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lol, at least it's working now Luci!

Verim and the others stride around the corner to a grisly and bizarre scene.

The rubble has been cleared away from the street here, and an improvised stage made of several partially destroyed wagons and carts has been erected in the middle of the street. On this stage stand four frightened-looking men and women, each armed with jagged broken weapons and clad in bits and pieces of dented, bloody armor. Three quasits flap about nearby as they seemingly work to stage a "play" of sorts comprising battles between their victims. Each of the humans left are battered, bleeding and look completely exhausted -only their fear of the Quasits keeping them upright. Four more dead men and women lie scattered about the cleared area- their poses indicating they likely tried to run away only to be killed by one of the quasits.

When the party appears, one quasit screeches in delight and shouts in a grating voice, "Oh joy! an audience! You there -bloody beard- attack Gretta there like we rehearsed. And be quick about it!!" The man had a beard stained red with his own blood from the cuts on his face, and jumps at the command, looking with maddened eyes at the group, then turns towards a woman, who must be Gretta, and raises a broken club with a resolute expression on his face.

Round 1 posts, go! You are 20' away from the stage, and the quasits are 15' farther than that, behind and above it. Working on a map.

Phew, had some comp issues the last couple days! back up and rolling now.

Leaving the ruined manor the group decides to take a circuitous route back to the Tailor shop in order to search for any additional survivors. Some tremors rattle the stones at their feet for a full thirty seconds, only to cut off suddenly and completely. The trip remains uneventful, the group keeping a fair amount of caution and avoiding several large bands of demons, or just avoiding suspicious looking areas. They pass a roaring bonfire, no creatures in sight, but a large heap of bodies being consumed within. They pass a wall where a humanoid, likely human, has been reduced to a bloody target. Several knives keep the body upright against the wall, hands and legs staking the body in place. The rest of the body is riddled with arrows, knives, spears, axes, with crude and bloodied hammers, stones, and more of the same lying strewn about in a shallow pile on the ground. Nothing is recognizable anymore, as none would be surprised if it was learned a hundred men spent a solid fifteen minutes of target practice on the victim.

Continuing on, the group nears another bend on the way to the tailors shop.

Perception DC 25:
Three screeching voices bark out in authoritative tones, followed by the sound of a forlorn wail.

So heading back now but taking a different route to look for additional survivors? Or just heading back to pick up the Loumis family?

no reason... maybe: 1d100 ⇒ 17

I wouldn't have minded a little of that Toowoomba when it was 109 Celsius yesterday. ugh.

It's been triple digits here for the last several weeks, I think only going below that once. So darn hot! It is a dry heat, thankfully not humid.

For any who celebrate the 4th of July, hope you're having a fantastic day! It's been a big family weekend for me, lots of folks coming from all over, makes time scarce but it's been really great for the fam.

Tallina searches for a good long while, and does locate some documents scattered around that indicate the home was owned by a man referred to as Kandro, but that's all they were able to discover. Some of the less helpful discoveries include blood stained rubble, 23sp and 14cp.

It's safe to say you've cleaned the place out.

Verim Pharae wrote:

Verim buts his shield up against Wendaug in a calming manner. " It's alright.. We've fought cultists, demons and terrible bugs and are likely gunna fight more Lovebug. If you are worried about being too exposed you can just hug close to me HARHAR! " the jolly guardian spok though his tap was a bit off target.

" So Talli.. what'd ya see there? "


General Armstrong Flex

Verim acted innocent, " Oh, y'know, small things overall. I don't want ot seem like a bad host above the surface. So I might have done a few things here or there you MIGHT enjoy. Those may or may not pertain to your current... disposition. Can't tell ya more than that though.. no matter what ya say! "

Wendaug gives Verim an irritated look, and maintains her nervous vigilance.

Tallina is able to further report that the ruins of the Nyserian Manor appear to be more of a happy, or unhappy, accident. The trail of destruction seems to have started somewhere to the east, and smashed through the manor, moving in a westerly direction. It's impossible to tell the exact size of whatever came through, but from the wreckage it's plan that some rather large buildings seem to have just been... in the way instead of targeted, as seems likely in regards to the former Nyserian Manor safehouse. There are some very deep gouge marks, over a foot deep into solid stone, as well some immense potholes sunk into the ground, from the steps of something very very heavy.


