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Under the Spheres of Power Item creation rules, Craft Wands is replaced by Craft Spell Engine, and some of the example Spell engines are not specifically wands (for example the Dungeoneer's box)

Could I enchant a Weapon as a Spell Engine

For example a Bow enchanted as a Destruction Spell Engine with the Enegy Focus Drawback (Electrical) To create a Bow that shoots lightning bolts.

So the next Reaper Bones Kickstarter will be going live on October 1st. Just under a month to set aside cash monies for another giant pile of plastic

I will be setting aside much monies.

I've gotten in on every Bones kickstarter todate and I have not been disappointed once, and as a result I have a GIANT pile of minies. Frankly I'm amazed at how many of them I've actually gotten painted.

Best of all there has been at least 1 Great Old One with every set; Cthulhu, Shub-niggarath, Nyarlahothotep, and Mashaaf, plus Dagon for funsies. I look forward to adding another to the collection

Just picked up this addition for spheres of might over on drivethru.

It's basically a Sphere version of the Leadership Feat. Only given it a quick look but it has some very neat things in it and various options around Conhorts and Followers.

The Leadership sphere is not about leading people into battle (that's the Warleader Sphere). Instead it's about recruiting allies and leading organizations.

Has some neat Archetypes too.
One in particular is a Wraith Archtype called - The Collective, allowing you to play a Hivemind. A Disembodied intelligence giding and manipulating your collection of Followers and Cohorts

Ok so it's been a while since I ran World of Darkness anything and I've been missing it (and discovering they are all up into a 2nd edition and everything).

I am out of practice for horror and have been doing lots of Pathfinder and Mutants& Masterminds. But the horror is calling to me

Here is the basics of the idea
The year is 2001
The PCs are contestants on a Reality TV show, kind of like Big Brother, only the house is haunted. Anyone who stays in the place for the full 3 months splits the prize money.

At first I was thinking the House in question would be isolated like on an island in a lake or something. But I am wondering if it would be better to be closer or even in a city. I am also going to include some NPCs to serve as "competition". It starts with the show crew rigging the house with various scares but as things go the ghosts in the house start to actually get involved. At the climax people start dying.

News reports it as a horrible accident, show is cancelled, footage is buried, to be discovered years later by New PCs.

anyone have any extra advice or ideas for this?

For those of you using Spheres of Might in your games. How often do you give the monsters some sphere stuff. either with classes or with the Monster Traditions

For Example: early in the campaign I am currently making my Players will face a Giant Spider with the Behemoth Tradition (Brute Sphere: Smash, Stampede and Takedown talents)

also all the Goblins they run into will have

Martial Tradition: Goblin Tunnel Fighting
Equipment: Goblin Heritage (From Spheres Apocrypha - Racial Martial talents)
Athletics (Run)
Variable: Shield Training or Trap Sphere.

What sort of Martial Monsters have you hit your group with?

Just watched the first episode of Kingdom on Netflix and has made quite the impression. Well done, creepy as heck and it would make an interesting Pathfinder campaign.

Has English language track for those of you who don't like subtitles and the dubbing isn't bad.

A sick King
an evil high chancellor ruling in the king's place
a Crown Prince searching for the truth.

and zombies

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It has been 5 days since I left the vault. 200 years after I entered it, at least if my senile old robot is to be believed. My husband is dead, my son kidnapped and I…I’ve changed somehow. My hair has turned white…not grey but white like snow, my eyes too, like all the color has been drained out of them. The world is so different, everything is in ruins and I am hungry…so hungry. I’ve been able to find some food but it’s not enough.
Light hurts the eyes so I’ve been wearing some old welding goggles I scrounged up.
I’m living, if you can call it that, in an old garage not far from what was my home….I just couldn’t stay in Sanctuary Hills….too many memories.

So damn hungry

Ok I recently started bouncing around an idea for Mutants & Masterminds. I want to run something heavily Jojo's Bizarre adventure inspired.

