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So who is still playing first ed? Are you currently playing? If so, what are you playing(AP, Module, Home brew, etc.)and what race and class are you and your group playing?

Our current AP is Strange Aeons.

I am playing a Spiritualist(Phantom Blade)(M)

The rest of the party is a Aquatic Elf Swashbuckler(F), Human Barbarian(F), Ratfolk Witch(M), and Human Gunslinger/Alchemist(Gun Chemist)(M).

I am playing 1st edition still. Our group is split among two APs. We are wrapping up Rise of the Rune Lords and have just started Wrath of the Righteous. The only reason RRL hasn't finished is we don't want to do the final fight until everyone can be present. We are 3 sessions in with Wrath of the Righteous.

My rise of the rune lords character is a level 17 gnome wizard/pathfinder savant. We have a half-elf cleric, an elven arcane archer, a human bard, a silver dragon monk, a dwarven paladin, and a human arcanist.

My Wrath of the Righteous character is a level 2 human cavalier/hunter. We have a human sorcerer/cleric, an ifrit slayer, a Lashunta gunslinger, and a human paladin. We have two other players that in theory will be playing but have not yet been able to make it to any games, hence why we haven't run the last fight for the previous AP.

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Still playing PF1e, staying in PF1e, probably will go back to 5e before looking at PF2e.

Last book of Kingmaker AP for one game, also in a homebrew campaign. Both PF1e.

Kingmaker has:
Female Aasimar ZAM/Inquisitor
Male Dhampir Slayer
Male Druid with a custom race
Male Half-Elf Slayer/Rose Warden

Homebrew campaign has:
Male Drow Noble Arcane Duelist Bard
Male Tiefling/Werewolf Ranger
Male Tiefling Gun-Priest

The Exchange

Still playing 1st Edition...

Still playing PFS...

Most recent game (scenario) played: Nov 19, #10-23—Passing the Torch, Part 2: Who Speaks for the Ten

Most recent game run: Nov 12, #31: Sniper in the Deep

Preparing to play the Mod: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament

Prepping to run: Echoes of the Everwar Part 2: The Watcher of Ages

Also Prepping to run the AP: Carrion Crown soon (expect to run it for a year... In Campaign Mood)

Our gaming group still plays first edition. Unlike those who rush to grab the latest game system, electronics, etc. we are slow to change. We have been together since the early 2000's with only a few changes in personnel. Our present game is a home brew world of our DM/St/Guy who loves almost all forms of D&D and Pathfinder up to 3.5 and 1st edition Pathfinder. We have an elf unchained Rogue, a Hunter who switches between sludge or whatever and elf, an Asimar Magus, and my character who is a Dwarf Battlemage and just turned into a Half-Dragon (It sucks when you die and the only deity around is a dragon God). Although becoming half Dragon makes my character a kick butt fighter.

Maybe somewhere down the road, we might switch to 2nd edition but now we are waiting till all the bugs get removed. Mostly we hate buying books and then have to buy all new books.

There are still a lot of PBP 1e games. Live PFS1 play has more or less dried up.

We are legion.

Currently running The Emerald Spire/Thornkeep on Roll20 and Freeing Nethus from Kobold Press in person.

Currently playing in Ravenloft using Mythic Adventures as well as Return of the Runelords. We just started book three, Runeplague.

In Runelords, I'm playing an Arrowsong Muse bard from Korvosa with one mythic tier.

In Ravenloft, I'm playing my long running Pathfinder character, Brother Fen, who is currently 13th druid/6th monk/2nd pathfinder chronicler.

Still playing and running 1st edition. It's mostly PFS currently, since my home campaign is on hiatus until the new year at the earliest. I have too many PFS PCs to list briefly here; there are 15 with at least 1 XP, with the two highest recently reaching Seeker tier.

Some of us will be starting a couple of APs in PFS mode around the new year. The plan is to alternate between two (Giantslayer and Shattered Star), with several levels of Emerald Spire to fill in gaps in getting to the right levels. We'll have 2 GMs, one for each AP, and they'll split the E.S. filler levels. Much of the impetus for this is the fact that it's getting much harder to find PFS scenarios that enough of us haven't played, and about half the group for this venture have never played an AP. I'll be playing a Shoanti ranger who beats things with an earth breaker. (I haven't done a pure DPS melee build before, so this will be interesting.)