Little town of Flexington @ Tailors
Wendaug snorts, the sound somewhere between disgust and a chuckle, "Keeping secrets from the one you desire? Never did find that a longterm winning strategy." She ends with an expectant look on her face, as if expectant but not optimistic.

Tallina casts her spell and begins an incredibly thorough search of the ruins. Mia seems to be thinking she wants to help in some way, but doesn't actually take any actions to assist. *karate chops Mia's lazy ooc post!* :)

The half elf is able to get a better picture of what happened to the manor, it appears the manor happened to fall directly in the path of a colossal creature. The destruction does seem to be largely focused, as if caused by one large thing instead of many small things. Whatever secrets and information the manor had hidden inside, would take days if not weeks to find and analyze in all the destruction... if any remains at all.

Wendaug looks wary as always, but a little agitated with the lengthy searching, "You really don't think we're going to find anything in this mess do you? We're too exposed." Her eyes glance warily from street to street, and rooftop to rooftop, eyes never resting any one place for long.


The look Wendaug gives Verim is slightly perplexed, but she doesn't seem displeased by the light teasing tone, "And how, precisely, would your plans have changed?"

Flextime @ Tailor shop
Nira nods, clearly taking Mia's words seriously, pulling out some a board, chalk and a length of thick string, knotted at regular intervals. She jots a few things down and begins taking Mia's measurment. Her voice is low as she answers, "Thank the gods for that, though they must be worried sick about you. You keep safe dearie, fighting monsters is certainly for the young!"

Back in the main room Wendaug can feel Verim's eyes on her as she finishes getting measured, heading back to her spot by the exit, and a side of her mouth almost turns up in a smile. She passes close to Verim and speaks out with deliberate straightforward simplicity as she goes by, "I like clothes." Apparently that's supposed to explain everything...

Did I not mention? This is actually a hardcore horror pbp, the plots of which always start with a pair of ladies talking in private.

I've been watching a playthrough for Witcher 3 and it looks so awesome. As for the next Witcher game, I'd be excited for a new witcher from a different school. That'd be so dope!

Thanks for everyone's patience by the way, very busy at work lately and that makes family time all the more rare. Anyways, let's keep trucking!

Flextime @ the tailors shop
Wendaug listens closely to Verim, not happy, but listening. At the end she says, "As long as you remember that your scenario is very much a 'maybe', and not something to make plans on. We may go on for awhile and I may learn that I do not want to change, and never will. It may be healthy to ponder that."

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Wendaug marches right up to a now-terried Nira and launches into a long and detailed explanation of what she wants. Nira's trepidation soon turns to curiosity, then happy wonder and the two women go into the back chatting closely all the while. They are gone for some time, the constant murmur of their chatting carrying in the medium sized shop. When they emerge Nira is holding Wendaug's hand to support her walking, and they separate with knowing smiles.


Luciana Moretti wrote:
"Honestly, Mr Loumis; if I was going to have a dress you made, I'd rather go all-out and have something properly tailored for me. I thank you for the offer, but I'd rather pay for it myself. That and now's not exactly the best time for tailoring."

Belthis agree's quickly, "Of course Lady Moretti, my honor forbids me from allowing you to pay fully after you've saved our lives, but we'll craft whatever you wish when things have settled down and if it's more, then you'll just owe the difference. Is that acceptable?"


Nira allows herself to be pulled along by Mia, and nods gravely at the request, but does appear concerned with matronly propriety. She adopts Mia's volume and pose, putting a hand up to her ear, "We can handle the color to your liking young lady, but can you be more specific as to the style? We want your parents to approve of course, and my my aren't you brave for coming along to help. You're clearly quite the healer for one so small." she shifts her bandaged arm carefully, wincing only slightly, showing Mia what an excellent job she's done on it.

Main story

After securing the shop in hurried but decent manner, the group continues on their way, the older couple holding each other as they watch the group continue on their quest. They are brave and hold back any emotional outburst, but you can see the undercurrent of fear that you won't return for them just below the surface. In a fit of protectiveness, Max decides to stay with them, acting as a guard (guard bot).

Continuing on the group finally arrives at the Nyserian Manor and what was once surely a stately manor is now nothing more than a pile of rubble and a gouged trough of ruin. If there was a safehouse here it is either extremely well hidden, or is simply no longer a safehouse.