The Ideas I have for it so far
1920's, New England
Mobsters (Decoy Villain a Mafia don named Great Big C. Real villain one of his henchmen named Red Rider)
A Stone Mask (which will end up in Red's hands)
Fish men Zombies
Stands named after Lovecraftian stuff (King in Yellow, Crawling Chaos, Black goat, etc....), triggered by a creepy statue made of strange alien metal.

(for those not familiar with Jojo. The Stone Mask is used to turn a human into a Vampire, A vampire can then turn corpses into Zombies that are a kind of lesser Vampire. Vampires in this setting do a lot of Flesh shaping stuff, which is where the Fish men Zombies will come from.
A Stand is the main Superpower of the Jojo setting. An embodiment of psychic power, usually but not always taking a humanoid form. Each one has a power, often strange (Like being able to un-zip people or turn you into string) and they can only be seen by other Stand users. The more raw power the Stand has the shorter the distance it can go from it's user. Originally Stands were named after Tarot cards, but most now are Classic Rock references)

Anyone have any ideas for fleshing things out?

So yeah.....Pokemon: Detective Pikachu the movie.

gonna be honest with you

I kind of HAVE to see this film

I really enjoyed the Worldscape concept from the Pathfinder Comic and while the comic gave us a couple of neat little things I would love to get a full Sourcebook on the Worldscape setting.

Is there any chance Paizo will make one before they release PF2?

Spheres of Adventure
So I am beginning a short campaign using Drop Dead Studio’s Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might. The adventure takes place in a mountain valley where a thriving merchant town of Warben, prospers from trade between nations on either sides of the mountain range. The Players will start off with odd jobs, discover a threat to the town, save the town and then go kill the BBEG. I’m expecting the campaign to bring them to around level 6 or 7 by the end. This week I walked two of the players through making Sphere characters and I’m arranging a time to work with the rest of the group next week. Only Sphere Classes are being used, which admittedly still gives a nice selection of 22 classes.

Few House rules beyond using the Sphere stuff
1) Stepped Advancement from Unchained
2) Skill Groups from Unchained
3) Each character starts with a number of Contacts based on their Charisma Bonus (minimum of 1)

Our Heroes
Player 1
Desided to just roll up a random background from Ultimate Campaign, ended up with a neat story
A Half-Elf from the Sultanates of Arkey. Born to a noble family his parents were murdered by his older brother who seized control of the city. He managed to escape with his life thanks to the aid of his undead mentor. He has come to Warben looking to get a grip on his situation and meet with his father’s former master of spies. Casting Tradition is Genie Binder (Class: Incanter) using Life and Destruction Magic. No Incanter specialties, he’s going for full Bonus Feats. His Contacts in Warben are Captain Donaven of the Town Watch and Kalim, the 8 Fingers, who was his father’s master of spies before getting exiled and is now a drunk with a lot of info.

Player 2
Human born and raised on the docks of Warben. Scorned as a freak, because the Blood of Dopplegangers runs in his veins and he has been forced to survive by fighting in underground arenas and by scavenging up old relics from the war a century ago. His Casting Tradition is Psychometry, Martial Tradition Gladiator, he can attune himself to the residual magical auras left on an item that was owned by powerful individuals and draw out the power left behind as well as the personality of the former owners (Class Troubadour). Gladiator Martial Sphere, Warp Magic Spheres plus Alteration Sphere from the Doppleganger Spawn racial that replaces his bonus human feat. His Personas represent the psychic impressions of those who owned his Foci. His Contact is Baldry the Smith in Dwarf Town (one of Warben’s town districts) who buys what he scavenges and melts them down.

I'll add the other players once they have their characters done.

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Just a general public service annoucement in case anyone might be interested.

June 14th there is apparently a special Director's Cut release, in select movie theaters, of the classic Dr. Who episode Genesis of the Daleks, starring Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor.

I figured some people around here might want to know if they hadn't already heard

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The Spheres of Power and Might system offers a lot of options for customization so I thought a workshop thread where people can post ideas they have come up with like new Traditions, Magic items, etc...

Here are a couple of items I'm working into my campaign

Black Feather Potion (CL: 5 Complexity: 5)
(Alteration + Avian Transformation + Size change + Duration Change)
On drinking this potion you transform into a Raven for 5 minutes.

