Getting rid of the Retry penalty for Demoralize

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The Intimidate rules state that there is a cumulative -5 penalty for Intimidating a creature more than once. This seems to happen regardless of the success or failure of the previous roll.

It there a way of getting rid of that penalty?

The only thing I can think of is the Memory Lapse spell.

Demoralizing is almost a 100% success chance at high levels as the DC of this check is just equal to 10 + the target’s Hit Dice + the target’s Wisdom modifier.

E.g. Lv11 with 11 skill pts + 3(class skill) = Total 14
BBEG at 2 levels higher with +2 wis mod = DC 10+13+2=25

You need to beat DC25 with a dice roll of 11 without any skill focus.

With skill focus(6), circlet of persuasion(3), masterwork tool(2) and maybe half-orc racial trait(2), that is 13 points more. Not even factoring in charisma mod.

You can't even fail on a 1 anymore, a -5 penalty can hardly be felt.

I have a build in mind that uses Cornugon Smash and Hurtful along with the Thug Rogue archetype.

By the time the build hits mid-levels it will be able to toss out as many as 3 Demoralize checks a round. I'm looking for some way of giving the build longevity so that by the second round the penalties aren't insurmountable.

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