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thistledown wrote:
Though while you're looking at vehicles, you could just buy an Airship for only 50,000. Only carries 30 tons, so you still need to be economical about your statues. But makes for a great image right out of Gunparade March.

I love the idea of pulling resources as a team of mech pilots. Or a team supporting one giant mech. It could be filled with win in PFS.

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ChaosTicket wrote:

More like its painfully reinforced how often the game system is broken. It would require a list of houserules to fix things.

Here are some quick ones Ive thought of. Some are very powerful, some are fair.

#1 one feat per level for every character
#2 One increase to a stat of your choice every 2 levels
#3 The new minimum of skill points a class starts out with is 4.
#4 Weapon and Armor proficiencies become 2 new categories of skills
#5 characters with access to either the arcane and/or divine spell lists are not restricted by class unique lists
#6 spell durations and effects are calculated by character level, not caster level.

One of the things to keep in mind, this a group story telling game. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a well built character. However, it is essentially a team game, not an MMO or Skyrim. Your build should not be cover all bases. You don't have all th actions in a combat, nor the solutions to every puzzle. If you have all the answers and can meet any challenge, then there is no point to having a team or playing the game. Write some fantasy mary sue fiction and have a good time.

Though, if you want to play with the team. In football terms the Inquisitor is like a tight end. You have options for defense, offense, and support. You fight better than full casters, you cast better than bloodragers, rangers, and paladins. You can recover or outlast against just about anything.

If you're worried about spotlight moments then play the game. Your fellow players will remember you're actions most when you help them. Protect the wizard from the BBEG's mook, get the healer back on his feat, flank and destroy with the rogue, go back to back with the tank and hold the line, remind the paladin that Justice isn't always nice, track and scout with the ranger, and when you see that monster all you need to say is,"die monster, you don't belong in this world".

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I personally use them as a tool as a GM. Mostly to give newbies a starting ground on their chosen class, or to help the "role" players with their character progression planning.

I'm tempted to take my own stabs at a few guides/builds.

Keep up the good work.

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Imrijka all round.

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As Player I look at it as you have three responsibilities.

1) Responsibility to the Group. Pretty much this sums up to "don't be a dick", as stated by W.W. Your party is your team and the guys/gals you have fun with. You're there to help them have fun. If you can't be a member of a team, then you should rethink what you want out of gamming...or write fiction. At the same time, try to communicate and resolve issues in a calm and thought out manner.

2) Responsibility to the GM/Game. You need to treat the GM with all respect due. Like it or not, that person is putting effort out to make sure that the group has a good time. Show up on time, don't be a bad guest, and be appreciative of their work. Make sure you understand what the DM plans on doing and if the game style is something you're ok with.

3) Responsibility to yourself. You're there to have a good time and play. However just because you are giving to others, doesn't mean you should not have soemthing for yourself. Find soemthing fun that works with the others, but won't bore you to play. Finally if the game/Gm/ or other players aren't meshing with you, talk to them about it. You deserve to have a good time. Not everyone has the same comfort levels or expectations. If there isn't a compromise, it's ok to leave the group.

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Trees are helpless, you should coup de grais them to destroy them faster.

The firefighter in me is sad...while the saddist is laughing.

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654: It is odd to have inside jokes with your familiar.
655: Familiars cannot be insured.
656: The Ghost sounds must be kept PG13
657: Mage Hand and Unseen Servant are to only be used for questing purposes.
658: Don't feed the owlbears.
659: Don't Tempt the succubi.
670: Don't Animate beds
671: Do not legendlore cheap inns

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585: A vengeful druid may not summon "Redneck Trees"
586: Just because the party beat a devil at it's own game does not mean the party gets away clean.
587: The party may not recreate "the devil went down to georgia"
588: A Party may not be comprised of an Enchanter named Venkman, a Diviner named Stantz, a Generalist Name Spengler and a Ranger named Zeddemore in Carrion Crown.
589: Jade Regent may not be renamed Cowboy, Ninja, Viking, and Wizard vs The World
590: Siege Equipment/ Eidolins may not combine to form Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

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568: Combination is is not a Wizard specialization
569: Even if it's legit, you can not cast three spells in a round.
570: Don't get mad at the party who told you not to attack the unarmed man.
571: A limb is no longer considered an item you may cast invisibility on.
572: Monks can nolonger be the subject of your Explosive Runes.
573: You will adventure with your clothes on
574: Disguise self is no subsitute for the above.
575: If you build a castle/stronghold/fortress...expect to protect it.
576: Dwarven Transmuters are not allowed in an all wizard party
577: Whoever is crazy enough to run an all wizard game, deserves what they get.

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Favorite Low level combos

Sleep + any Summon 50' above target.

Invisibility + Spiritual Weapon

Produce Flame + Pyrotechnics

Favorite Mid Level Combos

Stone to Flesh + Cantagion

Telekinetic Sphere + Create Water

Summon Swarm + Forcecage

Elemental Wall Spell + Summon same Elementals

High Level Combos

Spider Climb + Reverse Gravity

Levitate + Meteor Storm

Prismatic Wall + Telekinesis

Contingency + Anything

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Beardfist Fist-Beard. Dwarven Monk with an animated awakened monk beard. It was a frightenly entertaining game.

