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What about the Combat Patrol feat.

Also are you allowed to use Combat Stamina? That adds a bit to several of your feats, including ignoring the requierments on Combat Expertise and Improved Trip

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Looks like Black Lightning gets to be part of the big CW Crossover this year. Very much looking forward to that

Oh and Kevin Conroy will apparently be playing the live action Bruce Wayne

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Is it worth the money?

Depends on if you have a group that is interested in playing it.

I don't so my answer would be no.
For anyone who dose have a willing group the answer is probably yes.

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How hard will it be to convert these backward for 1st edition?

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I currently have 42 characters over on Homecoming

and I'm still loving it.

My maines right now are Stormfist (blueside) and Furyshock(redside) both are at around level 20 right now. Every other character is ranging from 10 to 2

Stormfist is a Police Officer who puts on a costume when the Law and Order isn't enough. So far he's taken down some high ranking members of the Skulls and broken their Dyne ring in King's Row and then battled Dr. Vasilok himself. (Science Blaster: Electric Blasts and Martial Combat)

Furyshock meanwhile has lead a small army of villains to take down a Longbow opperation to take over Cap au'Diablo. She is currently working herself up to punching and Elder Evil in the face before it tries to take over her body. (Science Brute: Electical Melee, Energy Aura)

I have really missed this game

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Oh wow, that new trailer is something. Suddenly I am very excited for this and very glad to be Canadian cause We're getting it on our Space channel and I don't need to pay for a streaming service to watch it.

Also it's giving me a weird kind of Firefly vibe. This is not Picard on a Federation ship. This is a small ship with a much closer group of people. Not as clean, not as shiny but still people who are loyal to Picard the man, not the uniform.

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What about 1st level Conscript

Dedicated Duelist Tradtion
-Duelist Training
-Finesse Fighting
-Fencing Sphere
-Unarmored training
Dual Weapon Conscript Specialty
Equipment Sphere: Balanced Defense
Open Hand Sphere

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It's pretty much the same design philosophy that went into 4E and a lot of the same choices. Just leaving out or fixing some of the worst parts of 4E

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It looks so great, but it is going to be heartbreaking by the end. Because we all know how it must end, for the orignal movie to begin

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I would get the Expansion. It gives you some nice additions to the dungeon, one of which is a nice Goblin infested castle that your PCs can take over early in the campaign and turn into their base of opperations.

1 person marked this as a favorite. I think I'm done. This Heroes in Crisis story has just ended it for me. I'm not even mad, just tiered of it.

I should be mad

but I'm just done.

where ever DC is going's not for me

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There is also the Worldscape comic which includes several Earthlings (which I would very much like a supplement book for thank you very much). The default of the Worldscape is they go back where they came from and don't remember anything but special circumstances (IE: DM said yes) could get one to Golarion. Or a Martian for that mater.

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MageHunter wrote:

Did he put on gloves for that?

In the original myths, Thor had magic gloves that allowed him to grip anything.

Now that I think about it he also had a magic belt that doubled his strength...

One of my favorite Thor myths is about him and Loki going on vacation down south. Loki convinces Thor to leave his hammer, belt and gauntlets behind. Naturally they get into some trouble and Thor has to borrow some stuff from one of the local Gods. Gloves, Girdle and a Staff as I recall.

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I pretty much have all of this but....I really do want a book for the shelf. Gonna pitch in as soon as I sort some stuff out

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Just saw it, loved it. Easily one of my top 5 Marvel films

and There is one tiny detail that makes me giggle

All the crying troll babies were right, they did replace Mar-vel with a women. Just just guessed the wrong woman. I think that was a brilliant move by the writers

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Fumarole wrote:
Greylurker wrote:
I just can't stand the characters
Is this fair to say when "pretty much the only experience" you have is a single character?

Yes. I only played the Ranger and gave up playing at all, mid way through the playtest. (Couple of factors, most notably had to move to another town for education)

I have tried several times to make other characters though and just got frustrated with the set up. Normally I really enjoy making new characters and exploring different options and ideas. I hate Level Gating of abilities, and I really hate than anything useful is fighting over Class Feat slots, you have to narrowly specialize or you end up good at nothing. I hate that to fit certain ideas I have to multiclass and I hate how multiclassing works.

