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Its gonna be an inquisitor! Hurray :)

Right now im a little torn between what the focus will be: since the skald would be very charismatic, im not sure how much social-skills are needed (Stern Gaze + Heresy or conversion inquisition). On the other side, a figther for his godness, should be able to communicate the overwhelming grace and power his deity can give those, who follow his voice...
I can pick a domain of my deity or just a inquisition, correct?
Many of those inquisitions seem to have powers (level 6 or 8) which can be resisted with will-saves and i think the dc is just way to low to be a problem for bigger enemys, and for smaller ones its kinda waste for a 1/day ability.

I want to give the teamwork feats a shot and play without a archetype(=vanilla? is this used correct?).

Still: erastil isn't catching enough, looking for something better..Desna is a little to less "going to cleanse the land of dirty monsters"...Gonna look through all Good (lawful,neutral,chaotic) deitys now :)


Koltar Perzel
Str 14
Dex 19 (+2 Human)
Con 11
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 7
Traits: maybe bastard (campain) + x
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Big thank you, didnt expect all this answers and advice! Ur awesome!

Yes, i guess thats the main problem, i need a clear concept, divine+ranged isn't a viable concept at all.
Right now i think it should't be a 9th level caster, and not that nature-focused, but more a Figther of his deity (something beside erastil?) and who wants to take the land for his god, to serve him well, but also to save innocent lifes. I the end, ranged is just my wish, cause i have never played a typical ranged-weapon-character, and i would like to.
Does that sound like a start?

Thank you guys so much for all advice!
I will take a look into the inquisitor, but im not sure if someone of the group allready has an inquistor.
Since the group will include a druid and a skald, druid is also no option.
Aside from this, im currently looking into those ranger archetypes and warpriest-concept.
Im kind of sure, i would like to have a mechanical background, just to have more oppertunitys to bring it up in the game.
Any special advice for inquistitor going range, for me it seems difficult to get some usefull teamworkfeats in range-combat?

Hey ho,
Upcoming adventure-path: Kingmaker
I’m looking for some advice regarding a character-concept with a strong relation to a deity on the one hand, but still some good damage in combat by using a range weapon.
I’m currently thinking about a paladin, not sure about without an archetype or divine hunter.
On the other hand, there are some options for a ranger or hunter, but I can’t see any animal companion (we got already a druid in the group), and the small circumstantial bonus seems like a bad tradeoff.
Then there is the alchemist with a small deity-related archetype (sacrament alchemist), but that seems way to less divine-flavor to be honest.
Maybe someone has another option, which I haven’t considered yet? All paizo-releases are legit.
Thank you very much!

Thanks for the hint regarding more monsters, but still, via ray of frost (arcana for change range) it's two hits, so unless you throw in two bosses, there won't be a difference while the Ranger will get more problems staying away from melee/the wizard gets punched..
As far as I know, he gets like +6 dex, +4 int (canny defence) +2 cats grace +4 mages armor +4 shield (maybe +1 trough amulet, idk)

Hello great community!
After the last session (yesterday) our group was a little unsatisfied and we talked about how to proceed.

We are playing rise of the Runelords and are currently level 6. We are one ranger, a Magus-kensai and a conjuration-wizard. Our DM was annoyed by the high damage output of the magus(2 attacks with high dex to attack and damage(like static +15)+ shocking grasp for 7d6) just one shots cr equal creatures, while he is also incredibly hard to hit(28 with shield and cats grace, mage armor would have upped it to 31). The player itself understands the problem, that he is very optimized, while the others are optimized, but not that extreme(well I try to get to the best, but somehow my summons are not considered that strong). So one option would be, that he makes a new character, but it's not a good solution, creating a "weaker" concept even feels bad for me.

The gm correctly said, that by just upping the attacks, ac and hp of enemy's the impact of the magus will be reduced, but along we will be completely useless.

Somebody got an idea, what to do?

