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Deflection adds to CMD as well.

While unarmored, monks add Wis to their CMD.

I'm currently playing a fighter2/rangerX mounted switch hitter

Race: Halfling

STR: 15 DEX: 14 CON: 14 INT: 12 WIS: 12 CHA: 9

Fighter 1 Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack
Fighter 2 Spirited Charge
Ranger 1 Power Attack
Ranger 2 Rapid Shot
Ranger 3 Improved Initiative
Ranger 4
Ranger 5 Iron Will
Ranger 6 Manyshot
Ranger 7 Quick Draw
Ranger 8
Ranger 9 Deadly Aim

Starts off pretty slow due to the low str, but picks up nicely at around level 3 when you get power attack, and when you can afford the str belt and rhino hide.

Pretty much most things die to a single charge, for flying enemies you can still deal with them with archery.

Downside is in core, there is no easy way to replenish your mount (and they do not scale at all). I have to almost buy a new mount every game as my GM likes to hit the horse first, at least until you get the ranger's animal companion.

Sounds like something from Occult Adventures or Occult Origins

That's true, but mostly just an example how it can lock down an enemy by making them roll multiple different saves to take away their actions, the aberrant reach can be taken at level 8, not ignoring it for sure, certainly a very good bloodline power indeed.

If that is not your cup of tea, you can also go for either elemental's Elemental Strikes or infernal's Hellfire Strike for extra 1d6 damage per hit, or Kyton's Painful Strike for caster disruption.

It is possible if you go human urban bloodrager with agile weapons, but they are quite costly

Example build:

20 pt buy
STR: 10 DEX: 18 CON: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 10 CHA: 14

1: Two-weapon fighting, Weapon Finesse
3: Piranha Strike
5: Double Slice
7: Improved Two-weapon fighting

You can go with dual keen weapon later on, or get Improved Critical for 15-20 crit range with Dual-Blooded Aberrant/Fey blooded, take the first level bloodline power Staggering Strike and Confusing Critical, every time you confirm a critical, enemy has to roll Will save to be confused and Fort save to be staggered.

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By the spell casting rules, you need to have sufficient casting stat to cast certain level of spells e.g 11 charisma for level 1 spell, 12 for level 2

In this case, the spell in question is a level 6 divine spell, which requires either 16 wisdom to cast for a cleric, or 16 charisma for an oracle.

wraithstrike wrote:
Since it is a UMD check your caster level is not a factor. You go by the level of the person who created the scroll which has default rules.

So in this case, by default rules, does it mean that meeting the condition of 16 charisma for casting the spell as an oracle, all other rules of UMD follows the casting as a cleric (UMD for caster level)?


I reread the UMD rules and I get it now, thanks for the clarification.

Use a Scroll: Normally, to cast a spell from a scroll, you must have the scroll's spell on your class spell list. Use Magic Device allows you to use a scroll as if you had a particular spell on your class spell list. The DC is equal to 20 + the caster level of the spell you are trying to cast from the scroll. In addition, casting a spell from a scroll requires a minimum score (10 + spell level) in the appropriate ability. If you don't have a sufficient score in that ability, you must emulate the ability score with a separate Use Magic Device check. This use of the skill also applies to other spell completion magic items.

Yes, the scrolls are from "Clerics, Wizards or Druids", but by scroll casting rules, oracles should be able to cast them no?

From the example, the character does not have enough wisdom to cast the spell. Therefore, can he opt to cast as an oracle using UMD instead (So he does not have to emulate the ability score)?

This has been on my mind for a long time, just like to know what everyone thinks.

Example a character with 18 charisma and 10 wisdom decides to use a "Heal" level 6 divine spell which can be cast by both cleric and oracle.

By PFS rule, a scroll is always at a minimum caster level. A cleric needs to be level 11, while an oracle needs to be at level 12 to cast the spell.

Do I cast the spell as at a level 11 or 12 caster level, and which UMD check should I use, the cleric's (20+11) or oracle's (20+12)?