If and when my home game resumes, it's a homebrew setting, and the intent is to go from 1st to 20th level (they're 5th currently), probably with some mythic tiers later on. I will NOT be converting that game to 2E, even if we do ever end up mostly switching editions for our other games (which is far from a given yet). Far too much of the campaign's premise is dependent on 1st ed. mechanics, and at least one of my players absolutely HATES the idea of converting characters mid-campaign. (We've done it before, and her character suffered the most from core abilities radically changing.)

Silver Crusade

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I'm running Strange Aeons and Hell's Rebels under PF1, but there's almost certain chance that both groups will switch to PF2 once APG (complete with tieflings, aasimars and dhampirs, which we have aplenty) lands next summer.

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Over the past 35 years my group and I have spent collectively thousands of dollars on hundreds of books for different iterations of D&D. We have decided that at least for most of us Pathfinder 1e is the last we spend any real money on and it's the game we'll probably one day "retire" from.

As a player: Tyrant's Grasp. I am playing a Venerable Barbarian VMC Wizard. He is accompanied by a Cleric of Saranrae, a Paladin of Saranrae, and an Aether Kineticist.

As a DM: I am running a homebrew game featuring a bit of houserules and some variant content from Unchained, with custom mechanics I borrowed from PF2E and D&D 5E (mostly for cantrips and multiclassing spellcasters).

I am also playing in a PF2E game online through roll20 and have one character for the 2E pathfinder society. I figure I'd learn the system a bit more before I pass final judgement on it. As of right now, it only has interesting mechanics that I'd like to borrow and tweak to enhance my PF1E games (luck/hero point mechanics and action economy). I have no actual plans to make the switch to PF2E.

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I am kind of happy that PF1e has become static/locked in place.

Can't expect much in the way of new content or new answers to old questions...

Which is fine because that leaves it up to the GM.

The stranglehold has been loosened a bit. All the rulebook heroes have shifted their focus towards PF2e, and now we are a little bit freer to be creative with how we play PF1e.

Bladed Brush? Sure, go ahead, why not... everyone that cares to argue is too busy scrutinizing PF2e.

These are the 87 classes you have to choose from, don't expect any new ones any time soon... which is fine, because you can literally do just about anything and everything you can imagine within the classes that exist within PF1e.

These are the 12,000,000 feats you have to choose from, don't expect any new ones any time soon... which is fine, because you can literally do just about anything and everything you can imagine within the feats that exist in PF1e.

Now that it's static, it's open to homebrew and GM interpretation. You're not constantly playing catch up with the latest content, now you can just leisurely play with it as a whole. No surprises with a new spell or feat that just came out. It's all right there in front of you in its entirety.

As long as the PF1e section of this forum stays open, I don't see any reason to explore PF2e any time soon, honestly.

Currently gming homebrew. Hoping to get into some additional games as a player as well.

Our last campaign was The Mummy's Mask. That AP was fun and we had three characters that were good at disarming traps.

My character was a Human Aether Kineticist(F). Loved that character and such a fun class.

The rest of the party was a Half-Elf Alchemist(Crypt Breaker)(M), Aasimar Sorceress(Bronze Dragon + Orc), Aasimar Brawler/Warpriest(M), and Dwarf Cleric(M).

Voodistmonk, what was the custom race that druid was playing?

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Our group is playing a homebrew campaign set in Golarion. We are all 8th level, so we could be at it a lot longer. My character is a Medium (Spirit Dancer) 7/Bloodrager 1, and we have a wide variety of other classes represented.

Since it is highly unlikely that this campaign will end before the Advanced Player's Guide for PF2 (along with other possibly significant books) comes out, it is still up in the air which rules we will use for our next campaign.

Running the second book of Strange Aeons and having a blast.

That said I'm running a converted 2e Hell's Rebels game.