Though obviously still weak, Mia's ministrations and her natural skill and love of clothing bring a much healthier glow to Nira's cheeks as she listens to requests, makes professional and shrewd suggestions, artfully steers some away from clashing colors or styles, and guides the rest to flattering and beautiful pieces. It's actually very impressive how much has survived the devastation so far, and the clothing and fabric choices are plentiful.

Belthis nods generously at all requests to delay, "The timing does not matter to us, just let us know when and what and we'll make it happen. Some fabrics and styles are more difficult and may require more time and some additional funds, but we can work all that out at your convenience."

Yeah he wouldn't be making anything custom right now, it's gonna be a week per custom outfit. If you buy something off the wrack, then it'll be the 100gp worth of clothing. If you want to continue conversations here, feel free to do so using flextime.

Verim Pharae wrote:
...... Verim puts his hand back out to Wendaug.

Wendaug face is skeptical during Verims words, but she seems to be listening at least. She narrows her eyes slightly, as if considering, as she answers, "You're optimism is not amusing, and neither is the idea that I can just... imagine things are different than they are. Sounds like an excellent way to get killed, wishing things are different and imagining reality to be other than it is." As Verim explains the source of his convictions, Wendaugs lips thin slightly as she presses them together, "Well that sounds all well and good, but I'm no hero, I'm a killer and I'm a survivor. And don't try to think that reality away, because that's real life Verim." and she reached out slowly, not to take his hand, but just rests her fingers gently on his outstretched ones for several breaths before pulling away again and heading inside with the others, sneering at Belthis as she takes a spot near the door, leaning against it casually.

Nira bursts into tears at the proclamation, the adrenaline of the battle finally subsiding and the relief of being rescued clearly moving her greatly. Belthis lifts his arms wide and expansively, as if trying to hug the sky, "That is Incredible news! Bless you all. I will make each of you the finest set of clothes... that I'm able from what materials I have left." He looks through the door at Verim speaking with Wendaug, "And you, former giant-warrior, for you I will craft my greatest work! Now that you're smaller, eh!" he states with a large grin.

Everyone gets to choose a fine outfit worth 100gp each, either immediately off the rack now, or it can be custom tailored in 1 week if you choose to actually keep the outfit. Verim your outfit will be worth 300gp since Belthis feels so badly for poking you.... :O

Yeah I didn't think you were looking for food to take, just phrasing the info to add context to their situation.

The older couple exchange a look of such hope it's palpable, and Belthis answers, "Well we'd be right loons not to take you up on such an offer, though I'm a little hard of hearing. Did I just hear you say you've eaten a rake, giant bagets, and metal earring? I wasn't aware folk could subsist on such things!" He scoffs but then gives Tallina an earnest look, "We'd do all we could to not be a burden, that's a promise."

Outside the door Wendaug gently removes Verims hand from her arm, "I don't- I'm not looking to be alone, but that doesn't mean I always need to be included either. I'm not used to constantly being in such a large group, not without ordering them around at least. Like those two old ones for instance, my every instinct tells me they will slow us down, be a burden. Look what that old man did to you for Darkness sake!" She turns to look Verim closely in the eyes, "Honestly, don't you think we'd be better off without them? That keeping them alive is just prolonging the inevitable?" At the last she gives a vague wave above and behind her, as if to indicate the ruined buildings, the demonic dead still twitching nearby, the entire mess of a city.

Nira has been bitten by one of those demonic giant flies and has caught it's disease.
You find their food stores easily enough, a good amount of food put away for two older people, and only a small amount spoiling. It's plain that if the group did take Nira up on her offer, the folks wares would be severely depleted.

Wendaug sniffs in annoyance at Verims hand, peering up into his face with a slightly disgusted look, "Worried for your safety? Please. I prefer my pets unmarked is all. I'll keep watch out here, I don't trust myself to be in close quarters with those bumbling idiots... and I'm not fond of old folks either."


