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Ranger 2 Rogue 1 | AC 14 | HP 22/22 |
Str +2, Dex +5, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +2
Deception +6, Insight +3, Investigation +4, Perception +3, Persuasion +4, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5

Awesome post Aterro, it’s like reading a fantasy novel

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Ranger 2 Rogue 1 | AC 14 | HP 22/22 |
Str +2, Dex +5, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +2
Deception +6, Insight +3, Investigation +4, Perception +3, Persuasion +4, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5

Finnigan marvels at the hairs standing on end all over his body. Looking at Ibrox's crumbled form, chest punctured, hair standing up like mad from all the static in the air, he let's out a stifled inappropriate laugh that halfway out becomes a sob.

It is poignant to see the war priest, dealer of death in battle, equally at home mending wounds and tending to life.

He pictures the pub. Studying the patterns in the moths coat, he can almost pretend he's looking at the rings of a dart board.

Crossbow: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
Damage: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

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Ranger 2 Rogue 1 | AC 14 | HP 22/22 |
Str +2, Dex +5, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +2
Deception +6, Insight +3, Investigation +4, Perception +3, Persuasion +4, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5

Just want to give a quick kudos to the DM. Excellent posts, vivid imagery good amount of detail good pacing. Bang up job.

Also Aterro gets a laugh out of me pretty much daily.

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Ranger 2 Rogue 1 | AC 14 | HP 22/22 |
Str +2, Dex +5, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +2
Deception +6, Insight +3, Investigation +4, Perception +3, Persuasion +4, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5

Finnigan scrutinizes the pothole into which Brother Aterro has fallen. Very deliberately, he marks it with a flagpole and nods to himself, admiring his work.

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found this today

It's a fanmade wiki of all the Midgard 5e material covered under the open gaming license.

So I guess all this copy pasting out of books we've been doing is no problem. To be honesty I wasn't so sure.

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natloz wrote:
I'd prefer lvl 1 as well. I know it's been a while but the gone specific things. Are they a core race, sub-race (forest, rock, Midgard), or a background (Neimheim Gnome)? It feels like crunchy things might be coming up and I'll need the info to build.

Right, so you take the basic chasis for all gnomes from PHB, and instead of choosing Forest or Rock, you choose Neimheim.

They get +1 Cha, advantage on persuasion, proficiency in arcana, the infernal tongue, and an insane hat.

Midgard (Neimheim) Gnome Traits:

Niemheim gnomes are clever, paranoid, and dangerous. They are drawn to arcane magic and make excellent sorcerers and warlocks. In addition to standard gnomish traits, their dealings with devils and their confinement to the Wormwood give them two additional traits.

Bewildering Bargainers. You know how to lie, deceive, and intimidate with great aplomb. Your Charisma score increases by 1 and you have advantage on Persuasion checks.

Known in Hell. You speak the infernal tongue and are proficient in the Arcana skill.

NEW EQUIPMENT Redcap. To stay hidden from the eyes of Baba Yaga, the gnomes of Niemheim made a bargain with a powerful devil. So long as they stay inside the Wormwood, the witch can’t find them. A few hopeful gnomes posit that as long as the Wormwood remains above them, they remain safe. With that in mind, they craft calfskin caps with living vestiges of the forest growing from the brim.

Mushrooms, small plants, a bird's nest, and other elements of the Wormwood sprout from the cap, and continue to grow so long as they are tended to. A Niemheim Gnome may graft the miniature forest onto the surface of any helm or hat (including magical ones). Should the hat be destroyed, the gnome has one week to return to the Wormwood before Baba Yaga begins her pursuit.

Then as you mentioned there is a background called Neimheim Gnome. You don't have to take it but you may.

Neimheim Gnome Background:

You hail from the gnomish kingdom of Neimheim: a place of skilled craftsmen, close families, and blood stains so deep they’ll never wash out. Your homeland labors under a generations-old curse laid by Baba Yaga. Today, your people exist because of a pact struck with a great devil from the Eleven Hells. The pine forests of your home survive because of blood sacrifice paid to the forces of Hell, so the devils hold Baba Yaga’s wrath at bay. You are no stranger to the necessity of keeping up appearances to cover your desperate situation.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Deception Tool Proficiencies: One set of artisan’s tools of your choice
Languages: Infernal
Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools (matching your chosen proficiency), a roll of remarkably fine vellum, a set of traveler’s clothes, five candles, and a pouch containing 5 gp
Feature:“Special” Leather Growing up in Neimheim, you have learned not to waste any useful resources. After all, there’s always a market for fine leather, new candles, carved bone jewelry, or soap. You can spend 2 hours salvaging useful materials from a dead humanoid. A Medium humanoid yields enough materials to make 5 pieces of soap, 10 candles, 1 sheet of parchment, or a delicious meat pie that can sustain up to a Medium creature for one day (1 sp worth of goods). With your GM’s permission, you can also create small goods such as belts, pouches and shoes.

I omitted the suggested characteristics because I figured you can use your imagination.

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OK, no problem. I'm sorry I got flustered because I spent way too much time evaluating those subclasses for balance, which is not my favorite part of this hobby. But that's my fault for mismanaging my time not yours.

That's cool you and Tareth are talking, you guys can also do some of it openly in the thread so others can riff off of ideas.

But Tareth, don't send him too much secret Southlands stuff. That Demon Cults book is really a loose adventure resource more than a setting gazzetteer.

Is Shakanasa still an elf(marked) from the edge of the Western Reaches? Or is he a Southlands native now and already enrolled in a secret society? Because I found a blurb in the new Woldbook where the Emerald Order has started getting involved in trade missions to distant lands. Was going to suggest it as a hook. I didn't check yet how Thoth is known in those lands... as Thoth or by some other mask. Will check later or Tareth can tell us.

Just go slow, I'm still reading and writing this thing.

Post count is no problem. Don't need volumes of backstory. Personality and interesting connections are much better.

Like if one PC hates pizza, and the other one cooks pizza for the party every time they camp. That's what we want.

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Exactly. There's no badwrongfun.

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Bought and downloaded. Incredible PDF, I can't put it down. Art and layout so good, the writing just hooks you in!

Definitely don't regret buying a PF book to use for 5e, this is mostly just awesome, awesome setting material more than crunch.

Man I always thought I wish there was a setting like Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique stories... well this scratches that itch!

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I just wanted to come by and show my support for this thread.

Carry on.

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Hey guys,

Just logging in once again to see if anyone is around.

I'm sorry I drifted away. I always struggled to stay on top of my personal problems while running this game. It is in my nature to have highs and lows. I'm proud of how long we kept this thing going.

Losing a core member of my real life gaming group to tragedy has made gaming itself carry excruciatingly bittersweet sentimental overtones now. It will be a while before I have the fortitude to roll the dice again.

You guys were real friends to me during years of rehabilitation of my mental health. I was a bit sequestered then and I am again now in a different way. I am in India, living in monasteries and ashrams practicing yoga.