Soldier's Pot (CL: 5 Complexity 2)
(Creation + Sustenance talent)
This pot when placed on a Cooking fire for 10 minutes creates a simple stew that will feed up to 5 people. Usable 1/day

So far they have told us about the rough outline for the new edition and then they gave us a Blog about the Action system.

What do we need to see first in future Blogs?

I know Paizo has their own idea on what info to give and when but there are a lot of implied things from what they have said and what people have heard in the podcast that people are jumping on, some of which judging from comments by Paizo stuff have surprised them.

So What needs to be cleared up first and what info do you want them to get to in a hurry?

GM sits you and your group down and tells you

"For this campaign, you are all members of the Riddleport City Watch. The campaign will revolve around the events in the city and the Watch responding to them as they go about their duties."

What do you make?

Got into a talk about old TV shows people would like to see rebooted. Of course some of the obvious ones came up like Firefly, Farscape, Babylon 5, Buffy, Xena, Darkwing Duck etc...

but then the really old obscure stuff starts to show up; Things like Forever Knight, War of the Worlds and "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future"

So I just figured I'd see what I can dig out of the minds of folks around here and what do you think is worth ressurecting

So one of our group wants to gather up people who have nothing to do the last week of December and hard core 10 hours a day for a week run Curse of Srahd for 5E

I'm supposed to DM and a part of me sais "Awesome" the rest of me sais "You're OLD, that will kill you"

So regardless I'm getting myself ready for it.

Things I've decided so far
Did the Fortune reading ahead of time, that way I know the basic path the group will take

Milestone Level Advancement. Death House gets them to leel 3. Each Artifact is 1 more, finding the ally is another so that covers them to level 7 and they should be 9 once they head for the final battle. Need to decide 2 other milestoens that would be good. These are going to be the level 4-6 range because (the 3 Relics ended up in the 6-8 level range).

Using a stripped down version of the Middle Earth Journey system for travel (Hex size difference is 1/4 mile vs. 10 miles so straight port seems excessive), 0-1 encounters per journey. Encounter table built using the Random encounter tables from the adventure.

Need to make certain Strahd keeps bothering them, so makeing a few Encounters where he terrorizes the group just for fun.

and of course refreshing myself on the 5E rules

Now, dose anyone who's run this or played this already have any advice

Trailer is up

I'm still kind of worried and I'm a little wierded out by some of it....but I don't hate it

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Drop Dead Press has created a pretty good thing in their Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might books. One of the best world building tools in these books is the concept of Traditions that give you some background in how you were trained for Combat or Magic.

So I thought a workshop thread might be a neat thing to try.

Allow me to contribute
The Bloodscar tribe
The Orcs of the Bloodscar tribe have always been a fearsome horde but since the Rise of Korgash One Eye as chieftain they have become particularly savage. Backed by the Rot Shamen, Korgash seeks to establish himself as a legendary war leader who will be remembered to all of history.

Martial Tradition: Bloodscar Savagery
The brutal tactics of the Bloodscar care little for their own safety, focusing instead of killing the enemy in front of them
Bonus Talents: Equipment – Orc Heritage
Equipment – Armor Training
Berserk Sphere
Variable: Either Shield Training or a talent from the Berserk Sphere

Magical Tradition; Rot Shamen
The Bloodscar Rot Shamen have forged unspeakable pacts with the spirits of death & decay in exchange for power. Their bodies become like corpses, infested with carrion vermin. Spellcasting is painful as the insects burrow out of their flesh only to be consumed by the shaman or hurled at the target of his spells

Painful Magic
Somatic Casting (x1)
Verbal Casting

Sphere Specific Drawbacks
Enhancement: Bodily Enhancement
Mind: Animal Shaman

Deathful Magic
Bonus Spell Points: +1, +1/6 Class levels.
Note: Most of the Rot Shamen are Hedgewitches using the Black Magic (Hive Curse) and Spiritualism Traditions

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Thought I would post This Article about a computer generating random spell names.

Personally I like Summon Storm Bear although Divine Boom has potential

So I figure we are going to have lots of Starfinder/PAthfinder debates going around for the next little while I might as well start one up myself.

