Hunger in the Wastelands; a Fallout 4 journal

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It has been 5 days since I left the vault. 200 years after I entered it, at least if my senile old robot is to be believed. My husband is dead, my son kidnapped and I…I’ve changed somehow. My hair has turned white…not grey but white like snow, my eyes too, like all the color has been drained out of them. The world is so different, everything is in ruins and I am hungry…so hungry. I’ve been able to find some food but it’s not enough.
Light hurts the eyes so I’ve been wearing some old welding goggles I scrounged up.
I’m living, if you can call it that, in an old garage not far from what was my home….I just couldn’t stay in Sanctuary Hills….too many memories.

So damn hungry

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Day 6
Been building up the gas station. People keep shooting at me so I’ve been fortifying the walls, built a little garden for food and fixed up some water pumps. Made a decent bed for myself so I can rest. I’ve found a couple of dogs to keep me company; Cookie and Dogmeat.
There is a farm nearby. Abernathy family. Nice folks but they lost their youngest daughter to raiders….I can relate. Helped out a bit and bought some produce for my own farm.
Been looting Sanctuary for supplies. Feels strange going through the homes of my friends and neighbours. Like I’m a thief. Caught a Raider doing the same so I guess if I don’t do it someone will. Might as well be me then.
Melons were nice but I need some meat.

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Day 7
Been having trouble sleeping. Even with a real bed I can’t help but have nightmares…I suppose that’s to be expected after everything I’ve been through.
Trashcan Carla, interesting lady, but we get along ok. She sold me some supplies, enough to get the radio working at the gas station. See if there is anyone else out there, who doesn’t want to kill me on sight.
Doug heard me, asked if he could stay at the place. Offered to work the fields in exchange. The Dogs seem to like him so I agreed. Nice to have company that isn’t on four legs.
Went hunting and brought down a mutant deer of some kind. Also found a dead cow…I think it was cow.
Meat for supper, but not enough. Still hungry

Day 8
Been helping the Abernathy’s set up defenses on their farm. Managed to get their daughter’s locket back. Not sure what else I can do for them so just helped build some walls and guard posts.

Day 9
Had a new arrival at the Gas station this morning, Her name is Ella and she’s….she looks like one of those old zombie movies. She tells me not to worry, promises she isn’t a feral….I don’t even know what to say about that. Just asked her to watch for trouble from the guard post and headed into town.
Rescued some folks hold up in the Museum from raiders, thanks to some handy power armor and a minigun. Had to fight some horrid monster like out of a nightmare. Hit like a truck, was sure It must have broken some ribs but I seem ok. Helped the survivors get to Sanctuary Hills

Day 10
Carla tried to kill me. I don’t know why but she suddenly came rushing over the river shooting at me.
Cogsworth wasn’t happy about me shooting back, said it was murder but she started it.
Spent the rest of the day helping out around Sanctuary, making it livable, before heading out again.

Day 12
Been picking off Raiders at Corvega for a few days now. No guns blazing or anything like that. Sniper shots for a distance and then sneak in at night to set mines in the building. Slow but it’s working.

Day 13
Oh God…ohgodohgodohgod
What have I done, why did I do that that
Why why why
Why would I do that?

Why did I eat him?

(That's right folks, I am playing the Ghoul concept. Focusing on a High Endurance build with perks like Ghoul, Rad resitance and Canabalism. In survival mode of course cause I love Survival mode)

Nice. Never explored 'going Ghoul' in FO4. Favorited first post of the thread to tag along on your journey!

Day 14
Ella’s been watching me. Like she recognizes something she’s seen before but is trying to convince herself it’s impossible. Decided to go down to the Abernathy farm, built a small shack at the edge of their property where I can think

