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If you're up for taking it over I'd be happy to have you do it. Unfortunately, I don't have time to either play or run right now, but it does seem best to continue on with the game without me.

Sorry for the delay, I've been feeling a bit under the weather and life has not been cooperating. Should get things moving again sometime in the next day or two.

Snips looks at the five SILVER pieces (what are you people, made of money?), pockets them, and begins moving towards the back door of the shop.

Quiet, we shouldn't be talking about this here. Step out back with me, so the boss won't just walk in on us.

Kell, since you were specifically paying attention, you know the following:

You're pretty sure Snips has an ulterior motive, even beyond his desire for money.

Seeing Amberly talking to her floor sweep, the barber drops a lock of hair on the ground and says:

Oi, Snips, you missed a spot.

As he snaps away from Amberly and runs over to sweep it up the barber gives him a sharp kick in the behind, knocking him to the ground and laughing uproariously, slapping Lunarius on the back, pulling the apron off of him and saying:

There you go my fine sir, you're all set.

She then yells over her shoulder at Snips, still lying on the ground, to clean up and close up the shop. “And don’t forget the mirror—I want to see myself in it!” she cackles, doubling over at her own “joke” and slapping the increasingly uncomfortable Lunarius again. She then stumbles drunkenly out the door, heading for the bar across the street.

At this point Snips picks himself up off the ground and continues sweeping. As he does so, he sheepishly quotes the price for the haircut to Lunarius, and then, looking out the door to make sure his boss doesn't see him he turns to the group and says:

So, I figure you're on the lookout for the Barbers, and not the one that just headed out the door to the bar, am I right? I might be able to help you out with that, if you make it worth my while.

As Lunarius sits down in the chair the barber, Valette, introduces herself and asks some perfunctory questions about what sort of hair cut you're looking for. As you make your not terribly subtle references to the Bloody Barbers you see her shudder slightly, but she isn't forthcoming with any specific information.

A DC 10 Perception check gives you the following information:

DC 10 Perception:
You don't think she knows anything specific about the Barbers, she's just freaked out at the obvious references to such a dangerous group.

Do you have any specific questions you'd like to ask during Lunarius' haircut?

Apologies for the radio silence. Between downtime and travel i was unable to do much of anything while on vacation. I'm back now though, so I'll get things moving later today!

Just a quick reminder, I'm leaving on a cross country road trip tomorrow morning that will run through the beginning of September. I will still be online at various times, but far less consistently than usual (especially in the middle of the day). I will attempt to keep things moving along though, but bear with me.

Between various bits of conversation with locals and the dwarf's failed attempt at intimidation (which was really quite amusing to the rest of you) you've narrowed your search down to The Smiling Cut, a particular run down barbershop in The Coins that you suspect serves as a front for The Barbers. When you enter you see the following scene.

This small barbershop has four worn barber chairs and a wooden waiting bench. The astringent odors of various hair tonics combine with that of talcum powder to produce a potent aroma. A large, tarnished mirror runs the full length of one wall, with a low shelf below it that holds an assortment of combs, razors, scissors, and jars holding murky liquids. The shop is almost empty, and it’s quiet enough to hear the snip of its lone barber’s scissors as she works on a large man’s wild mane, while a freckled shop sweep stoops over hair clippings that he’s meticulously swept into a neat pile.

You make your way to The Coins and Kaloora begins poking around trying to get people to talk. You come up with leads on a number of different barber shops in the district, but people are quite reluctant to talk to you about The Barbers specifically. It might require some additional convincing to get them to help you narrow things down.

You've exhausted all your available results from Society (Recall Knowledge), so you'll need to start exploring other avenues to narrow things down beyond The Coins. Perhaps heading there and trying Diplomacy or Intimidation would be a good next step.

In response to your various questions, the Venture-Captain says:

Pathfinders often have to rely on one another for help. I would start by comparing notes; you should be able to piece together a likely location for one of their meeting places. As for the Band of the Palm, let's just say we've had contact with this group in the past, and it was clear they were a front for the Barbers. Nothing has indicated that the situation would have changed since then.