I'd never advocate playing a raging class with no diehard feat for core, chance of permadeath is always there

Paladins are already very feat starved, buy just in case you would still like to cast spells while raging, there is always the "Mad Magic" Feat

There is a fighter archetype which treats fighter level as wizard levels to determine familiar level:

Eldritch Guardian

Paladins have very good spells like Heroic Defiance and Litany of Righteousness, not really sure what you mean by "bloodrager 1 paladin", unless you meant a 1-2 lv dip in paladin, then it doesn't really matter.

I like bards the most, can easily contribute the most in and out of combat.

With the archer, your concern isn't really putting out damage anymore, esp with full BAB and feat support. What you might want is better saves, and maybe a bit of extra skills.

Thanks for the info~!

Which book is Deep Marshall from?

The difference is that Spell Conduit lets you swift cast and deliver the spell on the successful attack roll, instead of spending a standard action to cast and hold the charge, only to deliver it the next round.

An Occultist with the Battle Host archetype gets heavy armor proficiency

Not sure if this fits your bill, but there's a feat called Mad Magic that lets u cast spells when you rage if you took the Moment of Clarity rage power

Not sure if it makes the cut, but there's 2 items I know that can each increase concentration by +2: Spellguard bracers and Tunic of Careful casting

Looks like something that can be argued both ways, since Dirge of Doom is an effect that causes the shaken effect only 1 round at a time, but you are right, it isn't broken anyway.

Kaboogy wrote:

An idea I've been toying with while researching a different bloodrager (won't post here, since he's definitely not "simple") is an arcane bloodline snake style blood conduit. Mixing Snake Fang, 50% miss from Greater Arcane bloodline and Spell Conduit is a blast. You can get some natural attacks and make a single casting of frostbite or chill touch a nightmare.

If you want to go dex based, for combat reflexes for example, Blood Conduit stacks with Urban, and an Agile Furious AoMF will take care of the rest.
The biggest draw back here is that the main feature of the build is Displacement+Snake fang, that you only get at 9. Pretty late for PFS.

If you are going dex based, there is a new archetype in one of the newer book (can't recall the name) called the Urban Bloodrager, which basically lets you gain +4 dex like the urban barbarian.

Secret Wizard wrote:

Yep, I'm aiming for 3.

I have:

- Draconic Rageshaper

- Arcane Caster Harrier

- ???

I'm toying with Greenrager summoner, but it seems a bit meh; Blood Conduit touch treatment, but it seems like CMB is never competitive...

So I'm thinking about Destined Steelblood AC tank.

Having a bit of fun with blood conduit at the moment, you can still release the spells using unarmed strike.

Bought a spell storing amulet of mighty fists at lv5 for double shocking grasp on hit. Provides quite a nice burst for low levels, but it does not scale too well.

Unstable Nucleus wrote:

@Secret Wizard: We're using 20 point buy. I was thinking of Str 16, Dex 13, Con 14 (+2 human racial), Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 7. Though, I'm certainly up for suggestions.

I really like the idea of the Orc Double Axe; being able to combine it with Power Attack and 1.5X strength mod seems pretty strong. And a good way to keep up DPR when I have to move around.
I'd like to avoid a ranged build, mostly because the party may have 2 Gunslingers (a whole other topic) so our ranged combat is pretty strong already. I love the idea of a two-weapon fighting build, as suggested. I think it'd be really strong, and with the combination of shields as a second weapon, I could potentially maintain a decent AC at the same time.

For point buy, you want to use the racial +2 for your highest stat, you get more mileage out of that

If i go STR: 14 DEX: 14 CON: 14 INT: 13 WIS: 13 CHA: 7 with the racial +2 on str, I have 3 leftover points

This special ability can be placed only on melee weapons. A fortuitous weapon grants the wielder more attacks of opportunity. Once per round, when the wielder of a fortuitous weapon hits with an attack of opportunity,...

1) I am assuming it refers to the wielder wielding this specific weapon, if not it is going to be far-fetched when I can just claim I am making an unarmed strike AOO and trigger this ability.

...he can make a second attack of opportunity with this weapon against that foe at a –5 penalty.

2) Ability specifically names this weapon only

Combining 1) and 2) means the ability only triggers when attacking with that specific weapon, and the -5 attack on that specific weapon only.