Specifically would you want Paizo to introduce the idea of Character Themes to Pathfinder?

For those who don't have Starfinder a character Theme is a core part of your character creation. It affects your starting attributes as well as sets some abilities for your character, granting new stuff at 6th, 12th and 18th level. The abilities granted are largely non-combat. (The most combat focused theme grants abilities to carry heavier gear easily and to lead others in battle rather than actual combat bonuses)

A character theme reprisents a focus for your character, which may be a result of background, upbringing, training or mystic destiny.

Themes are pretty general and can work with any character class. The Themes in the core book are

Ace Pilot
Bounty Hunter

So could that same concept be applied to Pathfinder in a way that improuves the game?

Personally I think it could Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Outlaw, Priest and Scholar could be made to wrok for Pathfinder and there are plenty of other ideas that would fit for a Fantasy setting like Pathfinder.

For Example a Noble theme or an Artisan theme?

So Netflix just sent me a notice about an upcoming series that looks kind of fun. It's about a father and son reconnecting through the Final Fantasy MMO.

Anyone else going to check this out?

So, I've been painting huge pile of minies and I just finished a big one, so I figured I would start a game with it (as well as show off my paint job)

image 1
image 2

We are looking at a size Gargantuan monster but I don't think it matches anything in the beastiaries.

So here is the game.

A) If this was going to show up in your campaign how would you make stats for this monster. You can use the normal Beastiary rules or the Unchained simple monster rules or Rogue Genius' Talented Beastiary rules or even Green Ronin's Advanced Beastiary.

B) How would you use this monster in your campaign.

Feel free to do A or B or Both.

or post your own unknown beasties to add to the game (and show off your own stuff)

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Starting a thread for this on it's own to pull the discussion away from another topic as well as to address comments made recently by Marvel and somewhat misinterprited by various comic news sites.

Personaly I think that Diversity in and of it's self is a good thing. The problem I feel is when it is pushed forward by sacrificing an existing character to make room for the "new and diverse" version. Marvel in particular right now I feel is seeing a bit of backlash on this.

The problem with "replacement" characters is that you are doing a disservice to both the old and new characters. Firstly you are shelving/killing/erasing a version that already has a fanbase be it large or small. Right there some people are going to get pissed off.
Secondly the resentment at loosing "their version" of the character then gets dumped on the new guy, deserved or not. Regardless of how and why it happened the new character might just as well have pulled the trigger that killed the old one. That is going to make it hard on the new guy to start out of the gate with people hating him or her.

Creating new Diverse characters is a great move by both companies, but replacing existing characters who happen to be white guys is not the way to do it. To be honest race and gender don't even really matter.

Case in Point - DC's new version of Lobo. This was literally new version kills old version and takes over. The new one was same race, same gender, just an "new sleaker modern look" replacing the old grungy biker version.

and it failed utterly.

it didn't fail because of diversity because nothing had changed on that point. It failed simply because It Wasn't Lobo and it couldn't get a chance to become Lobo because it was hated before the first issue even hit the stands.

We do need new Diverse characters but they have to actually be New Characters, not replacements for older ones that already have fans.

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Little bit different little more modern but Duck Tales is back

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Been enjoying the comic so far but I really like the ideas behind this setting.

Will Paizo be releasing an official Worldscape Setting book at some point? and how many other people would be interested in it

I just finished this nifty little series on Netflix. Based on the Douglas Adams books it follows the title character as he investigates a Murder involving a Mysterious Cult, a 19th century inventor, a poor down on his luck Bellboy, a missing rock star, a Corgi and a killer kitten.

This was interesting, strange and a mix of american and british storytelling. Not going to be for everyone, and I got the impression it's not following the books but is more using the books to make up it's own story. I enjoyed it though and looking forward to seeing season 2.

anyone else seen it?

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So here is the idea I am currently working with. The players are going to explore a Kingdom of Slime.

Specifically it is the ruins of a city covered in an Ooze. The Ooze is a single massive creature who's core is located at the center of the city (IE: Final fight ofthe adventure) however it is able to create many peripheral bodies using the city's dead as templates. Basically as the players wander the city they will be fighting Ooze people; Ooze guards, Ooze Knights, Ooze Peasants, Ooze mages, etc....