Amberly, you are apparently stunningly well informed on this topic. You recall that Bloody Barbers often work as barbers (thus the name), using barbershops as bases of operation and meeting places. Specifically, the Band of the Palm, the cover organization for the Bloody Barbers, meets regularly in the Coins. Searching in or near that district is likely a good starting point. Barbers are notorious loan sharks and often run illegal narcotic dens, so a neighborhood with a high concentration of such activity is likely to house at least a few chapters of the Barbers. That said, the Barbers at least attempt to maintain a veneer of secrecy and are unlikely to gather anywhere that a high-profile crime has recently taken place, lest they draw attention.

What would you like to do?

Stepping back in time a bit, each of you retrieved the following note earlier in the day...



The circumstances surrounding the recent disappearances have me convinced that the fault lies not with some “Rose Street Killer,” but with the Band of the Palm, that flimsy front for the despicable collection of villainy known as the Bloody Barbers. Come see me for details.
Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

Back in present time, just as Amberly is complementing Kaloora's breastplate, the door opens and the Venture-Captain walks in.


Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin flicks an invisible speck of dust from his impeccably pressed cuff before speaking.

“Thank you for arriving together; I don’t like to repeat myself. I trust you received my note, and I hope you have your wits about you. It’s all well and good for everyone in the city to concoct their own thrilling hypotheses about some serial murderer, but Pathfinders need to be a bit more…” Ambrus thinks for a moment before continuing, “… evidence based.”

“To that end, I’d like you to find some low-ranking members of the Bloody Barbers and press them for information. I suspect their straight razors are ultimately to
blame for the disappearances.”

Almost as an afterthought, Ambrus adds, “I shouldn’t need to tell you to be careful in dealing with Absalom’s largest thieves’ guild, but do try to avoid the old crimson shave.” He draws his thumb across his neck for emphasis.

If you have any questions for the Venture-Captain, now would be the time to ask.

No worries Yogadragon, chime in when you can, I'll make sure not to wait an overly long amount of time for you ;-)

Hey everybody, go check out the Gameplay thread ;-)

Ok everyone, seems like a good time to get started!

Nearly a year ago, Absalom fought off an invasion of demonflesh constructs and undead marines remembered as the Fiendflesh Siege, during which the city’s siege lord offered every slave freedom in exchange for their assistance in defending Absalom. Practically overnight, one of the city’s cruelest industries came to an end, and many hundreds of the liberated have since become Absalom’s newest citizens. Although most have welcomed their manumitted neighbors with open arms, an unidentified serial murderer known only as the Rose Street Killer has systematically slain at least a dozen of these freed people. So far, the city’s guards have questioned scores of witnesses and suspects with no luck. The Rose Street Killer remains at large, and one of their most recent targets was Nelfurhin Zor, a former scriptorium slave who had joined the Pathfinder Society shortly after the siege. The Society doesn’t normally investigate crimes in Absalom, but Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin is furious that a Pathfinder’s gone missing thanks to this criminal. He’s assembled a team of agents to help solve the case. Don’t let him down—lives are on the line.

Please introduce your characters to each other. Once you've all had a chance to do that I'll kick off the beginning of the first quest.

FYI, I'm going to kick off the "everyone introduce yourself" portion of the game sometime this weekend, so we'll be able to actually start playing the first section on Monday. Looks like we've seen characters from everyone but yogadragon, so fingers crossed we'll be good to go.

yogadragon wrote:
So we have a Paladin, Bard, Druid, Wizard, and Barbarian? I'm just getting back to the forums after Gencon and haven't made my character yet. How is the druid at healing? Should I make a cleric to cover that base? My initial instinct is to make a Ranger, but I can make a cleric if we need the healing.

The Bard can cast Soothe, the Druid has Heal, and the Paladin has Lay on Hands. I don't think there's any particular reason to worry overly much about healing beyond that ;-)

Lunarius Riel wrote:
Pastiche wrote:

Here's Lunarius, my wizard:

Dropbox sheet

And here's the actual character.

GM, since these will be throw-away characters anyway, I've only copied the most relevant info to my header, and linked to the downloadable sheet for the full info. Of course GM, if you really want me to copy them over textually, I will do so :-)

Can you at least make sure your skills are listed in the character on the forum? That's the sort of thing I'm likely to need to check.

*Kell* wrote:
Okay, I have my alt built.

Can you please set up your characters various stats so they show up on each post like other people are? It's handy to be able to refer to everyone's current status when they post their actions.