Dragon78 wrote:

Voodistmonk, what was the custom race that druid was playing?

He is a bird-person... like a Tengu, but way different. It has a few different SLA's and some flavor stuffs.

I gave the table a 35pt buy in, minus the RP of your chosen race. I think his bird-person ended up being around 17rp, leaving him with a ~17pt buy in.

He is currently the King in my Kingmaker campaign. We embrace diversity in the Greenbelt...

I've been on hiatus for health reasons, but hopefully I can still wrangle the prospective players for a Strange Aeons campaign in the near future.

Still play 1e. My group and I didn’t switch to Pathfinder until they were 4 years into their publishing cycle. We had 2 different 3.5 campaigns we were finishing; didn’t make sense for us to switch.

Currently, I am our only DM, and I’m running 2 campaigns with the same group of friends-one on roll20, the other face to face, both set in the Forgotten Realms. I’m using a merged version of Giantslayer and Irongfang Invasion for one, the other is a home brewed campaign set in the Sea of Fallen Stars.

One group is a Human Shield Champion, Drow Arcanist, Dwarf Stone Oracle, Dwarf U-rogue, Half-Orc Druid, and Human Fighter.

Other group is a Half-drow Swashbuckler, Samsaran Blackblade Magus, Human Wizard, Aasimar Cleric, Kobold Rogue.


I still have Shattered Star, War for the Crown, Return of the Runelords-and this is all dependent on whether or not my one friend pulls himself out of ‘retirement’ to run Rise of the Runelords. I’d also like to play Crimson Throne too. As of right now, I can’t see doing the work to convert to 2e for any of those; we have plenty of home rules to try and ‘fix’ various 3.5 faults to keep these running.

However, I do want to play 2e-and will. I love hearing about the 3 action economy, the ease of conditions and labels, and fun in (re)building my first ever character in the 2e fashion.But it won’t end up being a full conversion for a while. I’m okay with that.

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We've got a Return of the Runelords PFS office game that some of the developers have been playing, though I expect we'll be converting over to PF2 once we wrap this book of the AP. Our current party is-

Catfolk Paladin

Halfling Harrow Sorcerer

Leshy Luchador (The Luchador)

Tiefling Commander (Spheres of Might)

Tengu Gloomblade

We also had a human warpriest until Owen moved to Indiana, and we briefly had an Ulfen zodiac during a period of time when the leshy luchador was dead (the leshy's better now and the last we saw of the Ulfen he was leading a bunch of angry pursuers away from the rest of the party).

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Michael Sayre wrote:
Leshy Luchador (The Luchador)

This is the greatest thing ever.

My monthly high school friends group is playing a PF conversion of the AD&D 2E Night Below campaign. After an early TPK minus one, the party is a human universalist wizard/loremaster (me), human conjuruer wizard, catfolk barbarian/rogue, aasimar life mystery oracle, human fighter/barbarian, elf ranger, and a human cleric of Iomedae.

My weekly Iron Gods campaign is on hold for a bit, but we're ready for the Valley of the Brain Collectors. We're converting to 5e, but for now the PF characters are a human Numerian scavenger rogue, goblin spellslinger wizard, ghoran brawler, and an aasimar hedge witch. They are modeled after the Guardians of the Galaxy, and call themselves the Guardians of Numeria.

Liberty's Edge

Me & my crew

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Judging by how hard the FLGS tries to sell me on pf2, and how quickly all the 1st ed materials disappeared, most people locally.

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I'll be playing PF1E for years yet. Currently GMing:

A PbP RotRL game in Book 2.
A F2F Iron Gods game in Book 3.

Neither will be converting to 2E unless there's some sea-change in my players. Both games have years left of life in them.

My game is on hiatus as collectively we are not very experienced, there have been various health issues and I am the most enthusiastic ... However, I intend to stick with PF1e.

* It is a homebrew variant of Golarion still in the early levels; so far it is mostly Human Opponents, although we were moving onto an Aberration-themed arc.
* I am an Aasimar Witch:Healing (A); my Familiar is a charcoal coloured, short-hair Cat (F).
* The others in the Party are an Human(Varisian) Wizard:Evocation (M), an Half-Elf Alchemist:Beastmorph (w/Racial Heritage:Kitsune) (M) and an Human(Osirian) Fighter.