Day 15
Ok let’s take stock. Figure this out
Something has happened to me. I’m changing…going to try and keep a record of it.
A) Color loss. Hair and eyes have both lost pigmentation. Skin is pale despite 3 weeks traipsing around in the radioactive wasteland without sunscreen
B) Body Temperature: Definitely colder than normal for a human, yet I don’t notice it myself
C) Durability: I’m tougher than I was. Can take more than a few hits, heal quickly. Bones seem stronger. Have taken several hits I know should have broken ribs at least and yet nothing but bruises. I heal quickly, particularly in areas of Radiation, seem to have some resistance to chemicals and radiation
D) Night time: More alert and active after dark. Senses are sharper
E) Hunger……It’s already getting worse again. Regular food isn’t enough anymore, maybe it never was.
I think I’m a Ghoul….
No, not quite, I’m something else
I think it’s a combination of the Cryogenics and the Radiation. I want to talk to Ella about it but I don’t want to tip my hand and let her think I’m going feral. Need to find a Ghoul I can talk to and compare notes.
I…I should leave in the morning…the Abernathy’s….are starting to look …. Tasty

Day 16
New day
New perspective
No more of this Corvega crap
Power Armor, Minigun, end it

Wow….I forgot cars explode when you shoot them……that was one heck of a chain reaction…very messy
So Corvega dealt with
Preston gives me his life story asks me to lead the minute men and I tell him no….
Can’t risk being part of a large group, not until I understand what’s happening to me. Did hear a rumor about a farm run by Ghouls, maybe I can get some info there.

Day 19
Set out before dawn, ran into a wounded mutant dog and patched him up. I call him Sparky. He’s been following me ever since, from a safe distance.

Made it to the Slog and talked to a Ghouls named Wiseman. Asked him about ghouls and he told me what he could. Ghouls. I’m not sure that’s what I am now. I certainly have similar traits but from what he tells me Feral Ghouls will eat anything, not just humans. They are like wild animals, humans are just another kind of prey. They don’t specifically seek out human flesh

So…not like me
Wiseman is hoping I can take out a gang of Super Mutants for him. Not sure I can handle a Super anything but I’ll see what I can do.
I find a place to bunk down and try and eat….Some Mutt Chops, half dozen Tatos, Noodle Cup and Some Corn…. None of it helps. I’ve stuffed my stomach to bursting and I’m still starving to death

and there is only one thing my body wants.

(So wow, Ravenously hungry Sucks. -8 Endurance, -5 Charisma and -2 Luck. Plus it red lines a quarter of my Action Points. Once you start on canibalism normal food doesn't do anything for hunger and you just keep getting worse. Normal food still seems to heal you though)

Day 20
She was going to feed me to her Dogs, It’s…. fair play that’s all

Oh who am I kidding? However I try to justify it, I just ate another human being.
But for the first time in days I’m not hungry

Day 21
Ok so Super Mutants.
No….that is not a thing I can handle. Wiseman will have to find someone else or I will need to find a lot bigger guns.
Pip-boy picked up a weird signal, so I followed it to the old University. After a brief firefight with some raiders I found an old computer that was still working and weirdly enough it had just received and encrypted file. I managed to get it open which is amazing cause I am no computer wizard. I think someone had already done it before I got here and maybe didn’t delete properly after. Some group called the Institute is worried about their communications getting intercepted so they are using this for a bit. Also says they are sweeping the recipient’s penthouse for bugs. He’ll get his new Keys after he finishes his mission to execute two Synths
What the heck is a Synth?
And who the heck is the Institute?

But bigger question. Where do I get these Keys for a Penthouse apartment in an atomic wasteland?

(I have used some Christmas Steam monies to get me the Penthouse Apartment add on from the Creation Workshop (along with some other toys like Cookie the Golden Retriever who is living at the Red Rocket) and the above starts up the quest for it)

If there is a mod or two or three that in combination will let me emulate how Survival in FO76 works in FO4 - at the least let me see the gorram hunger/thirst/et al bars on my HUD - I'd play Survival despite the ludicrous 400% damage multiplier to the player.

Day 22

Syths aren't people right...everyone I've met says Synths are some kind of robot that looks like people

they taste like people

If they aren't people that's great, I just found a new food source.

This Courser guy was dead when I found him but I have his data log on his targets and the drop point for his mission afterwards. He had a really nice gun and Dick Tracy tenchcoat. Both have some strange modifications (both extra effective against robots).

As to what killed him....Maybe the two people he was coming here to get

or maybe one of the Two Giant Damn Bears right outside

Snuck out the back and made my way back north. Get tothe Data drop point tomorrow. Right now I'm hiding in an exploded wisky bootleggers hut...what's left of it anyway.