This is not a flexible character creation system, and it is not something that allows for creativity. Hell I couldn't even do a really basic ranger concept of a Lawman woodsman and his faithful Wolf Companion. I was hoping for something closer to Rogue Genius games line of "Talented" classes and instead I got something that reminds me of the worst aspects of 4E.

I like the overall system of PF2. That is something I have said several times. I am very likely to adapt a lot of the core systems. But character creation they have come up with is not something I can enjoy, and is the key point that will keep me from buying the new game.

Instead I'm going to be working on a campaign based around Drop Dead Studio's Sphere system. It's much more open when it comes to representing interesting character concepts.

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One of the weirdest things I read about Shazam was that his time as Captain Marvel doesn't count toward's Billy's physical age.

Weird little details like that I always find neat

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Edge93 wrote:
Brew Bird wrote:

In the playtest, very rarely did a character feel awesome or heroic.
Yeah, that's... pretty subjective and not something to be stated in such an absolute manner really. At my table the characters felt awesome and heroic on a regular basis throughout the entire Playtest, so it's not a ubiquitous issue.

My Ranger felt lousy to play. He is pretty much the only experience I have with the characters because I really disliked the character creation and flat didn't want to make another character, so I just stuck with the one I had, and he never really got any better. He felt under powered, His Archery skills just never seemed to measure up and he had a poor excuse for a pet the entire playtest. It felt like if I wanted to be good at something I had to give up half my character concept. Either be an archer or a guy with a faithful wolf companion, but trying to maintain both at a decent level just seemed futile. Ultimately I just stopped wanting to play it.

I still think it's got a good system though. I like the combat and the general systems. The 10 above or below Crit Success/Fail is just fine.

I just can't stand the characters

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Mellored wrote:
oholoko wrote:
Mellored wrote:

Not JUST Vancian casting.

Let wizards and clerics cast that way, it's fun way for some with lots of legacy. But other classes should at differently. That's the main strength of a class system, you can have different mechanics.

Sorcerers for instance, would make perfect sense for a point system, drawing from their inner power, and drawing too much makes them take damage. Bards might be able to cast any spell at-will, but it takes a few turns of singing/talking to their target, encouraging them to talk before fighting. Warlock might need to kill something for their power, tempting them to burn down that orphanage. And all sorts of other magical methods that can happen.

There are plenty of interesting and flavorful options. Vancian should just be one variety.

I am confused sorcerers,bards and several others(PF1 classes) are already not Vancian. You probably want to remove the system of slots... But some of those that you proposed might be even more problematic, specially the bard and warlock one.

Outside of that i would love some 'casters' getting power packages instead of spell slots, powers work really well but they need more variety instead of one per feat.

Slots and points just seem... generic. Sure, they work, but they come off lacking.

There should be more ways for magic works. Not just more effects, but more ways to cast.

Like, you have to take falling damage to cast this, or you can only use shadow magic when your shadow connects with someone else's. Or you need to change stances before you can cast. Or you can only attack creatures who have an even number of letters in their name.

I dunno what exactly, but there should be more variety.

At least we get the alchemists, which is a bit different.

This is the sort of thing I love making with the Spheres of Power books. Water Priests who use pools of water for teleporting and extra dimensional storage or Flesh Mages who grab you and pull you apart like taffey until you are a whole different creature. Orc Rot Shamen who dig an enchanted insect out of their flesh and throw it at you.

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There are some really nice core systems in what you showed us, so while I can't promise I'll be buying it I do look forward to the final version. Good luck and thanks for the hard work.

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Alzrius wrote:
Andrew Turner wrote:

I just finished binging a few titles, two of which I've added to my favorites:

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか)---I absolutely loved it! Some very intense moments in the finale; several times throughout the series I was very nearly brought to tears.

As a note, this got a spin-off a while back, following Aiz's adventures during the events of the original series (e.g. remember how, in the middle of the series, she rose to 6th level? That's a major plot point in her spin-off). However, the anime of it wasn't released on Crunchyroll; I think Hulu was the one that got it?

