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Back in USA. Catching up in what I misssed now, pretty jetlagged tho!

About to board a train into the unknown. Hopefully be on an international flight by sun and then no more disruptions.

Bot me as needed. I'll be o. The lockout for wifi hotspot

I have another long train ride into the unknown. Boarding at 12:30 am Monday 4th feb Kolkata time which is basically 15 hours from the time of this post.

The latest I'll have connectivity again is the 7th, likely sooner.

Bot away.

Fin wants to stay dry and check Zove. His attitude is let's just leave these things outside.

Well the thing is I can't imagine doing it without otm shank and french wolf.

I am organizing some small 5e adventures in Midgard though. First one is in the Southlands.

Yeah if you think about it how could it be too late to be interested in something that didn't start yet.

(^ _ ^)

Why does no one type whales anymore? I must be getting old.


Finnigan Calhoune
Human Ranger (Vampire Hunter) 1, Chaotic Good
Armor Class 14
Hit Points 12 (1d10+2)
Speed 30 ft.
STR 10 (+0) DEX 16 (+3) CON 14 (+2) INT 8 (-1) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 14 (+2)
Saving Throws Str +2, Dex +5, Con +2, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +2
Skills Deception +4, Insight +3, Perception +3, Persuasion +4, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5
Senses passive Perception 13, Insight 13, Investigation 9
Languages Trade Tongue, Dwarf, Gnomish
Crossbow expert attack When you use the attack action with a melee weapon make an attack with hand crossbow as a bonus action.
Hand Crossbow +5, 1d6+3 (p) 30'/120'
Rapier +5, 1d8 +3 (p)
GEAR hand crossbow, rapier, leather armor, xbow bolts, backpack, playing cards, dice, flask, lute

Favored enemy undead, favored terrain coastal

Oh hell I just realized I'm still gonna have issues with making my profile....

No that's true though. It puts DM's in a weird situation too.

I lol'd tho. That's always a good sign.

I am from Krakova just more recently in Courlandia.

Oh sorry I see now your campaign tab confirms Red Queen.

So are we on the Courlandia side of the bay or the Krakovar side?

I think I should be running from Courlandia rather than Krakova. After proselytizing that elves and the Order of the Undying Sun have conspired against Krakova.

Yeah, it was just such a great bunch of characters, I barely had to do any work.

It was hard for me to imagine going on without otm-shank and French wolf though.

Wow, so is Courlandia still ruled by a red dragon?

I'm trying to come up with a conspiracy theory.

Elves are behind the vampire invasion?

Yeah I think six is usually perfect. Seven if you're taking a chance on a couple of flight risks.

Guys does anyone want to make any character connections? Black Dow are you still in here?

I don't know if my idea is cool or really annoying.

I was gonna be a guy who is completely used to urban life but he's posing as a wilderness guide to escape from retribution for fomenting revolution in a "secret" club that meets in taverns and always gets loud and drunk and flips over tables by the end of the night. But the next afternoon they go back to hushed tones and think no-one's the wiser.

Now he's on the run, and believes some one must have betrayed him.

I would play him as completely uncomfortable and lost in the woods but mechanically he will in fact have ranger levels... it's just that like, when his animal companion shows up it is just inexplicably following him. He is in fact completely terrified of the thing!

I don't know if it's too much of a "bit" for this crowd, but that's my idea so far.

What if I was a krakovan rebel posing as a wilderness guide (dancing bear), but actually I know nothing whatsoever about the woods and can't so much as tell which way is north or cook my own eggs having spent my whole life in taverns having heated drunken debates that usually end up in brawls with my poorly educated political club buddies?

Hey Tareth what's a good favored enemy for a ranger?

I have a bit of tunnelvision with my Southlands prep but I'm definitely going to try to squeek in at the last minute.

DM - Tareth wrote:
Mishima: Sounds good. I'll get shadow fey crunch posted sometime today or tomorrow.

Shadow Fey:

Shadow fey are a subrace of elf. They enjoy the base elven racial traits, along with the following subrace traits. Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1. Alignment. Although they have a malevolent reputation, the shadow fey are not inherently evil. They tend toward chaotic neutral, though every variation exists.
Shadow Fey Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the rapier, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow.
Path of Shadows. When in darkness, dim light, or a shadow large enough to cover your body, you can cast the misty step spell. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1), and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell.
Sunlight Sensitivity. You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in bright sunlight.
[bTraveler in Darkness.[/b] You have advantage on any Intelligence (Arcana) check to learn about a particular shadow road and how it functions.
Extra Language. You can speak, read, and write Umbral.


Sweet. We have a 5e Midgard club hahahah!

Ok well put me down as tentative. It sounds fun but I'm not sure I should divert the brain power from my other thing. Hmmmm...

Well, I like the Aspiring Academic. I'm thinking of a guy born in Aundair. He's a disappointment to his hard working farmer dad. Head full of dreams about magic and exotic realms. Worst of all he's not patriotic! Although deep down his criticism of his nation stems from a romanticized idealism about what Aundair should or could be.

