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I'm loving the bent towards family and healthy relationships that the Starfinder iconics have.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Wait, are living parents SFS legal?

No, there's just an exception for Iconics. Like how you can play as Yoon despite the age limit.

mswbear wrote:
Cis heterosexual WASPs are the only people with stories to tell.

Pretty sure there was supposed to be a 'not' in there. ;)

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Paizo is one of the few companies, in any industry, that I think truly believes in pride, rather than just using it as marketing. Your inclusiveness, both in the product and in your employees, is fantastic, and seeing the range of people who are welcomed to the hobby by Paizo and the community that has grown around it is beautiful.

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I feel like this happens every year, and everyone panics. Everybody chill, they'll post soon, and we'll all find something else to freak out about.

Ravingdork wrote:

Wait, wait, wait. Hold up now.

It's going to cost me 3,213,062,882 credits to get a battle harness upgraded to level 20? WTF! Even 20th-level characters only have 3,775,000 credits to spend!

I think you mathed that wrong. By my count, it's a cumulative 4,643,353 to get it to level 20. Still not worth it, but it's not putting Absalom Station into deficit spending to outfit a 20-th level SWAT team.

I think the main beneficiaries will be power armors with something special to them. I'm looking at the flight frame, which at level 17 is roughly comparable in cost to the level 20 Starguard, but can still fly. 6Yr6t8PY/edit?usp=sharing

VoodooSpecter wrote:
Fingers crossed that today will be the glorious day that was foretold in the prophecy. May the blessings of Su'scrib Sh'un, whose eyes see the future, fall upon us all and bring our people a bountiful harvest. In space.

May his wisdom be ever in your downloads.

I and the rest of the team renew our dedication in making the Starfinder Roleplaying Guild the best living science-fantasy campaign around.

Are there other living science-fantasy campaigns? I'm not being smarmy, I'm actually curious.

Edit: Of course, I remembered two just minutes after I posted this!

Mr. DNA, where did you come from?

I love her background! She's defined by optimism, hope and love, and that's such a wonderful change of pace, both in science fiction and rpg character motivation.

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I've got to say, the women of Paizo all have their hair game so, SO right!

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Shirren Tinder must be the complete opposite of human dating.

*Swipe left, right, right, left, left, right*
Hey, you've got a match!
No, I'm good. *Lights a cigarette*

Ubashki looks very much like a TP'd Lying Cat from Saga.

Eric Hinkle wrote:
MythicFox wrote:
I'm more than a little intrigued to see how Fantomah is going to get statted up.
Fantomah? Is that the French pulp-era master criminal? Or am I thinking of Fantomas instead?

Fantomah (with an h at the end) is one of the very first female superheroes. She later became a pretty stock jungle girl, but she started as basically a jungle Ghost Rider, whose face transformed into a skull.

When I've played my Calistrian Inquisitor, there's actually been another Calistrian in the party. We passed a gold coin back and forth, and said we were sharing a tent. No need to go into more than that.

That's a fantastic list. I'm especially happy to see Kam Hurley and Lauren Beukes, two of my favorite contemporary authors.

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Lemmy wrote:

*rolls eyes*

Why create interesting, unique characters when you can take the easy route and just slap an existing name into another character and say it's "new", huh? It's particularly annoying when they want to paint the new character as a better version of the original...

Stupid gimmicky move... All this does is doom the new character to eventually be replaced by the original or stay forever a "second class" hero, forever under the shadow of its predecessor.

And the counterpoint is, of course, Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan.

Printed sheets as long as they have your watermark are fine.

I believe Origins attendees were going to get a chance to try out Mummy's Mask this weekend. I'd love to hear any thoughts on it: the selling mechanic, new characters, anything else new and noteworthy.

Will there be advice on how to integrate good and evil characters into one party? We've seen Hellknights as both LG and LE, and I'd love to see examples of how good Hellknights interact with evil ones. I picture Batman Begins, where Gordon is a good cop and his partner is on the take, but they're bound together by the law.

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GM Lamplighter wrote:
The Paizo staff did just work about 100 hours in a row, on a weekend...

Oh, boo hoo. It's a convention, it's practically a paid vacation.

I work at an audio-visual company that does convention work, and I am fully aware this is not the case.

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Kirby is on the list with FF and Fourth World, but don't forget Thor! Kirby had definite sci-fi inspirations, and Simonson upped the sci-fi ante considerably, including one of my favorite characters, Beta-Ray Bill!

I wonder if the OP for Starfinder will be fully compatible with PFS, or if there will have to be separate PFS and SFS boons, rules, etc.