They have it on Amazon Prime

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Day 7
Been having trouble sleeping. Even with a real bed I can’t help but have nightmares…I suppose that’s to be expected after everything I’ve been through.
Trashcan Carla, interesting lady, but we get along ok. She sold me some supplies, enough to get the radio working at the gas station. See if there is anyone else out there, who doesn’t want to kill me on sight.
Doug heard me, asked if he could stay at the place. Offered to work the fields in exchange. The Dogs seem to like him so I agreed. Nice to have company that isn’t on four legs.
Went hunting and brought down a mutant deer of some kind. Also found a dead cow…I think it was cow.
Meat for supper, but not enough. Still hungry

Day 8
Been helping the Abernathy’s set up defenses on their farm. Managed to get their daughter’s locket back. Not sure what else I can do for them so just helped build some walls and guard posts.

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Day 6
Been building up the gas station. People keep shooting at me so I’ve been fortifying the walls, built a little garden for food and fixed up some water pumps. Made a decent bed for myself so I can rest. I’ve found a couple of dogs to keep me company; Cookie and Dogmeat.
There is a farm nearby. Abernathy family. Nice folks but they lost their youngest daughter to raiders….I can relate. Helped out a bit and bought some produce for my own farm.
Been looting Sanctuary for supplies. Feels strange going through the homes of my friends and neighbours. Like I’m a thief. Caught a Raider doing the same so I guess if I don’t do it someone will. Might as well be me then.
Melons were nice but I need some meat.

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It has been 5 days since I left the vault. 200 years after I entered it, at least if my senile old robot is to be believed. My husband is dead, my son kidnapped and I…I’ve changed somehow. My hair has turned white…not grey but white like snow, my eyes too, like all the color has been drained out of them. The world is so different, everything is in ruins and I am hungry…so hungry. I’ve been able to find some food but it’s not enough.
Light hurts the eyes so I’ve been wearing some old welding goggles I scrounged up.
I’m living, if you can call it that, in an old garage not far from what was my home….I just couldn’t stay in Sanctuary Hills….too many memories.

So damn hungry

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Man I miss playing Fallout.

currently away from home getting new education (GIS (AKA:Maps and Data) training until April). All I got is a week of clothing and my cruddy old laptop. Not nearly powerful enough for Fallout

Looking forward to your adventures

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ok that just struck me

If the Skrulls infiltrate Shield and are like

"Hey...these guys are already infiltrated by some group called Hydra..."
"What should we do?"
" want to infiltrate them too"
"I don't see why not"

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Thing about Reverse Flash is......HE hasn't meet Flash for the First time yet. There is still a whole story there about what set him off against the Flash in the first place.

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I love how the cat is pushing his hand down as if to say "Have some dignity man"

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Ralph is becoming more and more Ralph every episode and I love it. And finally the nose twitch only to have Ceceil shoot it down

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Blizzard got booed at their own convention. I don't know but to me, that would be a pretty big sign that "you done it wrong"

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I would love to consolidate all the things that augmented the fighter over the years. Stamina Combat, Armor and Weapon Training, etc... to create an Unchained fighter class.

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For my own games. Feral Dragons are more common than True Dragons. This is because of the Horde. Metal absorbs magic, gold more so than other metals. True Dragons feed on magic as much as meat, so the Dragon Horde isn't about greed it's about food and it's growth in power. The older the Dragon the more magic it needs thus the bigger horde it needs.
An Egg raised in a horde will be a True Dragon. Intelligent, spellcasting, the works, because it feeds on the ambient magic of the horde while it grows.

A Dragon Egg raised not in a Horde will hatch a Feral Dragon. With no magic to feed on during their development they are more like animals. Big, Scaly, immensely dangerous animals. Most of these are Wyverns or Drakes but occasionally you get a Dragon with the Feral Dragon template.

A True Dragon only raises an Egg in it's horde when it truly wants progeny. If it doesn't care or sometimes just wants some extra guardians it raises the eggs outside of the treasure horde.

I also ruled that a True Dragon's color is determined by it's driving personality trait as it grows. Chromatics are driven by Sin while Metallics by Virtue. That way I can have a Red Dragon and a Gold Dragon be siblings or otherwise related in some way.

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It's weird you know. This is a Game I think I would enjoy playing, but I never want to make a character for it.

The Core systems are good, and with a little polish now that they have a lot of playtest Data I'm convinced that they will be better.

but the systems they have chosen for Character design are just full of stuff I hate. I hate the level gating, the compartmentalization, the checklist of balance to make sure you have X-number of skill options and x-number of combat options and x-number of race options. I hate that all the options for actually customizing my character are fighting over the same real estate. Coming up with new characters and interesting combos was half the fun of the game for me and making a character in PF2 is not fun. It's this narrow, restrictive, color inside the lines, slog. and that pretty much ruins it for me.