So I need to figure out why he has his sites on Morgrave in Sharn rather than the magic academies in his native Aundair. This school is known mainly for studies about Xendrik? They don't teach magic right?

Hey DW,

Really nice how you set this up.

So inevitably I have some questions popping up as I mull over the links and hash out a concept. So I'm wondering, is it better for me to ask away in the thread, or just kind of keep reading through the material and give you a tidy package when I'm done?

I wasn't sure which is your preference for a recruitment thread.

That's a cool idea. I see what you mean about the issues with having to fill certain roles in a party.

I'll keep an eye on this but but I don't know if I can jam any more setting lore into my brain for a while haha.

Hey DW, I am also interested but how much do we need to know about Eberron?

Someone today in a PM today also mentioned to me that they were playing a game via Steam. Interesting.

You can check out Myth-Weavers but they aren't as focused on running Paizo AP's cover to cover. They do it sometimes but they also have different settings and systems and lots of homebrew.

I know during the site outages some groups here did move successfully to discord servers so it can be done but I don't have any idea how people find one another on there to organize games.

This forum is definitely the main place for Paizo AP's I'm pretty sure, because it's If you feel your post history is what's hurting your chances, you could try playing in a few short scenarios to give DM's a "resume" to look at. But I have seen brand new people get into long running AP's along-side veterans.

Read all the guides in general discussion, they can help you make a compelling submission.

Also don't burn up time and energy applying to every game ad, you should be evaluating the post history of the GM too and waiting for the ad that's really going to be worthwhile and be a match for you. They don't come along every day.

Take my words with some salt as my PbP history is more GM than player and in both cases I was in the fringe categories of 3pp and old-school modules, but, I have watched a lot of AP's come and go over the years.

Hopefully mods can move this to organized play general discussion, it will do better there.

Even further off topic, but I have ask about the spoons.

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Exactly. There's no badwrongfun.

Volkard Abendroth wrote:

I freehand it and build/adjust encounters until they feel right for my groups capabilities.

APL does not account for player skill, party composition or character optimization.

Came in here to say exactly this. The gulf between parties of four and parties of 5 may seem huge, but it's not as huge as the gulf between tiers or the gulf between casual and optimized PC builds.

Four PC's whose players read the Forge of Combat and collaboratively built a party that's tuned like a MTG netdeck will steamroll an encounter that would overwhelm the group of five who made selections without regard to synergies and optimal performance.

There's no way to account for this variance so CR and APL are just loose tools.

edit: Not intending to invoke Stormwind Fallacy or cast aspersions on any play-style.

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Bought and downloaded. Incredible PDF, I can't put it down. Art and layout so good, the writing just hooks you in!

Definitely don't regret buying a PF book to use for 5e, this is mostly just awesome, awesome setting material more than crunch.

Man I always thought I wish there was a setting like Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique stories... well this scratches that itch!

Very helpful. Thank you.

OK that's fantastic. See I knew these kinds of threads worked.

I'd be absolutely over the moon to hear any notes you'd want to share about Courts. I'll be running it in 5e but I'm curious why you chose mythic.

Most of my doubts are around the implementation of skill challenges and creating some kind of flow chart for the story events.

Thanks Marc. You guys are making really high quality work.

I guess some of those minute details we can fill in for ourselves anyway.

I'll definitely write some reviews once I've gotten further along running this stuff.

That's awesome to hear. I guess I was unnecessarily feeling like I had to adhere to some canonical timeline.

I'm ecstatic to hear that Courts is coming. It will be perfect to follow my Margreve campaign.

Mr. Bauer, I am also wondering about what the status of Zobeck was prior to Sarastra making a pact with Stross. Was it already a settlement? Was Stross already ruling it or was it under some other form of government? How did the Holly King and fey feel about a settlement on their Rosehaven lands prior to their exile and return from Shadow?

Well this is going swimmingly!

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I just wanted to come by and show my support for this thread.

Carry on.

Yeah there's so much. They've been developing it for so many years across multiple systems and with tons of input from fans.

The flagship hardcover campaign book right now is dual system. Whether you play 5e or PF1 you get the same book. I'd definitely say it's system agnostic enough to use even if you play PF2. It's just called Midgard Worldbook.

Then for your player options you do have to pick a system, there's one book for PF and one for 5e.

The current monster books are Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex. Really top notch. Up to WOTC and Paizo standards easily.

You can also get Gazetteers for whatever region you like and so much other stuff.

I'll do links later I'm on mobile and kinda have a headache.

They advanced the timeline 10 years with this new batch so some of the older supplemental books will be a little out of sync now, which is ok with me because there was an overwhelming amount of stuff. It's easier now to see what's in the current product line.

Kobold Press is who publishes it.

I'm happy you think it sounds cool. I'm running it for my little nieces at home and planning a PBP campaign with it here online.

That makes sense.

I'm totally in love with this thing and the sequel. Richard Pett is my favorite adventure writer I think. Will definitely buy the Southlands setting now (unless updated one coming soon?).

