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The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:
The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
Unless you receive a paycheck from the NFL (or affiliated sports network for your fandom) you're greatly insulting the people who ARE on or related to the team for the hard work and perseverance and skill it took to get there.

Claiming insult on behalf of someone else for people being excited on behalf of someone else is at least 10,000 spoons' worth of irony.

And the "we" is a figure of speech. They're role-playing their game. It's not that different from me saying "we took over Thornkeep last week" even though all I did was roll dice and eat Cheetos...

I'll admit to the irony, but PF is a game and you DO control the players. Watching the NFL you can wish for a hail mary all you want, if the coach calls a run, they run.

I can tell you this much, we would've won the super bowl if that loser had called a f$*$ing run, I tell you what.

As someone that always started Doug Pederson in early Madden to get a high draft pick I welcome the results. :-)

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This isn't an update on Aaron Rodger's collarbone!!

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Oh come on! He threw that game on purpose!!

Tears up betting slips, kicks dirt in frustration.

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It's going to be a bleak day tomorrow in America's Dairyland.

Especially once they do the math and realize how long the rest of the season is.

Has the new season of Sportsball started!

Yay! Matriculate that ball!!

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Choking? Like the Buffalo Bills in the super bowl?

I stopped paying attention to football weeks ago.

If there was a less exciting season, I don't remember it.

Alright! Fine! The season the Ravens won the super bowl was pretty f%@+ing not exciting.

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They can come back, all they need is a touchdown.

Or maybe just nail a couple 3 pointers from behind the arc.

What's f%+!ed up is the fact that politics are more interesting than football this year.

It's gotta be the train wreck factor.

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I blame both coaches for how unwatchable the Dolphins-Seahawks (go Seahawks!!!) game was, I could've called a better game then that.

That was some Hall of Fame game last night! I was on the edge of my seat!

I bet they could've melted the paint more personally, but then the officials had to put the kabash on it.

Damn No Fun League amiright.

Clearly they all need to reticulate the ball down the field with a forward passing attack.

Running it just isn't going to put points on the board.

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Go Sportsball!!!

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For crying out loud, it's called Football!!!

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Go big or go home, No Fear!