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I would love to see a class that works like a wizard but with Divine Spells, like learning them in a Ritual book and being unfettered from a god.

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One of my biggest disappointments in SF1 was how hard it was to play say a fighter pilot and have that matter. Many of "our" classic sci-fi heroes are fighter pilots and with the starship system as it is , that is really hard to do.

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Aroden , god of Humanity or Dead Beat Daddy Deity? a Zo! exclusive....

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

I think the biggest related issue I've come across is "what if the player want an archetype, but the archetype they have their heart set on isn't available at level 2". If you want to be an eldritch archer, there are archetypes which have 3 feats available before level 6 so you can get out of it in time by spending a skill feat on an archetype feat (e.g. Medic can do this).

But one of the "Strength of Thousands" characters we've discussed is someone who is world class at rituals but can't manage to cast during the stress of combat, which would naturally be modeled with the ritualist archetype on a rogue or investigator chassis. The problem is that the Ritualist dedication isn't available until level 4.

So how do you handle this character who is granted archetype feats from the Free Archetype Variant at levels where they do not want to use them? Buying another archetype would delay Ritualist progress, so is this character just "one feat down" compared to everyone else?

Are you running free archetype on top of the free archetypes you get in strength of thousands? Because that game is specific that you need to pick Wizard or Druid as your archetype

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I suppose it depends on what one means with ninja Deadly Martial Artist,Mystic Assassin, or even peasant folk hero.

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Samurai is pretty much covered under champion or Cavalier, "Ninja" as a mystic assassin type of thing might be good for a new rogue racket focused on Illusion and stealth over everything else.

Sacrifices are more a Demon thing then a Devil thing.

Sorry fixed it and it was arcady not CorvusMask

arcady wrote:

and another is Wizarding School in Ancient Timbuktu

Not sure if the most powerful and ancient of magic schools and traditions on the face of the planet can really be boiled down to "Wizard school in ancient Timbuktu"

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Ukuzola Okubulalayo, Matanji Orc and Shadow Caster Druid of The Magaambya.

Part of the contingent sent by The Magaambya to aid against the whispering Tyrant, undead and friends in the world outside of the Mwangi.

He and his shadow hound hunter demons and undead and gather stories and allies for the School.

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My cleric, built purely for healing, in Strength of Thousands has been out performing the martials in damage in nearly every fight.

In a home game I would allow downtime activities that take a lot of day so 30 or 60 to convert a single Advanced weapon to a Martial weapon for a PC.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Gamerskum wrote:
I second the question about what happens to those of us that used ACP points on orcs recently?

For SFS you get a boon where you can raise one stat 14 or lower by +2.

I THINK it counts as a con boon where it doesn[t occupy your personal boon slot, but personal boon slot is almost unavailable so it doesn't matter.

I was more wondering about if anything like that was going to be added to PFS 2.

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I second the question about what happens to those of us that used ACP points on orcs recently?

If I understand it a lot of contract law relies on reasonable intent and good faith negotiations, and there seems to a lot of evidence in written form over the years that WoTC at the time and the writers that wrote up original OGL meant for it to last forever.

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Dancing Wind wrote:

The ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) is a real law that applies to every business.

If some other business down the block is wheelchair accessible, that does not relieve you of the need to be accessible too.

You can't say "oh look, our partners are making audio versions"* to handwave your own lack of compliance.

*especially when someone has to pay an additional access fee to use those versions.

From everything I have read the ADA doesn't even require you to publish a book in braille or Audio, let alone multiple formats for other needs.

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No weapon or game accurately portrays real combat, that is a pretty simple thing to understand. In addition I really do not want to play a non-wargame with a single character that can die instantly at any level from Hydrostatic Shock from a gunshot or a nicked femoral from a sword, probably not alone in this.

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I think mainstream elven culture should be ridiculously individualistic and be paradoxically super focused about being in the now but always remembering the past and planning for the future.