I happen to have wifi where I am staying this past month and a half so I couldn't resist to come on here and post a bulletin to the old gang.

Really I hope to someday fire up another game and see if I can finally master the steady even pace with help of my new healthy lifestyle changes :) but the forum has changed so much and the game systems are evolving... who knows.

I might start all over at mythweavers or something.

Thanks so much for the years of happy gaming.

All the best,

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Ilyana follows the group past the fountain to the door back to the big pool.

Behind you the group of martial artists making their way into the room are unarmed and look mostly unexperienced, but they outnumber you two to one. The masseuse hangs in the back, pointing to Ilyana. "The tiefling is the one with the reward on her head."

One of the martial artists cracks his knuckles. "Now then. Why don't you wander away. We'll take care of the young lady."

You have a head start but they follow intently.

Back in the great pool (area 2.1) the spiral stairs lead up to street level, or the warm air from the more populated heated rooms and plunge pools beckons (area 2.5).

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Morrigan reaches the kobolds. "We remember you. You helped when our kin was being beaten. We will drive this creature off with firebombs. Get your friends out of the way!"

Irwen stumbles back away from the creature, fists up in a defensive posture.

Full Round Action: Withdraw

As she catches up with Momo, Irwen struggles to speak, coughing up blood as she wheezes. "Momo... I saw a necklace... around it's neck... same 9 pointed star as those thugs in the back alley... it must be... a cloven nine assassin..."

Suddenly the scent of the creature reaches Momo's nostrils. She has smelled this smell before. It smells exactly like the goblin who sat at the table with the tiefling in the tavern with the bugbear guards, the Cloven Nine's headquarters., when Momo was snooping around.

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Nik'olo immediately thinks of Ulmar's Rare Books in the Market District, a dwarf run place. Known for rare books not blank journals but there are rumors he forges duplicates for a price. There is also the Cartographers Guildhouse. It would be a little closer and more certain to have a blank journal but not ordinarily open to the public as far as Nik'olo knows.

As Nik'olo ponders the options the group passes out through the gates of the Black Market and back into the tunnels. As they leave the bustle of the Black Market behind them the tunnels ahead are cloaked in shadows. Nik'olo spots something in the darkness, crouched on all fours...

Momo: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21
Alfen: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21
Morrigan: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Nik'olo: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29

Barghest Stealth: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27

Initiative Rolls:
Nik'olo: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18
Morrigan: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Momo: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19
Alfen: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Irwen: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

Bhargest: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

Surprise Round

Round 1
Nik'olo, Morrigan, Momo, Alfen

Lighting conditions: Dim-light

Battle Map

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Check it out, THIS is the battlemap document I had prepped in case a fight broke out.

You should be able to move your own tokens on this doc.

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before you have a chance to pass through the gates...

As the group is about to pass through the gates there is a new shift of guards taking over for the kobolds. A mix of humans and dwarves. As the shift change occurs, there is an incident in the larger gallery approaching the doors. A kobold tinker is not paying attention to where he pushes his cart. He bumps into a pack lizard led by a group of gray-skinned deep-dwarves. The pack lizard hisses and rears up, dropping it's cargo across the floor. Two of the deep dwarves begin picking up the spilled cargo, but three of them turn menacingly on the lone kobold tinker.

The kobold guards look agitated but the new dwarf and human guards chuckle. "Tough break, eh?” chuckles one rough-looking man. “That’s the rules. We don’t act beyond the gates. Shuffle off, belts!”

The kobolds shoot poisoned glances at the new guards but simply watch, as the duergar begin beating the kobold tinker.

The incident occurs in the cartways tunnels, in a 40-foot wide gallery, fed by several tunnels before entering the Black Market. It has a smooth, natural stone floor and walls. The ceiling is 35 feet high. The guards only have jurisdiction over the Black Market itself, these tunnels outside the gates are completely lawless. They will not intervene to save the kobold tinker.

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Also guys you can have the spare change be coins or gems.

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As Momo maneuvers through the crowd, she spots the tiefling in the crushed velvet cloak. He is sitting in a booth discussing something with a small, ugly but well-dressed goblin. A pair of larger goblinoid creatures like the ones upstairs at the entrance of the tavern stand guard beside the private booth.

Momo is able to slip discretely into a neighboring booth within earshot as the tiefling speaks.

" was Grigori the burglar who brought this heat down on us. He must have told the Spyglass Guild he works for us. That's why they came around here asking questions. I went to the Wheatsheaf and disguised myself as a kobold and I heard Grigori talking to some newcomers from out of town. He was fresh out of the Blue House and all he was worried about was his girlfriend. He didn't say anything about a Black Book. He only mentioned stealing the jewels. I think someone else is pulling his strings. Grigori is a two-bit thief, he couldn't get close enough to Lady Marack to steal her personal jewels without some kind of help."

The ugly goblin undoes the top button of his fancy shirt and stretches his neck, as he listens to the rest of his instructions from the tiefling in the crushed velvet cloak.

"I want you to find out who helped him, and I want you to find out about this Black Book. If it's of interest to the Spyglass Guild it's of interest to us. It might even give us leverage over Lady Marack. If we had the Lord Commander of the Free Army and Praetor of the Blue House in our pocket, think of what we could do... the Cloven Nine would be restored to our former notoriety and beyond! Go to the Silk Scabbard. That is where Grigori sent the newcomers. Let them find out where the girl is hiding. Ambush them outside, question them, then eliminate them. Grigori has done us a favor by involving them. The girls at the Scabbard would have never talked to us knowing we are Cloven Nine. They will talk to these newcomers, and the newcomers will talk to us, at pain of death. Everything is playing into our hand."

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Check this out, it's an obsidian portal page I started for the game.

It's still under construction but it looks like it could become a good place to keep notes on NPC's and places. It has a section for adventure journals too.

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Wow, such great writing all around. The posts in this game are so entertaining to me I love it.

Looks like I'm going to be mobile only until tues morning. I'll be slow till then, which is the same time Nik'olo Gaczi gets back. But I am here, I can do what I can from my phone.

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You know, I'm really proud to belong to this hobby. With all the challenges facing the world I think imagination is more important than ever.

I got so much enjoyment from this first round of posts today. I'm really super stoked for this game.

You guys rock.

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Prologue - The Streets of Zobeck

Everyday, travellers arrive at the gates of the Free City of Zobeck, hungry and thirsty from their travels, looking for rest and entertainment.

From the North they come, from lands ruled by undead princes, on the Great Northern Road. Having braved the Margreve Forest, they pass through pastures as they approach near. Crossing the bridge over the River Argent, they find themselves by the docks, and hear of the Blackened Fish and the Dancing Bear, rowdy taverns rife with brawls and licentious behavior.

From the West they come to the Dwarven Gate, the Ironcrag Mountains far behind them, and find themselves faced with marvels of steam power and clockwork such as no other city can boast. Griffon Riders alite on the turrets of the nearby Citadel, and the sound of hammers and industry fills the air. Clockwork men, dwarves and kobold tinkerers all speak of the same place… The Gray Friar, a restaurant for scholars, owned by a gear-forged woman with the memory of an elephant. But no one claims the food or ale are any good.

