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Thanks . I’m here in Paraguay now. Rarely have stable enough data to post.

I’ll touch base when I get back to states.
Hope you are all well.

Happy Easter everyone

May the great Goddess Eostre bless you with many eggs .

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Beziriphas wrote:
I would love to have a harrowing scene where Bez and Melira steal the carriage from undead Rhy..Rhypeth? What was his name again? :D

As I recall it is Rhendlyth!

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Yes don’t worry I won’t ever ditch. I have a condition I think I mentioned it from the beginning it has always manifested in some way every time I’ve done one of these . Bipolar Dosorder they call it . Anyway I have developed good habits to manage it but my line of work is tough on mental health for anyone .

So here’s the thing guys I just pushed it a little bit too far taking a lot of gigs when I should have maintained a balance . So I went into an episode and it takes me a while to get myself back in order .

Also running a game from mobile is not the best . What id like to do is take a pause and then resume when I’m feeling better and get a new charger or laptop.

Maybe reconvene with the party all together , or maybe just during the hiatus we can do sporadic updates that cover a little bigger span of time . Like , downtime almost. Like, “ describe to me what activities your character does for the next couple weeks in Endhome “. Stuff like that .

Beziriphas wrote:
Let me know if you want me to look for resources in your area. In another life I have various connections to street activists, mutual aid peeps, those sorts of radicals.

Thanks. Sounds like an amazing life . I am still here. I’m gonna get a $50 netbook at wallmart and redownload my pdf’s. It is just a pain on the phone. I want the netbook anyway my MacBook was from 2013 and all the webpages load with sketchy security warnings now

It was harrowing because I have bipolar and the work I do is not conducive to mental health anyway. Normally I don’t socialize with other stage hands much but when the whole industry was shut down I gave up my car and I’ve been reluctant to get one since things started up. Carpooling and staying with these roving lunatics put a strain on me . I draw the line at partying with kids in the house so I just struck out on foot . You might say my judgement was impaired by an episode caused by lack of rest but I was careful and pragmatic . I dealt with police a couple times as I trekked along and told them the whole story transparently. I stayed one night outside and two nights in a homeless shelter. I missed work zero times. The shelter was clean and quiet and most of the folks there were trying to improve themselves. There was a lady with a library card bringing books about recovery and healthy boundaries and codependency. Honestly it was a better environment than the homes of my coworkers.

I’m safe at home now with my dog and taking my yoga classes on zoom.

Glad to see posts. Little annoying being on mobile only but I’m here. Might look for a spare MacBook charger .

I lost my laptop charger in that whole fiasco. I should be able to redownload the pdf’s onto my tablet for free if I can figure out where I bought them and what my passwords are. I’ll have a go at it here.

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Hey folks, little adventure came up. The place I was staying had some really heavy drinking going on, and I didn't like it, especially with kids in the house. I couldnt get it resolved so I had to strike out on foot. I walked 16 miles, took a bus, slept in a homeless shelter, and hitchiked 30 miles more! All while managing to show up and complete all the work gigs I had committed to! I am back home now with my dog resting up. Sorry for lack of communication it was a bit harrowing with temps below 30 fahrenheit and needing to manage to appear professional at multiple venues in different cities while living out of one duffelk bag :D

Anyway I did it! Safe now, be posting soon. Best

Ok thanks for patience. Let me fire up the ol PDF's and see where we are at .

Folks I have non-stop gigs the next few days. Will be back end of the week.

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I was just thinking, if you guys describe what you want to do or attempt in plain english , I can always convert that into the appropriate roll when I need to and just roll it myself. That's what I do at home with the kids, well, I ask them to roll it but here on the forums I guess I could just roll it for you if you give me easy access to your stats right in the spoilers under your names.

But you can also toss out a couple rolls that you might think appropriate so I can go off those.

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One of the most shocking things for me after returning to US from India is how folks here don't understand the need for rest. It is gruesomely shocking to see what the american worker does to herself and the depths of self-harm we will permit and encourage our loved ones to participate in all in the interest of competition and consumption.

Oh sorry Melira I had somehow missed the message about your spouse. I saw Bez's joke about spouses but I didn't get it because I missed the message he was responding to. :)

Yeah I think my browser and OS are getting too old. After I post my post is not there , but I can see in he r
“Recent threads” area they announce that I made a post. But in the thread it doesn’t display.

Then several hours later it shows up.

somehow can't see my posts after I post. Copying here to make sure I don't lose my work.