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Aren't pathfinder Chronicles of famous pathfinders similar to the dime novels?

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You smurf smurfers , there is already a smurfing smurf ancestry. It's the smurf smurfing Fungus Leshey.

Medic is amazing, my Cleric has it and does way more healing with his medic abilities then anything else , and you can combine it with either a healer Alchemist or a Healer Investigator for some powerful healing as well.

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keftiu wrote:
... I think that sort of collaborative, syncretic, "how do we be more than just crusader-colonizers" spin is the best way to tackle Mendev going forward." ....

To be honest both Mendev and Sarkoris are destroyed kingdoms, and I think this idea is where Mendev and Sarkoris should both lean into, Mendev and Sarkoris realizing they have both have spilled so much blood and lost so much together that the line between them is blurred. Additionally as both sides were fighting to reclaim Sarkoris and close the world wound it would make sense there were many knight and Sarkorian couples, so this generation of Mendev might hold a lot of young people that trace their lineage to both Kingdoms.

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You got 80 for Starfinder as well.

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I am pretty sure they are common, the reason they weren't in the main race section seemed to be more stylistic. They wanted to get people familiar with the new races outside of the older races first and foremost.

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Does anyone else really want something like this? I would pay at least 80 points for a boon to play a Half-Orc Dwarf or Half-Elf Gnome ect.

Blake's Tiger wrote:

This has been touched on a few times.

It might be that Shaman needs to be a new, more generic class (but since they like single-noun class names, I don't know what it would be) where the subclasses reflect several different classes that negotiate with entities/spirits for abilities.

E.g., Animists, pactbinders, and mediums could all play off the same "spell slot currency" class as subclasses that manifest differently and have different spell lists. Animists (primal), pactbinders (divine), mediums (occult), etc.

This seems to be a good idea; shamanism or Animism is pretty broad and has been in pretty much every culture at one point or another, and is the oldest belief system.

Additionally, I think the best way to avoid appropriation is probably to make sure it isn't steeped in one culture's view of Animism and instead base it on the broad ideas behind the beliefs. The term shaman is no pretty synonymous with animist (much the same as a cleric to priest, a paladin to a holy warrior, or Druid even though they don't mirror their real-world counterparts exactly) that we can probably still use it, but I think the mind frame of tying shamanism/animism to one real world people should be avoided.

Golarion always struck me as Forgotten realms without the high-level NPCs tending bar and before 4e mucked it up.

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My theory on the gap is something happened to generate a "Schrodinger's Cat" situation. Everything inside the time of the gap is an uncertainty event. Every choice that could have been made was both made and not made. That is why no records can be proven true, why no one can remember what happened and even the gods arent actually certain because everything is both false and true during that time. This allows everyone's play through campaigns and APs to be true at the same time.

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Kind of sounds like this is mostly going to be like a mini-campaign book that lasts a few to a half dozen AP's and is similar to the hard cover 5e campaign books.

I mean you can reskin Spell Gems as scrolls pretty easy.

Ohh yeah, Focus spells, which to me are always more like class abilities than actual spells and tied down to one single archetype.

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Sadly no new necromancy spells.

Ohh Man I totally misread that as you make a melee attack like you get to strike with the stock of the rifle, makes more sense now that I read it again.

A Mech AP, or an AP with alternate ship rules where all the players control a capital ship and you get crew stats that you use in conjunction with your own so each person can act as an entire crew.

What does the Sniper ability have to do with sniping? I am not really understanding what a melee attack has to do with the concept of a sniper.

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Wouldnt the reroll ones be legal, as you the player are rerolling a dice for a class feature? Seems odd that a fighter could reroll for any of his attacks/actions but a druid would get penalized that his actions cant be rerolled because it comes from a different mechanic?

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I recently made a cross country move and can not seem to find the chronicle sheets or character sheets for several characters. What are my options?

keftiu wrote:

Aberration Eidolon is definitely something I want, though I'm not personally interested in Summoner until we get Synthesists back.