From the East they are met with the bank of the River Argent, where a Kobold Ferryman offers the only means of congress to a ghetto where men and dwarves simply do not go.

From the South come the Oxcarts, from the Magdar Kingdoms and the Mharoti Empire, and even more distant lands beyond. Even from outside the South Gate they see the pink stone edifice of Lada’s largest temple rising above the city walls to greet the dawn.

Today is like any other day. It is not a festival day. No dwarven airships come and go. No flying cities of Sikkim hang in the sky. Only a handful of travelers find themselves in a nondescript tavern in Lower Zobeck called the Wheatsheaf, where a talented young bard is performing and an alluring courtesan is in attendance for reasons of her own.


inside the Wheatsheaf Tavern...

”Damned pathetic lazy beasts. Next time someone asks why they live in a ghetto show them this…” The man swigs the rest of his ale and slams the mug with exaggerated force next to the kobold who is face down against the bar beside him, unconscious. He shakes his head in disgust when the kobold doesn’t stir.

The barkeep smiles. ”We all have our burdens to carry. The kobolds slaved in mines for House Stross for ages. We forget they fought bravely in the revolt. We all won our freedom, thanks in part to them. But their lot in life hasn’t changed much, has it? Aye, he can drink here if he likes.”

The olive skinned man spits in his empty mug and leaves a silver on the bar, tossing a couple of coppers to the stage where the bard is finishing his last song. ”Never drank with one of them in the seven cities,” he pronounces as he dons his traveling cloak and exits the tavern, leaving the kobold as the sole occupant at the bar.

The other patrons at the tables resume their even tempered conversations, the pleasant mood returning to the room.

Sense Motive DC 12:
The barkeep is at ease, he seems like he can handle himself. The patrons are the same way. They didn’t seem nervous at all about the disturbance.

Knowledge Local or Zobeck Lore DC 15:
Despite its clientele and connections, the Wheatsheaf remains a remarkably non-violent place most of the time. The tavern provides a secure place to conduct public and private business or just have a meal, and that ends if people are watching for a knife in the back or fear that the Watch will show up. When violence starts at the Wheatsheaf, it’s never a simple brawl—it’s a murder. The killer had best have powerful friends or excellent protection, however, as all the biggest gangsters in Zobeck prefer that the Wheatsheaf operate under a flag of truce, and they look askance on anyone threatening that.

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Knotty wrote:

Do not think we would keep Knotty in the area of effect after realizing there was a bottleneck. But, Save if needed, your call. Will: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15 23 hp--15hp if in second channel range

Makes sense, 23 hp it is. You pilot his position from now though. Very nice Knotty avatar you found!

That fight was down to the wire guys 0_0

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First Impressions on Elves:

The elves are almost Fey-like in their otherworldliness.

Elves held sway over Midgard for ages, before they largely departed to answer the Last Horn. This sounds very Tolkien and done to death but I am loving it here. It's executed in a way that is familiar but feels so deep and real. Midgard is a flat, coin-shaped world and it is said the elves went to the other side of the coin. One great Queen remained behind, the Imperatrix Regia Kalthana. She rules over the Grand Duchy of Dornig, known as the Duchy of Princes. She is 500 years old and remembers before the Great Retreat and the Mage Wars. That doesn't mean her Kingdom is inhabited by mostly elves though. Pure elves are very rare, even half-elves are rare on Midgard. Even in the Grand Duchy elves seem to be outnumbered by humans something like 10 to 1. Humans with any elven blood are special, known as elf-marked.

The pure elves who remain in Midgard are mostly descended from elves who didn't answer the Last Horn, and so they don't have strong ties to the Imperatrix. There are the River Elves in the Arbonesse Forest, who sometimes exile members of their kind for a span of decades. There are the Windrunner elves, nomads who live on the Rothenian steppes. Those last are uncivilized folk who hunt and commune with sky spirits.

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Limnen-euron wrote:

Still, at the same time my complete lack of experience with it is what makes me insecure about embarking in such a Campaign: I don't know if I'll be able to build a character with enough ties to Zobeck and Midgard as a whole to truly stand out and come to a life of her own, and even if I do, expect a steady stream of questions about the setting's peculiarities and quirks as I try to make her fit as seamlessly as possible in the overall narrative :)

I am learning the setting myself. This module doesn't range far across the scope of the setting. It is mostly Zobeck, the Margrave, and the fey. The other regions I listed are there for those who want to be from someplace exotic, but a character who only knows a small section of the Crossroads region will work well. I am very happy to have a dialogue about the setting. As the questions come in by PM, my attention is turned to different corners of Midgard in an organic way which I am really enjoying.


I understand elves are held in a somewhat high regard in Zobeck – or is it a Fey thing? I would probably make her a half-elf, the aftermath of an illicit tryst between some important elf and a courtesan disavowed by her own father: would that make sense (other than being a bit too cliché – but I might work on that)? Also: would there have been a way for her to learn her fighting style (some sort of very swift, DEX-based martial art) in Zobeck I could integrate into her background?

Thank you for bringing up elves, another player has asked about them via PM so I will speak about them below.

Your idea is not cliche and I wouldn't mind if it were. As long as you can get inside that characters head it will be worthwhile. Please let me know which elves are appealing to you most so I can read up further. There has been a character submission which is looking for an association with an elven group in the Margreve forest which has yet to have been fleshed out. These would not be aristocratic elves but depending how your concept evolves there could be a tenuous opportunity for a connection to be explored.

Most humans rarely encounter pure elves, but they know that their whole civilization is basically squatting on elven ruins. Even in Kingdoms other than the Grand Duchy of Dornig, it looks like having elven blood can be quite a big deal. I don't think it is especially significant in Zobeck though, although I could have missed something. The Lord Mayor is human and The Free City Consul is mostly made up of humans. The aristocratic family who were overthrown 80 years ago were human.

As for the exotic martial arts style I can't answer but I will keep looking. Maybe someone like Dreaming Warforged knows of something.

I personally like a strong, enticing narrative, and if there's no obvious one in sight, I thoroughly enjoy working with my GM to create one myself.

This one does have a narrative it just isn't linear. There is an inciting event, there are antagonists, but there is not a clear path to proceed on at all times. Things can be done in different orders and in different ways and with different outcomes.

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Momo Duline wrote:

I think Momo is finished unless someone wants their character (living in The Old Margrave or in Zobeck to know Momo.

GM Grimmy, would you like to see anything else on Momo's page?


Great job on your first ranger, just a few mistakes I can see.

Double check your point buy math. I am counting 23 points spent. You seem to have bought a 14 strength for only 2 points. This might be an error.

You might be applying armor check penalty in the wrong areas. It should not affect your touch armor class. It should affect your Dex and Str based skills though, such as stealth, climb, swim and acrobatics. Hide will also slow your move speed to 20. Maybe consider wearing leathers.