At the campsite after the gnoll battle.

Gnoll treasure: 1d100 ⇒ 74
Gems or Art: 1d100 ⇒ 48
Gems: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 3) = 9
Magic: 1d6 ⇒ 3
Silver: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 1, 2) = 10
Gold: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 4) = 15
Platinum: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Magic: 1d100 ⇒ 28
Magic: 1d100 ⇒ 77
Magic: 1d100 ⇒ 6
Magic: 1d100 ⇒ 77
Magic: 1d100 ⇒ 48

When Faidh goes through the gnolls she finds some coin in their pouches as well as some potions and stuff that doesn't look like it belongs to these beasts. They may have their own shamans but it seems they are also bandits because some of their stuff is in jeweled glass vials with little dainty stoppers. Looks more like they had robbed some priest or mage. There are three such little flasks, as well as a brass scroll tube with a simple and not very ornamental design but very good construction and oddly no sign of corrosion or wear.

Also all the gnolls have spears and bows and the pack lord has his creepy glaive.

8 SP, 9 GP, 6 PP, 5x gems worth 10gp each, 3x potions (1 healing, one climbing, one resistance), one scroll of command

Sorry I was gone so long.

I have been thinking of maybe asking Spazmodeus or someone like that to co-GM with me so I can duck away when I need to for a bit.

I have a hard time changing gears. Like when I am focused on learning new work skills and making sure I make a good impression on industry people, I just can't even turn my thoughts to games and fantasy otherwise I will start daydreaming haha!

Anyway back now.


Yeah I have been climbing scaff for years but I never got around to learning the math behind safe anchorage. That's what this class was for.

Also spending a little money on a class was a way of telling myself my back is going to heal and I'm going to get back to my full capacity.

Positive thinking.

forum eating posts.

I had a mix up, I left for a train trip to a three day rigging training and I didn't bring my ID. I have to make sure I don't end up frozen out on the streets haha! I will be off of comms til I get this sorted out.

Be back soon/

Sorry folks I had a little mishap. Went to the trainstation without my ID and missed the train to my rigging training. Will be distracted til I sort this out. Be back soon.

I’ll update the threads after I get some rest.

Be back soon folks. Disney on Ice

Here's a list of examples of an Action.

Cast a spell
Use an object

Cool. Yeah, so your turn consists of:

1 move
1 action
1 bonus action (when granted)
1 interaction

You also have 1 reaction (when granted) which can be taken inside or outside of your turn.

Movement is up to your move speed and can be broken up. You can move 10 feet, take an action, then use the other 20 or so feet, for example.

Interactions can be speech, drawing a weapon, opening a door, etc.

Bonus actions are often defined by class abilities and spells, but one bonus action that is usually available to anyone is an offhand attack.

Reactions are similarly usually defined by class abilities or feats or so on. If you have multiple sources of a reaction you can't use them both on the same turn. It's a way of limiting unforeseen stacking and rules interactions. Get what I mean.

You don't lose attacks if you move. You only ever have one action to take on your turn. If you have something that grants you extra attacks, you still spend one action and that action results in multiple attacks.

Phyooooeww that was close.

Any one have rules questions about death and dying, inspiration, action economy or anything else?

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Ok Vex time.

Not saying it would be a 50/50 , but I think a crit could be the end.

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Feel free to prod me it doesn’t hurt my feelings it helps me remember I need to do something.

I’m doing a lot of climate and voting rights activism , as well as training for a certificate for arena rigging with chain motors and other work stuff. Trying to organize workers to unionize. As well as yoga/meditation. Sometimes I don’t realize how many days slip by .

Hey Ak,
I know you were interested in watches so can you weigh in on what you would have settled on?

Beltan offers to keep watch himself, do you accept that or prefer to add anything on that topic?

I can link the post if you want but it’s not too far up the page there.

Be back shortly folks

Got sidetracked

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I decided to go with history for now to represent what you already know going in. The same information can probably be gained through investigation if you wish to pursue that , probably with a bit of RP element not just plain skill check.

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Vex only:

So here is what you know. Your mark paid you in a letter of credit from a banking family known as House Borgandy. They are the premier family in the city of Remballo. Remballo is a smaller city, located out in a more rural area, midway between two larger cities called Manas and Olaric on South County Road. South County Road is basically still the King's Road, but it's not called the King's Road anymore after Manas. It's pretty much a wide wagon cart road, but it's not patrolled anymore beyond Manas. By the time you would reach Manas, you would have had passed Cat's Wife (weird little village), Grollek's Grove (something about a cursed mansion), one more ordinary town, all in a journey of more than a fortnite. Then after Manas, a few more days to Remballo.

