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I would agree with both Edam and Mistwalker ... both of those areas are very productive for gathering iron and coal :)

PFU Hoffman wrote:
Anyone who helps wipe out ogg is volunteering to wipe him out if he spawns near the new university commons. We moved to the other side of the map to get rid of him and won't be happy if he shows up again.

We shall see in 24 hours or so :)

Qui, please modify crafting planner to include pikes.

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My response to this forum wasn't an invitation to pm me your ridiculous manifesto of haterdom Tharak or whatever you are ... just go simmer in your foulness somewhere else.

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Money spent on a game shouldn't be considered an 'investment' unless you love to be disappointed ... your expectations are unlikely to be met if it's an investment to you.

It is amazing to me that some people think the game isn't worth $15/mo but spend hours complaining and trying to push their issues on the forum.
If I felt the game wasn't worth playing then I certainly wouldn't waste my time on the forum under a multitude of aliases.

Regarding the actual point of Goodfellow's post: I am glad to see Kenton get some help trying to make Aragon work.

so no xp

memetastic Tabomo! well played!

Sooo much money?

So 'yes' you are a part of the EoX?

Not believing the hype

you sir/ma'am are highly motivated! well done!

Grip looks around at the unconscious crowd and shrugs. Off to make more steel ingots I suppose.

With a spastic flourish Grip secures the bridle around his neck and skips merrily from the tavern.

For our recently lost Bard and The Groundlings:

"Past the teeth and over the gums, lookout stomach here it comes!"

Con 11 and Fighter 5 but he I ate a large breakfast burrito this morning so +5 I guess.

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25

You are win!

Or do both!

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The shark and the dead horse have both been jumped loooooong ago

Spoiler: Shameless commercial plug

A Maneuver:Redouble will definitely help the fighter's survivability. Oh look! I have one in the bank for trade!

That's awful

AGC Ronyel wrote:
GripGuiness wrote:

Keep calm and kill Bonedancers.

Just as long as those bonedancers are not found within EBA's virtual boundries...

sry, couldn't pass that up :p

Feel free to substitute Nature's Wrath, Razmirians, or Glutgluts to fit your current local infestation.

Also please re-read for emphasis: "Expect to be attacked anywhere on the map no matter who you are."

@ Avena - please make a game so we can all see it

Asha already entered

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Endless forum flows
Belching vile spite and venom.
It's a game. Move on.

All the wasted hours of b+~**ing at each other in the forums to wage petty battles in your war of misinformation - sad. I understand that much of this is because you are bored of gathering beast pelts and yew logs.

How about this as a new starting point:

All agreements between Golgotha and EBA are considered null and void.

Expect to be attacked anywhere on the map no matter who you are.

Rebuild agreements as you leaders see fit and inform your citizens. Publish the agreements publically so that so one can deny what was agreed to.

Keep calm and kill Bonedancers.

Love always,

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Kill them.

Grip Guiness: Forest surrounds Rock / All sides oppose evil ones / Kitten Mountain Rise!

Phyllain: "I love you"

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:

Has anyone else gotten sufficiently tired of these scraps that they're just trashing them?

If so please set them aside and I will swing by your settlement to pick em up! Perhaps even bring some silver ore (which I routinely throw away) in exchange if you wish.

Try the Goblinworks Tech Issues forum.


Bluddwolf wrote:
Rynnik wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
Rynnik wrote:
Bluddwolf, how did this game hurt you so deeply dude?
I think he wanted a murder simulator. He's been railing against every design element that was intended to curb that kind of thing for years.

To be fair that isn't what I hear him saying at all.

Of course that is not what I'm saying, but hat is how Nihimon will always interpret it. You should be careful in publicly disagreeing with Nihimon, he doesn't take it well, particularly if you are supporting me in some way.

But to be clear, what I want and have always wanted is EvE with Swords. All aspects of EvE, including the fact that it is a game "Made by wolves, for wolves". Now I expected that some compromises would be made and PFO would be "Made by Sheepdogs for Wolves". But, I believe it is more so "Made by Sheepdogs for Sheep" and the wolves are left with nothing but to become sheepdogs themselves. Eventually, even the sheepdogs will have nothing to do and we all become sheep in the FarmVille Kingdoms.

Wow ... so glad your attitude on your UNC website drove me away from actually joining UnNamed company when my application was approved back in January! I would have never joined PFU and learned how to actually play the game. I just wonder why you spend so much time on these forums when you simply don't play at all.

The posts on this forum are increasingly 'made by trolls for trolls'.

Lord of Elder Days wrote:
So how will necromantic armies be possible if a large portion of the player base will not be able to deploy them without significant modification?

See 'Bonedancer Escalation'

The 1st rule of Vox Silenti ... something relating to being 'silenti'

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coach wrote:

April Fool's aside I think it would be completely fun if the EBA did go to the Dark Side of the Force

player content would surely be more interesting :)

Wait .... EBA isn't evil?

