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I'm in the Area now FYI.

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I'm thinking the Warlock Vigilante or Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue will be my first PFS mech Pilot attempts. I'll be back in Boise in about a week.

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Unless my understanding is wrong. Aren't Hex's Supernatural abilities. Perhaps I missed an errata.

I'm thinking this would open up a few options with Hexcrafter Magus or maybe Bonded Witch.

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I thought about a PFS character with this Archetype. Focus on UMD, Casters's shield and spell storing weapons.

Since PFS doesn't require terrible optimization, this could be a fun human build.


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I need to look into what features of the Inquistor are SU. As my toolbox build could make for a great pilot, or at the least support for one.

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thistledown wrote:
Though while you're looking at vehicles, you could just buy an Airship for only 50,000. Only carries 30 tons, so you still need to be economical about your statues. But makes for a great image right out of Gunparade March.

I love the idea of pulling resources as a team of mech pilots. Or a team supporting one giant mech. It could be filled with win in PFS.

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Very it PFS legal?

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Karai Snillore wrote:

I live near Boise, still Gen Con sounds like a great idea. I'd love to see a 'Mech' Team hit a game. Like, legit, it'd be the best run ever. Find a crazy GM willing to run, a group of players who have built into it, and just, roll out.

In Character the toons would have no idea the sneaky Venture Captains selected all of them for their mechs. So when we all start popping into our suits... BOOM, hilarious results follow.

I'm moving back to the Boise area. I can definitely get behind tag teaming PFS characters to recreate Megas XLR.

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I played a Ninja/Bloodrager. Magus/Alchemist was pretty awesome as well.I kinda want my next gestalt to be an dwarf inquistor(tactics subdomain)/qinggong master of many styles monk.

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Doomed Hero wrote:
Gulthor wrote:

how about a Paladin/Sorcerer-Dragon Disciple with the new feat that allows you to regain missing PrC spell advancement?


Paizo is not ready for Arch shenannigans.

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Mikaze wrote:

Likely varies by the individual and region as well.

In Nidal, Desnan inquisitors do a lot of vigilante work to protect the people, especially Desna worshippers who have to keep their faith secret. This could extend to taking out officials getting too close to their identities, keeping tabs on folks likely to rat out the Desnans to the authorities(which they may try to remedy with diplomacy before force), smuggling refugees out of the country, smuggling missionaries into the country...

Zon-Kuthon inquisitors in Nidal could be about hunting down Desnans(and anyone else, particularly Shelynites) that are attempting to subvert their power structure(these may be remedied by conversion, willing or forced, before death). They probably also hunt down secret Desnans as well. They probably keep tabs on officials within the church to make sure power dynamics are respected, that everyone remembers their place, etc...

Sarenraen inquisitors in Qadira are probably quite busy considering the rampant corruption there. Always on the hunt for church officials in bed with the slave trade, and likely keeping an eye on the more jingoistic members that are pushing for war with Taldor.

In Taldor, Sarenraen inquisitors probably find themselves in a similar position as Desnans in Nidal. They're there mostly to ensure the safety of their goddess' flock.

Gorum inquisitors? Probably generally hunt for boastful warriors and war heroes that don't actually have anything to brag about. Followed by public beatdowns, most likely. They may do the same with those who would use un-Gorum-y tactics in battle, such as disease warfare.

I also sort of saw Gorum's good Inquisitors as Monster Hunters and spy/assassin killers as those ways are less than ideal forms of warfare.

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Maybe you can use this as a segway to add mythic power to bolster your players to battle the beef without making the players outright divine and still make them able to contend?

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I thought about that with Mystic Thuerge and Arcane Trickster.

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Doomed Hero has a mechanic in his games that might apply to this.

There are two types of evil:
Evil by Nature and Evil by Choice

The undead, demons, forth are evil by nature. They are the product of unnatural order or cruelty and thus it is much easier for them to commit evil acts.

Evil by Choice on the other hand has you maniacs, serial killers, and villians of the classic archetypes.