His body is about 5 feet from where I'm sleeping.....If I hadn't eaten that Courser guy......

I have to find a cure for this
I I can't go looking for my son if there is a chance I'm going to eat him

Turin the Mad wrote:
If there is a mod or two or three that in combination will let me emulate how Survival in FO76 works in FO4 - at the least let me see the gorram hunger/thirst/et al bars on my HUD - I'd play Survival despite the ludicrous 400% damage multiplier to the player.

Nah I'm just on regular survival mode, but that Ravenously hungry Debuff comes back in hurry. I think I can go a doy or so before it wants me to eat another person

Day 23
University point
looks like someone had made a nice settlement here, but not a safe one. The place is crawling with actual robots though.

Dose that mean the Courser guy was human

ug try not to think about it

His gun works pretty good on machines though. Found a computer in the student union building, some logs belonging to one of his targets. Someone wipped her memory and gave her a new one. Seems to have freaked her out pretty back. Once I deleted the files a message came giving the co-ordinates for the Penthouse keys.

Day 24
Ok I don't know who Courser was when he was alive but he must have been one hell of fighter because this penthouse of his in smake in the middle of a firefire zone. Raiders, gunners, mutants all shooting at each other.
you would have to be crazy to live here. Or be able to fly. If he could fly I guess you could avoid all this.

but there is no way I can reach that place. Pocket the keys and move on.

More like run on, ended up with a bunch of people chasing me. Only way out was to jump in the river.

New Discovery; I can breath under water. More accurately I don't seem to breath at all. something out of all this

Day 25..26...not sure anymore

Getting out of that war zone wasn't easy. Ended up taking advantage of my ability to stay underwater and jumped in the river. Swam until I was clear

unfortunately water is not nearly as safe as I though. Some kind of giant mutant crabs. Thought I was dead only out of nowhere comes Sparky and attacks one of them. Got me enough breathing room to use the rifle.

gave that ugly little mutt such a hug.

*sits inside her Institute power armor, holding Pip-boy to her face to record her holo-tape*

Fascinating. Subject GR41, thought dead, was successfully resurrected in the cryo pod using a radical radiation treatment plus new virus created by original plague virus mixed with FEV. Result is process akin to ghoulification, with added aquatic adaptation.

Altered metabolism--seems to only be able to gain nutrition from proteins containing human and human-similar DNA. Given the limited population of the Commonwealth, will be interesting to see whose survival instinct trumps whose. I wonder, is super mutant flesh adequate nutrition for her?

Whether subject requires normal hydration requirements is as yet unclear.

Am intrigued to observe how long subject will survive. May depend upon finding one of those regions where raiders tend to hole up and then return to, even after initial termination of occupants.

Got a strange SOS over the Pip-boy. Something about Robots attacking a Caravan. Institute maybe....First thing that popped into my head was "maybe there is a synth I can eat?"....worse the second thing was "maybe if I get there late there will be some bodies on the ground."

am I really that far much longer will I be able to keep thinking like a human.

Came across the bodies of some scavengers...managed to restrain myself. They had a note though about a Vault-tec office they were planning to search. all comes down to vault-tec. Maybe...maybe I can find some answers at this office.

Resting at Bunker hill. Paid a few caps for a mattress on the ground.

Vault-tec regional HQ, was a bust. No real info just inventory being shipped around from vault to vault. Found a few references to Vault 111. Mostly Liquid Nitrogen shipments and something call FEV-N15. Wish there was someone with enough science know how to make sense of it.

Everything hurts. Found a lot of salvage in there but had to down three bottles of Burbon to make my joints stop screaming at me while I carried it all. Ran like crazy to get to the river with mutants and raiders on my tail the while way. Getting a little too used to hiding under the water.

starting to feel cold, whole body is shaking...I need to eat. It's not just about hunger anymore, I can feel it. My body physically needs meat and soon.

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Okay, my goofy character post was too subtle. Greylurker, do you still need to hydrate as a cannibal? Can you eat super mutants?

