In regard to lost chronicle sheets.

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I recently made a cross country move and can not seem to find the chronicle sheets or character sheets for several characters. What are my options?

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For PFS1? PFS2? Or both?

For PFS2, I don't think there's an official stance, other than "it's your responsibility to keep good records", but since rewards are pretty much standardized, you could probably reconstruct your Chronicles through your Sessions tab. Just screenshot it and go through each game one by one.

Most of Organized Play is based on the honor system anyways so just try your best and make a note of what happened. You could try to contact each GM for another Chronicle if you don't have that many but that whole process could be a mess. Then just rebuild your PC as you best remember them.

For PFS1... pfft beats me. That will be a lot harder to piece together.

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If nothing else, reach out to your Venture Officers from where you moved from. They can re-issue chronicle sheets with their signatures to help cover you for the basic things, at least.

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If you played any if thise games online (as a lot if people did over the last few years), you might have digital copies in old email that could be re-printed to replace hardcopies, and have that many fewer to replace, but for normal meatspace games, I dont think there's a better answer than what's already been given.

Fortunately, if all of the scenarios were reported,that will at least include all of the dates.

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