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Council of Thieves

"We did not fail Aroden—he failed us, though we Wiscrani held the faith! We embraced that adversity and replaced his betrayal with strength and order." —Alcini Vitaron of Alcini’s Apothecary

**Combat Map**
*Map of Westcrown*

GM Agent's Skull & Shackles

GM Brayden's "Rise of the Runelords"

Rise of the Runelords was the first adventure path released in the Pathfinder Adventure Path line and debuted in August 2007.
“ From the idyllically peaceful coastal town of Sandpoint to an ancient lost city at the top of the world, Rise of the

Price of Immortality

Now on part three of a three part campaign for 1st-Level characters (who are now at 6th-Level)

Rannik's Carrion Crown

Vaylen Trade Guild - Couriers with a Difference

No job too difficult, no fee too large - motto of the Vaylen Trade Guild affixed to the door of the wagon... mildly singed.

Wrath of the Righteous

Dare you confront the Abyss?


DM Corvus' Blood & Mist (inactive)

GM Brayden's PFS First Steps (Group 2): To Delve the Dungeon Deep (inactive)

GM Captain Trips - Kingmaker! (inactive)

The Last Forge (inactive)

Deep in the halls of Kel Mar, the last dwarven stronghold, an echo stirs. Heroes are called forth to save their homes and traditions, lest they be lost forever...

PbP FS-3: A Vision of Betrayal (inactive)

PFS by PbP scenario TBD (inactive)

RoW: Let's Thaw the Frozen Stars! (inactive)

The Twisting Tree (inactive)

The world is The Tree. Tossing to and fro with the winds of change. Under siege from vermin, fire, and chaos. The Tree needs it's Thorns to protect it, Pruners to guide its shape. Are you up to the Task? -Pruner