You have background skill points placed on skills that fall under the category of "adventuring skills". Check here to see which skills count as background skills.

You don't seem to have given yourself any favored class bonuses. Every time you take a level in ranger you should get a free hit point or skill point (your choice) for sticking with your favored class. Give yourself 2 more HP or 2 more skill ranks.

I don't see any offense section listed. Get that added for your own reference and for me in case I need to bot you during an absence.

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@Momo the alternate racial trait you asked about is approved.

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I saw the message but that is one I do not have so I'll leave it to others to hopefully respond. I'll allow the stuff though if you get hold of it.

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I was sending this via PM to one of the recruits and decided to post it here in case it's helpful to anyone else. Description of the forest near the City of Zobeck where our adventure will begin.

The Old Margreve:

The Margreve forest is an ancient place, already old when most of the gods were young. In time immemorial, it cradled the great spirits of nature, and its loam felt the footfalls of the old ones. As millennia passed, its roots swallowed rivers, its canopy stole the sun from vast tracts of land, and its groves crested mountains that have since weathered to hills.

In all that time, the Margreve has changed little. History transpires around it, lapping at its edges like the sea at the shore, but never truly invading. Though kingdoms rise and fall beyond its borders, the Margreve remains a world apart—a place where memories and old magic linger in the rings of trees and where new ideas and ways never take root.

A strange realm that lives by its own rules, the Margreve harbors wonders and horrors in equal measure. Those few regions men know well have an evil reputation, not worth risking to gain the potential rewards. Every year, however, a few brave souls decide to ignore the old stories and cautionary tales. Most never return.

Long the private property of House Stross, the Margreve forest retains a certain hushed atmosphere of wild decay and noble privilege. Travelers go quietly through the deepest woods, seeking to avoid throat-slitting bandits, howling barghests, and even kobolds bitterly defending their secret mines.

At the same time, the untamed regions of the Margreve call to Zobeckers’ lust for wealth. The forest provides the timber that builds its barges, fuels its smithies, and braces its silver mines. The noise of kobold miners, timber-cutters, and merchants rumbling along the Great Northern Road grows each year. Silence returns only in winter. The road brings goods from cities of the Red Queen, the undead princes of Morgau and Doresh, and the Bemmean Magocracy to the banks of the Argent. Maintaining the connection between this route and the river makes Zobeck half its fortune as a trade center. Naturally, castles and towers defend the road.

The most famous of these are the dozen Griffon Towers. Eight of them stand on the road, and the others guard hunting lodges, mines, or powerful wellsprings of magic. Most people assume that they earned their name from the griffon blazons carved in their walls, but that was merely the mark of the Stross border guards.

House Stross built the towers for its griffon riders, an elite company of couriers and shock cavalry, and each served as stables, roosts, and shelters for the animals and their riders. The parsimonious council of the Free City does not pay to maintain these outposts any longer and keeps its own Griffon Knights closer to home.

Now the Margreve griffons run wild. They come in both black and speckled varieties, and knowing the difference is important. The black griffons are more aggressive and fond of horseflesh; some claim they are fey steeds. The speckled ones are shy, tamable, and can serve as animal companions to suitable heroes.

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Priest of Orcus

The priest of orcus looks over his shoulder, knowing that if he runs only the battlements atop the keep await him. No escape. He clutches his holy symbol, and steps towards Damien, eyes rolling back in his head as he murmurs an uncouth prayer.

Light that is not light flashes forth from him, rippling out like water when a stone splashes into a pond. It sweeps across Damien, Samduc, Jerrid and Knotty, causticly withering flesh, blistering skin and inundating their bodies with pain. It is the opposite in every way of Leoven's healing light.

It feels wrong. And it hurts.

Channel Negative Energy: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 3) = 15 DC 15 Will save for half damage

The dead are at the door.

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While we’re still on page one I’m going to mention some things that should have been in the first post.


Recruitment threads are a thing I both dread and enjoy. I love meeting new gamers, seeing cool builds and reading great backstories. But, I hate having to say no. Banning certain material could mean losing a potentially great player. But pathfinder is such a big game even before 3pp, and I have to set some limits or I’ll end up burning out trying to adjudicate aspects of the game I don’t yet understand. In the end I want great players who really love what they're playing though, so if I've missed something your character really needs, you can ask me about it.

I’ve come to really love this medium of PbP. I’ve seen characters and story explored more deeply here than I have in table top so far. It’s also a medium fraught with pitfalls. No one likes to see a campaign fail, and so many of them do. Recruitment sets the foundation, it’s a chance to find those players who will enjoy the material at hand and gel with each other. So I’m both excited and nervous to be running this recruitment thread and I want to share some ideas about how to make the most of it.


Introduce Yourself!

When you have a character underway, feel free to create an alias and post under it, or link an external sheet from a site like myth-weavers. If you haven’t gotten that far, you are still welcome to introduce yourself. My most successful PbP campaign feels more like a home gaming group than a group of strangers at this point, and it got that way in part because of a healthy off-topic discussion thread. That happens in it’s own time, but saying hello is a good start.

What caught your eye about this campaign? What was it about this particular game ad that made you want to apply? Also, is there anything about it from the description that concerns you?

What are you thinking of playing? You don’t have to wait to have a finished character before you let us hear about your concept. It’s fun to talk about ideas and it might spark something for someone else.

What is your posting availability like? What pace do you prefer, what can you commit to, and what’s the max you can do if things take off?

Anything else you can think of is fine too. The idea is that, although I’m shy by nature and enjoy playing from behind a screen, I do want to get to know you just a little, as a gamer, since we’ll be spending a lot of time together.


Playstyle stuff:

Are you ok with encounters that challenge the player as well as the character? That is to say, do you mind if you need to suggest a course of action in order to use a relevant skill check to get a result?

I ask because this issue divides some gamers. My position is somewhere in the middle, and I adjust somewhat based on who I’m playing with. I believe a reticent player should not be precluded from playing a dashing character, so no one should be required to actually make a stirring speech in order to succeed on a diplomacy check. On the other hand I don’t like dry dice rolls, particularly in PbP. This is a written medium and you must make some effort to describe what you are attempting to do.

Where does your preference lie on the spectrum between railroad and sandbox gaming?

To be clear I don’t mean railroad as a pejorative. This campaign will begin a little rail-roady (although if you take it off the rails I will do my best to go with you), and it develops into a very free-form location based sandbox. It’s important that you enjoy that kind of gaming, because the action will stagnate if the party is not engaged in self-directed exploration and investigation. There will not always be an inciting incident making it clear where to go next.


I also look at post history, like a lot of GM’s do. I don’t just look for big numbers of posts, I try to find a character that really jumps off the page and comes to life. That’s what really sells me. I also like it if I see posts that are well formatted, thoughtful, evocative and easy for others to riff off of.