Inside the building you see it's the shop is a combination tailor/clothing store that appears to have specialized in particularly fancy clothing. Coming slowly down the stairs the woman settles under Mia's care and the man, Belthis, addresses the group. Staying near his wifes side he says, "I'm Belthis Loumis, and this is my dear wife Nira. One of the finest clothiers in the city -or I used to be, before the hordes of demon spawn arrived. We've only a little food stored away, not enough for so many and a giant..." Nira shoos weakly at her husband "Excuse my Belthis, we'd be dead without your help today. We can spare some food if you're in need." Belthis, looking worridly at his poor wife bites back his next comment, instead saying, "My better half is right, as usual, and you're free to look for what foods your in need of. I just ask you take sparingly." He looks a bit mournfully around the shop suddenly full of people, "Or I could offer you the services of a skilled tailor, if that appeals to any of you?"

Wendaug has been giving the old couple a murderous stare, and pulling slightly on a nocked arrow, almost involuntarily. "After you'd blinded one of us!? You expect us to do anything but kill you where you stand? Ungrateful old bags!"

The old man, Belthis, tilts his head towards Wendaug, concentrating hard, "Yes we are the kindest of us. Please come in so you don't need to stand!" he shouts down in his quavering voice, and turns inside, apparently heading downstairs.

Queue giant, one-eyed Verim/cyclops jokes.

An old masculine voice was telling a whimpering feminine voice to "Be quiet! Please Nira! Or the bandits are sure to come in! We don't know who's out there! and the female voice crying softly, "Why would be put the hats in a bin? Besides, it hurts so badly! I don't even have the strength... to stand!"

The old man shrieks in shock and staggers back as Verim takes the spear in the eye, coming to the window and pulling aside a ruined shutter when Verim doesn't destroy him immediately. "Oh dear gods I'm so sorry! Why did you shout you were stealers?" Dicombodulated he turns back and assists a pale old woman to the window, her arm sporting a nasty-looking bite wound. "Belthis, you old fool! What have you done? You all, please do come in below. Young -uhh, giant man, you'll have to wait outside I'm afraid."

I've got the arcade Die Hard on the brain.

You'll occasionally see "Quick-Time events" for lack of a better term, to add some spice to situations and letting luck play her wily hand a bit more, with some minor-ish consequences thrown in for some drama. When you notice these pop up, it's probably best to not get weighed down by pesky RAW and logic. :)

GM Screen:
1d100 ⇒ 77 low bad

It's actually not hardly sharp at all, and I'm factoring in Verim reacting defensively as a warrior would, his check is to see to what degree his warrior reflexes keep him from damage. He's not staring blissfully into space as he gets rammed in the eye with a stick.

As Verim puts his eye to the window and shouts, one of the makeshift spears fending off the flies earlier pokes out with either incredible skill or luck. At the other end of the stick Verim glimpses a skinny, terrified old man in what used to be quite fashionable clothing, now dirty, ripped and largely tattered. An equally (formerly) well dressed woman clutches her bleeding arm, huddled in the corner with a chamber pot in her hands like the smelliest shield you've ever had the misfortune of smelling. The dismayed look on the old mans face indicates his struck first but listened last, even as the 'spear' lunges towards Verim's open eye.

Verim, make a DC14 Reflex or the sticks gonna poke you good in the eye. You'll be reduced to one eye for 1d2 ⇒ 2 days, basically making it as if you're in dim light till it's able to heal on it's own.

With the combine fury of Lucianna and Verim, the party is able to down the last demonic giant fly. As the sounds of battle fades slowly there seems to be an unnatural silence, as if the street and houses were all listening in to see who would win the battle. The sounds of the streets slowly return, and a crying whimper can be heard coming from inside the home the flies were attempting to enter, and a deeper voice murmuring urgently to shush the whimpers.

Nicely done you lot

Hey folks, apologies for my absence yesterday. It was a very busy workday that bled into the evening, and by the time I was able to post I was too tired to put up anything of substance. All ahead full!

GM Screen:

Fly Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 211d6 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10 Plus disease

Round 3
Some of the group get doused in the acid, others are able to deflect a good amount of the toxic sludge, greatly diminishing the damage. In a flurry of attacks the group fells all but the orange fly, who seems more incensed than ever.

The green fly was dazed for a moment by Tallina's spell before falling beneath Tobongo's heavy blows, and the lone fly screeches in a furious buzzing, trying to got a nip in on the largest and closest target, Verim. The slavering jaws dart in for a disgusting bite. AOO for at least Verim, and I think that's all. Verim take 10 damage and you're diseased. Take Con Damage: 1d3 ⇒ 2 and Dex damage: 1d3 ⇒ 3 unless you make a DC15 fort save.

