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I have one unused Adventurer Enrollment package.

This is a great opportunity because it will allow you to create your OWN account form scratch and have the Destiny's Twin perk. Unlike other recent auctions, these are unmade characters so pick your own race, pick your own names...

As far as I know, this was ONLY offered as part of the Kickstarter and no new ones will ever be available.

This account is being offered for $300. No auction. Please PM on this forum. Similar to prior closed deals, I will send an invoice via Paypal to your provided Email address. Once payment is received I will send the Adventurer Enrollment Package.

Please be sure to follow the GW blog for activating DT accounts as it can be tricky and as you will be making this account it is incumbent upon you to follow their steps.

so no xp

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Correct. This is an unused package that I will send so you will make your own account.

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DO people realize that the $35 accounts are no more or less valuable than the $100+ accounts. Both can start playing now. Both have DT. Very few $35 accounts have add ons, but ….

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The benefit of this one is that it is an add on from the Kickstarter so it is literally not created yet. The purchaser can create his/her own account, and pick the characters names, races etc.

In return you have lost out on the XP from the last few months, but as a longterm play some might rather have their characters fully be theirs .

It's also nearly $200 cheaper which is a good thing :)

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Andius these accounts are regularly selling for these sort of prices so clearly the market is there for them.

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Answering a lot of questions in private. If you have a question feel free to post on this thread as well. It will be easier for all to see.

First Harenloot derails the Aragon thread by making a jab at me there now you have to call me into someone's trading thread by name? You guys have really got to stop calling me out in unrelated threads unless you want this argument to spill over to every thread on the forums.

Just make a "Can PFO Succeed?" topic and fight me there if you want.

Accounts are selling left and right. I can see that. When I sold my 4 accounts I believe all of them went to existing community members who already owned an account. I know one went to Geditchtiwitcht and one or two of them went to Takasi. I forgot who bought the 4th but I'm pretty sure it was someone I had heard of before.

PFO has a very small/devoted following who seem to be buying up a lot of accounts. You can also see you are losing a lot of people though including some old / prominent followers such as AvenaOats and Dienara.

I'm with Bluddwolf that it's going to be interesting to see how much the population drops come May when you start losing everyone that activated during that first and hasn't been impressed enough to justify a 15$/mo sub.

(Remember that loss will not be full until June given a lot of people activated at the end and got their backdated XP)

Given PFO has pulled out all the stoppers in terms of selling access + a month of game time for 30$ the population you are seeing for PFO now is not likely to ever make a large jump in the future. The slow/steady growth of EVE has not been replicated by most other sandboxes that got off to a slow start. Darkfall's population seems to have grown from when I played it but declined from it's launch. Mortal looks like it has declined. Wurm holding steady.

With all 3 of these titles they were the dream projects of small teams or individuals without much prior experience in MMOs. They continue to build them because they are making livable wages doing what they love.

Most of Goblinwork's team has been succesful in other areas and could still go get good jobs on other projects. When the kickstarter/investor money runs out and the subs aren't enough to pay their current wages how many do you think will stay on?

I just don't see this game succeeding anymore. Especially not in a market with so many other Indy MMOs popping up through crowdfunding.

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I really do appreciate the thread crapping guys! No really....

Anyhow. I will lower this to $250 but the offer is only good for 24 hours. After that I will shelve it for awhile. This is below what other similar accounts have sold for

Calidor Cruciatus wrote:

I really do appreciate the thread crapping guys! No really....

Anyhow. I will lower this to $250 but the offer is only good for 24 hours. After that I will shelve it for awhile. This is below what other similar accounts have sold for

Not really. Your account is less valuable as it is unused. You could probably do better if you chose some generic name and let it bank the xp and then sell it later with lots of unused xp. Most buyers value banks of xp over a chosen name.

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DT accounts with XP sold for almost 500...

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Honestly, this kind of account is the most interesting, you get a DT, AND you can choose your characters' names.

It's worth the lack of three months xp.

I would totally be interested, if the game was interesting.

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OK I will leave it up at $250 for the weekend

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Agreement reached. Pending payment.

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