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Capitalocracy wrote:

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that due to the potential terrorist threats posed by other settlements, in order to ensure the survival of The Free Settlers, I will be taking a firmer hand in leading the Company. Specifically, for their own safety, all members, instead of being free and equal citizens with voting rights on company policy, will be part of an intricate caste system. So join the Free Settlers if you wish to play as:

- A slave.

- An indentured servant.

- A serf.

There is a possibility for advancement in the ranks for those who work particularly hard, however. Especially skilled crafters with lots of recipes will have the option (at my sole discretion) of becoming minimum wage workers. Note that the only legal currency allowed for trade in The Free Settlers is TansyCoin. All copper, silver, or gold accrued while farming must be paid directly to me in tax.

Anyone who questions our policy will be summarily executed. You can find out more about our new policy here.


Bluddwolf wrote:

Also noticed, although this is infrequent, a spontaneous switch from one weapon to another. This unfortunately occurred while trying to heal a party member, and I ended up shooting him with Overdraw.

Who says there is no roleplay in PFO? Classic CE! Well played!

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
GripGuiness wrote:

Could have been so much better with last line

I could not stab them Phyl-li-an

but that's not his name. Pretty sure Phyllain is two syllables.

Probably should have been "Gol Phyllain" or maybe "goblinworks."

And if I hadn't missed changing the second "like" to a "stab."

You are correct ... I got the name wrong ... apologies to all involved

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Grip's Mobile Forge appreciates Canis Castrum as a most valued customer.

Cross-promotion is awesomesauce.

Grip is available to move what you have to wherever you need it to be.

So is this one of the many 'dead' companies?

Ryan Dancey wrote:
There has never been a ticket filed with customer.support@goblinworks.com for any misbehavior by Grim Reaper. All of the accounts reported via the ticketing system who have been confirmed repeat or egregious violators of our terms of service have been banned.

So the in-game report function does what then?

Ryan, I did submit a ticket in game for this guy's behavior right when it happened. Several others online said that they did as well.

@Kabal362 - So if someone was to get into general chat describing acts of pedophilia for example would you want this person blocked? Removed from game entirely? Would you at least want the opportunity to squelch the person?

I see many here that say they are okay with the behavior in question, but I doubt that if you were the target you would have the same opinion.

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Gol Phyllain wrote:
I just want to be able to stab people my character is standing right next to. Is that to much to ask for?

I could not stab them here or there.

I could not like them anywhere.
I could not stab them where I am.
I could not stab them, Sam-I-Am.

Could have been so much better with last line

I could not stab them Phyl-li-an

I offer 100 tansy

Bluddwolf wrote:

While it may be nice to have X done, it comes at the expense of getting Y done. Since this one incident resulted in the offender being banned, the existing system has shown that it does work. No need to put off or sacrifice Y.

We are still waiting for systems that will encourage people to play the game.

I'm sure others could add a dozen or more, before we on average get to chat channel etiquette.

Some are willing to overlook all of the MVP shortfalls, but an inappropriately named character is an outrage!?

The guy got banned.... Enough done.

No need to sacrifice anything ... add the /squelch and be done with it.

Some of us aren't waiting to play until the pvp is how we like it. Some of us are running our companies and settlements instead of staying away from the game. This isn't about one inappropriately named player as you pretend is the case. It is about making an environment where players don't have to be harassed.

THE GUY DID NOT GET BANNED. It is not done and I will continue to push as hard as necessary against allowing abusiveness in the community.

Again I repeat ... the player was NOT banned ... his name is Grim Reaper

The person was not banned ...he is in game Grim Reaper

Tuck the Unknown

(For Mr. Bonecraft after his newly made occult focus went poof)

Fallen while fighting
What? My new shiny destroyed?
Damn you crafting queue!

(alternately, from the Goblin Shaman's point of view)

Waiting perfect time...
Spell is cast. The Bonecraft falls!
See him horror-wail!


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Bluddwolf wrote:

I will reiterate my opinion, this is not a big enough issue for GW to dedicate any development time to. There are far more important systems and fixes that need to be done first.

There is no more important development issue than creating an environment where people can play without verbal abuse and harassment. I play the game almost every day and those of us who do actually play need it done.

Treasured shiny rocks
Wait! One spawned right next to me!
Bliss! Unbridled joy!

Haiku also! Don't forget Haiku!

Stephen Cheney wrote:
I'm pretty sure that message only shows up as a fallback when the automatic respawn has glitched (situations where you'd previously have to log out to stop being dead). It's a bit of a prelude to the full death tech that lets you choose when to release and where to respawn every time (coming soonish but no firm ETA yet).

ok good to know

I don't think you guys and gals are understanding why I posted this.

Look at the screenshots

I AM 100% TOTALLY DEAD AND BEING OFFERED A CHOICE WHETHER TO RESPAWN OR NOT. Is this the actual mechanic that everyone always sees? It is the first time I've ever seen it. Usually if I die I immediately respawn without the choice giving to me this time.

The 'wait for a heal' remark was just poking fun at my teammates.

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