I know that it is male heavy but we are balancing this by having more significant female N.P.C. interactions/connections - that have nothing to do with "fade to black" scenarios. There is/will be a peppering of other non-binary folks too.

Currently playing:
Jade Regent as an Aasimar Sacred Fist Warpriest
War For The Crown as a human gunslinger/rogue
Emerald Spire (PFS) as a Half elf Samurai/Oracle
Assorted other PFS scenarios at various local conventions.

Trying to sort out parties to play various other APs as and when other campaigns finish.

Most of my gaming circle have tried PF2, but so far it hasn’t really taken off - e.g. the last convention I went to, earlier this month was 8:1 PFS 1 vs PFS 2 tables.

Dark Archive

Still PFSing in person with 1E (I've got like a 100 scenarios to go without any replays). I've got a home game AP going as well.

RedRobe, a Lashunta psychic or mesmerist would be a good fit for Mantis.

Looks like there are more people on this board that still play 1st ed then I thought.

Nice to see a lot of non-core player races being used in a lot groups as well.

My group hasn't played PF2.

I haven't looked much into it, but I liked the character generation system.

We currently have 3 games going:

Kingmaker: All divine party where we tried a different character generation system which ended up with everyone having the equivalent of a 50-60 point buy. Game currently on hiatus because the GM wasn't having fun (spent a week preparing a challenging scenario only to have 2 Paladins stomp through everything without a thought).

Carrion Crown: We had an unlucky TPK in Harrowstone. My character (the daughter of Lorrimor's butler) is our only surviving link to Ravengro. We only have 3 PCs (people moved away), but the party functions well, and I am loving the Occultist (others are a Ranger and Sorcerer). Currently on hiatus while the GM is overseas.

Iron Gods: Loving my Half-Orc Aberrant Bloodrager (flavour is alien blood, voiced by warcraft 3 Trolls), the Android Techslinger (voiced by Comander Data) fits perfectly and the Halfling Geisha bard (Conair's butler, serves tea) is having a blast throwing grenades around. We'll get a 4th player once the CC GM gets back next month.

Not sure if we'll continue Iron Gods or go back to Carrion Crown, probably swap between them at the end of each book or something.

I also run the occasional one-shot set in Agrabah, where I try to introduce new mechanics and ideas to see if people like them.

I'm the GM in the third year of a long homebrew campaign. The players are 20th level and tier 7 mythic. They are:
Human Paladin Champion/Marshal
Human Alchemist Trickster
Human Warpriest Champion
Handling uRogue Trickster.

We're still recording experience, but I told everyone they can't be more than 20th in a single class... and I'll be bringing in some nasty monsters from Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for the final stint of the game

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Ryan Freire wrote:
Judging by how hard the FLGS tries to sell me on pf2, and how quickly all the 1st ed materials disappeared, most people locally.

Yeah, our local store's stock of Original Recipe disappeared almost overnight.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Playing in a Homebrew (human medium) and also book one of tyrants grasp (gnome Rasmiran priest sorcerer).

Trying to gm deadsuns but the players have been busy most weekends the past year or so.

blahpers wrote:
Ryan Freire wrote:
Judging by how hard the FLGS tries to sell me on pf2, and how quickly all the 1st ed materials disappeared, most people locally.
Yeah, our local store's stock of Original Recipe disappeared almost overnight.

there are 3 stores that had big ol shelves of it, and now theres 1 that has one half shelf

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Still playing the campaign I started about 9 years ago. It goes very slowly thanks to real life (and the Slow XP track). At this rate our grandchildren will finish it.

I'm playing in two games currently and GMing Ironfang Invasion right now.

Freeform Class Selection by Rynjin
Lemmy's Awesome Houserules Doc
Elder Scrolls Homebrew stuff

We also use some stuff like old Crane Wing and some other goodies like Psionics(Been tinkering with a no magic, only psionics setting since it's better balanced than normal vancian stuff) and we allow some Path of War feats for some games and allow the classes for other games.

