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Hey guys, I'll definitely keep y'all diligent posters and creative gamers in mind for future games. Rannick, you've already proven you're a total boss by picking up a game not originally your own, and I've really been enjoying following the story you're weaving. Really nicely done thus far. Ok have fun guys! *fades back into the shadows... but not too far so as to lurk appropriately*

*Lurk* You guys are awesome. :)

GM Bone Man wrote:

Oh I just saw that the tab is empty. anyone interested in a game like that

I'm going more for the world is green there is some make and some bits here and there of Sentient murdery robots running around...

That's a cool sounding idea Bone Man, you might try hitting up some or all the characters you like in the Any tab? As by definition those players may be up for 'any'thing?

Yup, the realities of the boards is the most likely culprit. I fully intend to use the sheet for the next game I run, at least partially, maybe fully depending on the circumstances and options.

Ah nuts! Bummer Sabrina, sometimes it takes a lot of chugging through the mud to get to the... good stuff after the mud.

GM Rednal wrote:
Now seems like a good time to add the Legendary Planet AP (under 'Other'), since the KS funding is going well and the first parts will be released at the end of July. ^^


Hey Zwolfe, I think this list was probably made with pbp in mind, but I'd suggest reaching out to those who have characters posted on the list for Iron Gods and see if any of them would be interested in a skype game. Or you could appeal to the Any tab for characters which could be for any campaign I'd be surprised if you didn't get some folks interested. Maybe a combo of putting something up in the Recruitment thread then posting a link here. You could always reach out to people directly but that takes a bit more work.

Edward Sobel wrote:
I tried to swipe on my phone but I kept dialing new numbers

Bwahaha. I just clicked the link.

I just realized I've been using the google Sheets app to look at the spreadsheet. That's another option for those having trouble viewing it on a mobile device.

Hey Zahir, for me I have to touch and drag the tabs to see more than the 2-3 displayed when I load the page. Maybe give that a try to see if it works?

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Sounds fine to me. I used paizo's Adventure Path page to determine which to include as D&D, but I have no problem giving those APs their own tab. Just means a few more tabs is all, no biggy. I'll make the change when I get a chance.

So I just made some fairly significant changes to the layout of the spreadsheet, including a separate tab for each Pathfinder AP, and separate tabs for Homebrews, 3rd Party, and D&D APs. There's also a separate tab for those wanting to submit a character without a specific AP in mind.

If this doesn't help add value/clarity/etc... to the spreadsheet it's not too hard to switch it back. Let me know!

Sir Awesomesauce McSnazzlepants wrote:
I MIGHT be recruiting for another campaign, since I have WAY too much free time on my hands and I MIGHT do a version of an existing AP with a twist.

What cool variant AP ideas! Good luck finding the right players!

Divinitus, welcome back.

I had posted these suggestions earlier, but obviously you were out. Any thoughts on these? Sounded like you may have done something similar to the first suggestion already.

Some ideas I had for the doc would be to add an Instructions tab to the doc, giving some basics for posting a character on it, size of font to use, whether to bold or not, what to do if your character is chosen, etc... with an example or two perhaps? Also at some point I foresee using tabs for each AP, rather than spreading them out within a single tab. Seems it'd visually consolidate the spreadsheet real estate while making navigation for players and GMs slightly faster and easier.

I would just make these changes as it's a community effort, but they seem significant enough changes that I wanted to bring the ideas up here first.

... Well I suppose it's good to get the semantics right. lol. Thanks Stabbitty.

Nevermind - found the Errata here. It certainly does stack if a different effect is used each time.

Evil Eye Errata:
Witch, Evil Eye Hex: Can I use this hex more than once on a target?
Yes. As long as you apply a different penalty with each use of the hex (AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks), you can have multiple penalties on the same target. Applying the same hex penalty to a target just resets the duration to the most recent use of the hex.

