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PFO is in an alternate stage where evil has become good, and good has become evil. One alliance has grown to be larger than all others combined. Join the struggle for freedom from the oppression of the EBA. Nightcrawlers are the tip of the spear fighting for the EoX. There is a lot of misinformation about what is happening posted here on the boards, come find out what’s actually happening. If you’ve been sitting and waiting for the game to develop the time is nigh. Nightcrawlers are pfo addicts playing the game.

Company: Nightcrawlers
Settlement: Golgotha
Empire: Xeilias

We are a brotherhood of players who play late at night, brought together by bonds of darkness.

3) All Nightcrawlers inductions are done at 3:33am EST. If you cannot play at this time once you cannot join.
2) Nightcrawlers recruits must defeat a current Nightcrawler or another recruit in 1v1 combat.
1) You cannot join with a reputation above 0.
0) All rules can be broken except this one.

Act now and get a free hat.

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Meet the Nightcrawlers, Mel Gibson-style!

Tabomo, holding the Asmodean Flag

Elsworth Sugarfoot

Flynn Pontis

And, an honorary Nightcrawler, as he is our Benevolent Dictator....Phyllain

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memetastic Tabomo! well played!

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And another


Elsworth stepped out into the cold mountain night, away from the flames of the orcish forges. Away from the flickering that hurt his eyes. Here things were clear. His rise to power had been swift since he was pulled from Marchmont by the filthy coal miner. Where was Kiseki now, still in some whorehouse in Dagedai?

Nihimon had grown unfortunately powerful since their last meeting, and Decius presented problems of his own. All around new settlements had risen to oppose the Empire. “Dwarves!” he spat and snarled. It would be a pleasure killing them.

Already he felt weakened by the loss of the territory. Where was the mighty Guurzak and his orcs, Pontis had wandered off mumbling something about, “The great Asmodeus.” He knew that his plan had been ambitious, and born of opportunity more than any specific strategy, but the North had played their hand. Their long masquerade as pacifists had ended.

This too could be used to his advantage. Phyllain would give him more power. It only made sense after their recent string of victories. He couldn’t be blamed for losses in the face of such overwhelming numbers, could he?

Dark days were ahead for Xeilias, surrounded and severely outnumbered by the North and South, but darkness was their strength. The voices said this would happen. He could hear them now on the night wind. “Nightcrawlers…..”

Sever First. Elemental Rift defeated.


if you look closely you can see me get hit by 2 knockbacks and go flying across the screen around 2:43

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Congrats on defeating the Elemental Rift! That was a nasty escalation, and it seems like you handled it well!

Working on a reply to your RP on GW forum. fun stuff.

Nice job, I'm sad I missed it.....house rule is on wife's bday cannot play video games

Btw....What was the boss and what drops did it give?

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Gol Elsworth Sugarfoot wrote:
Working on a reply to your RP on GW forum. fun stuff.

taps foot impatiently

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The Ancient Elemental Boss drops T1-T2 Wizard Spells (i belive its affected by Planes skill)

Kind of lame imo, we can go kill skeleton or razmirian bosses for T2 wizard spells, shouldn't T2 bosses be dropping T3 spells?

maybe we just got unlucky.

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The elementals are generally lower level than the Mordant Spire. The Drow dark elves will be slightly stronger and the lich's minions will allegedly be nasty.

I posed the question on paizocon live today and they said that at the moment the higher T2 escalations like MS have a extremely slim chance to drop T3, like 1 every 200 boss kills..... :/

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We've gotten a small number of Tier 3 Recipes from Mordant Spire.

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I believe the copy of the level 20 Conqueror's Hide stored in my vault was dropped by Mordant Spire if I remember correctly.

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If I'm tracking correctly every t3 thing I've seem dropped was acquired while we were killing Mordant Spire Champions or duergar.

I've seen about six drop, but I know that there have been more. Mostly it's been broken master weapons from the MSC and adamantine ore from the duergar. Recipes and expendables have also arrived, in roughly the same proportions as the t2 salvage.

Flynn Pontis wrote:
Act now and get a free hat.

It should be a fez. Fezzes are cool. Do you give out any Jammie Dodgers as well?

In the interest of getting this back to the recruitment thread it was meant to be I went ahead and started a new post listing all known T3 drops for people to see what has been dropping and by whom....


Once again Nightcrawlers was a large part of the force in the server first kill on Image of Nhur Athemon. Who says we're just a pvp company!?

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