Aloha all together!
There is coming up an one-shot with level 4 chars and some tough fights will be involved.
So I would like to try an Bloodrager + natural - attack build. I thought Skinwalker (Ragebreed), Extra Features to get hooves(these are Secondary attacks, like all hooves, right?) and Gore, Abyssal Bloodline for claws and enlarge Person(reach with everything). I would dump wis, int, cha(this single lvl1 spell won't do for me) to get some decent physical stats. Also I could get medium armor for some AC(it won't be affected by shape changing, right? Also 6000gp for shopping, so maybe +1), and some wands (infernal healing, shield) to heal and get more AC (can't cast them but they are on my spell list, so wands will work). I don't need a +1weapon so much gold to spend. Also a feat to spend, traits gonna be reactionary and vengeance.

Your thoughts about this concept? :)

Aloah all together,
im just curious: if a leopard use charge +pounce to attack 5 times (bite, claw, claw, rake, rake), is the order set? Or could he go claw, rake, bite, claw, rake? Since all attacks have the same attack bonus and are natural attacks, I could not find an answer.. Especially if the bite attack hits and triggers the grapple attack, which give the leopard the grappled condition, so a - 2 penalty to all attacks, it would be better to use the bite at the end.

Thank you so much for the advice!

So first off: yes, there was an Errata and im aware of that. But we play Pathfinder since one year max and use mainly d20pfsrd.com so usually he should have seen it. Which is why I am asking because I can't think of any good reason.
I think the best way would be texting him the link along with some "I'm sorry tell you, but.."

Since i met this group a few years ago for pen&paper purposes only, its hard to compare to a 30year old friendship :D

Just as the aoo targeting your own character, that's exactly the fairness I want to spread, so everyone could rely on each other, and playing a fair game.

I have a problem:
There is a player in my group, who is a powergamer (which is not the issue, i like to have effective characters too). Now, because of things in the past, I like to check on his build as far as I can (I would never look on his sheet and have only the informations he tells), because I often understand rules different then he does. The current thing is: arcane deed + percise strike doesn't work anymore, but I don't want to be that person, who is "peeking behind their backs and betraying " others because of the few points of damage they do more. One point for me is to put more focus on the role playing itself, but on the other hand as conjuration-wizard I also like to fight and it's lame that most fights won't take longer than 2-3 rounds max.

Any ideas?

I’m wondering if I misunderstood some of the downtime rules:
Until the next chapter starts, we got 7 days of downtime in Magnimar. I am able to craft some wondrous items and would like to do so, but only got 350gp. If I invest 300gp, and work for 3 days with craft alchemy or linguistics or spellcraft and using take 10 to get over 20 when making the check, I could generate 3*2 magic, right? After that I could use these 6 magic to buy the material for items/scrolls worth 600gp? So all in all by investing 300gp+5 days I get items worth 1200gp? On the other hand if I want to earn gp and get a 40 in the skill check, in 5 days you get 4*5=20gp. Did I miss something? Also: there seems to a spending limit for goods, influence and labor but not for magic?

Hello guys,

i would like to know, if my understanding of theGiant Template. combined with summoned monsters is right:
Earth Elemental (Small)
Small => Medium
Attack: -1(size)+2(Str-Bonus)
Damage: +1 step (size)(1d6=>1d8 or 1d10?)+2 (Str-Bonus)
AC: +3 (natural)- 1 (Dex-Penalty)-1(size)
HP: +2/HD
CMB: +2(Str-Bonus)+1 (size)
CMD: +2(Str-Bonus)+1 (size)-1 (Dex-Penalty)

if i summon something with 2 feets, and it changes from medium -> large, it gets reach, right?
If it has 4 or more feets, it wont get any reach, no mater how big it gets?

Val'bryn2 wrote:
Adhesive Spittle is trash because, at CL 1, it doesn't last long enough to actually be used

I intend to use it like: standard-action for casting it onto my familiar, which can throw it onto an enemy as his standard-action, no attack-roll is needed so his bad worse stats dont matter. Or do you think someone would veto this?

im not very happy about my level 2 conjuration wizard, because don't know what spells to prepare and cast very often just acid splash. Summon Monster 1/2 seems quite ineffective without augment summoning and I would like to have a more effective way to participate in the fights (the magus light-spellstriking for two attacks (does he really not provoce aoo's?) the s&$! out of the enemy's, the Ranger does solid damage with rapid shot). So i want to get a wand to be able to to something every fight. Magic missile would do little damage without missing chance. Shield would be a good support, but it would be only effective once a fight. What about casting Adhesive Spittle on my familiar to not loosing an full round (cast +throwing are both standard actions). Unfortunately the spell doest say target: you, but it would make sense to use it via shared spells, wouldn't it? You guys have other good ideas?