Now the basic creatures I've got covered thanks to the advanced beastiary from Green Ronin. but what I am working on now is enviroment rules

The important thing to keep in mind is despite there being lots of Ooze people to fight it is actually only a single creature as big as a city, creating fake people to fight off the PCs and keep them from it's core.

Main points I'm working with
There is about a foot of slime on the ground through the entire city. This is also part of the creature
The Peripheral Ooze people can not leave the ground slime
The Ooze Kingdom can sense the presence of the PCs as long as they are touching the slime but not with precision (it's just too big)
The Ooze is somewhat slow to react. It can't just swamp the PCs with an endless horde right away but if the PCs linger in one spot too long they will see more and more Ooze people converging on their location.
Anyone who dies in the slime can be used as a template bythe slime to create an Ooze copy. IE: PC gose down, Group can expect to face an Ooze PC even if they Rez their companion, the Slime Kingdom will have "memorized" the template.

can you think of anything else that might be good to include

Trailer is up and looking pretty good if you ask me. Looks like a very different story from the sort we've had till now.

I'm wondering if Fox has decided that maybe the shared universe thing is a wash and decided to just focus on making a good movie using the character

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They come in many forms but the distinguished gentleman's gentleman being the most common. You know the type I'm talking about.

The Alfred, Sebastian, Albert, Jeeves

The ultimate Manservant, Always there with what his master needs. Often invisible until called. The Mentor, Bodyguard and Servant all in one package.

How would you create a Butler character for Pathfinder?

(Note: this is going to be for the Hell's Vengeance adventure path)

Of late I have been bouncing around different settings looking for something different from regular Golarion. I've gotten my hands on lots of great ones; Neo Exodus, Obsidian Twilight, Skybourn, Midgard and a few others. But nothing quite what I'm looking for right now.

So I've started jotting down some ideas for my own. I'm looking to do something a little on the gritty low fantasy side of things with a strong dose of Dark Fantasy horror in it. Little touch of Ravenloft, little touch of Lovecraft.

Idea list so far
-Draw heavily on Earth Mythology
-Humancentric. Other races are dark and mysterious and mostly unknown
-Magic is new and dangerous and widely feared
-some "old Gods" influence on the world.
-Seven Sins are tangible force, tied to the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Death = Pride other three get 2 sins each, still figuring out who gets what. Tied to Old Gods
-Cysts of Sin, pockets of the world where the influence of a Horseman and it's Sins manifest. Magic is stronger in a Cyst and weaker outside of them. Center of each Cyst is an "Avatar" a mortal pledged to a Horseman and twsited into something inhuman based on their Sin.
-Major disturbing change to the world that can't be ignored or explained
-Horror elements. Monsters are something spoken of but never seen until now.
- Trinity Cosmology; World of Flesh, World of Spirit, World of Mind
- Grey Morality; Loyalty system instead of Alignment
-Intruder Moon: Eclipses the Sun most of the day. Full Sunlight is rare, dim light most of the time

I've also written up kind of an introduction to give to my players to give them a feel for things.

I'm looking for ideas, advice, opinions, suggestions, house rules, recommended books from Paizo, recommended 3rd party books and generally anything that might help me flesh this out. There is no hurry cause my group is going to be playing Hell's rebels for a while and probably Hell's Vengance afterwards

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So, New Tick series
to be Darker and more grounded......

oh god why?

Kind of something that poped up in conversation on another thread that I though could be an interesting topic of conversation on it's own.

How would a campaign world look different if your group took the PC and NPC class difference more literally.

IE: What if only PCs in the world could take levels in the PC classes.

Everyone else in the world uses the NPC classes.

the most powerful spellcaster in the world = Level 20 Adept.
the most powerful swordsman in the world = Level 20 Warrior.

How many Paladins in the world. Exactly as many as are in your party. No more, no less.

DM still has access to the Class Templates from Monster Codex. So if he needs a horde of Orc Berserkers he can tack on the Barbarian Creature template. But no Orcs with levels in the Barbarian Class.