I would recommend using this format for entering your character's data, it gives us pretty good visibility into all the commonly needed info.

meloriel wrote:

I clicked the download button a minute after it released. It's been hours since then. My estimated download time remaining is a whopping 1 day, 7 hours, and 37 minutes.

Somehow, I don't think I'll be having any character ideas to offer any time soon... Haha.

But, man, when it finally loads, I am there!

Wow, you might seriously want to try clicking that again in another browser window. Unless you're on the other end of a really slow internet connection it shouldn't be that slow. The file is simply not that large ;-)

All right everybody, the pdfs have dropped. I hope you're all enjoying them. Please feel free to start kicking around character ideas, the sooner everyone figures out what they want to play the sooner we can start the game. I'm more than happy to run before the official start day on the PBP game day ;-)

Not that you can make use of this yet (unless you're lucky enough to have an early physical copy of the books), but just FYI here are the rules for generating a 1st level playtest character.

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Yeah, there's really nothing you can do to prep at this point beyond reading the blog posts. Only 16 days to go till the PDFs drop though!

FYI, today's blog post confirms that all the scenarios are indeed replayable.

I believe the PFS playtest scenarios are replayable, although exact details of how PFS is supposed to work with the playtest are not yet available so I could be wrong on that.

LoreMaster GM wrote:
We have heard from everyone besides yogadragon saying they are in for running the future games. He never responded to my PM.

Note that yogadragon hasn't dotted in to the gameplay thread either, so maybe they're just not around right now.

The gameplay thread has been created. Feel free to dot in.

FWIW, I'd be happy to play in the second adventure during part 2 of the game day, although it's SUPER likely that this won't actually be done by the time part 2 starts, since we're taking such a slow start due to my vacation at the end of August.

Here's the gameplay thread. Please feel free to dot in.

Game #45 (PF2 PT-01 The Rose Street Revenge) is now full.

Ok, everyone has replied saying they are indeed in, so we're a full 6 person table and recruitment is officially closed.

Ok, great, we've got a full table. No reason to hurry on figuring out characters, we won't have the rules for another month anyway ;-)

I'll ping everybody again once the rules have dropped so we can be sure to get things moving for real.

Here's the OOC discussion thread. Please chat away to your hearts content ;-)

Ok, so the people running the Gameday want us to finalize our lists of players sooner rather than later, so I'll just call it here.

That makes Pastiche, Vrog Skyreaver, meloriel, The Chess, LoreMaster GM, and yogadragon. Let me know if you're all in and I'll close the table.

I'll open up the Discussion thread shortly so you can all start chatting about what you want to play, although clearly nothing is set in stone while we still know so little about the various classes and ancestries.

Ok, good to know.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know when we'll be able to get access to Rose Street Revenge? I mean it's fine if we have to wait till August 2nd or so when the rest of the Playtest PDFs drop, but earlier is always better ;-)

The Chess wrote:
Hi Garrett! I’d like to submit a character as well. Brand new one assuming it’s 2E and it needs different characters? I don’t have the PDF but will try to find to spin something ASAP. Would this character use my current PFS id?

As I understand it this will use your existing PFS id, but will be new characters from a different part of the id namespace (like Starfinder characters start with -701 instead of -1). You can't actually create Playtest characters yet though, so don't worry about it for now. (Also, you won't be able to get the Playtest PDF until August 2nd anyway, so there's REALLY no hurry.)

Pastiche wrote:
GM Garrett wrote:
There should be plenty of time to sign up for other games before the game day starts.
Given that the first 3 Rose Street Revenges filled up in a couple of hours, I'm not so sure about that, to be honest :-)

Well, I presume that as we get closer to the game day more people will be willing to run games. We are rather far in advance at this point.

Skorn wrote:
I ma excited about trying out the new system and want to thank those of you willing to give us that chance. When will we player have a chance to look at the new character creation rules?

The playtest rules drop on August 2nd, I would be shocked if any of us (GMs or Players) got access to them before then.

Thanks for the heads up Pastiche! At least I managed to get the right URL on the PBP Game Day website.

I'm planning on giving people a week or two to express interest, then assuming we have enough people I'll pick players and close signups. There should be plenty of time to sign up for other games before the game day starts.