Your mark, while not a Borgandy, had said he was from Remballo. He had come to Endhome looking for an opium connection and that was how he became involved with you. He definitely spoke a thieve's cant and you could easily identify him as a thieve's guild type of character.

You know enough about the letters of credit to know they are very difficult indeed to forge. You had not had any fear of it being fake after inspecting it, and were quite astonished when it was not accepted by the moneylender in Endhome. In fact, you were clever enough to have an underling take it inside, and that poor fool has been arrested. You were able to have a word with him during visiting ours, and between what he had heard during his arrest and what you were able to glean from your sources among the crooked constables, you have learned that the seal on the fake was quite perfect, and the main tip off was that the real letters of credit contain descriptions of the carrier, making them non-transferable and protected from theft.

Your failure to have known this detail is probably to your great embarrassment and may have filled you with ire towards the thief who served you the letter, even if you did send him away with a large quantity of fake opium. (just riffing, up to you.)

Beziriphas wrote:
Heads up that I will be unavailable next Wednesday and possibly for a few days after. Getting some surgery done on the ol' warforged chassis.

Make sure you get plenty of rest! Take good care

Faidh Llwych wrote:
Can you cast a smite spell and use a spell slot to smite?

The smite spells are bonus action. So you can cast the smite spell, attack, then burn a spell slot to apply divine smite class feature for bonus radiant damage.

No problem it all stacks.

They use bonus action and concentration to make sure you can't stack certain things, but one spell with bonus action cast time, one attack, and a class feature without a action economy cost? Sure, all stacks.

You can only burn one spell slot for the attack with Divine Smite tho. Once you have additional attacks you could burn a slot for each attack.

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Off to bed now I will make the vex post by Thursday at the latest. Spoilers be damned.

Faidh Llwych wrote:
Looking maybe to be line it to the coty?

Ok so one vote for the river path without joining the human caravan.

Also, did Faidh ever heal Akkramar? He was knocked out.

I am reading and enjoying the new posts coming in. I will post as soon as I feel a little clear headed.

deus machina!

Got it. That was driving me crazy.

edit moved to discussion

So I was just starting to stat up a couple NPC's including the gnome at the academy and I came across something.

It seems some folks are of the opinion that Chronurgist is broken. I am not too worried about it. I don't think this is the group that is trying to make busted characters or anything.

@Saendithas, didn't you go with less than max intelligence anyway? I can't see your sheet in the profile, where did it go?

Yup we had a couple marathon sessions. Kinda settling in now.

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Thanks guys! Glad you understand. Wistful indeed BD.

More than 30 years we had the place in the family, very secluded and green.

My brothers kids want to do one last DnD sleepover.

We’re having our last few days in the old house, so doing a lot of family stuff as well as last minute work.

Everyone doesn’t have to figure out a voice it is just something that sometimes helps.

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Yes starting gold is no problem.

Do it! Hilarious!

I've got the Robin Williams dead poet society voice in my head already for this gnome.

I have a tendency to be too ambitious but I really thought it would be cool to start out not all together.

I don't get stressed out with the creative writing of posts and imagining reactions of NPC's, that part usually is pleasant and easy for me.

Making and managing a lot of digital maps would stress me out. Tracking passage of time seperately could be challenging. Steering the course of events towards a foregone conclusion of a meetup, and juggling what to reveal and what to hold back... could be tricky.

But I am keen to try it a bit.

You know, we could have a little scene at the university, a little interlude out in the woods, then peer in on the escapades of Bez..

Like they do in films.

I mean, at any point we can sort of shuffle things a long, we won't be stuck or anything.

I would give it a go I think.

Then maybe you folks can roleplay out your meetings with each other to some extent..

Yes good. And out there in the wild country there is a small village running down to almost nothing. They want to send a message to Endhome requesting an acolyte to help the old village priest.

No, that's totally fine. Let's make Endhome their base then. It is more cosmopolitan.

Remballo is a small city of 7000 with some roguish shenanigans going on. I was going to stick Vex there to explain Blackdow's initial absence more or less.

Grimmy wrote:
Guys the basic setup I have in mind...

Geeeeeeez, I did it again already!!