How would that reshape the world.

Right out the Gate your PCs are something unique to the world. Even at 1st level they are sitting on a very different scale from anyone else. Their potential exceeds that of anyone else in the world

With Adept being the only normal spellcasting class, Magic is capped out at 5th level spells. 6th level and higher spells are something seen only in powerful outsiders.

Would such a campaign style interest anyone? How do you think you would react to playing in such a world? What other kind of impact do you think that would have?

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So post-Christmas I find myself owning a copy of the Tome of Adventure Design. It's pretty much a big book of random tables to spike the imagination when coming up with new adventures.

and after a couple of goes at it, it's actually quite fun

So far I've got myself a side-quest where the PCs help a smuggler rescue a freind from his former employers, in exchange for access to a Teleport Circle that will get them caught up to some enemies of theirs.

The 2nd is about a Tiefling planning revenge on a city. After murdering his mother and driving his grandfather mad he used their wealth and connections to fence stolen goods that his bandit gang have been stealing from other merchants. He is using that money to get slaves en-mass, that he tosses into a toxic pit he found in the ruins of an alchemical factory. The poluted slime of the pit takes over the bodies creating Slime Zombies, allowing him to build an undead army.

Like any helpful random chart system it works by dumping a bunch of different things at your feet and then leaves it up to you to make sense of it all. It's a great help if you find yourself in a rutt or pressed for ideas.

Trying to work out a good Metamagiced-spell list for a Dwarf Cleric (Forgemaster archetype) making good use of their Divine Smith ability.

Divine Smith (Su): Whenever a forgemaster casts a spell that targets a weapon, shield, or armor, the spell takes effect at +1 caster level. If the spell has one or more metamagic feats applied, she reduces the total level adjustment to the spell by 1 (minimum 0).

Character is intended for Melee support, buffing party fighters or himself and fighting along side them.

Extended seems an obvious choice on a lot of things; Keen Edge, Magic Vestments, Magic Weapons, Lead Blades (Forgemaster adds it to their list)

Flaring or Burning Sun Metal seems like a neat idea

anyone got other ideas?

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The Advanced Beastiary AKA the big book of Templates from Green Ronin has almost endless possiblities in it. I thought a thread sharing those terrible creations might be fun

Here is something my group of players may be foolish enough to fight next week

Base Creature = Giant Scorpion
(Giant Template to make it Size Huge)
(Swarmblood Template to fill it with Spiders, which then gets the Clockwork template added to them)
(Warmachine template to turn it into a construct covered in deadly blades)
(Transforming Construct - Rolling Form and Digging Form)

A Deadly war machine created by a mad Azlanti artificer for his army of clockwork constructs. Designed to mimic a Scorpion it can change into a ball (covered in blades) to devastate enemy armies or a Drill form to burrow through enemy castles. When damages a swarm of clockwork spiders spill out to consume it's attackers.

Final CR: 10

This is a Campaign Journal of my current Campaign of Kingdom Death: Monster. Kingdom Death is a survival horror cooporative board game set in a dark world of monsterous horror.
I am playing this campaign once a month at my local Board Game club

Prologue the First Story
Kingdom Death: Monster begins with the First Story. This is in fact a tutorial for how the game is played so it’s a great way to introduce people to the game. With the first story you can jump right in and learn as you go.

Here we go

Once upon a time, there was a place of carved stone face. A man with a lantern lay sleeping a dreamless sleep. The man knew nothing.

One day the man woke up. He rubbed the dried ink caked over his eyes and opened them. Around him he saw other people stirring and beyond a horizon of unbroken darkness.

A Woman approached the man with the lantern. Her soft hand reached out to him. They had no words. They were a mystery to each other.

Suddenly, a monster emerged from the darkness, its eyes wild with unger. It attacked.
The people were no match for the monster. It tore their flesh and crushed their bones between its teeth. Some, it devoured whole.