We have a synthesis summoner already, called Meld into Eidolon.

The Raven Black wrote:

Depends on their outlook. Animate Dead is akin to a Summon spell. You don't even need a corpse around to cast it.

And the undead created does not last.

Basically, it looks like you are creating an undead, but really you are creating a fac-simile.

BTW Pharasma does not care about the Evil tag. She frowns on the creation of undead because these hoard part of the soul energy whose free flow is necessary to prevent the whole of creation from collapsing into nothingness.

I think this is mostly a balance thing and gamification, animate dead is still creating undead in universe.

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Repeated use of it would probably not attract her attention but her Clerics, Champions, and assorted Fervent worshipers would probably show up eventually and not care about the neutral reasons.

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Vengence can be Just or it can be pretty. If punishment is inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong then that is vengeance. If it is measured it would be just if it isn't it would be petty.

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The lore around Ragathiel has him extremely concerned over making sure, every punishment is balanced with the crime and not to give in to the dark spite-filled pretty vengeance Calistria upholds.

Vengence might be the wrong word, but what it boils down to is Ragathiel and his followers are the people that put themselves in front of those that are mistreated and victimized, those that make sure evil doesn't get away with things because it would be more convenient to look the other way or because they are rich and powerful.

In a medieval fantasy-style world that means mostly violence but they aren't murderhobos and nothing about Ragathiel if you don't let splitting hairs bout the meaning of vengeance get in the way says or even implies they or he is about that just killing people.

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I would love to see inquisitor as a damage-dealing cleric doctrine.

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keftiu wrote:
Kobold Catgirl wrote:
Honestly, I'm the opposite--I wish champions were distanced more from the gods, and got to focus entirely on being as good and kind as possible. If I wanted to play some sky wizard's loyal cop, I'd play a warpriest or inquisitor or whatever exists now.

Eberron, as always, handles this very well - in this case, both by allowing divine characters to be a half-step away from their gods /and/ by allowing divine characters dedicated to an ideal or domain, rather than a god.

PF2 attempts to straddle “powerful shield of your god” and “Alignment warrior,” but the end result is a kind of incoherent combo: a devout warrior who cares about one of six preset philosophies more than anything actually tied to their god or church.

You can totally do Ideas, philosophies etc as a "god" it isn't in the published setting but it isn't hard to do with in the rules of the game.

keftiu wrote:
I want to see Michael Sayre’s take on the Shaman, the one that actually draws on real-world shamanic practices.

Shamanic practices differ a lot depending on which culture they are from but the Shaman as a primary healer and diviner to compete with the cleric would be nice.

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Calistria probably has a large sect of Abolitionists as nothing breeds wanting revenge as being enslaved.

Desna would abhor slavery because it means a lack of freedom to travel.

Iomedae - basically the good of lawful goodness would probably see it as a twisted mockery of law and as evil as it gets so support slavery's destruction.

Torag would have it because it ruins families,

Erastil because it ruins community.

In fact all good deities probably hate slavery, most chaotic and neutral too.

Did 5e turn Candelkeep into a school?

VampByDay wrote:

2) Shaman. A staple in fantasy, playing a shaman is pretty limited in Pathfinder 2e. Clerics can't seem to choose philosophies (or even pantheons, RAW) as sources of power. So unless your GM makes an exception, your cleric can't worship the spirits of the land or ancestors to gain power. Sure, I guess you could be a druid, but that ties you into one of the druid types and none of those types are 'spirits of the land' or 'ancestors.' You could play an oracle, but that implies that the spirtis chose YOU, not that YOU went out to worship THEM. Either an anamism/spirit worship druid path or just a new shaman class would work.

Clerics can def worship Pantheons and Philosopies.

That is actually in the Advanced Players Guide and it also says they really don't worship the Orc deities.

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