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546: Any of the spells in the Create Demiplane series cease to exist when I begin playing.
547: It is Sphere Walker of Desna, not Speared Walker of Desna
548: Ranger's may not not have favored enemy "wenches"
549: Barbarians can
550: Immune to Disease as a class feature does not count as contraception
551: Immune t poisin may not be used as an excuse to cover the body in poisin and then start putting ranks into "profession harlot/giggilo"
552: No that is not a variant on assassin.
553: Shadow Dancers do not have the "flashdancer" archetype.

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504: "Weapon Focus: Bodypart" is not an acceptable use of the feat.
505: Throw anything does not equal "Lethal Cream Pies"
506: I may not describe a dirty trick in detail excessing 5 words.
507: These words must be PG rated.
508: Scalping is and other such trophies are frowned upon.
509: Even if that is tame compared to orges.
510: Just because Paizo pays homage, doesn't mean the players have to take it to the next level.
511: There are no "Tactic-Cool" Feats
512: There is no language "pantamime"
513: Schitzophrenia may not be used to play more than one sterotype.
514: The Master chymst may not be a pc and the BBEG...ever again.
515: Any class feature or ability with the name "tentacle" must be used responsibly.
516: Charging admission is not "Responsibly"
517: Even if the profits are going to an orphanage.
518: Just because Cayden Cailean approves, doesn't mean even else does.
519: A political statement is not a valid arguement, excuse, or reason.
520: The military has a chain of command, The gamemaster has rocks that fall and everybody dies.

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418: There is no ethnic contex for spells. Only race, and by race we mean elf, human, dwarf ect.
419: There is no spell "Identify NPC"
420: Golarion does not have trade embargo's set against Ebberon.
421: A cowboy, ninja, and wizard can all walk into a bar.
422: They may also walk into a tavern.
423: Golorian does not have a "4th wall"
424: You may not attempt to sunder it.
425: Casting gate to access content from other IP's also has an out of game cost.
426: You may not scry on the "Iconics"
427: Play nice with matter how small.
428: The same goes for alchemists.
429: Do not hum any pokemon themesongs around summoners.
430: Do not make Disney references to a druid.
431: Do not tip the bard.
432: Under no circumstance should you tug on the Lord of Iron's cape.
433: Halfing parties should not be refered to as "boy bands"
434: Monty Python references need to be more obscure than the "quest for the Holy Grail"
435: Cliches in general are loooked down upon....after all we can only have some many orphaned swordsmen.

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401: Golarion does not have an Achievement system
402: Your exp is your gammerscore
403: If you break the game...fix it.
404: Rule not found
405: Just because a halfling and gnome SWAT team can exist mechanically...doesn't mean they should.
406: Control weather my not be used for ecoterrorism.
407: You may not use Phantasmal Killer for actual TERRORism.
408: TERRORism is not a good pun.
409: Making bad puns costs you 5 exp.
410: Souls may not be used as currency.
411: ...even if the rules and setting openly state it.
412: Maybe high level clown souls are ok.
413: You may not use profession mime, robot impersonator, or model while in full adventuring gear.
414: Prestidigitation is banned from any meal setting.
415: Necromancers are nolonger allowed to babysit.

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336: Do not immitate monkies when utilizing "throw anything"
337: I shall not refer to Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike as "Improved pimp slap"
338: I shall not refer Smiting as the "D#%&slap of God"
339: "because I'm a F&$@ing Dwarf" is not an acceptable reason
340: Nor is it an answer
341: Nor is it an occupation
342: or Religion
343: This is not a Halo reference
344: Nuetral Good is not reasonably justification to be mean to evil characters.
345: I am not allowed to have the following professions; Lawyer, wine-taster, or Bordello Inspector.
346: When playing an inquisitor....I cannot select; pompus nobles, common thieves, or clowns as targets of the Bane Weapon Ability.
347: It is unlawful as a monk to trip, grapple, and pin a wizard then to use Caught off gaurd on the wizards familiar whilest saying "quit hitting yourself"
348: The star knife is not the cross from castlevania.
349: You can't be a the "good lich"
350: I cannot have an animated stuffed tiger.
351: the wrench knife is not a gnomish weapon
352: a gnomish pyromancer specializing in transmutation and unarmed combat may not be named mario.
353: I may not describe in any detail every, a transformation sequence for my synthesyst summoner.
354: Stop playing "fanfare" after a combat ends

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Nah...Pathfinder needs a nice beat 'em up like shadow over Mystaria. Capcom has produced several D&D titles...pathfidner's art should be right up their alley. At least that ow the director of marketing sees it.

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Woe wrote:

This is an amazing thread! I love hearing cool anecdotes from other players about their truly memorable experiences. This one actually made me laugh:

beholderbob wrote:

Perhaps not the nicest thing...