When creating an NPC or character that is evil or good, think about those designations. It should make for some excellent story telling.

If you want to read some excellent examples of this concept, I highly recommend the Dresden Files.

Good luck and happy gaming.

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I've mostly been experimenting with VMC on the NPC classes to make a more unique roster of challenges for my low level campaigns. It is nice for my players to deal with Adepts with splash of Wizard/Cleric, Aristocrats with Bard and Paladin tricks, or Warriors with Magus/Barbarian buffs.

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ChaosTicket wrote:

More like its painfully reinforced how often the game system is broken. It would require a list of houserules to fix things.

Here are some quick ones Ive thought of. Some are very powerful, some are fair.

#1 one feat per level for every character
#2 One increase to a stat of your choice every 2 levels
#3 The new minimum of skill points a class starts out with is 4.
#4 Weapon and Armor proficiencies become 2 new categories of skills
#5 characters with access to either the arcane and/or divine spell lists are not restricted by class unique lists
#6 spell durations and effects are calculated by character level, not caster level.

One of the things to keep in mind, this a group story telling game. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a well built character. However, it is essentially a team game, not an MMO or Skyrim. Your build should not be cover all bases. You don't have all th actions in a combat, nor the solutions to every puzzle. If you have all the answers and can meet any challenge, then there is no point to having a team or playing the game. Write some fantasy mary sue fiction and have a good time.

Though, if you want to play with the team. In football terms the Inquisitor is like a tight end. You have options for defense, offense, and support. You fight better than full casters, you cast better than bloodragers, rangers, and paladins. You can recover or outlast against just about anything.

If you're worried about spotlight moments then play the game. Your fellow players will remember you're actions most when you help them. Protect the wizard from the BBEG's mook, get the healer back on his feat, flank and destroy with the rogue, go back to back with the tank and hold the line, remind the paladin that Justice isn't always nice, track and scout with the ranger, and when you see that monster all you need to say is,"die monster, you don't belong in this world".

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As far as weapon proficiencies go: the above racial methods are viable. Dwarves and Half-Orcs hands down for weapon ability and survival features.

Alternatively, Inquisitors have Bestow Weapon Proficiency on their class list, and it's a worthy choice for combat utility.

It sounds like you want to build a super switch hitter. It can be done, and it's generally how I play. Still it takes a very Batman approach.

Race: Dwarf/Half-orc

Stat array: Dwarf
STR: 15
DEX: 14
CON: 12 (+2)
INT: 12
WIS: 12 (+2)
CHA: 12 (-2)
Traits: Glory of Old, Zest for Battle/Grounded/Defensive Strategist
1st level feat: Steel Soul or Point Blank Shot

Stat array: Half-Orc
STR: 14
DEX: 14
CON: 10 (+2)
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CHA: 10
Traits: Tusked/Veteran of Battle(for melee threat if ranged), Armored Expert or River Rat
1st Level Feat: Adaptability or Point Blank Shot

The Dwarf will have better saves right out the gate while the Half Orc will have better skills and hitpoints. Both are built around a no weakness stat array.

Feats by level
3: Power Attack or Point Blank Shot
5: Barroom Brawler
7: Improved Unarmed Strike
9: Snake Style
11: Precise Shot, Versatyle Weapon, or Two Weapon Fighting

Pretty much the build centers around your ability to quickly swap feats. At level three for a minute a day you can switch hit or focus on archery. Level 4 you can swap out teamwork feats and any other combat feat you need for a minute. At level 8; you're fully up for any combat. Two swapable feats (thanks to Barroom Brawler and Weapon Master) and swapable teamwork feats. With Bane/Judgement/Spell use: you outfight anything you focus on. Ontop of that Snake style let's you use a skill check(sense motive) as armor class. Inquistiors are ridiculously good at sense motive.

I hope that helps.

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I personally use them as a tool as a GM. Mostly to give newbies a starting ground on their chosen class, or to help the "role" players with their character progression planning.

I'm tempted to take my own stabs at a few guides/builds.