Playing a homebrew as a Brutal Pugilist, the story somehow progress such that I am able to turn into a Werecrocodile with the Grab and Death Roll ability.

Savage Grapple (Ex):

At 2nd level, the brutal pugilist takes only half the normal penalties to Dexterity, attack rolls, and combat maneuver checks when she has the grappled condition. She can make an attack of opportunity against creatures trying to grapple her even if they possess the Improved Grapple feat or the grab special attack. If she hits with this attack of opportunity, she gains a +2 circumstance bonus to her CMD against the grapple attempt. She cannot make these attacks of opportunity once a grapple has succeeded.

Grab (Ex):

If a creature with this special attack hits with the indicated attack (usually a claw or bite attack), it deals normal damage and attempts to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity...

Death Roll (Ex):

When grappling a foe of its size or smaller, a werecrocodile can perform a death roll upon making a successful grapple check. As it clings to its foe, the werecrocodile deals its bite damage, knocks the creature prone, and maintains the grapple.

If someone attempts to grapple and and I take an AOO to bite, is it even possible to execute grab and death roll before the opponent's grapple resolve?

Hopefully without spoiling anything, the game needs quite a bit of talking and investigative work, do not neglect those or you might spend a lot of time idling for the roleplay sections.

Vaite Belleran wrote:

Hi all.

I got in to a debate with a fellow Pathfinder enthusiast and friend of mine over certain character builds and we came upon a snag which I can't seem to get a clear answer to.

Suppose an 12th level Magus had a scroll of Dance of a Thousand Cuts he wanted to use, what would he have to do?

My understanding was:
1. Emulate the ability score required to cast the spell
2. Use scroll UMD check
3. Caster level check

And as a follow up question, what is a Caster Level check and what are the bonuses on said check?

Caster level check basically means the lowest class level required to cast the spell.

In this case, Dance of a 1000 cuts is a level 6 bard spell, for a bard to qualify for it, he has to be at 16th bard class level.

So the DC is 20 + 16 = 36

Yay, for free cure light wounds tomorrow!

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It's a roleplaying game after all, taunt your GM in combat to attack you!

Chess Pwn wrote:

Empiricist Investigator is my recommendation, maybe with 1 level of inspired blade swashbuckler.

Reason is that you get 6+int mod with int being your casting stat and other stuff tied to it. And it makes like all the skills int based.
Heightened awareness helps your knowledge skills and perception. Then at lv4 you alchemical allocation a potion of heroism to get a +2 to all your saves, attacks and skills. Plus you get trapfinding just like the rogue.
Then you can go with a decent str and str mutagen and studied combat or go dex and the swash dip with dex mutagen and fencing grace and studied combat.

Or dip one level of Mutagenic Mauler (brawler archetype) to have early access to the mutagen which stacks with the Empiricist levels.

Claxon wrote:

Let me give you some advice.

If you want to play a mounted character, you need an animal companion. Anything else will continue to die too easily. If you're going to build around mounted combat, it will be way too easily to lose your mount.

Since this is core only, even with an animal companion, they die way too easily either. I'm playing a fighter/ranger which lets me at least switch to archery as a backup plan. I really treat the mount as a once a day thing. Just hoping to find a way to increase that to more times per day.

Claxon wrote:

Regardless, if you're not trying to get your mount to attack you should be able to make it "charge", but you will need to make a DC 20 ride check to "control mount in battle". If your GM is a stickler, technically your mount has to make an attack. But as a whole, as written, mounted combat doesn't work the way it should. Since this is PFS, I'm not sure how it will work.

Same here, I figured a DC20 should be fair enough to at least make it do that, that was before I noticed it says "As a move action..". As a charge requires a full round, not sure if it works anymore. =\

Regarding the Mount Spell which lets you summon a non-combat trained mount, was wondering what movement is it to make it charge a foe or doing a ride-by attack.

The closest I have found in the Ride skill check which is Control Mount in Battle:

Control Mount in Battle:
Control Mount in Battle: As a move action, you can attempt to control a light horse, pony, heavy horse, or other mount not trained for combat riding while in battle. If you fail the Ride check, you can do nothing else in that round. You do not need to roll for horses or ponies trained for combat.