Please post for Round 4! Finish this disgusting thing off!

    Initiative - R4
  • The Heroes

  • The Fly

Verim Pharae wrote:
Mia can see.. its just darker than normal.. its still light outside

You know it did go from Normal light to Dim light, not sure how looking through a cloud of dimness works exactly. It'd make sense for there to be some penalty/difficulty as it's difficult to see through. I really don't know for sure, just everyone has concealment within or if on opposite sides? I think that makes the most sense to me.

Oh I did miss that earlier charge question, and yes you could have charged with a weapon with 10' reach.

Sometimes it seems a minor in Google Draw is needed to get objects moved around and selected. If you're ever having trouble trying to get at something below another object, you can either just move that object out of the way, move the object underneath, then move the first object back again. Or hit cntrl+shift+downarrow and it'll put the selected object on the bottom layer of the 'pile'. Then, leaving it selected, you can hit cntrl+uparrow to gradually move the object back up through the layers till it's visible but not covering what you're trying to select.

Hope that helps. :)

I just used the existing posts, I guess Tallina only posted for Tobondo, and I thought Lucianna was back as well. Oh well, botted Max and Luci and lets move along!

GM Screen:

Wendaug Attack (Attack (mwk-lbow)): 1d20 + 8 - 4 ⇒ (9) + 8 - 4 = 13 and Damage: 1d8 ⇒ 7
FlyG Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 101d6 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Round 2
Verim slams at the fly attacking Bianca with his shield, but misses. Then lashes out with the impossibly long glaive to slice the orange fly in the distance.

Wendaug fires a shot towards the yellow fly attacking Bianca, but the close quarters fighting causes the arrow to miss. She hisses in frustration.

Talina's plant pal swings and misses.

Bianca lashes out at the yellow fly and strikes it down from the sky.

Mia moves north till she escapes the cloud of darkness, but is unable to see anything past the building and the darkness. Delay

Luciana and Maxwell move east out of the cloud and ready attacks in case the flies attack once again.

The remaining flies continue their attack, noticing their 'comrades' falling but intent on destroying their foe with demonic rage. The one attacking Tobongo bites again, but cannot penetrate the plant creatures armor. The distant orange fly chitters in hate at Verim -who just injured it- and drifts away slightly before spewing an immense cone of acic down the street, catching everyone except Tobongo. Take 2d6 ⇒ (5, 5) = 10 acid damage. Reflex DC 15 halves the damage.

Please post for Round 3!

    Initiative - R3
  • The Heroes

  • The Flies

Round 1 - AOO resolution
Verim and Bianca batter the red fly as it attempts to cast darkness, and it's unable to maintain its concentration as it falls under the rain of blows. Verim finishes off the blue fly as it's attempting to get it range for a bite, and it tumbles earthward, legs twitching. Bianca strikes once more on the yellow fly as it attacks her, her blade not striking as deep as she might have expected.

My policy is generally bot someone after a 24 hour maximum, although if the group is hopping along at a faster pace then my patience window narrows to 8 or 4 hours depending. Of course I've been dealing with RL so the botting has not happened yet. I'll get a post up tonight though.

I just had a good giggle picturing Tallina swinging Tobongo around like a club. Just wanted to update the group, my wife has not been well since the weekend and has been in the hospital a couple times yesterday and today with what turned out to be burst cysts. I don't think I spelled that right. Anyways, she's doing better and has some potent stuff to help her manage the pain. Thank much for your patience!

GM Screen:

Maxwell Attack (hflail): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19 and Damage: 1d10 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13
Luciana Attack (sword): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18 and Damage: 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

FlyR Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 161d6 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
FlyO Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 101d6 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10
FlyY Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 71d6 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5
FlyG Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 61d6 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10
FlyB Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 191d6 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Round 1
The enlarged Verim slashes with his immense glaive at the closer fly nearest the window, the weapon biting deep into the creatures surprising tough torso.

Wendaug fires a hit into the red Fly, but the demonic creature shrugs off the arrow like it was nothing.

Talina's club throw misses completely, slamming into the building and clattering to the ground.
Tobongo has more success, smashing a limb into the same fly Verim had attacked, and it wobbles badly in mid-air, but manages to remain aloft.

Bianca advances next to Verim and slams her Bec De Corbin against the ground before sounding out a battlecry, one which seems to incite the others to greater fury.