Keep up the good work.

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Because George Lucas/Walt Disney get that gold yo!

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Nice...I've been very interested in making an alchemist that uses a gunlance or charge blade.

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Stone to flesh should still work on the pieces that were previously transmuted.

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Use the variant multiclassing from unchained. You should be able toeget the results you want.

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Have you considered the Kensai route?

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Chess Pwn wrote:

spell eater gets fast healing a can swift action heal like lay on hands.

Steelblooded gets heavy armor like the paladin.
Destined bloodline can get good saves, but other bloodlines do other things.
So it's hard to compare paladin, which are all basically the same, to bloodragers when bloodrager has so many options.

I missed the Spell Eater Archetype. Good call. Also: Metal as all get out.

Both really have a lot of options. I think the Paladin is a bit better suited to be a team player. Both have the ability to be a back up face.

I think most of the OP's goals are addressed. I'm just double checking to see if there is a more specific role in mind.

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Chess Pwn wrote:
Are you thinking of any specific archetypes for bloodragers? It makes it easier to compare if you want to compare an archetype to paladin than if you're asking for bloodrager and all it's archetypes compared to paladin.

I'm not seeing anyway to self heal as a bloodrager. Unless you use some of the VMC options.

We're throwing a lot of options at you, but this is looking more of a one man party setup up.

The Bloodrager in a nutshell is like a magus, rather than gishing fighter/wizard. They added Sorceror to Barbarian. I've mostly seen them played as arcane tanks. They can definitely hit hard and get some blasty and utility spells, but mostly they hit hard and have some magic.

Paladins, they are good at tanking and killing evil things. A Paladin can take more punishment than a Bloodrager, but their spell support is on the support side. Both are good options to play.

The build I suggested gives you a bit more utility, and emergency healing. Still you need to sort of figure out what exactly you want to do with the build. There is a well of knowledge here, but it doesn't seem like we can help you build the best toy till we know what you really want. Looking back at your Original Post, you could Accomplish a lot of your goals as a Bard or Alchemist, Oracle, or even an Investigator

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Alex Mack wrote:

Just had a long post eaten by the post monster.

I'd consider a finesse TWF dagger build which uses the returning weapon talent to add an extra tactical option for full attacking on a regular basis.

Daggers cause deific obedience Pharasma compensates for the lack of to hit bonuses.

And take the River Rat Trait

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Ninja2/Paladin3(4 if Oathbound Sacred Servant)/ShadowdancerX

Charisma gives you tricks, you have sneak attack. Your saves will be Awesome! And you can get some mileage out of the Paladin Features. This is my Divine Batman Build in a nutshell.

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Drakkiel wrote:
Any ideas on domains if I decide against sin eater?

Tactics Subdomain. Win at Initiative and have a floating combat feat. Take Barroom Brawler as well. Then you can tailor yourself to most threats with a round of prep.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:

Yeah...I'd go Slayer with this. You get more skills and almost as many Feats, and Studied Target gives a flat bonus on a variety of skills that would stack with the listed stuff.

Additionally, I'd drop Cha to 8, buy Int and Con to 14, and grab Student of Philosophy.

That drops your Intimidate, Perform, and Handle Animal by -2, but ups your skill points per level, and actually makes you better (to the tune of +8 rather than +7) at most uses of Bluff and Diplomacy. And it gives you skill points and hit points every level. Which is really nice.

In terms of weapon, just go with a giant two-handed weapon. The only Feat you need to be awesome with that is Power Attack. A few others are handy (and buyable) but not necessary in the least.

So...that version would have the following stats at 5th:

Str 17
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 8

Feats: Fast Learner, Improvisation, Improved Improvisation, Power Attack, Weapon Focus,

Skills: Acrobatics +10, Bluff +10 (+7 to feint), Intimidate +7, Knowledge (Dungeonering) +10, Knowledge (Local) +10, Perception +9, Sense Motive +9, Stealth +10, Survival +9 (+11 for Tracking), and maxed ranks in one other skill (maybe Linguistics for extra languages...or a skill added to your list with a Trait...UMD is a great choice, low Cha or not).