I do love giving newbies a chance, but a very low post count is scary. I’m looking for a core of 3-4 experience posters with room to give 1-2 newbies a chance if something about their writing catches my eye.

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Overview of the 7 Regions
taken from the free campaign primer


Here lies the heart of Midgard: The Free City of Zobeck, whose Revolt 80 years ago forged a thriving city ruled by freemen and gave birth to a trading hub famous throughout Midgard for its alchemy, new clockwork magics, steamworks and egalitarianism. Known for its magical clockwork masterpieces, its unique star and shadow magic users, its magnificent Arcane Collegium, and its status as a protectorate of Rava, the Clockwork Goddess, it is a bustling city of glorious achievements and dark, deadly alleyways.

Just outside the city grows the vast, living Margreve forest, where unusual creatures roam, Baby Yaga sometimes treads, and the plotting shadow fey still hold sway. Black Prince Lucas, the vampire lord
of the neighboring Principalities of Morgau and Doresh, claims the forest for himself, ever sending his undead soldiers into the forest’s heart and threatening Zobeck’s many trade caravans.

The 14 dwarven Ironcrag Cantons in the Ironcrag Mountains border the vampire realms, and the dwarves are stout enemies of the undead in both the Principalities and the underground Ghoul Imperium residing below.

Also in the Crossroads region are the Magdar Kingdoms, a land of rolling grasslands, noble knights, fickle mercenaries, and massive war wagons, many of which are built in Zobeck. To the east of Zobeck is the Duchy of Perun’s Daughter, a realm renowned for the demigoddess who rules there: Vasilka Soulay, daughter of the god Perun. Just as important are its Amazonian archers, and its schools for the learned and the wise. This small but powerful duchy is a buffer between Zobeck and the slavers of Reth-Saal.

The Crossroads is rife for urban adventure and intrigue, old-school dungeon delving, and the discovery of ancient secrets long buried...


Bold Centaurs, opportunistic Kariv gypsy bands, fierce Kazzakh nomads, and even Baba Yaga’s dancing hut wander the Rothenian Plains, a land of endless grasslands, river barons and cities on horseback. The
inhabitants of the Plains are brave and bold, but there is much abyssal evil to be fought here.

From the nine cities of Niemheim, where infernal gnomes practice sacrificial rites to please the lords of the Eleven Hells, to the Wizardly Master of Demon Mountain, who’s motives are unknown, but who has a hand in most plots and tragedies in the plains, to the kingdom of the Ruby Despotate, ruled by the erratic but iron-fisted Veltrin the Glittering King, a follower of the cruel White Goddess. Veltrin’s servants scour the grasslands, capturing slaves to work the kingdom’s fields, mines, or galleys’ oars; and his strong navy controls much of the Ruby Sea with its infamous demon-prowed black ships.

To the north, however, rests Domovogrod, the Silver Mountain Kingdom, a benevolent realm ruled by Prince Araka and Princess Caisa, virtuous siblings who rule with wisdom, fairness, and loyalty. They are said to be direct descendants from a great silver dragon, who himself was a grandchild of the Great World Serpent herself. Domovogrod’s peaceful, hardworking halflings are known as the Winter Folk. They are known to be fierce and cunning warriors despite their size, and fight alongside humans and dwarves to repulse invasions of southern slavers and northern trolls, giants and wolves.

Gypsy magic, centaur steel, demonic servants, and the gratitude of dragons await adventurers braving the Rothenian Plains.


The clash of endless war rings eternal in the lands of the Seven Cities, which both revel in, and depend upon, the economies of war, even setting aside a season for it and creating intricate rules and codes of siegecraft.

Among the many warring fiefdoms we find the August Republic of Valera, which commands feared legions of humans and centaurs; the Grand Duchy of Illyria, Land of a Thousand Heroes, which boasts sky militias of hippogriff riders; the Green Duchy of Verrayne, where the druidical order of the Oaken Ring and the mighty heroes of the Black Band protect the East from invasions of goblins and the twisted monstrosities from the Wasted West.

Here too, is the mighty Theocracy of Kammae Straboli, led by a powerful Oracle, who has chained and imprisoned Nethus, the former god of the sea, and now uses his deific power’s for her own purposes.

To the south, you will find the Maritime Republic of Triolo with its magnificent navy and fierce privateers and its ally, the minotaur-ruled Serene Isle of Kyprion, eternally besieged by the navies of the burgeoning Dragon Empire of the Mharoti.

Adventures in this region include discovering ancient, elven secrets, restoring the glories of the imperial past, questing for fame, fortune and power, descending into the darkness under ancient imperial ruins, settling ancient rivalries, protecting trade routes, and pursuing hidden knowledge.


The Northlands of Midgard are a study in opposites. A land of deadly beauty, they have sights that can be seen nowhere else on Midgard; but if you find yourself outside for one midwinter’s night without fire, you are a frozen, icy meal for wolves by morning. Like the lands they inhabit, the people here are a mosaic of contrasts: fierce and fearful, honorable but cruel, hospitable but vengeful, fateful and furious.

The Northmen consider themselves fair and honorable, but indulge in interminable blood feuds and dark, hateful “grudge magic”. Their grim and bloody Vaettir warriors wage war and blood feud even beyond death, with the help of beautiful, immortal Valkyries. The Northmen were bold enough to steal the secrets of rune magic from the Gods and the Fates, but fear both to their bones, to the point of silly, paralyzing superstition.

The Northlands are home to many exotic and strange kingdoms: Bjeornheim, the kingdom of Talking Bears, and Wolfheim, the grey kingdom of the Wolves Who Walk like Men. Also here are ancient dwarven halls, some inhabited by doughty dwarves, and some by the ghosts of their fallen ancestors. Here too, you will find the thunderstorm fortresses of the cloud giants and the icy lair of the God of the North Wind, Boreas, who wishes to spread his frozen halls and living glaciers across the face of Midgard. Will you take up the axe and shield, and dare the fateful dangers and golden treasures of the Northlands?


The Domains of the Princes, the common name for the Principalities of the Grand Duchy of Dornig, have a deep and troubled history. Here petty elf marked lords squabble over the scattered northern lands of the once great elven empire, abandoned hurriedly during the Elven Retreat. The elderly, elven Imperatrix of the Grand Duchy sits on a tenuous throne, while her great-great-great-grandchildren squabble over every castle, honor and knighthood in the Grand Duchy, and jockey for position at the foot of the Golden Sphinx throne, hoping to be
next in line to replace the ancient Elf Queen (will she never die?).

It is a place of elfmarked intrigue, played over decades, if not centuries, and a land of hidden elven secrets and treasures; some better left unfound. It is a kingdom of deep, primeval forests, and forests tainted by ancient magics and hidden diabolism. Here in the Grand Duchy you can also find the bustling but suborned Free City of Salzbach, with its many guilds and hidden aberrations.

It is a place where an adventurer with a strong sword arm, a headful of spells, and a glib tongue can win him or herself a fine, petty barony, rife with trouble. Enter both the dark forests and the glittering elvish courts of Dornig at your own precarious discretion, however, for both are deadly dangerous.