Example: On round 1, you hex the target's AC. On round 2, you hex the target's attack rolls, so the target now has two evil eye hexes on it. On round 3, you hex the target's saving throws, so it now has three evil eye hexes on it. On round 4, you hex its AC again, resetting the duration of the AC-hex (which does not add an additional –2 penalty to its AC). The same thing would happen if two witches were using evil eye on the same target--as long as each evil eye hex applied a penalty to a different thing, they'd all apply.

This doesn't violate the general rule for stacking penalties--each evil eye effect is basically a different source, even though they stem from the evil eye hex (the evil eye hex is much like 5 separate weak hexes under a common umbrella). In the same way that multiple castings of bestow curse on the same target should stack as long as they do different things (penalize Strength, penalize Dex, penalize attack rolls, take no action, and so on), multiple uses of the evil eye hex stack as long as they're targeting different game statistics.

Dang, I'm trying to get confirmation on this too.. and the link above seems to go nowhere now.

*EDIT* Nevermind - found the Errata here.

The above linked thread seems to be MIA for me. Can someone confirm the various Evil Eye effects can stack?


Yep anyone who has a link to it can access it, and it's a community document, so everyone maintains their own link(s). And as Rednal said, we respectfully refrain from messing with anyone else's things. Everyone is partially in charge of it, like a wiki.

Happy posting and good luck!

I would think a background in this particular thread is more of a display of willingness to flesh out a character... Rather than setting one in stone. Since no GM has set specific background criteria, everything must be flexible, concept, crunch and background.

So perhaps make a background to display your ability/desire to have a fully fleshed character, then be ready to change things according to the GM.

My 2cp.

Kurkorikt the rogue got the invites. I hope you get in!

Just wanted to inform the thread that I got two interest inquiries from GMs on the first character I added to the list. This thing works!

Hey Danica, yeah it's amazing how much less stress is involved when life calms down. Note to self - not a high pressure situation lover. ;)

I knew it was going to be fun getting that ring back from you Anna, the battle would have been legendary. Maybe Golum would have had to make a surprise appearance to do a little finger biting...

Seems like you're a great fit Oathar :).

I'll PM you any suggestions I come up with Old Guy GM, but one thing I laughed more than a little about was that ring of invisibility. And for the record the party was not going to get to keep that, lol. Unless they started killing folks. But it appears everything worked out there.

Howdy Fateweaver, let me skim your game thus far and work up a character.

After reading some of the story thus far I think I'll be going for a nervous thief. I'll get something posted as quick as I'm able.

Dave Herman wrote:
Boo. I would hate for the effort put into this go to waste.

As long as there are GMs looking for players, and they are aware of this thread and the linked doc full of potential players, I very much doubt any effort here going to waste. Plus the thread is a Sticky, making linked characters on the doc all the more useful in the long run.

My 2cp.

Really love the idea of this thread! Some ideas I had for the doc would be to add an Instructions tab to the doc, giving some basics for posting a character on it, size of font to use, whether to bold or not, what to do if your character is chosen, etc... with an example or two perhaps? Also at some point I foresee using tabs for each AP, rather than spreading them out within a single tab. Seems it'd visually consolidate the spreadsheet real estate while making navigation for players and GMs slightly faster and easier.

I would just make these changes as it's a community effort, but they seem significant enough changes that I wanted to bring the ideas up here first.

Hey cool dudes, just popping in to say I'm so happy this game is still going and in such great hands with Old Guy GM. This is the first time I've been on the boards since those last few messages we exchanged. Turns out I do not do school, family, work and play well.

Again, thanks to Helaman and Old Man GM for helping keep this game alive, but ultimately that wouldn't be possible without an incredible group of players being the real heart of the game.

Sending you all warm fuzzies and all that! You guys rock and I'll probably be lurking your game for a good long while. :)

Hey GM, what are your thoughts on a Cavalier? Especially in relation to a mount being available in this AP?