Mia casts a helpful hex on Verim, her witching ways giving him a defensive edge.

Luciana and Maxwell advance slightly and ready attacks in case the flies attack.

The flies attack in a angry buzz as they focus their attention on the party. One of them concentrates for a moment and a globe of darkness settles over the group. A second darkness spell comes from the NE fly, covering those not caught in the second spell. The three remaining flies zip into the cloud and attack Bianca, Verim and Tobongo. The slavering jaws in the darkness fail to get Bianca or Tobongo, but the fly attacking Verim manages to get through his defenses. Verim a 19 hits right? If not then disregard. If so then you take -8hp and are Diseased. Roll a fort save DC15 or take Con damage: 1d3 ⇒ 3 and Dex damage: 1d3 ⇒ 2.

If there are AoO's vs flies pre or post darkness please roll them. Also include concealment miss chance for those w/o darkvision next round.

Please post for Round 2!

    Initiative - R2
  • The Heroes

  • The Flies

Yeah, busy work Friday combined with trip to the river for BBQ. Just got back and will get a good post in tonight

I'll bot tonight or in the morning if we haven't heard anything.

I generally dislike waiting too. blargh!

A most correct and astute observation my friend. We are/have been waiting indeed. *sigh*


Wendaug hugs the corner of the building next to her, using it to steady her shot, and fires at the nearest red fly creature. While her shot is in the air she comments with a straight face, "You sure you're not compensating for something Petling?" Her attention remains on her shot, hoping it finds it's mark.

Attack (mwk-lbow): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24 and Damage: 1d8 ⇒ 2

Which it does, sticking into the flies bloated torso... with a less than satisfying sound, and the arrow almost immediately falls out and to the ground.

Rounding the corner you each take in the scene on the street, five demonic giant flies with faces that look all too human save for their deformed rasping maws and tiny half-formed hands on the tip of each spindly leg. Each one is easily the size of a dwarf, bloated bodies and thick wings making them seem all the bigger. Their attention is focused on two upper story windows of a shop which no longer bears any identifying marks. The windows are boarded up, but one has been half smashed through, and the flies are taking turns diving towards the opening, opening the gap ever wider. A couple of sticks, broom handles maybe, are thrust from inside the building now and again, but without skill and without any real effect. It's clear those inside are nearly out of time.

Due to the distraction of those inside, you basically get to start Round 1 about 30' away, with the initiative. Working on a makeshift map ... but for now we'll use the theatre of the mind. It's a 20' wide section of street, largely clear of debilitating debris. The flies are 10' in the air, 30' to 50' away from you.

    Initiative - R1
  • The Heroes (your R1 posting order will set the specific init order for future rounds)

  • The Flies

So let it be written...

With the group agreed on their next course of action, they set out back to the Defender's Heart, arms and packs full of loot, and steps light with their success. The newest member of the group seems to be doing quite well despite the close run-in with opportunistic bandits.

Irabeth is very pleased with the news of success thus far and encourages the group to clear out the one remaining cultist safehouse known to you. After stowing their newly acquired gear, the group sets out to the south to the Nyserian Manor, again moving cautiously through the streets.

GM screen:
1d100 ⇒ 67

As the party progresses, they hear a loud buzzing, some shrieking and a urgent battering sound as if wood were breaking. Wendaug peeks around the corner then heads back to the group, "Five possessed people-flies trying to get into a shop of some sort, at least one person inside. It's smartest to let them get inside then move past. We do have a mission petling." The last part is directed towards Verim. In the background around the corner the screaming renews as the battering sounds pick up in tempo.

On to the Nyserian Manor?

That is both handy and awesome. Makes my job easier too. Thanks! So Tjip saw the suspicious paste on the holy symbols as well, and likely reported it. :)

@Verim - Either auto-make it or you can roll play a little 30 seconds of silliness, no lasting effects.

Yeah, that's true. Those were 3 good hits, all in round 1. I'm used to a little more drawn out battles, which I'm sure will come. But I also think just playing the game straight out of the PDF will result in a lot of encounters like the one we just had. Maybe, maybe not, but that's my worry.

Maybe you guys like encounters similar to this! I want to do what's fun too.

Looking in the chest, Tallina notices that all five holy symbols have been coated with a dried paste.

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