In the empire forged by the legendary dragon Mharot, Sultana Casmara seeks to expand the borders of her desert realm into the lush farmlands of the Seven Cities to the west and the ancient riverlands of Nuria Natal and the wealthy Cities of Gold and Salt to the south. A land ruled with a scaly fist by powerful dragon lords and their half-human descendants, they are a young and growing empire, who all on their borders fear and pay tribute to, lest they fall to claw and fire.

Conquest, trade and tribute have led to a Golden Age of prosperity in the young empire, and the markets of the empire’s cities are unrivalled. Masterwork jewelry, armor and weapons are commonplace; golden treasures are found in abundance here. Even mighty war oliphants and battle lizards are available for purchase, if you dare to ride them!

The wealth of the Empire has led to an explosion of draconic art and architecture. The largest building in Midgard, the Temple of Veles, is found in Harkesh, the magnificent capital of the Empire. Harkesh surpasses any other capitol, with its mighty elemental temples, its schools of philosophy, magic and theosophy, as well as fractious schools of brawling elementalists, where dragonkin Wind Palm devotees vie with scaly Fiery Fist monks for bragging rights.

Adventurers can find draconic intrigues, unique treasures, and dragon hoards, and fabulous glory and fame fighting against (or for) the dragonkin conquerors.


Once home to prosperous human kingdoms ruled by powerful mages, dotted with ivory towers and flying cities and fortresses, the western heartlands of Midgard fell to warring amongst themselves. Raining acid on their enemies, summoning mind-warping monstrosities, sacrificing whole populations to bend ley lines and reality to their will, the great mage-kings reduced green forests and lush farmland to dry, blasted deserts, populated by twisted dust goblins and reduced to scrounging for ancient magics and lost science.

The Wasted West is a howling wilderness with nothing but goblin raiders and a few vastly powerful (and power mad) mage kingdoms. One of these is the White Kingdom of Bourgund, known for its sweet perfumes and foul corruptions; and another the Mage Kingdom of Allain, home to the powerful and victorious survivors of the Mage Wars. Also to be found here is the Seat of Mavros, where the god of war first trod the soil of Midgard and showed men how to use fire and steel. Now it is a sprawling fortress shrine, where pilgrims from the Seven Cities and beyond come to buy the favors of the war god.

Ancient treasures, magic and technology can be found here by brave adventurers, if they can survive the goblin raiders, mutated monsters, and worse, that dwell here.

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Kevezyat's strike reminds everyone in view what the gentle mannered dark elf can do when faced with evil. Valkyria severs a limb clean off the orc, who dies on his feet knowing a peace he never knew in life.

Cool you can head up the stairs. I got a token there waiting for you.

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Dungeon Monkey wrote:


I'm interested in following your game, but I don't think I'll have the time to actually do a character justice. So, if you don't mind, I'll just follow along as a amicus ludum.

Best of luck!

Absolutely Patrick, thank you for saying hello and wishing us luck.

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Orcs in the basement

The first orc, sword coated in Kevezyat's blood, surges forward, and Vhillish sinks a quarrel into it's eye. It falls, and does not stir.

Dead on the nose even with orc ferocity.

The next two follow it, on time to be wreathed in crackling electricity courtesy of the storm maiden.

Reflex: 1d20 ⇒ 2
Reflex: 1d20 ⇒ 6

Jerrid bursts out, sickle flashing, and the middle one falls.

The last one fights on, charred by lightning, only rage keeping it alive.

Staggered, orc ferocity

Seems Janna would hit Kev too , no? Kev needs reflex save vs Janna's spell

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Courts of the Shadow Fey is a location based sandbox mini campaign dealing with a curious fey society and their collision with the mortal realm. The adventure begins in the Free City of Zobeck in Midgard, the very rich and flavorful setting published by Kobold Press.

About Zobeck:

Some 80 years ago, the Revolt made the Free City one of the few places in Midgard not subject to a feudal lord. Across eight decades the busy merchants, arcanists, and followers of Rava the Gear Goddess built their sleepy, backwater river town into a nation with clout far beyond its borders. Zobeck is now a mercantile powerhouse known across Midgard for its gearforged constructs and its clockwork technology. Its industrious people trade, bargain, gather, and scheme to make themselves rich, powerful, or wise.

As one of the few Free Cities in Midgard, Zobeck answers to no king or noble lord. Instead, its Free City Council rules from secret chambers, its Watch is both human and gearforged, and its people know what makes a life worthwhile: freedom, trade, and the blessings of the Goddess of Fate and Industry. The city ticks and tocks; its people trade up and down the River Argent, out the Dwarven Gate to the Ironcrags, north through the eldritch Margreve forest, and south to Harkesh and Siwal and the distant cities of spice and silk.

Behind the hard work lies a darker city, a place built on kobolds enslaved in silver mines — a city still scarred by an autocrat’s diabolical rule, and corrupted by pacts of blood, temptations of the flesh, and untrammeled greed. The people of Zobeck lust for power, wealth, success, and pleasure. To get them, they bargain with Kariv gypsy fortunetellers, strange cults, harsh gods, and other unscrupulous schemers. The people’s hungers draw devils like crows to a corpse.

Yet the city prospers. Its heroes avert disaster again and again. Somehow, Zobeck’s heart keeps ticking.

This is an adventure of intrigue, social interaction and investigation. It is written in act’s and scenes, with some acts containing very little in the way of combat encounters. Within each act, the scenes can often occur in any order. There will be sections of the adventure with nothing to spur the players on but their own curiosity. This adventure does not always lead you around by the nose to the next encounter. Therefore this adventure would be best for players who like to push the story forward on their own by following their own motivations and taking pleasure in the interaction with each other and the NPC’s.

This adventure uses a unique status system, with PC’s vying for social standing in order to overcome many of it’s challenges and unlock it’s mysteries. Knowledge skills, social skills, and player driven problem solving are of primary importance, but other feats of heroics are not neglected. The adventure is not without traditional pathfinder challenges and a well rounded party is still advisable, but well rounded PC’s are more important here than ever in my opinion. "One trick ponies” would seriously risk getting left out of important aspects of play in this unusually structured adventure.

Many plot central challenges in this adventure are solved with a system of complex skill-checks inherited from 4th Edition D&D. Without flavorful role-play, these skill challenges would be a dry series of dice rolls, so I think it is important that this PbP campaign is joined by posters who enjoy creative writing to some extent, and immersive role-play. That said, I do not believe in forcing the success or failure of social encounters to hinge on role-play at the expense of the dice. You will not find me requiring you to compose an actual sonnet in order to use a relevant skill, but you will need to think of creative uses of your skills to achieve successes in these skill challenges.

There are factions to join, courtesans and consorts to woo, and rituals to unlock. In some cases, the narrative sweeps across time in broad strokes, with players describing what they do for the day or the week rather than for the next round. As written the adventure makes allowances for romantic and sexual encounters to occur, which I am fine with although I would prefer that the consummation be implied rather than explicitly described. That’s just where my comfort level is in my RPG’s.