PS - at Bunker Hill your room should be above the place where you rented it, you have to go up some stairs. I think it's still just a mattress on the floor, but it's in your own (scrap-built) room. If you slept behind the counter that's the owner's mattress that they forgot to mark as owned.

DeathQuaker wrote:

Okay, my goofy character post was too subtle. Greylurker, do you still need to hydrate as a cannibal? Can you eat super mutants?

PS - at Bunker Hill your room should be above the place where you rented it, you have to go up some stairs. I think it's still just a mattress on the floor, but it's in your own (scrap-built) room. If you slept behind the counter that's the owner's mattress that they forgot to mark as owned.

I can still drink as normal.

At the moment I just eat humans(and full bio-Synths) but Ghouls and Supermutants go on the menu at level 2 cannibalism which is still a few levels away. Dark Cravings can apparently be treated by a Doctor the same way as drug addiction but I'm a little worried about asking a Doc in a Settlement about it. Been trying to find some anti-addiction meds to see if those will work but so far no luck.

Right now I am eyeing level 2 Night stalker which apparently will give me Night vision

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Because they can't add more dialogue options the way Fallout 4's dialogues are scripted, I think all you (meta-wise) do is tell the doctor you need help with an addiction like normal. Just like you need to use the HP-healing dialogue option to actually be treated for diseases. So theoretically there's no in-game consequences (I haven't played a cannibal so I can't be sure, of course). According to the Wiki, though, Addictol, Refreshing Beverage, and radscorpion omelettes should also work.

For your internal narrative, I'd be curious to see how you played it out.

Have fun!

3 cheers to poor dead Charlie.

Came across Charlie's corpse as I was making my way east from Diamond city. don't know what killed him, animals, maybe ghouls. not raiders because no one had looted him.
According to Charlie's journal he was a scavenger who was looking to settle down. As luck would have it he actually found a place near bunker hill and was going to get some friends together and move in. He even had a Key. He was just going to make a quick run for food and other supplies when he met his end.

Now said key is in my hands and the idea of a nice quiet place to figure things out is very appealing.

Took some doing to find the place, and there is some kind of war going on between robots on a boat chased into a building and a bunch of scavengers. Avoiding the fire fight I managed to find a door that the key works on and

This place is nice. Ground floor is given over to a malt shop, plenty of glasses and drink bottles to grab. second floor is pretty empty just big room full of junk and a work bench. But the third floor...Hasn't been touched since the war. Furniture in great shape, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, electricity and working water. Even a computer in working shape.

It's no penthouse but this monster has found herself a lair.

I like that home. LOTS of room to work with, roof access ... the roof access is the best way in and out for me, although I will caveat that by observing that I have yet to attempt to acquire it first from the roof rather than the ground-level door.

Ok so got some time to myself.

Turned the big store room into kind of a Gym/lab. Need to try and see what's happening to me. Strength and agility both seem to be higher than I remember, but that could be a month of hard living. Stamina though is ridiculous, I think I could run the marathon and not even be winded. Breathing...Breathing seem optional, which is insane. I might not be a Doctor but even I know the body need Oxygen. Heartbeat is steady, but slower than normal. Body Temperature is 94 degrees Fahrenheit. I should be experiencing Hypothermia but I'm fine.

There is some good news. Got my hands on something called Addictol, supposedly a cure all for addictions. It seems to have soothed the hunger a bit, enough that I can enjoy real food for a change.

Going to need to head back out there soon. I might have running water in here but the fridge broke down a long time ago and the closest I have to food is some raw Radroach.

So several people are asking me to go to the old naval training ground and get rid of ghouls.

Managed to take out the ones outside and some in the first building but I am out of ammo, so pulled out and went to rest in the condo

and in my dreams, I'm alone on a raft in the middle of the ocean just fishing
(cause I started playing the raft and that game will suck up your time like a black hole)

Caltrops and Landmines are a wonderful combo when you are outnumbered by Ghouls.

Took down most of them fairly easily and put the rest out of their misery. All that was left was a Glowing one with no legs. Thought I could take my time with finishing him off.

except that apparently his sort spew out radiation that resurrects the others. Damn near got swarmed under. Lesson learned, just end them quick as you can.