If a mount isn't possible until a ways into the AP, I'd still be interested in playing one, but if a mount is totally unrealistic for the duration then I'll need to revise my planning.


PS. I thought a Beast Rider could be especially well crafted to this type of AP, plus fun to play. :) My favorite Archetype is Honor Guard however.

As one of the 4 already chosen, I think (or I'm gonna sound like a real a-hole right now), I'd like to say woohoo for Serpents Skull! and I'm mucho excited for the game.

For my character, which has yet to be created, I'm thinking an Oracle, cleric, or some such healy type.

Since the illustrious GM Brayden said the players would be choosing the last member of the group (or two) then I've decided to give you full disclosure of what's important to me and what I'll be asking myself about every submission. You can use or ignore this information as you see fit, as I'm just one cog in the machine and will have a limited say on who fills the final slots.

Full Disclosure:
After a couple years on these boards, my number ONE priority for PbP games has become 'How regular, reliable and consistent is this potential party member in his/her posting?' Quality is of course important to me, but I'd rather play with someone who posts daily but has terrible grammar, no punctuation, little creative writing skills, and little-to-no grasp of the rules, than someone who composes an award winning novela once a week.

Interesting, deep characters and novel-like backstories are fun and a blast to read, but what happens when the initial excitement of a new pbp wears off? How regular does your posting become when combat's been dragging on for a day or three? What's your longest running game? Have you disappeared from a game before and left a group wondering what happened? Is waning interest a trend for this person? Or do they usually post regularly and in their games for the long-haul?

Two caveats:
1) I know people get busy and life happens. No one is perfect and I don't expect that from anyone. Heck I disappeared from the boards for nearly a month one time when things got too crazy IRL (and it was a dang jerky thing of me to do). But I came back and hopefully learned my lesson. What I'm referring to is a trend of suspect behavior.

2) People have got to start somewhere. If you're new to the boards or haven't gotten into a game yet, or you did but it died quickly, etc... That stuff doesn't really concern me. Everyone needs to be given a break sometime, or none of us would ever get into these games!

If you're reading this and thinking, "Oh shiz sounds a little like me..." then don't panic and give up. Just calmly explain why it might look that way, and then tell me why I'm wrong, why things will be different from here on out. That sort of thing.


Ok, that's pretty much it. Scared yet? Good! >:) Good luck and happy submission-ing...

GM Niles wrote:
I'd love to play in a WOTR so I'm kinda hesitant to run it. ...

I can relate to that. :)

Skorn wrote:
...I am in a number of games now, and enjoy all of them but would love to get into an AP that would progress a little faster than a book a year...

Gasp! I'm cut to the quick. ;)

Hey Niles.

I've been hankering to play a Skull and Shackles game for the pirate open-sea adventure vibe it gives off.

Also Wrath of the Righteous has recently caught my eye.

Mostly though I just want GMs/potential GMs to pick whatever they love best, as my near-primary goal for pbp games has become to see them through to the end, whether I'm GMing or PCing. :)

This is a very interesting idea. I'd really like to see how it's implemented before I toss my hat in. But gotta say the idea sounds really cool.

awful! Dandy!

Personally I'm wondering how a collaborative GM effort would do if we do use APs from a logistical standpoint (IE: Loot, leveling, etc..). It makes my head whirl a little bit to imagine. Assuming we run them simultaneously, concurrently would be easier, I think, but we'd lose a lot of potential collaborative fun in a concurrent-AP's scenario.

Tobaris wrote:
Mr. Mug how would you go about the collaborative effort, in fact what parts of collaborative effort interest all of you?

From a logistical standpoint we'd each have our own game, similarly named but of course unique in some way. We'd put links to the other games/regions/APs in the campaign thread and we'd assign one (or two) GMs to a group of 4-6 (or however many). I think we'd need to abandon XP, and just level folks when we felt they were ready, to keep things consistent and prevent some folks/groups from leveling very differently from others.

