A challenge for the kings of Min and Max!

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There are lots of great (and many more not-so-great) character builds on these forums, but almost every one relies upon at least two or three sourcebooks. So here's the challenge - post your best Core Rulebook (only!) character builds below. For comparability, we need race, class, and multi-class development, if any, as well as important skill, feat, and equipment choices. And maybe a section on tactics if it's not obvious.

(All that probably sounds a little combat-centric, but that's often the measure used in many campaigns.)

Why? Aside from the fun of it, many newer gamers start with just the core rules. Show them what they can do!

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If you are using core only, I suspect that the King of the Ring is going to be a Diviner Wizard.

A challenge for the kings of Min and Max!

Is this something about Roswell, or a spoiler for Goblins!...?

No, it is not. I don't have anything useful to contribute, so this is what I'm adding. XD

for a CRB character (heretofor referred to as Core) I would go with a Bard. they're in the cadre of the strongest classes in the game (3/4ths bab self buffing) and they can fill almost any role.

For race, I typically build my bards as human. It's hard to pass up 2 feats at start. 20 point by stat line would be something like this:

str 10
dex 14
con 14
int 14
wis 12
cha 15

As far as feats go, that depends on whether you're going ranged or melee. For melee, I usually take Arcane Strike and Weapon Finesse. For ranged, obviously point blank and precise shot. For casting/support, I would probably take extra performance and extra performance.

For skills, I like to take the following:

Perform (Dance, Oratory, Act, Percussion)
Knowledge (Arcana, Planes, Dungeoneering, Religion, Nature)

For spells, I usually take:
0: Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Summon Instrument
1: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Secret Doors

Equipment will depend upon the specific fighting style I'm taking:

Melee will be a Heavy wooden shield, Rapier, and a chain shirt (for AC 18 to start)

Ranged will be shortbow and chain shirt (for 16 AC).

Support character will want a Longspear (since it gives reach) and probably won't be making a lot of attacks on their own.

To sum up, as a first level character, my bard can substitute for almost any battlefield role.

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I'm quite enjoying my vanilla, PFS/Core Campaign monk.

Quite easy to get a jump that outstrips even monk movement.

Improved Grapple and that movement speed mean casters trying (and failing) to make concentration checks vs grapple by their second turn.

And i get to sit quietly and spout out whatever philosophical-sounding tripe I can think of once in a while.

He's okay against martials, he shines grappling the caster while the rest of the party handles whatever backup were supposed to keep the party busy.

I'm currently playing a fighter2/rangerX mounted switch hitter

Race: Halfling

STR: 15 DEX: 14 CON: 14 INT: 12 WIS: 12 CHA: 9

Fighter 1 Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack
Fighter 2 Spirited Charge
Ranger 1 Power Attack
Ranger 2 Rapid Shot
Ranger 3 Improved Initiative
Ranger 4
Ranger 5 Iron Will
Ranger 6 Manyshot
Ranger 7 Quick Draw
Ranger 8
Ranger 9 Deadly Aim

Starts off pretty slow due to the low str, but picks up nicely at around level 3 when you get power attack, and when you can afford the str belt and rhino hide.

Pretty much most things die to a single charge, for flying enemies you can still deal with them with archery.

Downside is in core, there is no easy way to replenish your mount (and they do not scale at all). I have to almost buy a new mount every game as my GM likes to hit the horse first, at least until you get the ranger's animal companion.

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