Some scenarios could potentially lead to party members being separated, aligned with factions at odds with one another, or even in rivalries themselves. There are even individual XP awards in this module that could lead in extreme cases to level discrepancies within the party. If you can’t tell by now, this isn’t like most published modules I’ve run or played in, and I’m trying to introduce it in a way that highlights every potential red-flag that might send you running for the hills! If you’re still here, maybe this game is for you. It has certainly been a pleasure to read and I think with the right cast of characters it could be something really special.

So let’s get on to the nitty gritty of recruitment.


First of all, please read these two guides.

PbP Basics
Advanced PbP

PbP is a big investment in time and energy for everyone, and so often games don’t succeed! I really believe that these guides are right on the money, and I would really appreciate it if you read them and bring them up during recruitment, something you agreed with, something you disagreed with, maybe just let me know you checked them out and we’re on the same page.


This adventure is designed to take PC’s from levels 6-10. I am recruiting for 6 PC’s to play through a short introductory 2nd level module as a prologue to the main adventure. This prologue will serve to establish the city of Zobeck. At the conclusion of the prologue adventure, the scene will cut forward to a reunion at the same tavern where the first adventure began. It is 3 years later, the hero’s have advanced in stature to 6th level, and the inciting incident of Courts of the Shadow Fey calls them to action once more.

Therefore, you should submit a 2nd level character with a description of your plan for advancing that character to 6th level.

Character Creation:

Stats: 20 point buy
Races: All core races plus aasimar, catfolk, fetchlings, ratfolk, tengu, tieflings, changelings, kitsune, samsarans, kobolds, minitaurs and gearforged.
Sourcebooks: All classes, class features, spells, feats etc from CRB, APG, UM, UC, ARG and ACG are permitted. I have not had a chance to get acquainted with Occult Adventures or Ultimate Intrigue so material from those books will not be permitted for this campaign.
Unchained: Rogues and Summoners should be Unchained, Monks and Barbarians may be either.
Wealth: 250 GP at 2nd level, increasing to standard 16,000 GP at 6th level
HP’s: PFS style max at first, average after that.
Traits: You can have two traits or a bonus feat. These can be taken from Kobold Press material or standard Paizo material.
Background Skills: Everyone gets 2 background skill ranks per level.


This recruitment is weighted heavily on writing and posting style, so I would like to see some effort here. If you need setting details to riff off of, I’m adding info about Midgard races, regions and deities to the campaign info tab.

Please provide at least a couple paragraphs each detailing the characters Background and History, Personality and Motivations, Appearance and Mannerism's. Or however you want to do it. It’s your story just let me know who your character is ;)

Posting Requirements:

What do you guys think? I find that a PbP needs to keep up a certain pace or it stalls. I would like to see 1-2 solid posts a day, at least until we find our established groove. By solid posts, I mean posts that contain push’s or hooks as defined in the guide I linked above. Posts that leave something for someone else to riff off of. Posts that let us know what your character is thinking or feeling. Posts that refresh the image of the current scene in everyone’s mind.

In combat I would like everyone to be especially diligent. I don’t like single combat rounds lasting more than 48 hours and I will delay you or give you the total defense action if you don’t post in that timeframe. If you’re going to be away more than a day or two please let us know so we can bot you.

I myself can commit to 3-4 posts a day at the present time, and that will be slightly reduced when my work schedule increases. I reserve the right to take a couple of breaks if needed, to prevent burnout, but I will only do so at appropriate times in the adventure (i.e. between acts) and only after our game feels firmly established and able to survive such a break.

Character Sheet:
A hero-lab sheet is the bare minimum, but if you can make something nicer then go for it! I need to be able to find things easily on your sheet. I require you to use the mini-stat line that has become pretty standard on the boards. It displays a number of relevant stats that I need to refer to frequently. It makes my life so much easier. You enter it into the race or class field of your profile and it displays when you post.
It is formatted like this:

HP xx/xx | AC xx Tch xx FF xx | CMD xx | Fort xx Ref xx Will xx | Init +x | Perc +x |

I'm going to let this recruitment run for as long as it takes before I feel like I have the right mix. I don't know how long it will be but I'm not going to rush this one. I'm actually still doing prep in fact, but I wanted to get the ball rolling so here it is.

Please no role-play in this thread, I want to keep it uncluttered for submissions, questions and answers. Once things begin to take shape I have a “Tavern” thread where applicants can role-play with each other.

Thanks for reading guys, I can't wait to check out some cool characters. I hope this takes off :)

Edit: Oh and I love pictures. If you have any art that matches your character let's see it!

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in the library:

Jerrid speaks the name of the 666th son of Orcus correctly and the crypt thing finally stirs.

"Eralion leaves you this message. He swears fealty to prince Orcus. He looks forward to an eternity of unlife for his service. The Shard of Corruption is installed. It was smelted from the Heart of Innocence on the Brass Anvil. The water is spoiled. The dead drink, and soar in the shadows. Let no one living or dead disturb this great work."

Having spoken, the crypt thing is still once more, looming before the little deep gnome.


above in the keep:

The evil priest raises his shield fast, and warding magic leaves him traced in wicked light. Kevezyat fears her strike will not find purchase, but Valkyria guides her hand past the armor and unholy magical protections of her foe. The sword cuts a swathe across his chest, sparks flying off his mail.

AC 22 buffed!

The blow should have killed a mortal man, but it only enrages this priest. His face shows surprise and maybe a trace of fear.

21 damage recorded against evil priest

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Everyone wants to find the vault Janna, there's 3,000 GP of player selected gear in there per PC.

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wouldve worked if it wasn't for those meddling kids...

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Well you have a home here buddy. You've brought Samduc to life, we all know his personality now, and he's a fixture of the dysfunctional party dynamic that lead to so much good roll play in this group.

You've contributed in pivotal, narrative impacting ways like when you pawned off a fake amulet on vortigern, or when you set up a parlay with the headmistress of the bandits.

Those actions created sweeping changes in the narrative and that's what it's all about. The fun I get out of DM'ing comes from being surprised to see what players come up with. That's why I don't like AP's so much, because the story's already written in advance.

9 days and 6 whole rounds of combat is a long time to be gone unannounced, but that doesn't bother me so much, as you know I've gone missing much much longer myself. Whatever might be goin on we can work through it, I won;t give up on you I just want to see you make posts that show you're up to speed on what's happening, and engaged enough to write solid posts like we know you can.

I totally get it. PbP is a funny medium. There's gonna be days where it feels like a chore you have to do, sometimes I just get so sick of writing those little formatting tags. We all have to feed off each other, put energy in to get energy out.

Sam's an iconoclastic character who goes his own way. I wouldn't change that for the world but you can make good use of italic internal monologue text and blue ooc text to keep us in the loop, give us a window into what he's up to even if he's going left when the party goes right.