And can gain a +2 on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks vs. Studied Targets. This will also apply to Disguise, Intimidate, and Stealth starting at 7th level.

That's just a much better build in most ways than the Fighter version IMO.

The Fighter version can eventually catch up in number of skills via Advanced Weapon Training, but they never get the Studied Target bonus on said skills.

That is my "generic hero" fighter build for the most part.

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Hexcrafter Magus can be what your looking for

Go Dwarf with Glory of Old and Bladed Magic as your traits. You get a boast to dwarven saves +1, and double the enchantment time on weapons from the ancane pool.

For your first feat pick up Steel Soul. Plus +5 to saves versus spells, spell like abilities thanks to Hardy, Glory of Old, and this.

As a hexcrafter, you're going to gain access hexes and arcana. The best picks for your idea;
1) Flight: +4 to swim, featherfall at will, and minutes of flying at per class level
2) Healing Hex: cure light wounds that evolves to cure moderate as a spell like ability, then pick up The Greater verison.
3) Prensile hair: Third hand with reach that uses your intelligence in place of strength. Or you can use it to hold a potion, rod, or other item while fighting. I personall like to use it for combat mauevers against flanked or flat footed foes.
4) Cauldron: incase you want brew potion, not something I take normally, but thematic with dwarven brewing, and there are a few handy utility spells you might want to keep for yourself and party.

Arcana; there's a lot of handy Arcana for you.
1) Familiar, if you don't go Bladebound Pick this up
2) Arcane Accuracy; combine with Haste for maximum Results.
3) Spell Shield: When you need an immediate armor boost, especially when flanked at low levels.
4)Manuever Mastery. I suggest you go trip, disarm or steal
5) If you go Bladebound, Flambouyant Arcana is another nice option. Pick up Arcane Deed as well and choose Derring-Do, Targeted Stab, and Evasive.
6) Spell Scars: worrks a back up spell book and scribe scroll for you.

Feats: You get some bonus feats as a Magus, I suggest using them on combat or arcana/hexes. Some good choices based on versatility and my suggestions;
Improved Familiar; Pseudodragon, Brownie, and and Cassiun Angel come to mind.

Extra Acane Pool; it doesn't hurt to oe able to pull off a few more tricks.

The Kirin Style is a solid choice for you as well. Really rewards the Knowldge is power dynamic.

Amateur Gunslinger/Swashbuckler are handy if you don't pick up Flamboyant Arcana and Arcane Deed. Pair this Evasive Dare and you're golden.

Amateur Investigator is a solid way to boost some skills. Depends on how skill oriented you want to be. Consider Picking up Studied Combatant as well.

Inexplicable luck is not a bad choice if you need situational boostse

Toughness is a solid choice and themeatic with a dwarf. I'd pick up this and diehard if you grab a familiar.

Fast Healer is also a great addition to these two. If you're forsaking improved familiar.

Barroom Brawler is Handy, effectively giving you acess to any combat feat you qualify for a minute get the most milage by picking up improved unarmed Strike, Power Attack, or Point Blank Shot.

The Dimesional Agility line is handy for you combatwise.

Hex Strike; If going Kirin Style path, consider this. Bear in mind hexcrafter magi already get curses they can spellstrike with.

Lunge is not a bad idea if you forgoe Prehensile Hair.

Unfettered Familiar is a great option for you if you like familiars.

Weapon focus and specialization are never bad choices.

Spells: mix it up wands, but you've got some great options infernal healing and vampiric touck will keep you going. See the Magus Guides though, a. I just essentially wrote the Magus one man party guide here.