So my Plea - Find someway to open character creation up more and let it be fun. Let me color outside the lines

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ErichAD wrote:

The easiest solution conceptually is to give class feats a points cost. It allows wider feat power variety, and makes it easier to fine tune powers after the fact. It would be more work for the designers and more complicated for the players, but the end result would be easy to work with and modify for both the designers and those running the game.

It would seem like a bit of a departure from classic Pathfinder though, so I'm not sure how reasonable it is.

I would actually rather like something like that. Gain Class Points with each level and then Spend them on Class Feats when you want to. Some Class Feats could be discounted if you have certain earlier feats to represent those Feat Chains (Or even discounted for other reasons like your Ancestry or Archetype)

and errata wise some fixes could be as simple as increasing or decreasing the cost

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When they announced how classes would work in 2E I was kind of hoping for something more like what Rogue Genius did with their "Talented Class" line of stuff. It allowed for a huge amount of variety and customization within a class, including some really outside the box ideas like a Cleric that doesn't cast spells but could be more Domain or Combat focused.

I've found what they did do for 2E to be very limiting, and as has been pointed out in a lot of cases your early choices lock you into a specific progression of feats and removes a lot of choices from you. Stray from that path and you end up with a sub-par character who can't really do much very well. My Ranger couldn't be an effective Archer and have an useful Animal companion. I was essentially stuck following one route or the other if I wanted to be useful(and it didn't help that the Archer route wasn't even available at 1st level when the playtest started)

The whole of Class design is really the only thing keeping from liking 2E.

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Fix myself up a bit I think. Shed some pounds, fix my eyesight, give myself a sense of style instead of t-shirt and jeans, purge myself of bias and preconceptions so that I can make future judgements about what to do to the universe without prejudice.

make a sandwich...really good sandwich.

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Traditionally in the comics, Speed force has not been a good thing for pre-teen speedsters. Wally, Bart, Wally's kids all had to be saved from their own powers

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
Finsihed. I want more.

Looks like Wish Granted

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Drop Vancian and you will lose a lot of people. Yeah there are a lot of different and better magic systems but Vancian is distinctly a part of D&D and by extension distinctly a part of Pathfinder. Drop it for something new and a lot of on the fence people will be done and gone.

Vancian as core and then introducing new systems later is probably their best choice. Personally I would love to see a more developed version of Words of Power from UM. It was a neat system that would have benefited from a bit more work and a few more options.

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The biggest issue I see with 2E multiclassing is that ultimately you are always your first class. Which works fine with some concepts but not with ones where you turned your back on your old life to pursue a new one.

If my Rogue decides to give up his life of crime and devote himself to the church. He's never going to become a Cleric or a Paladin, he will always be a Rogue. He might pick up a few divine tricks but that's the best this system offers.

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and this is the part where we bottle the rage in our hearts and push it deep down, shake our heads and say "Oh Dear"

Hollywood is making a My Hero Academia Movie

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OMG I love Thunderbolt Fantasy.
So Shang's original plan was to cross the demonic wastelands that no one could cross and thus escape his enemies.

But in crossing the uncrossable Wastelands, Shang crippled or killed so many monsters that they are now pretty damn easy to cross, allowing his enemies to follow him.

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I found my Wolf companion on my Ranger to be all but useless. Now admittedly this was early in the playtest and the Ranger has had some improvements since then, but with the companion I found my ranger had too many commitments on his actions to be effective as an archer compared to the Elf Cleric in the group who was really nothing more than a Cleric with a bow. The two action the Wolf got for my 1 were generally a waste of effort and his ability to Hamper enemies was never useful. On top of that the Wolf ate up more of the party's healing than any other character because it kept getting knocked down.

I found the minion mechanic in general very frustrating and the companion itself felt like more of a liability than anything else.

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For me the biggest issue is how boxed up everything is. The Core systems I think are great, it's the effort to carefully confine and control the sort of character people make that is getting to me.

My ideal change would be to get rid of that.
You get Feats
You can select feats from the lists you have unlocked by your choice of Ancestry, Class, Background, Archetype and Skills plus the General ones.
You also get some bonus feats depending on your class.