Now lets see what these Brotherhood of steel guys were up to

If you've accessed the Noir Condo, you should be able to refurbish the Chester home (well, if it has a functional workshop - the Noir Condo does, access it and you should be granted all of the nifty mid-century decor and stuff options).

Deb isn't going to be happy about this.

To be fair she only paid me to get rid of the ghouls at the old naval training yard.

Which I did, very successfully I might add

But now there is a pissed off sentry bot running around the place, shooting at things.

Up side - New suit of power armor

Power armor is looking nice. Painted it up with some nice flames. Steve, my husband, would have liked that.

Came across a fight between Supermutants and feral ghouls.... well not much of a fight ghouls didn't have much of a chance. Picked the mutants off after with the sniper rifle.

Hunger is getting bad again...almost considered biting into one of the ghouls or mutants...In the end I found some raiders hiding in an old apartment building.

huh...the though of it doesn't even make me feel sick any more...just hungry again.

Need something to take my mind off it when I ran into a group being attacked by crazed robots. Not synths, more like spare part droids. the only...survivor(?) is a robot named ADA. She's offered to help me build so tech in exchange for hunting down the people behind the attacking robots.

Don't know if she has any knowledge of biology, but at the very least it'll keep me distracted.

So it looks like i am going to need more to build this robot work bench than i can manage at the condo. Taking ADA north to Red Rocket or sanctuary....that's not the important part.

We ran into some ghouls on the way. Large pack of them...(weird thing is I think I recognized the Parkers). Managed to put them down but...maybe the hunger was getting to me but...I ate the ghouls.

Kind of like Jerky...but the thing is I want more...more than I want humans. What ever it is my body wants, there is more of it in Ghouls than there is in humans.

Doesn't make it any easier....Ghouls used to be humans I know that, they are just victims of the radiation but....

what am I turning into if even Ghouls are my prey.

(Yep level 19 Ghouls are on the menu)

Sanctuary doesn't have the resources, Red Rocket doesn't have the room. Managed to convince the Abernathy's to let me build the robot workshop at their place. I assigned a couple of extra people to the place to help guard it. Spent a couple of days building a warehouse to store it in. Made it big enough so the Abernathy's can use it two. Made kind of a Minute Men barracks while I was at it, mostly out of old railway boxcars.

The Raiders up at Olivia station seem to have regrouped, Blake wants me to slap them down again.

Plus got a strange distress signal...from a vault.

Can't stay here any longer anyway. Hunger is getting too great.

Olivia or Vault 88
Guess I'll decide in the morning

Well Vault 88 is a long way away, and Olivia station is close to the old railroad crossing, where there are lots of ghouls

and I am very very hungry

ADA doesn't seem to mind what I eat. I guess who ever made her didn't think about programing her to react to something like that.

I've gotten better at shooting raiders, cleaned the place out in no time.

I keep telling myself that Feral Ghouls are already dead...they just aren't lying down yet. It ...helps to not think of them as human beings while I'm eating.

Something crashed south of here. Airplane or something. Didn't know any of those were still functioning. Going to check it out s I head towards vault 88.

Lets see if I can find any more answers from Vault-tec

Ran into an arms trader named Cricket, followed her to a Vault. Not 88 but 81. It looks like they are what we were told 111 would be. They needed a bunch of fusion cores, lucky for them, ADA happens to be carrying about 15 of the things.

They have real medical facilities here. And maybe enough scientific know how to figure out what is wrong with me. I have to earn their trust, so I've been doing odd jobs for them.

Plus I got my hair done for the first time in 200 years.


Why do Supermutants taste SO GOOD.

I was salivating the moment I put the green brute down. I just...I couldn't even control myself just ripped it open and gorged.

I can feel it, something in my blood surging from it.
Have to avoid these things...It's triggered something inside me and I can't let it grow any more than it has

Come to the green side. The cookies are super tasty.



I'll uh ... see myself out now.

In our Quest for Vault 88 ADA and I came across Jamaica Plains. Very quickly attacked by ghouls. Our fighting the ghouls was heard by some Raiders dressed up in Robot parts.

The Raiders were followed by 2 bears

I told ADA to Run for it and we hide in the 2nd story of a building until it was all over. Then I snipered the last Bear.