Hey guys,
I'd like to hear your thoughts about this :
We were discussing outgame about healing of our characters. We are lvl 2: Ranger, Kensai, wizard, so no dedicated healer and are playing rise of the Runelords.
The discussion came up as we nearly died against a "bow monk" and a few goblins so we had to drink a lot of clw potions.
A full Wand of clw seems boring, cause if we don't die, we start every other fight full health, but if we die, it's over anyway. So the fights tend to be easy (cause we just heal up anyway) or to hard (tpk). If we continue to use potions only, it's gonna be extreme expensive. How do your groups deal with healing, clw potion and especially wands? We thought about a few(5-10) charges so we still have to evaluate if it's better to use a charge now or a potion later..
I would like to hear some input :)

I need some advice for my utility wizard.
The last time my group played, we decided that some of us have to switch characters in order to gain some more "problem solving" possibilities. Well, now i have to play an utility wizard. I looked for different archetypes and came to the conclusion that exploiter wizard could be good, because of quick study, so i could switch some spells to fulfill my role. But now I don't really know what to do in fights. Out of fights I can work things out with silent image, ghost sound, mage Hand, or comprehend languages, but when we get into combat, i have the feeling to be useless. The Monk and the Rogue are dealing massive amounts of damage, while i cast a spell, the enemy succeed his save and that's it. The bard is already focused on supporting, so that role is already filled. We are currently lvl 4, so i think not everything is lost :)
Could I still get an useful summoner with augmented & superior summonings or do I need the conjuration school to be effective? It just seems a very popular way for a wizard, and for other things like evocation or enchantment it looks like you need the school powers.
Your thoughts on this?

My group is quite new to Pathfinder and after some testing games and the first few evenings of an adventure path(hells Rebels) we decided to change the path, because we werent to happy with it. Now we started in new path(Wrath of the Righteous) and again the whole group hasnt have much fun. So our gm announced that he's about to change the way we play: without digital media. It's like back to the roots and focusing more on the actual game instead of just looking at a screen and not being in contact with the world. And then I got curious about how other people play their Pathfinder games, do you use much of digital media like a screen for the map, initiative counter and some pictures or do you play the old fashioned way? Did you try both? What kind of play do you like more and why?
(no native speaker, sorry for mistakes)

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Hey guys,
i wanted to know, how many ways are there to give templates to summoned monsters?
The (more or less) obvious would be:
1) Have an alignment and cast summon monster, so some of them(those with a“*”) get a template which matches your alignment[celestial or fiendish/entropic or resolute]
2) rod of giant summoning [giant]
3)mighty summons (mythic) [agile]

Are there more ways?

If i pick the Evolved Summoned Monster feat two times and then summon one monster in the first round and another monster in the second round, does both monster have two 1 point evolutions or do i have to split them?
I think both would have two evolutions because, it says "with a single spell", but in fact that isnt repeated in the special section which is more relevant for the situation.

Evolved Summoned Monster:

Benefit: Each time you cast a summon monster spell, you can select a 1-point evolution other than pounce or reach from those available to a summoner’s eidolon. Your summoned creature gains this evolution.

If you summon more than one creature with a single spell, only one creature gains this evolution.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, select an additional 1–point evolution for one of your summoned creatures. If you summon more than one creature, you can choose to apply all the evolutions to a single summoned creature, or split them between the creatures summoned.

Thank you for the explanation, especially for the brief summary for the different natural attacks. I think my biggest problem was to get the difference between magic weapons and magic Attacks (which overcome all DR, right?)

Not even things like Dr/piercing?

What kind of Dr can be ignored, when my eidolon has the magic weapon evolution? I just dont understand the rules for that, there are many different types of dr and magic seems to overcome some of them but not all?