In the PBP homebrew I'm playing a Sacred Servant Oath of Vengeance Paladin and my partner is a Metamorph who is styled like a monk.

The other game I'm playing in is the Freeform Class one and it is an Elder Scrolls game set in Hammerfell during the Oblivion Crisis. My first character was a mix of Medium and Bloodrager(Zanaim, Dunmer of House Indoril). He was a little too strong for the party he was in so we ended up making a new party for that game when one of us died. Now I'm Morharis Suhraman, Redguard Ansei Swordsinger, who is accompanied by an Imperial Moth Priest Monk and a Breton Reach Woman Bodyguard/Mercenary.

Our first group was morally ambiguous and ended up trafficking with Daedra and getting sworn to Molag Bal due to some circumstances. Zanaim traveled with Sinsha the Magnificent who was basically a bard, Saren Vel who was an assassin of the Morag Tong, Floyd who was a Breton Shieldmagus and Gro Gro who was a Cavalier/Barbarian. We ended up unleashing a Skeletal Warlord Ayleid and his freaky star vampire servant, but we killed them later so it's okay! Then we tried closing a portal to Coldharbour, but ended up bound to Molag Bal instead.

For the Ironfang Invasion game I'm running we have:
Korth'Kizar, a tree Lizardfolk Dragon Scion(basically a dragon druid)
Stefan Wolfe, a Witchwolf survivalist(He has some monk stuff and wood Kineticist stuff.
Berdaul Stormwarden, a human Foxclaw Scout with Bolt Ace stuff with a Celestial Falcon companion and hawk familiar.

I don't see my group picking up 2e ever since all of us have a fairly negative opinion of 5e D&D and our current (opinion!) is that 2e is basically 5e but done worse. We do tool around with Savage Worlds and Final Fantasy D6 occasionally.

Got two PF1 games in progress; Iron Fang Invasion (Level 13, Totem Skald) and Whispering Tyrant (Level 3, Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor).

Lantern Lodge

Our group still has several PF1 Adventure Paths to run so don't feel an overriding need to switch to PF2. No particular animus against PF2 (and we all bought the books), just finishing up what we have on our plates.

We alternate each week between Giantslayer (Level 6 in book 2) and Ruins of Azlant (Level 2 in book 1), so have two APs going at the moment.

That said, half our group plays in another group that is running PF2, so we have players in both games.

I'm running our table's current Pf1 game. It's a homebrew world with players at about 9th level. We're trying PF2 in our second game, but the players are already making plans for the game that will come afterward since DM's engagement is low and the game itself is dragging along. The replacement game will either be a continuation of an old PF1 homebrew game, or a new game that the GM is keeping secret at this point, but probably either PF1 or 5e as those are the two systems that DM knows. Unless he plans on running rifts, or the DBZ ttrpg.

I've got a homebrew game going right now, won't move on to PF2 until it has more options than the base book. My current game has a Slayer, Oracle, Investigator, and Bloodrager. None of which would be possible with just the core classes.

There is so much content available for PF1 that I'd have to be insane to ditch it all, not only that but I'd have to teach my table a whole new rule set and that is not on my to-do list at the moment. PF1 will most certainly make do.

My group just switched to D&D 5e, so that's what I'm currently playing. But I still make characters for Pathfinder 1e and I play PFS when I'm at a con that's got it. When my 5e campaign ends, I'd like to play Pathfinder again and try some of my other characters.

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I'm currently playing Iron gods (Ustalavic Doctor), Carrion Crown (Dwarven Druid), War for the Crown (Taldan Noble Scion), and a homebrew campaign (GM), all in pf1. So far I've only had the chance to play a couple of pfs2e scenarios.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

As part of Organized Play, I am playing and GMing Pathfinder 1e, Starfinder and PF2.

The home game recently completed a home brew adventure in PF1. We will start the Starfinder AP Dawn of Flame soon.

I expect to still be doing all three systems for a couple of years at least.