Place is crawling with Ghouls though, so I'm not going to run out of food any time soon. Nearby pond is a dump for barrels of radioactive waste but it's the only water around right now....strange but it doesn't seem to have any negative effects on me. Pip-Boy hardly even registered an increase in my own radiation levels.

After killing off a few more Ghouls I built a small camp in one of the houses. Should reach Vault 88 tomorrow.

Greylurker, you wouldn't happen to be using any Survival-based mods such as Horizon would you?

Turin the Mad wrote:
Greylurker, you wouldn't happen to be using any Survival-based mods such as Horizon would you?

No, just regular Survival mode plus some of the Creation Workshop stuff. Oddly I've never gone deep into Mods. I think the only time I really have is with Masters of Orion, which really did make the game much better so honestly I have no reason not to go into them

Greylurker wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
Greylurker, you wouldn't happen to be using any Survival-based mods such as Horizon would you?
No, just regular Survival mode plus some of the Creation Workshop stuff. Oddly I've never gone deep into Mods. I think the only time I really have is with Masters of Orion, which really did make the game much better so honestly I have no reason not to go into them

You might want to. FROST seems to be overly harsh. Horizon is a complete game overhaul aimed squarely at being played on Survival.

Vault 88 is a no go. too many raiders between me and the front door. Gonna need some heavier artillery to get in there. Heading back to vault 81 with the fertilizer they wanted.

Arrive to find that things have happened. Kid got bitten by a mole rat and got sick. Turns out 81 is as much a lab experiment as 111. They were experimenting with diseases only one of their staff had a conscience and put an end to it. Vault Dwellers never knew how lucky they were.

Also found some notes on FEV. Forced Evolution Virus. Vault-tec got it from the military and started trying to make new versions of it.

Also found this old med robot. That is the real find here. Something with medical knowledge that I can trust not to turn on me. Let her take some blood samples....lets see what she comes up with

Curie confirmed it. My system is infected with FEV. She said it seems to be trying to keep my body in a state of cryostasis, while at the same time adapting me to active in such a state. It's why my body temp is so low and why I operate better at night when it's cooler. It's also why I can operate on less oxygen than normal. In addition she thinks I should be able to eat and drink just about anything without suffering effects from radiation. I'm also infected with whatever those Molerats had but the two seem to be cancelling each other out. Aside from some aches and pains I'm fine.

I would have her do more tests but...the Hunger is hitting me really hard and I need to get out of here before the nice people of vault 81 get suspicious.

Also I just realized ADA has all my Fusion cores, so we are heading back to Abernathy Farm.

Tasty tasty farmers ...

I've been rebuilding my mod list to take a crack at Horizon. Horizon retools the perks, re-introduces skills and weapon conditions, uses an END-based health pool, combat overhaul, settlement overhaul, crafting and stuff is massively overhauled, power armor overhauled, inventory sorting, how one deals with injuries and limb damage ... you name it Horizon has put its own spin on it.

Factor in specifically-for-Horizon compatibility patches to some very cool mods - one of which is a massive overhaul of the vanilla Raiders - and this is looking quite promising. Another one further expands on Horizon's overhaul to implement LBPAC-style "rarities" to power armor. There are gobs of weapon mods of course, but most of them add real-world weapons to a setting that shouldn't have them. Anything up to the 1950's or ~1960-ish would make sense ... afterwards, not so much unless it is a Fallout-specific weapon whether pre-Bomb or after-Bomb.

Me and ADA are back together after some tinkering on the Abernathy Farm. Grabbed some heavy artillery while I'm up here to help deal with those raiders around vault 88.

Think I am finally getting the hang of this rifle. Did some hunting around the farm, and "delt" with ghouls at a near by junk yard. Not as tasty as Supermutants but they keep me from wanting to eat the Abernathys

Went back into Boston and set up in a place called hangman's alley. Bit Cramped but serviceable while I get a grip on things.

oh and I rescued some robot PI. Got my power armor blown to crap in the process but he seems like a good guy. Vault he was in had no clues to my FEV problem though.