Overcome with terror and grief, the man with the lantern collapsed to the ground. Cold stone noses pushed into his sides. There was no escape

But the man did not want to die. Desperately grasping at the cold stone faces, he felt a crack and tore at it with all his might. A piece of stone came free. It was sharp and deadly

The man with the lantern scrambled to his feet, his weapon clenched in his fist. He took a deep breath and roared into the darkness.

Four survivors rush towards the Lion, though they have no language they have names Ala, Zantus, Brunhilde and Bertram. The Beast was quicker and leaped towards Ala, clawing at her head. Bloodied she fell to the ground. The other Survivors moved behind the lion readying their sharp stones. The Beast paid them no heed, choosing instead to maul the quivering prey at it’s feet.

The others rushed fond slashing with their stones and the beast lashed out at them, in pain it dashed away and turned to glare in fury. Ala slowly crawled to her feet. Ribs broken, bleeding from a dozen wounds but alive.

The Beast glared with rage and she stumbled back in fear. The others closed on the beast determined to bring it down. Zantus could not bring up the courage to face it head on, anxiety and panic filled his heart. Even as Ala regained her footing Brunhilde and Bertram tried to take the beast from behind.

But the Lion was cunning, it had their measure now. With darting claws it brought them to their knees and turned. With Zantus still quivering in fear only Ala was standing to face it’s rage.

As the others regained their footing it was too late. Ala’s corpse lay at the beast’s feet, her blood running down the stone faces on the ground. The Beast seemed to sneer at their mute rage. They rushed screaming, hacking tearing, slashing with their sharp stones not relenting for a moment until the monster lay unmoving at their feet.

So with the first battle over My survivor Ala, died a brutal bloody death, her ribs broken her body mauled and finally internal hemorrhaging of the brain finished her off. The others however managed to kill the Lion although they are down 1 founding stone (Zantus threw it and destroyed one of the Lion’s ears). They did get an impressive collection of animal parts for use later.

It should be noted that this Lion is the weakest thing we will ever fight, so…that bodes well.

So today I was in the comic store and something caught my eye. Aliens vs. Vamperella Couldn't help myself, had to get it. What happens when a Face Hugger Glomps a Vampire. Turns out they can survive a chest burster, making them re-usable hosts. On the flip side, a Vampire's instinct to bite their enemies....not such a good option

I love Crossover comics, the weirder the better. My old school had this big comic in the library of Superman and Spider-Man. It was great seeing them trade enemies.

Anyone else have a favorite Crossover event

So with Warhammer Fantasy battles dead, can anyone recommend a new army game to play.

I don't want a Skirmishing game
and I sure as hell don't want Age of Sigmar

Ideally I would like something I can use my vaste armies of Orcs, Goblins and Undead for.


The Hell?

I don't even know what they are going for with this. It's like 40K only with no guns.

On the plus side, Free rules and unit conversions

but reaction remains "The Hell?"

What happens when a Generator Invoker casts a spell with the Lingering Spell Meta-magic feat.

Lingering Evocations (Su): Any evocation spell you cast with a duration greater than instantaneous lasts an additional number of rounds equal to 1/2 your wizard level (minimum +1). At 20th level, any dispel checks made against your evocation spells must be rolled twice, and your opponent must use the less favorable result.



Lingering Spell (Metamagic)

You spell clings to existence, slowly fading from the world.

Benefit: You may cause an instantaneous spell that affects an area to persist until the beginning of your next turn. Those already in the area suffer no additional harm, but other creatures or objects entering the area are subject to its effects. A lingering spell with a visual manifestation obscures vision, providing concealment (20% miss chance) beyond 5 feet and total concealment (50% miss chance) beyond 20 feet.

A lingering spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.

Specific example

8th level Generator casts Lingering Fireball

begins in 3 Weeks 4 Days

at least according to the count down timer on Reaper's main web site....

I know I shouldn't, I know I already have way more miniatures than I can paint in a year

but I also know I now have 3 weeks to set aside several hundred dollars because my will is weak and I am so going to buying into this

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So with the Convergence story over DC has fully restored it's pre-Crisis multiverse and then some.

I'll be honest with you, I am more interested in these new Multiverse worlds than I am in their new 52 world.