Krensky has the right of it. No way it sticks. After all, they have movies to make, and there's no way the ongoing series of the original Captain America is about him as a villain.

That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. Paizo is already going above and beyond, and the last thing I want to do is rock the boat.

Cool, I was just thinking I had a few custom cards I'd like to make for my next play-through. A question about private vs. public, though. Can private cards use non-public domain art? Or do all created cards have to adhere to the same standards. I've got a great image from the Paizo blog for a character, but the cohort would require a bit of photo manipulation, and I want to make sure I'm adhering to the community use policy, as well as DTC's rules.

Mike Bramnik wrote:

I attack__________

(best answered by)
The darkness

Also acceptable: the gazebo.

Ooh, I just realized, Salim is another character that has an available miniature already!

I was hoping for a Calistrian Inquisitor, but Salim is cool too!

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I can't seem to find a place to sign in. It keeps saying I won't earn gold without signing in, but I can't for the life of me figure out how.

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I'm planning on creating a Vigilante to play only in Absalom-based scenarios. I think that would be a very different, but fun, way to experience PFS, with Absalom basically being his version of Gotham City. Seeker level content will be his Justice League-type adventures.

Hey all, I've got another batch of minis for your perusal!

Wu Shen

A club is free, so just add a club to your character, and say the extra weight is a reinforced sheath for the hidden sword.

Thanks for the kind words, folks! If anyone wants to know the recipes for any of these, just ask!

zeroth_hour2 wrote:
If the deadline hadn't already passed, I feel like you could have definitely submitted that to the PACG accessories contest.

I didn't get the submission in on time, and the original photos I took looked terrible anyway.

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Actually, I think the PFS pawn set is great, and I'll be getting it. But I'm way too anal retentive to play with pawns mixed in with the iconic miniatures. Radillo, Ranzak and Melindra were great surprises, and I've picked up Reta, Chuffy, Poog, Mogmurch and Arushaele on the secondary market. I've even got an Ostog from the Reaper metals line. But what about the rest? Behold!


Last, but certainly not least...

Tup the Terrible

I'm especially proud of Olenjack. I just happened to find a decent human mini, and modded it six ways from Sunday: removed a sword, added a pipe, re-positioned the sword arm, added the skull belt buckle, added gold piping, shortened the legs, rebased it on a Litko laser cut base to match the black bases of the iconic mini sets. I'm looking forward to playing more OP games just so I can bust out the minis at the table!

I've got Vika and Wu Shen on the painting table right now, and miniatures on the way for Arabundi, Grazzle, Wrathack, Amaryllis, Tarlin, Koren, Athnul and Tontelizi. I'm about halfway there... until the next class deck comes out!

Myfly wrote:

If i do a 158 lap drop, then half a year later, some of those dropped will be used in some class deck and i will be unhappy again. So a special PACG set for this use only would be ideal. Otherwise you have to collect and keep all pawns because you never know which character will be next.

So, you're unhappy because it comes with extra pawns you don't want, but you don't want to give them away, because you might need them later and be unhappy that you gave them away. You can't have it both ways, man.

Hey, here's a solution. I'll buy it, and I will sell you the class deck pawns for $1 a piece. You have only the ones you need, because heaven forbid a product has utility for someone other than you, and I have some extra cash.

Not to be pushy, but what happened to the contest announced March 8, for best PACG accessory? The deadline came and went, I've seen no voting, and the polls are theoretically closing on Friday...

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Frankly, I suspect the book announced for next summer will be Pulp Adventures.

Can't wait to return to the Gloomspires!

Is there going to be another update today? Voting for the PACG accessory contest was supposed to begin today...

Michael Maenza wrote:

There will be quite a bit of PFS play going on at CODCon April 8th through the 10th at the College of DuPage. Cold Iron Conventions will be running 7 slots over three days.

There don't seem to be any PFS events listed there...

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Seeing how many of these are superhero-inspired, and with the Vigilante being a straight up superhero class, I hope one of the magic items is a way to emulate swinging, such as the old Rod of Ropes.


The Immortal Conundrum begins with a dinner party where she's a guest. Fantastic scenario for RP.

Ooooh, fun! Is the addition of a goatee required?

HR in Schiller Park. If you need your UltiPro password reset, I'm your man.

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Wraithkin, I hope you're not posting this from a job site right now. I work in PSAV HR. :D

But seriously, as someone who does work at the company, this is a pretty sweet offer. ICC isn't a PSAV location, so an independent AV tech vetting things is a nice ace in the hole.

I don't really have any good Jedi ideas, so I'm going to pass.

As a Jedi? Let me see if I can work up something I'd enjoy playing...

Dotting for a shield champion brawler.

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