Pick the Feats you want, nobody will tell you what you have to take.

If you want to stack up on Ancestry feats you can
If you want to get lots of skill feats that's your choice

None of this; you get 2 of these, 3 of these and 1 of these.

That and prerequisites for the more powerful feats instead of level gating. F'K I hate level gating. Seriously a Feat chain of prerequisites gives the impression of learning and improving. Level Gating is like getting your ID checked at the bar.

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Malwing wrote:

Anyone else weirded out about SSSS. Gridman?

Like of all the things to make a revival its Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad, and in anime form no less. It went under my radar mostly because my brain didn't even register it as a possibility.

In a perfect world we could get Matt Laurance and Tim Curry for the dub. It'll never happen but damn it would be great if it did.

Gotta say though, that purple haired girl is a damn scary one. I mean that is one hell of an escalation.

You mildly annoyed me, so I'm gonna send a giant monster to rampage through the city just to kill you, and then when reality resets you will be retroactively killed in the past so that you never annoyed me in the first place.

WTH, Girl?! Murder by Time travel, with bonus giant monster attack for Lols.

My theory on the frozen Kaiju that only the Main characters can see is that they are her previous attacks before Gridman showed up to fight against it all.

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breithauptclan wrote:

Adding +1/level to untrained ... Hmm, I think I should phrase this better...

Making it so that characters with no training in a skill still have a marginal chance of success at a level appropriate challenge is so that the content creators can add challenges with obscure success conditions without worrying too much about preventing the players from completing the scenario.

For example, having a door that requires an occultism check to open. That is fine if you have a Bard in the group, or anyone who has taken training in occultism. But any particular group of players may not have that skill among them. If there was no hope of success without training, then the level 15 group of Cleric, Druid, Fighter, and Arcane Sorcerer that don't have occultism trained among them wouldn't have much hope of succeeding at a DC 33 occultism check. At that point the game would get...

you don't need to give everyone training wheels in every skill to do that that. You just need to change your dice philosophy.

Stop worrying about Success/Fail mechanics and use dice rolls as narrative control. The Call of Cthulhu rpg does this very well.

You have a Locked Door and for the adventure to continue that door has to open. Players make a dice roll, but instead of the roll determining success or fail (because frankly fail means the adventure ends here) the roll is about who controls the narrative of the door opening. Player succeeds he gets to describe how he manages to decipher the sigils and solve the occult puzzle, and how his character is so very clever and awesome. Player fails the roll the DM describes how he clumsily fiddles with the sigils, is blasted with a nightmarish vision of cosmic evil but still manages to get the door open, now trembling in fear he peers into the darkness beyond.

Either way door is open and the adventure continues.

2 people marked this as a favorite. now we have yet another resource track to watch. This is needed why?

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Erpa wrote:
Greylurker wrote:

I wanted a better version of 1E.

at this point it's pretty clear I'm not going to get that so my best option is to steal a couple of things that I feel work well and be done with it.

I think we can all generally agree that this is what everyone wants.

Agreement, or even ideas for how this occurs is where a million different ideas come in-or at least a million 'no'responses that arise when looking at PF2 and comparing it to the concept of a better version.

I don't know what a better version of 1E looks like. I haven't seen any poster on these forums lay anything out to describe a better version either.

But there are more than plenty here that say this (PF2) is not it. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my mind around the thought of how to approach all this. If PF2 isn't a better version, doess that means it just automatically fails? If I can remove the thinking of an improved version, is there a chance that this playtest will become a good edition of mechanical roleplaying rules? I'd like to hope so.

It's character creation that's the issue for me.

I like the core system. Combat is really good, magic, skills and proficiency need tweaking but I think they are going the right direction. The whole exploration and downtime modes need a bit of work but the ideas there are solid.

but I loath what they have done to character creation.

at present my "better version of 1E" is I keep character creation from 1E and adapt the core systems of 2E to work with it.

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I wanted a better version of 1E.
at this point it's pretty clear I'm not going to get that so my best option is to steal a couple of things that I feel work well and be done with it.

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I would be in favor of it being tied to your proficiency with your weapon. In fact i wouldn't mind seeing some kind of reaction option being added to each level of weapon proficiency. Like a Parry that works similar to an active shield use and things like that.

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