For one, while we didn't get to see what happened, the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths is now different, Instead of collapsing into a single new Earth, the Multiverse was saved because of the addition of a married Superman and Paralax-Hal Jordan.

I kind of want to see that. How did the story change and how did that world move forward from there.

We have an Earth 5 out there where Captain Marvel (Shazam) is actually done right instead of as the man-child version DC seems to have been obessing over for years.

Better beleive I want to see that.

I'm glad to see Earth 2 is going to continue so I'll be buying that but...

I'm not really interested in Jim Gordon as mecha-Batman or no-power Superman on a motorcycle.

but give me a book where Superman and Lois are raising their son and Hal Jordan has to look at a dark future reflection of himself or a world with a well written Captain Marvel and I'd be willing to give you more of my money

So I recently got my hands on an old 2E D&D box called Masque of the Red Death. It was an alternate Ravenloft setting using Victorian gothic horror and set on earth during the 1890s. With the impending arrival of Occult Adventures I thought. "This could be cool" and plunked down my money for it.

So I am going to set about converting this for Pathfinder. At present I am still flipping my way through the pages of the various books and enjoying all the little tidbits I am finding, but before I begin the task in earnest I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions of any other things I might want to get my hands on, borrow, read or watch that would help be capture the mood properly

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So I've been putting together an Echo Wood sandbox campaign for my group, and one of the things I'm including is a bunch of Goblin tribes. I'm going to an effort to make each tribe somewhat unique. Mostly fluff text, swaping some Racial traits and the default goblin feat (Improved Initiative) for something else, followed by a handful of boss goblins.

So far I have
The Ripfangs - Tribe of really savage cannible goblins who make their weapons out of the bones of their prey. Big Head Sharp Teeth, two weapon fighting and their Leader is a Goblin Barbarian (Cannible archetype). 1 in 5 of these Goblins has the Barbarian Template from Monster Codex.

The Bonedancers - Came across a temple of Urgothoa and misinterprited her as "The Goddess of Eating", After a huge feast in her honor (and some bad mushrooms) they had a holy vision and became full on fanatics. Leaders are a Goblin Antipaladin and a Goblin Cleric of Urgothoa. Tribe also has several Goblin Rattlebones (Dirge bards) and has started creating Goblin Ghouls.

I need at least 5 more tribes though so I'm looking for ideas, is anyone willing to offer up some for me

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one of the neat things about the new Spheres of Power book is the ability to create spell casting traditions. They have a very open ended system for this and I figured it might be a good idea to have a thread where we could exchange ideas.

To start off with I offer

Spirit Summoners
Spirit Sumoners do not work magic on their own, instead they call on spirits or Jinn to cast spells on their behalf. To call a Spirit you must loudly invoke their name and bargain for their aid, if the Spirit accepts the bargain it manifests and works the magic you have requested. The spirit remains manifested for as long as the spell lasts. Because the Mage is not casting the spell himself much of the burden of maintaining it is carried by the spirit. Spirits however are capricious and willful so sometimes the magic does not always work as the summoner intended. Most Spirit Summoners begin with the Conjuration Sphere to call on their most powerful Spirit.
While Spirit Summoners maintain friendly relations with their spirits, Spirit Tamers follow a similar tradition of magic but use forbidden rituals to enslave spirits to their will and force them to work magic. Tamers use the same drawbacks given here but use Intimidate instead of Diplomacy. Summoners gain 1 bonus Spell Point +1 more every 3 levels.

Drawbacks: Magical Signs (Manifested Spirit), Skilled Casting (Diplomacy or Intimidate), Verbal Casting, Wild Magic

Bonus: Easy Focus

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This may be the best Captain Marvel has been written by DC in I don't know how long.

I don't know, DC has been so bad at Captain Marvel for so long, maybe my standards are low but this was a damn fine book. An excellent portrayal of the Captain not as a man-boy but as the Hero he is supposed to be.

the legion of Multiverse Sivannas was interesting too. Covered every possible extreme from the Noble Prize winning physicist who is probably going to go nuts on discovering that every other version of himself is a crazed supervillain to that one psycho version that even the others are disturbed by.

did anyone else check this out

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