If you want some dip builds consider these;
1) Aismar Brawler2/Ninja/2/Swashbuckler(Muske*eer Achetype is also nice)1/Inquisitor with Tactics Subdomain 15. Invest in wings and halo feats.
2) Half Elf Beastmorph Vivisectionst Alchemist 3/Ninja2/Bladesinger Magus(or any variant really)15. Make use of Spontanius Healing Discovery, Splash Weapons, The forgoten ninja trick, deeds and paragon surge.
3) Human Brawler2/Samurai(ronin)3/Oathbound Divine Harrier Paladin5/Holyvindicator10. Take unsactioned Knowledge and Eldric Heritage. You'll have high saves, some versitility, combat prowess, and can switchhit on par withe a ranger.

Hope that wall of text gives you some ideas.

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Imrijka all round.

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Hmm, tough call. I've got a decent spread. My high is likely Con and my low is more than likely Charisma.

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LoneKnave wrote:

Slayer. Conan is by DnD stereotypes a rogue as well as a warrior; he doesn't usually drive himself into a frenzy so I'd say he is not a barbarian.

Slayer is fighter++ and rogue++ anyway, so that also helps.

That or Brawler 2/Ninja 2/One handed fighter

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Change the spell list to the adept spell list and that will give healing and base magic abilities without going to overboard as the one man party.

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Doomed Hero wrote:

Tibet springs to mind. A nation of Buddhists led by (arguably) the most peaceful leader in the world.

Then in 1950 China decided they would be better off without neighbors like that.

with a side note: Defended by Ninja

Though I will say that Scouting (boy/girl/cub/venture) in the ideal form is Lawful Good.

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Flavor Mechanic that was inspired by playing with Doomed Hero years ago.

Arcane Magic healing hurts, plan and simple, you are using non creation energy to interact with life.

Divine Magic Healing doesn't hurt, the energy of life is part of life.

What I would propose is that Infernal Healing is evil because it is a Bastardization of Divine Healing Magic. It's converting life energy into arcane to mend the body. Pretty much you're taking time from the victim's lifespan overall to cure them in the moment.

alternatively, the spell is evil, because the recipient is partially demonic while healing. in my games, a being under the affects of Infernal Healing is smite-able.

Coming back to playing with Doomed Hero is the difference in evil by nature versus evil by choice. The Magus/Sorcerer/wizard who casts Infernal Healing to save a life is not committing an evil act, despite using an evil tool. The cleric/inquisitor/war-priest who waterboards an enemy with Create Water, is doing something evil with a good tool.

Hope that is some good food for thought.

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If you are looking at straight up Utility I recommend A Bard/ScrollMaster Wizard. It really pops at ten, but until then you can have an shield bonus as a wizard that also let's you have spells at the ready as the scroll blade and shield count as in hand and ready. At ten you can use your caster level in place of a scrolls, essentially giving you plenty of excess slots. Couple it with the Bard's flexibility and you have a very "Gambit" style character.

If you're looking more on the martial side of the utility I recommend going Hexcrafter Bladebound Magus/Spellsage Wizard. you lose some of the Bards floating buffs and tricks, but gain; a scaling magic weapon, access to some wicked SLAs, great combat ability, and spontaneous casting from 3 additional spell lists. Best of all at level six you can do anything you want. I'd invest into Kirin style with this build as opposed to Dervish Dance.

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When I open up the leadership feat to my players, usually I give them a selection of NPC stat arrays from the game or my stable of npcs. I find this keeps the leadership tied to the story and prevents munchkining the feat too much. Since most of these npcs are 4-7th level, they have options but don't break the party. I do allow the players to influence their development. IE if a wizard takes my Mage Hunter Ranger npc as a cohort, he may convince the Ranger to become a shadow dancer or inquisitor. I aim to have 60 percent influence on the cohort to keep them from being just another line on my initiative tracker.

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I personall want to use redemed kobold to make an InquisitorlDragon Disciple

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I recomend tactics. You get to win initiative or make somebody else win initiative the get a floating combat feat to work with. Your floating team work feat.

The theme allows you to act first and quicklyl stack your tactics in your favor at the cost of a swift action.