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Still playing Pathfinder 1e. Now that the system is no longer "live," I'm working more on my own house rules and variations, as well as adopting more of the existing optional systems as I become more familiar with them. (And, of course, trying to buy all the Pathfinder 1e materials that I don't yet have.)

GMing a sandboxy campaign in Ustalav, the same campaign I've been running since 2012.

Player-characters are currently a NE plumekith aasimar fighter 10, a CN sylph cleric 9/evangelist(cleric) 1 of Calistria, an NG shabti druid 9 with druidic herbalism instead of an animal companion, and a CN elf bard 9 (faith Calistria, profession "courtesan"). The NE character is rarely very evil, and the NG character's player forgets half the time that he's not TN. (Levels are skewed between 9 and 10 because I start new characters at the level of the lowest active character in the party. Not everyone levels at the same time.)

The player-characters are not mythic, but I do use some mythic monsters. (I plan to have a mythic fey lord grant them temporary mythic power at a point later in the campaign, if they ever get on that quest-line. Mythic power is required for one of the quests.)

Main campaign villain is the nosferatu Viscount Oilic Galdyce of the Vale of Red Breath, or will be if the players ever turn toward that plot. (He is currently still staked in his castle.) I used the listed class levels for him from Rule of Fear, but he has a variation of the mythic vampire template (that loses the upgrades to vampire features nosferatu don't have) and the dread lord template from Horror Adventures. Since nosferatu don't do energy drain on slam attacks, but do CON and Wis damage when they blood drain in a grapple, I built him as dex-based with Agile Maneuvers. He is the highest CRed creature in the campaign at CR 17. (Second highest is currently a mature adult umbral dragon at CR 15, I believe.)

Other adversaries include a trompe d'oeil moroi vampire witch (gravewalker) (given negative energy affinity so she still behaves as undead type), a dread ghast(*GRAB) rogue with Civilized Ghoulishness, a witchwolf skinwalker cleric of Jezelda, a blood hag witch (seducer) of the Green Mother, an implacable stalker bogeyman, a natural dire werewolf rogue, a negative-energy-charged bodak, a large mythic worg barbarian, a sentient mythic shield guardian flesh golem barbarian, a burning skeletal champion undead lord(*ToHC) antipaladin, a wight lord, a nabasu demon with 12 growth points, a berbalang cleric of Kabriri, and a dread ghast(*GRAB) awakened raven fighter/shadowdancer.

*GRAB is Green Ronin Advanced Bestiary
*ToHC is Tome of Horrors Complete

It is not lost on me that a lot of my adversaries are monsters that can pass as human. (Dread ghast with Civilized Ghoulishness, witchwolf, blood hag, and a werewolf.) One is even a construct that passes as a vampire. I also use lead skeletons(*ToHC) that are constructs that look like undead.

Campaign also includes "mook" shadows and wights with added hit dice and abilities, because I can't leave monsters well-enough alone. I have a furnace golem (*ToHC) made of hot chains. When it's in a dormant state, I built a hazard that is its chains functioning similarly to black tentacles. I also have vampire roses(*ToHC), but they're advanced increased HD medium quickling-templated(*GRAB) vampire roses that carry a curse that imparts a plant-like template on cursed creatures. That plant-like template is based on one in Green Ronin Advanced Bestiary, but I forgot its name. My werewolves have regeneration 10 (silver) and can resurrect on the full moon if they're not burned.

The campaign was originally intended to run until level 11-ish, but the party is nowhere near solving any of the campaign's quests, so I'm estimating level 15 now for the end of the campaign, and that's being generous. It works out for the plumekith aasimar's player though, he really wants to hit level 11 to get the feat for aasimar wings.

New additions to the campaign include using "Gritty Mode Wound Levels" from Pathfinder Unchained, and the Sanity and Expanded Fear systems from Horror Adventures. The players weren't enthused about the addition of Gritty Mode but they like it better after the first combat, when they realized I was applying it universally.

I also really like occult rituals, so I've written two custom ones so far, one to function as restoration, and one to create a vampire rose garden that will attack undead.