Unless we only borrow heavily from some APs, rather than use them without deviation, it seems we need to homebrew. The GM's involved would of course need to craft the overall world (or their assigned portion of it) and we'd need to report on/check up on each others games regularly.

What if we ran APs (or portions of them) as offshoots of a 'main' storyline/AP. For example, what if the group(s) are travelers or something -maybe they could be doing the Kingmaker campaign- and the quests available to them are actually parts from other APs? I've played enough to Kingmaker to know there's quests available at Olegs, and minor things available while exploring, and these side quests could actually be sections from other APs? Having multiple groups in a Kingmaker AP type world make sense as the end-goal is actually a kingdom with subjects and nobles and people in positions of power.

What if we did S&S or Kingmaker and treated it like PvP without the combat? I know in Kingmaker there's multiple groups or factions exploring/kingmaking mentioned in the Players Guide, essentially in competition with each other. What if we each ran a group, started in different areas of the map, and let them loose? It'd take effort to coordinate them, and (now that I think about it) the pbp medium would not be kind to different groups posting rates etc... So maybe this idea isn't plausible.

What do you think of these ideas?

I think we need to decide if we want this to be pvp or coop?

Having GM responsibilities split by campaign seems difficult due to level disparity, although if players are often switching from one campaign to another -that seems more plausible. Then it'd just be a matter of taking sections from campaigns and smooshing them together in a way that makes sense.

I've toyed around with an idea like this for some time. At least the collaborative effort and less about different campaigns or regions, but it's close enough to intrigue me. Color me interested, at least open to the idea of discussion(s) and seeing what we can come up with.

Quick question, what does running a game have to do with you being out of your mind?

He's going to be more the castor cleric.

Going for young, awkward, weakling-ish, ignorant, cloistered type young man.

Got the details and creating the alias now.

Bugsby here.

Hey just popping in to say hello and get my character finished up. Indeed I will be playing a cleric.

@Rhyno, and then I run in and revive you! ;)

You still looking for interest here?

Wow -I take the fam on a hike and then to the pool and the world goes crazy.

It's with a heavy heart that I say this, for the little time I've spent on this thread has been wonderful. I hereby relinquish my position as Recruiter Helper, and instead accept the opportunity to actually bring Brom into the campaign. Teehee. Glad to be here and excited to play with some or all of you!

As for the style/methodology we decide on, at this point I'm just hoping for what we decide to go the distance. So with that in mind, whatever is easiest on the GM seems the most important... But putting that fearful/defeatest attitude aside, there are some really exciting possibilities.

GM, if we want to save the huge, and experimental, method for another day I would be willing to GM one of the groups. The only problem there is I don't have the books needed to run the AP. I offer this option as a last-resort type thing, because while I could do it, life circumstances suggest that I not -at the moment.

(Also, I need to populate the profile now! Get this ugly 'Mug' outa here)

You're quite welcome. I only knew because I asked that very question earlier.

GM Captain Trips wrote:

I'll probably recruit through the weekend, and make a final choice either Monday or Tuesday of next week. I'll ramp things up with the chosen that week and we will begin the following Monday most likely.

The suspense! :-D

Castor I had to sit on my hands to keep from doing it... I'm glad you didn't let me down! :)

Gavmania wrote:
Mug wrote:

Great minds Castor, great minds think alike. :)

.... Although, by the same logic, stupid minds probably think alike as well. Hmmm. ;)

The phrase is "...Fools seldom differ."

I've been hearing the first half of that quote my entire three plus decades of life. I have never felt the least bit curious if there were more to it. Thanks! I got to learn something today. Which is awesome!

No love for the PRD? :(

I have the thing perma-open, I'm in there so often.

Looking for some competition are you? :)

I don't know... My strength is high, maybe the muscle has squirshed my brain so much it's forced it into a psionic wavelength between you and I?

10... yikes. Not looking good for us.

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