I was in a 2nd edition game with a rogue/wizard and another player had found a gemstone he thought might be magic. He asked me to examine it. I did - it held three wishes. Heh. I examined it a bit more. "Hmm, this is a tough one. I sure wish I was smarter. Lets see. No, that won't work. I wish I was a more powerful wizard. If I were, I'm sure I'd figure this out in no time." I had him by me a drink, finished it, then returned to examining his gem. "My friend, this gem has a failing enchantment on it, it was being enchanted, but the process was never completed, it would have been added to a pommel of a sword to make it a frost brand. I wish my sword was a frostbrand. Oh well, here's your gem. Sorry it doesn't do anything."


Usually when I play a caster take on the profession scribe and/or if allowed lawyer.

In the campaign we were in. Through use of clever planning, a flying goblin and a spider climb; our party captured a Djinn. The GM had aparently been looking forward to use wishes to mess with our characters.

Then djinn made no effort to show that it had no intention of cooperating with our characters. So the party, sans myself huddle up to discuss how to use the wishes to further our goals. The GM figures that my character is ready to wish. He has the djinni aproach my character.

"You look like you have the mind to speak for these simpletons, will you wish for them?" to be fair, my character was indeed smarter and much cleaner than the rest of the party. Considering the party consisted of a Paladin, Ranger, Scout, and my Cleric.

"Yes but first I need to draft something", this stopped the party chatter, and the DM.


"Yes, I need to know the DC of writing my wishes in a the form of a contract that will be most beneficial to my companions."

Stumbling at my idea. The GM retorted.

"You don't have the knowledge have the the culture and laws of the Djinn"

Being smug and slightly expecting such a developement. "For my first wish Djinn I want you to summon me an up to date manifesto of all the legal code from your noble family. Then I caste Comprehend Langauges", so my character studies Genie legal code for a week, while the other players wait. They were more veteran than I, and wanted to see what I had come up with. The GM suprised, relents and figures DCs would be based on the Djinn's wisdom check. Poor guy rolled a total 14. My profession check came out at a total 32.

My second wish was for him to through the contract wishin for a ring of three wishes and when released from my service an unlimited vowe of nonreprisal.

The third wish was for him to stay on our plane for one month as my party's guest. Which gave the Ranger and the Scout time to plan his second capture.

Because of that, my GM has a house rule of no profession lawers, notoraries, or clerics of the knowledge domain.

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A party I was running in a thieves guild vs assasin guild plot, had the most distinct Gnome Bard I've ever played with. The other members of the party included a pyromaniac evocation specialist elf, and a rogue/fighter who was a member of the thieves guild. The elf and the theif were both pretty much nuetral unless the elf could burn something, or the thief could make a profit with acceptable risk. The Bard was very much a "heroine".

The plot that the pcs were involved in delt with the Assasins Guild attempting the absorb the Thieves Guild. Due Bard's Idealism, the party was attempting to infiltrate the assassins guild and try to get a list of operative or valuable plans to the thieves guild.

Needless to say, they get caught. How? The Bard carries herself like a paladin in shiny armor and weapons, the literaly rolled will saves to against his pyromania, and the rogue was caught in the middle. The party was very much about character concepts, and used the mechanics geared toward making themselves more interesting, not optimal.

Enter the holding cell. The rogue figures that after the party is interrogated, they are going to be killed, unless they have something useful to offer the other guild. The Bard...really hates the idea of any sort of imprisonment or slavery uses message to tell the rogue she has a plan. She uses disguise self to look as much like a battered human child as possible. She has a plan to distract the gaurd long enough that they'll distracted long enough for the rogue to make a move.

As GM I had planned that the Assassins guild was going to offer the group to work as double agents.

The Bard asks to make a perception check and a sense motive. The first to see if the man comming in was the one who captured the party, and the second was to look cage how compassionate he looked at her. He wasn't the guy, and he looked sympathetic to her child disguise.

When he unlocked her cell door, she has her character cover and make a bluff check. Her check being...

"Are you going to beat me like he did?"

I dropped my pencil and jaw and break game for a moment. I ask her "Why would you do that?". Obviously I'm in awe...or at least quite dumbstruck. She rationalized to me not even skipping a beat.

"assassins are usually evil, at least good people think killing for money is evil. Guys who beat children are more evil. If this guy turns on the gaurd, then he's redeemable and I don't have to kill him. If he doesn't then I'm sure he's flatfooted to the child about to choke him to death with the garrote improvised from the manacles she's wearing."

I stare at her in disbelief as does the player of the elf. The rogue is grinning like a madman. Then she finishes.

"Besides it's not like he's innocent".

The gaurd ended up being killed by the new guy. The rogue killed the new guy, and after they recovered their weapons and gear, proceeded to burn this assassins guild hide out to the ground.

I'm not sure if her rationalization counts as metagamming, but I've played several games with this group and to this day it I still feel stunned by that move. It is still one of the best examples of how much I enjoy playing with people who really get into character. Outside of Game the player doesn't act like her character at all, but in game she really carries a game through her reactions and rationals when in her "personas". I miss that group.