I will write a review after I finish running it.

Anyway, does any one know where to get the player friendly maps?

So what are you guys feelings about systems now? The new announcement has kind of pushed me towards 5e a little bit. That and my nieces want to play. 9 & 11 yo, so simple is better.

Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
This is the right subforum, but I don’t know how good your odds are that a Midgard expert will happen along. Maybe try Koboldpress’s forum?

Thanks for the friendly reply. I've been gone awhile and don't have the lay of the land like I used to.

Has enthusiasm for third party publishers wained? It used to be not uncommon to see a lively discussion thread with GM's comparing notes for product lines such as Frog God Games Lost Lands setting.

Anyway maybe Marc Radle will happen by if nothing else. Worth a shot.

GRuzom wrote:

Hi Grimmy

I don't know anything about Midgard, but I'm interrested.
Can you explain how the setting is special? What sets it apart from, say Golarion?


Well, from what I've heard it started out as the home campaign of a guy named Wolfgang Bauer. It departs a bit from vanilla western european medieval fantasy and Tolkien-esque tropes and dials things a little more towards a dark pulpy folkloric vibe.

It uses a lot of real world analogs but in a very different way than Golarian or Forgotten Realms do. I don't get the feeling that everything but the kitchen sink is present, with a convenient locale for each of the fantasy sub-genres. Instead it kind of lives and breaths. People who know a bit of history and geography will easily spot the influences of the cultures and regions but in a funny way the familiarity makes it even more otherworldly and surreal.

The first thing people usually tell you about it is "Eastern Europe" and that kind of is the glue that holds it together and the stand out difference from every other fantasy setting you've played, but it also spans more than just that. The core dark fairy tale thing at it's heart is set in a big, detailed, believable world so if you want to know where exotic spices are coming from, you'll get an answer and you can go there.

It's awesome.

Any chance of someone else stepping in to DM? I guess the unique prep involved limits the qualified individuals...

And the D&D Beyond account sounded helpful.

Congrats. This game looks like a labor of love. If it's alright I would like to lurk and read some of the gameplay :)

Another question: in the history of Zobeck I see that the Moonlit King made an alliance with House Stross to help defeat the kobold miners who were squatting in the Rosehaven Lands. Where was the Stross family based at that time? Was Zobeck already a thing? Was Stross already it's ruler?

(I hope this is in the right forum)

Sorry. Figured it out.

I am prepping for a camapaign set in the awesome world of Midgard by Kobold Press.

I'm making this thread to discuss some of the lore with other people who may enjoy this setting.

In particular there have been a few points where I could use some clarification. There's a lot of product out there spanning multiple systems and I know some of you have been collecting it and using it for a while.

I may return to this thread periodically as questions arise in my research. Hopefully it can provoke some discussion.

I have the 2012 setting book in PDF and the more recent Midgard Worldbook in hardcover. I also have the 5e Zobeck Gazzetteer. I'm hoping to tie together the upcoming Margreve hardcover with Courts of the Shadow Fey. I have not settled on a system yet.

My first question is about the timeline. If ten years have advanced between the two hardcovers, have the events of Courts of the Shadow Fey already transpired? Is it therefore impossible to run CotSF in a campaign set in the up to date Midgard?

I don't know if it's because of the forum changes or because I'm stuck on mobile only (traveling abroad) but I can not for the life of me remember how to change my avatar.

Long time site member.

Canadian Bakka wrote:

Just to clarify, when you mean by updating Courts of the Shadow Fey, do you mean you are updating it to 5th Edition or do you mean you are working on an updated version for PFRPG? (Or both?) And honestly, if you have coloured (black and white is kind of boring; I can mute the colours a bit with Photoshop) player-friendly maps for the encounters, I swear I will buy it in a heartbeat. Courts of the Shadow Fey is something that deserves only the best treatment possible to make it the most memorable adventure a player could enjoy. :)


Yes, I tried running CSF and it was very daunting. I still want so badly to run it but it badly needs some kind of help in the way the information is organized and presented. Also it's not enough to just port it from one system to another, it has to be truly converted with the gameplay conventions of the destination system thoughtfully kept in mind. It promises so much, it just needs refinement. Very happy to hear something is in the works. I'm anxious to hear which system is being referred to.

I'm curious also because the lore in setting books published after CSF seems to reflect the events in CSF having already transpired?

Ditto on maps. Also if we're talking wishlists, a lower level prequel would be awesome!

OK if I have a Barghest using blink and he was in dim light to begin with, would you stack the two miss chance sources for a total of 70% miss chance?

Or would it just be the greater of the two.

Trying to come up with a fair ruling for this situation.

This is not an FAQ request just a friendly question. I'm trying to rule correctly on this in a game I'm gm'ing. The NPC made the save, will he feel that the bard was trying to target him with a magic effect?

Good idea.

There is also a simpler system somewhere of opposed ability checks. I think it's in CRB but I can never find it.

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