinion..

there is also a bit more interest with the fall of WOD.

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That was already done, but I curious if there is an errata or such. I'm missing somewhere.

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Ok, to keep this short we have 3 people with Vanara hirelings, cohorts, etc.
we were allowed to build them ourselves.

2 of us have vanara Rogue hirelings and Hero Labs seems to be giving them an extra feat? so should a 1st level rogue get 1 feat or 2?
I'm not seeing how we should have a 2nd feat for them, Unless I'm missing something?

Any Help would be appreciated,Thanks!!

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See that's the thing, This is Fantasy!! this is something you should discuss with your GM.

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Outlaw Corwin wrote:

To help clarify for others, since it took me a minute to figure out what you were asking - Ng is a deity, one of the Eldest. Ng the Hooded is a title. Anyway! The resource I use doesn't show him as having any particular holy symbol or favored animal. I didn't even know a Pathfinder source listed favored animals of deities.

Seems the DM or DMs just made up a symbol & animal that seemed to make sense based on their universe or Ng's portfolio & domains. You'd likely be best off simply asking that person what the animal & symbol are from. Not really any help here sorry, but top of the list bump!

Thanks!!! I thought i was missing something!!! thanks for the Bump!

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Dustyboy wrote:

Well i didn't mention that part, but it's banned :(

how big CAN I get?

Sounds like your just trying to irritate the GM!!

So you know if your so big, your gonna be considered a monster! Not to mention there isn't gonna be an Inn,Fortress or tavern that would be able to house you!!!

And your added food consumption costs and your gear? you'll be walking around in small clothes at first lvl.

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