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You could pull it off with inquistor. Focus on the repeating crossbows and unarmed combat. Use the tactics subdomain for initiative wins. Stern gaze plus serpent style means hat you have all the armor class in the world. And at level 8 you pop with the weapon master domain ability. I see two builds I could do. I'll post them in a bit.

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I like your take two version. I'll playtest it in my group and see how it handles. I'll also run it through some mock battles with some of my premades. Honestly, I would be all right with trading Arcana for the combat ability. I'll also stat out a few variants; dragon disciple, eldritch knight, archane archer and maybe dawnflower dissident or hellknight signiferr.

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I'd allow it. Simply house rule the damages for the players. Essentially you're Charater's have justified the use of the stick check.

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The Vanilla Inquisitor syncs well with other classes.For theme pairing with a Paladin or Cleric covers the holy warriors angle. Ranger for the Monster Hunting angle. Bard, rogue, ninja, or alchemist for the skilled and trcky theme. Summoners, Conjuration school wizards or any class with a focus on allies can benefit from haaing an inquisitor about.t

You can get a lot of mileage out of shared judgements, the spell that yields teamwork feats to your allies. the inquisitor has a lot of versitility and can be built to change for the situation at hand if you need an everyman/woman.

All honesty though; go inquisitor and arcane duelist bard. You will have plenty of tricks and will be able to add to any party you join.

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Hmm... just a couple of quick ideas.

Don't drop bane, it's the main source of damage for an inquisitor. If I u want to limit it that's fine, but i would actually look at making it the main focus of the class.

Swap out the solotactics and teamwork feats for fighter level -3 and access to combat feats.

Trade medium armor and shield proficency for weapon focus. Keep simple the inquisitor weapon proficencies.

If you are bent ontaking bane, consider fluffing the with monk abilities. for a better idea here ismy take on the inquisitor archetype sacred fist. it's on the pathfinder database.

Good luck.

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I just moved to Boise Area myself. I am looking to get into a game and possible do some PFS. I'm from california. So commutting the greater boise area is just fine by me.

I live in Meridian, but will travel.

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I took a shot at this a while ago...though I made mine an inquisitor archetype.

Sacred Fist

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Caedwyr wrote:
PRD, Dragon Disciple wrote:
Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation. If the character has sorcerer levels, he must have the draconic bloodline. If the character gains levels of sorcerer after taking this class, he must take the draconic bloodline.

Just out of left field, but wouldn't being able to cast a 1st-level arcane spell from a scroll work to qualify for this as well? I mean, if you are just buying the scroll, you aren't really preparing it the the traditional "how to prepare spells" sense.

I like where you are going with that, though, i feel that it is a little cheat-y for me.

Mnemonic Enhancer and Spell Mastery, can simulate some spontanious spellcasting ability, IMO. Which I would say a feat heavy build of Heightenspell, Prefered Spell (Mneonic Enhancer), Spell Mastery, and Enschew Materials would simulate spontanious casting in a fair sense thus why I'm tossing out my idea with Magus.

I already would allow this is my game, as a player is investing feats and resources to a concept, I let them play that concept. However this is more about learning other GMs take on the idea, which is cool with me.

I've enjoyed the input and the debate.

and later, I will redefine the word "and" to allow all sorts of additional shenanigans.

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Theconiel wrote:
Gravefiller613 wrote:

I know this is an old topic, but I'm trying to find out if the loophole I found is legit.

If a witch, Wizard or Magus took Preferred spell; does that qualify them for DD's spontanious casting requirement?

As a DM I'd allow it, but if I were to build for somebody else's game or a society session, would this be considered legal? If I don't get a response, I'll post this quandry as a a topic.

I agree that it would not be allowed - how do you gain levels in Preferred spell? It is not a class.

The idea would be to mainain the magus spell progression in this build. This is not a super optimized idea. More along the lines of, "I wonder if this works"

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I've seen some of the arguements that the knowledge pool is spontanious casting. I am not of that school. I look at it as a more adaptable constant mnemonic enhancer.

i'll take a look at the cabalist, or I'll work on an archetype.

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