GM Garrett wrote:
And mine makes Four!

Heh, funny story, I apparently managed to cut and paste the wrong URL. My game is actually this one ;-)

And mine makes Four!

This is the recruitment thread for my session of the Pathfinder Playtest scenario Rose Street Revenge.

Fair warning, while we can kick things off during part one of PBP Gameday VII, I will be on an extended vacation from August 16th to September 1st, so the majority of the game will be running from September 2nd onward. We can start discussing character creation once the pdfs drop on August 2nd.

I expect that the game will be pretty low key from August 13th through September 1st, but after that I expect people to post at least once a day, ideally more often if we're in the middle of a combat encounter or something like that. I'd also like everyone to leave at least basic instructions for how to bot their characters in case they are unexpectedly unable to post for longer than a day.

I'll accept 6 players chosen at my whim from whoever expresses interest. No previous experience in PBP games is required, but if this is your first game please let me know.

Stigand Ufgood wrote:
GM Garrett wrote:
/me twiddles his thumbs, waiting to be able to sign up to run a table of the Playtest Quests

Cottonseed's recruitment just opened, if that's what you meant

Cottonseed's recruitment

Oh nice, I didn't even realize it was listed, I was looking for "playtest", not PF2-PT.

/me twiddles his thumbs, waiting to be able to sign up to run a table of the Playtest Quests

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Yeah, the proficiency blog really drives home how irritating it is to be fed details about the system in dribs and drabs over 4 months. For example, I suspect Proficiency would be less concerning to people if they were able to actually look at the skills system at the same time, not to mention some details about combat so you can see how it meshes with weapons and armor.

Also, the EN World compilation is great, but it's not perfect. For example, it gets the reduced penalties wrong for agile weapons (sadly for us rapier fans it's supposed to be -4/-8, not -2/-4) and it's talking about Resonance as Level + Charisma, when I'm pretty sure it's Level + Charisma MOD. This is kind of to be expected when we're pulling info from so many sources (especially when some are podcasts of actual play where the descriptions of rules are by nature hasty and nonspecific).

Now that I've thought some more I think I'm leaning towards just optimistically rolling crit damage on every attack. I figure most players have the pre-formatted text for their various attack rolls sitting somewhere, and preemptively rolling all possibly required dice gets you down to a single thing to cut and paste. The whole "it's sad to see a high crit damage roll that isn't used" downside isn't terribly different from today's "you rolled max damage but got a 1 on your attack roll" situation, and I'm pretty sure nobody's waiting around for the PBP GM to tell them they hit before they roll the base damage.

I can't imagine a playtest getting useful information at less than a 1 post/day minimum. A 2-3 post/day pace would be WAY more useful.

I've also been thinking about the limited details we've been hearing about the rules and how they'll make the jump to PBP. The two things I worry a little bit about are initiative and crits.

For initiative, you're no longer going to be able to just cut and paste a pre-made block of rolls in, since sometimes you're rolling the default perception checks, but sometimes you'll be rolling something else. GMs will have to keep a number of alternative skill modifiers around for such things, which will be kind of annoying.

For crits, if players don't know what the target AC is they can't easily tell if they're hitting the "exceed the target by 10 or more" threshold to trigger a crit. Either they'll have to include the potential crit damage in their default "attack" template or the GM will have to roll it for them later on.

Neither of these are show stoppingly bad, but they do require some changes to the way people do things now.

So, does anyone have any idea how playtesting is likely to work for PBP games? They seem to have a rather, well, rapid time frame in mind for the various levels of play they want to get feedback on. Is PBP feedback likely to be ready in time to be useful? Will we want to specifically recruit players who are up for a more rapid posting schedule? My one experience with a PBP that had a schedule associated with it did come down to the wire a bit at the end...

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Hey everybody, sorry for the delay, but here's a link to the chronicle sheets. Let me know if you can't access them, this is the first time I've tried sharing a folder in google docs ;-) p=sharing

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Rik'Tik'Tichek wrote:
Ahh, I see. So in this case, I must keep a digitalised copy of the Chronicle Sheet.

Yep. I'll give you a copy with all the GM specific bits filled in, then you'll need to fill in the PC parts of it (either digitally, or you can print it out, fill it in by hand, and scan it again later).

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