But this takes up the move action, so I assume it is not possible to charge to activated spirited charge.

The mount itself never attacks as I am using a lance.

Currently playing a core only game which I am using a purchased combat trained pony which dies too easily. Trying to find a way to replenish one in between combat.

Demoralizing is almost a 100% success chance at high levels as the DC of this check is just equal to 10 + the target’s Hit Dice + the target’s Wisdom modifier.

E.g. Lv11 with 11 skill pts + 3(class skill) = Total 14
BBEG at 2 levels higher with +2 wis mod = DC 10+13+2=25

You need to beat DC25 with a dice roll of 11 without any skill focus.

With skill focus(6), circlet of persuasion(3), masterwork tool(2) and maybe half-orc racial trait(2), that is 13 points more. Not even factoring in charisma mod.

You can't even fail on a 1 anymore, a -5 penalty can hardly be felt.

Deighton Thrane wrote:
To be fair, a non-combat pony can still be useful for carrying non-essential, but useful items. There's a lot less items in core, but it could still be used for carrying food rations, extra rope and the like.

Indeed, and if for some odd twist of luck that my combat-trained pony survives till the animal companion comes online:

"If you have more than one class-granted animal companion (or eidolon), you must choose which will be considered the combat animal at the start of the scenario."

I could actually designate the animal companion as the non-combat animal to carry stuff, the purchased one actually has much better stats compared to the animal companion version early on.

Darrell Impey UK wrote:
Sorry, no.

No worries, thanks a lot for the link! Played PFS for sometime and its already a common knowledge among fellow players, but never had a solid source.

Already had it in mind that the mounts and animals are weak and die easily, only treating them as a once per day thing. At least now I can save on buying a new mount every game(if it dies) when I get my animal companion.

I'm currently playing a core PFS game as a 1st level fighter. Planning on getting enough ranger levels later which will give Hunter's Bond, of which I will choose the animal companion.

I purchased a combat-trained pony at level 1 to ride and do mounted combat. The question is when my character is of high enough level to obtain the animal companion, can I still keep my purchased mount around?

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My personal standard for melee combat is at least 14 con, if I ever have to drop to 12 con, I will normally get toughness feat so the HP is the same.

Although IMO HP total is not as important as your total con to determine if you bleed out and suffer a permanent death. Having a lower con puts you at much higher risk of that each time you fall in combat.

Rynjin wrote:
Dotting to see if I can find something interesting tomorrow.

Same =DD

Someone once told me taking 10 is like rolling a 1 all the way to 10, each taking 1 round, if one of the numbers before 10 makes you fail and unable to re-attempt it, you can't take 10.

Flame oracle with "Form of Flame" revelation gets it at level 7 to turn into small fire elemental for 1 hour per level.

Can't believe this was first asked almost 1 year ago already

It is the same for every barbarians, raging vitality is almost a must.

If not get diehard.

Thanael wrote:
donjon.bin probably has one...


Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
Actually, Orc weapon expertise only applies when using a weapon with the word "orc" in the name. There are exactly two weapons with "orc" in the name, the Orc Double Axe, and the Orc skull ram.
Strictly speaking, it should also work for a torch when used as an improvised weapon.

That made me chuckle a little

Personally, I would not take Weapon focus for natural weapons since it applies only to one type of attack e.g. claws, bite or gore. And as a barbarian with rage, you are already above the curve with chance to hit, not to mention all natural attacks are used at full BAB.

I have already given up hope for any errata, BR and DD is one of the most logical conclusion anyone playing a draconic BR will come to, and this question has already been asked for a long time.

Honestly, I feel quite cheated by ACO after buying it and found yet again, they sidestepped the ambiguity.

I believe it is 7d6 for the breathe weapon

Tough choice, extra level of ranger will set your caster level back by 1 while gaining a free style feat.

Personally I will go for more caster levels.

The advantage to using double weapons is when you move in and attack with a standard action with one end, you are treating it as a 2-handed attack and you can get 1.5 str bonus if I am not wrong

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