Also Aliens are a real thing....I can't eat them, but I did take his gun

Greylurker, a mod just for your current playthrough is Commonwealth Buff-et - forward to about 6 m. 30 sec. on the video - and note that it includes the ability to craft food items that satiate your Dark Craving (blood sausage, other items too I'm sure).

I am feeling really good right now....probably has to do with those Supermutants I just ate.

Managed to get into that penthouse with ADA's help. Seriously where do these institute guys get off living in a place like this while I am building shanty towns out of scrap and old rail way cars.

Courser's computer logs say he was pretending to be a human PI to gain trust in the community. Several entries about some group called the Railway. Think I heard about them before in Bunker hill. He had a lead on one, seemed to think he could use her to infiltrate the group.

Well I'm gonna use his workshop to fix up my guns and power armor and then I am getting a day worth of shuteye on his nice comfy bed.

Headed back to Abernathy's, need Curie to take a look at something.

Last few days my eyes have been bothering me, everything seems too damn bright. Been wearing some nice sun glasses I found in the penthouse.

Curie confirmed what I was afraid of. The structure of my eyes has mutated. She said they are similar to those of a nocturnal predator.

I checked it myself last night. It mainly kicks in when I'm being cautious, or maybe stalking is the right word.

It's because I ate those Supermutants outside the Penthouse, I'm sure of it. that weird surge I felt. It's not just ...enjoying the meal....It's an indicator that I've triggered some kind of major change.

So me and Curie have been hunting supermutants and getting the water treatment station working for the robots at Greygarden. I'm doing my best not to eat anything because who knows what the next bite of super mutant will do to me.

So we are just wrapping up and Curie strikes up a conversation. She's worried that as a robot she isn't able to make a major contribution to science. I told her not to worry about it, she's more knowledgeable than most people these days. Apparently not good enough for her, she thinks only humans are able to make really leaps forward, robots can only follow existing patterns. Can't really argue but

then she asks me to find someone to download her into a human body


She wants to download herself into a human brain and become human. So if I find anyone who is an expert on brains or data transfer I should let her know.

I heading back to the Abernathy's to get ADA, because Curie is starting to scare me

I am sitting here in the basement of the old Gorski cabin. Guy went a little crazy back in the day. Was going to start blowing things up if the world hadn't done it first.

I am watching my wounds trying to heal over my infected injuries. It's both grotesque and fascinating. I'm still absorbing radiation, though not as much as I should, but it's accelerating my healing. I can actually see the flesh knitting itself back together. If the wounds weren't infected and keep tearing themselves open I'd be in top shape in no time.

Left Curie at the Abernathy's. Gave her a set of legs to walk around on too. Need to get my head cleared. Think things though a little

What Curie wants to do sounds crazy, but then again finding anyone who could actually do it, is probably impossible anyway so as long as she doesn't try to do it herself, I doubt I need to worry about it. I'll just keep telling her I'm still looking

Head to Diamond city in the morning. See if the doctor can clean these wounds up.

Tracked down, killed and ate the man who murdered my husband and stole my baby. Well the parts of him that weren't machine anyway.
(curse you main questline for eating up so much damn time slogging my way through synths).

Went back to Vault 111 afterwards and started going through their records looking for something, anything I can use. All I got was a name. Dwight Scholtt. Minor lab tech for the cryogenics experiments, but He's the one who arranged for FEV-N15 to be delivered to vault 111.

I have a Name, now I just need to connect it to something.
Time to take another shot at Vault 88, along with the dozen or so missiles I got from Kelog's place

I lost my Missile Launcher

I know I had one when I went looking for Kellog, but I put it down somewhere because it was heavy and now I don't remember where I put it.

Me and ADA have been scavenging Kellog's base for three days looking for it.

ADA is carrying over 20 missiles right now and I can't shoot them at anything.

have carted a lot of salvage back to Sunshine co-op and everyone there is now carrying an institute lasergun.

Last batch of stuff and still no sign of the missile launcher....did I leave it at Hangman's alley.

Crud... long walk. Passing by the water reservoir on the way when I see a couple of Gunners

No point fighting something i can avoid......Dose that guy has a missile launcher? Yes...yes he does.


Ok good. Missile Launcher acquired along with 6 more missiles

Onward to Vault 88

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