I have no plans to move to another system, though by the time I'm done with it, Pathfinder 1e will probably look quite different. One House Rule that is strictly my own is a change to Cure and Inflict spells to do heal/deal 2d4 damage instead of each 1d8 of the normal spells. This is a very minor change, but it shifts all the minimums and averages for these spells up slightly, without changing their maximums.

For my next campaign, I want to do a low-magic human-centric occult game set in Gothic Earth (1890s London) from Masque of the Red Death, but using Pathfinder 1e mechanics.

I'd like to run a one-shot sometime using the simplified skill list from Pathfinder Unchained and see how well that works. I don't think it would be a good fit for my eventual Gothic Earth game though, and I don't want to incorporate it into my current campaign.

Playing ToEE under PF1e + houserule rules. I'm too old, too time poor and too happy with my current conversion to change to another new set of rules.

I've GMed the same campaign 4 times under AD&D 1e, v3.5 and PF1e. If there is a 5th time it will be under the same rule base.

Still a lot of AP to play in PF1.

Our group is currently on standby on Rise of the Runelords, we began Curse of the Crimson Throne to wait for a missing player.

RotR group (lv 14-ish):
Human Samuraï, kanata-crit build
Halfling Swashbuckler, crit and parry
Elven Ranger, way too many arrows
Dwarven Cleric of Pharasma
Human Kensaï-Magus, wazikashi crit and Shocking Touch (me)

CotCT group (lv 1):
- missing player
Human Oracle of Battle
Elven Gunslinger
Human Unchained Monk
Human Unchained Rogue (Sanctified Rogue/Counterfeit Mage)(me)
(new player) Human Conjuration-specialized mage.

The three first players of the list are all big on optimization, so they're is usually not much to worry about during encounters. Main job is to prevent them stepping into traps and solving everything with either murder or con-artistry.

A fun lot to be around, if a bit tiring.

*raising my hand*

also in a 3.5 Campaign

I'm not feeling emotionally ready to learn yet another gaming system.

Still playing P1 and will play it for the forseeable future for all our D&D needs.

I run a Mystara campaign, going since 2012 with a few breaks scattered in. I've used a bunch of old modules but the core is a homebrew. Currently about quarter way to Immortality, if all goes well.

My players have:

human dragon-blooded sorcerer 17/Dragon disciple 3

Elf ranger 2/paladin 18

Human/gnoll/halfling/elf/blink dog cleric 20/rogue 12/ witch 12/mysterious stranger gunslinger 12

Rakasta/Lupin/kobold/human (?) divine hunter paladin 20/battle oracle 12, sorcerer 12, rogue 12

And a few supporting PCs have included:
- a kobold shaman who transitioned to troll
- a shadow elf Wanderer
- a rakasta sorcerer whose 'familiar' was a polymorphed wizard who was continually prevented from doing anything to bring attention to his condition
- a paladin who was basically the girl from Lollipop Chainsaw
- a Heavens oracle who was basically Battle Lover Scarlet
- Schniff-Schnuff, the best boi, who started his career as a cavalier's mount, then became a ranger's companion when the cavalier died. derp-faced Wrecker who was the best played and best loved character of the mini-campaign

Playing PF1. Our group came late to the game. Only started PF about 5 years ago. Before that we played earlier versions of D&D, GURPS, Champions, Rifts, others. Picked up 5th ed but honestly not impressed. I haven't even looked at 2nd ed PF. Just not interested. Maybe after its matured, and someone in our group wants to run.

We're a few months into Strange Aeons now. The AP calls for players to be 'human, or human-appearing' so practically nobody chose anything else. Party consists of a Taldan Druid(herbalist), a Taldan Paladin, a Varisian Medium, a Taldan Wizard(exploiter), a Kitsune Bard(archivist), and a very flaky Tien Fighter(shikigami style).

I'm reading through Crimson Crown right now. Not sure if I'll run next, or if we'll take a break from Pathfinder and try a different game. Something not fantasy.

At home I’ll play 1e still due to having all the books, if a friend or group wants to run a 2e I’ll play but shelf space I won’t buy a physical copy. Pdf sure

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