Anyway, thank you all for still being here after I left for so long to get myself in order, you too Sam, we're a family I wouldn't want to loose any of you. We've been at this for years now. I've been amazed that folks have been able to keep up with the breakneck speed here lately, it's a thrill for me, I love fast paced PbP. But if any one has been a little stressed or overwhelmed by the pace I'd like to know, and I'll point out there will always be surges and lulls. Even I myself won't be able to keep up that pace for ever, but I have more nice set piece encounters lined up before this story arc is finished in style and I'd like to hit them hard like we've been doing, if you guys are up for that.

After that I have a few paths you could strike out on, we can let some game time pass, and do overland travel a lot more abstract and speedy than we used to, so we can get to see more of the lost lands, maybe check out a city or two. Maybe a megadungeon. But that's conversation for another day. Right now let's have some juicy RP, right now I want to watch you lot decide what needs to happen next in this damn Keep.

I'll be mobile only tomorrow but please keep the inter party dialogue goin, and I can chime in with short answers to questions on my work breaks.

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Ok welcome back buddy glad to have you. Make sure you've caught up on reading what you missed though. There's no lock to jimmy on the door, it's a special door. It's opened on this side by inserting the pommel of Eralion's staff, which is a cross. (the holy symbol of Thyr). The door is sliding open right now because Sam has already turned the "key" to open it (while I was botting him).

It's a lot of posts but take your time to catch up. We're out of combat now and about to role-play the party meeting back up after being separated.

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What would be some cool combos to explore, and how would you see them being skinned?

For example, I could see a hybrid with Barbarian and Oracle as it's parents classes, since the Rage Prophet archetype was always sort of a waste of time.

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Leo just reminded me, he did drop a light spell in the pit.

I am calling that a hit.

Vhillish lobs the holy water at the head of the cultist, just barely visible from where the deputy stands. The vial shatters on the skeletal head, blue flames flickering as the blessed substance ignites upon contact with the unholy abomination.

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Sam bot - Rounds 3,4,5,6

Knotty is trembling, traumatized by the furious attacks of the caryatid columns.

Samduc kneels gently before the treeling, speaking in soothing tones, as he mends the broken branches, and sweeps up the pile of leaves. "There, there, Knotty. Those statues are asleep now. It's safe here for now, you wait for me. I have to go make sure Damien doesn't mess everything up."

The halfling follows Kevezyat and Damien into the wizards study, bobbing and weaving on tip toes like a cat-burglar. He stops at the alcove where the last two caryatid columns were never completed, and sorts through the tools and papers, pocketing a couple of scrolls.

Hmm.. scrolls for turning flesh to stone, and ones for turning stone to flesh. And others for turning rock to mud. These seem like they would have been useful against those statues... I'll save them for later, one never knows...

He pokes his head out from behind a pile of books on the floor near Damien and Kevezyat to see what they are peering at. He shows no sign of fear as he evaluates the threat.

"Tssk. You've never seen one of those? I have. In a book. You should read more." he ducks back behind the pile of books as he speaks, idly fanning through the pages of a stray volume lying on the floor. "That's a crypt thing. Necromancers create those to keep intruders out. It won't move unless you go where you're not supposed to. I wonder what it's guarding? You should be fine... as long as you don't move..."

Knowledge Religion: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21
Stealth: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (8) + 19 = 27
UMD: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26
Heal: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11

As an afterthought, he adds, "You can talk to them by the way. Go ahead Damien. Say hello."

Crypt things are undead creatures found guarding tombs, graves, and crypts. Necromancers and other spellcasters create them to guard such areas, and the crypt things never leave their appointed lairs, even to pursue enemies. Their warded area may be a single room or passage, an entire grave complex, or even a city-sized necropolis. Though naturally solitary, multiple crypt things may guard a common area, often in conjunction with constructs or other undead.

A crypt thing only initiates combat if it is attacked or if the object or crypt it is guarding is touched or entered. Until this condition is met, a crypt thing is content to remain motionless—it may even answer questions or otherwise interact with visitors if its master has directed it to do so.

As always there is still more info available at a higher DC

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Christopher Senz wrote:

Their argument is that e spell does not specifically say to apply the template to a creature and that rather than the word skeleton or zombie being a descriptor it's the name of the actual creature as displayed in the beastiary

This is where he's getting confused. What the bestiary is giving you is a sample of one creature with the template applied. It's for convenience.

Show him the werewolf and vampire bestiary entries. Does he really think every vampire has to be a female human sorcerer level 8?

Also, how many ranks to make a rock lobster?

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I'm sorry but that was just freakin epic Janna. I thought Vhillish was toast.

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Janna - The Storm Maiden wrote:

Round 4 part 2?

Round 5 but yes, it's still up and you have a move action left to do that.

Vhillish can not fight the voice in his head. He slumps and let's himself fall limply off the edge of the plank, a 20 ft drop to the cold stone and the unknown antagonist awaiting him below. But even as he drops, a gust of wind tosses him head over heals across the pit and down the hall to land in a heap on the ground at Janna's feet. Not a scratch on him.


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?Unknown Enemy?

As Janna leaves the plank crossing the pit to return and bang on the door, a voice can be heard whispering in the darkness of the pit below Leoven and Vhillish. It sounds like a spell being cast. The voice is eerie and unearthly, like a chill whisper from the grave.

Spellcraft DC 16:

vs Leo or Vhillish?: 1d2 ⇒ 2

The voice gets louder. "You, little one. FALL!!"

Vhillish feels the command echoing inside his mind, compelling him to drop from his precarious perch on the plank down to the pit floor below.

DC 14 Will Save or fall into pit

Vhillish Will: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5 fail

Fall Damage: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 5) = 8

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

It's early Friday (my Saturday) afternoon, I already drove to Hooksett to get the keys to the Plumbers' and Steamfitters' hall for tomorrow's "What's Next?" meeting, Mr. Comrade's on a nature-walk date and won't be around until evening when we go to the LGBTQ+ mixer to rabble rouse for the rally in Lowell on Sunday, half my branch (including Comrade Who Was Published in Jacobin and the Nigerian Princess) quit to go start a New Hampshire branch of the Socialist Party USA, the other half are at school or work (well, Young Gay Autistic Comrade's probably out having adventures, but I had to chaperone him through last night's International Trans Remembrance event in Lowell which he showed up to drunk and then proceeded to smoke a joint during the march--"But it's legal now!" "Not until December 15th!"--and then passed out at the name-reading; he's a lot to handle, I think I'll see him soon enough), me and the Black Goblin don't work the same shift anymore so I hardly see him, my D&D group fell apart, like, seven months ago when I refused--after eight years--to be the Dungeon Master anymore, La Principessa and I aren't on speaking terms at the moment and now I can't talk about politics with any of my Paizo friends!

Guess I should go rake the lawn or something.


Hey bud. I haven't read your whole thread here just the first post but I found this while looking you up to send you a PM. I'm back in NH and also without a gaming group at the moment and down to hang out some time.

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