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This may be unnecessary as the Pathfinder Companion line appears to be discontinued, but I do wish to close/cancel my last subscription here at Paizo. Thank you for the wonderful contributions to my favorite game. I have so much material that I have not used and can continue playing this game for a long time, thanks to you.

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Our campaigns never make it to 20th level, so the capstones aren't of much interest to our group. The exemplar traits are really cool, but I was expecting something that leveled with experience rather than the number of traits of a type a character had...still useful and fun. The prestige class feats are really cool, though I will have to search to find the PRC's they compliment.
I think my favorite part of this book is the Magic Trick feats, though. Weaponizing the Daylight spell is something I have ALWAYS wanted. This gets that started in a big way!
It is all fun stuff, even if I may not use it all so thanks to everyone who contributed as this is a really nice farewell to classic Pathfinder!

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Traits that grow with the character: so eager to see that!

Is the legacy idea of magic items growing with the character from Unchained?

avr wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

Wow, we happen to agree on the Sound Striker! My favorite archetype, bard-none. Why? It gives something thematically fun (and not commonly resisted) while giving up little. Sure, the wordstrike seems underwhelming...but that depends on what you target. WeirdWords are sonic rays, and yes they are rather like having a gun up your sleeve.

I was surprised at your rating of Thundercaller as I thought it's AoE sound burst-like scaling ability was a bit over-powered...perhaps I was wrong.

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Set wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

What I'd like to see for FCB for prestige classes: Pick a base class for which you already are receiving FCB. The prestige class gives you the option to continue progression of that FCB.

That would particularly make sense for PrCs that are already flavored to a particular race, like the Lantern Bearers (for elves), Skyseekers (for dwarves) or perhaps Bellflower Tillers (for halflings).

Bardess wrote:
I hope there will be options to continue advancing class features when taking a prestige class! A Brewkeeper with bardic performance would ROCK!

I definitely would like to see some PrCs that progress bardic inspiration, domains, channel energy, wild shape, wizard's school abilities, bloodline powers, etc.

There are a few that do some of that...Path of the Righteous was an awesome PC. Still one of my faves. The Dawnflower Anchorite is so cool and gives options like that.

Blood of the Coven came kind of close...Changelings and Witches to a large degree.

Beastspeakers? Sounds cool, especially the part about 'sun falcons'. Didn't notice that before. Very intrigued with those birds.

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Xanatheus wrote:

I understand Legato of the Infernal Bargain works like Planar Ally. My point being said Bard uses that masterpiece to call a planar ally and makes the deal to guard an area for a specified amount of time. The called planar ally can fully expect the effect to end the next time the bard uses one of their other performances thus ending the effect of the Legato of the Infernal Bargain. I'd love any one try to argue this is what the developers had in mind when the Performance is a Masterpiece is a Performance is their belief.

A Masterpiece is only a performance when it is maintained.

The Masterpiece is merely the method used to make the deal. The deal is still in effect and cannot be nullified simply because you started another Performance. So, no. It cannot be terminated simply because you start another Performance.

If that were so, then casting another spell would do the same thing to any other class that used it.

Xanatheus wrote:

Hello All,

I see several masterpieces that aren't on the bard's spell list that grant spells from other lists. I'll be taking those with the expectation they'll be used out of combat situations or when I won't be expected to inspire courage in the rest of the group.

Several masterpieces I think will work quite well in theory: Legato Piece of the Infernal Bargain, Pageant of the Peacock, Stone Face and Hymn of the Restorative Harmonics (I'm talking about the Mass Delay Poison effect).

With respect to Legato Piece of the Infernal Bargain, is Paizo really concluding the bargain ends once it is fulfilled by the ally or the bard starts another Bardic Performance? That is just nonsense. The duration on Planar Ally is instantaneous.

Legato of Infernal Bargain does work like Planar Ally instead of a Masterpiece or Performance because it says it does.

Arrowsong's Lament (gives access to other spell lists, like you mentioned) does make up a little for the Bard not getting Spell Kenning (for some inexplicable reason. Grrrr). My fave spell to grab with that is Burst of Radiance, makes for great pyrotechnics for the concert you give your foes!
Battle Hymn is good if you see some teamwork feats you want your party to have.

The only thing that makes me hesitant to fully embrace this is all those pages for Gathlains, Ghorans and Leshys...meh. I guess it is only 6 pages, but it feels like more. *shrugs*
The Shifter stuff shows a lot of promise. I have some players who will like it, a lot.

Initially, I see Wilderness Origins on the list in my Download Content but when I click on it, it disappears instead of prepares to load. When I refresh it, it appears again but the cycle is never ending! It happens over and over...

Oh how cruel! I want to read it. Any ideas?

EDIT: Went back to try again and it worked, for some reason...really weird though.
Anyway, carry on. Thank you!

Still 'Pending', so no.


Dave Justus wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
Also, WeirdWords gets a boost from the 11th level Bard feat Discordant Voice (Why? Because Rays are weapons!) doing 5d6+CHA mod instead of just 4d6+mod.
I am not sure this is correct. First, Rays are weapon-like, but not weapons. Second, weird words are not rays. (All Rays are ranged touch, but not all ranged touch attacks are rays).

How do I know this is correct? SKR said so. He created the archetype.

He stated in the thread we were discussing the archetype, that WeirdWords are rays and therefore subject to the weapon feats such as Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot. Hence, if counted as a weapon for those, why not Discordant Voice? Why should that be an exception?

[url] lity-questions#307[/url]

Ugh, cannot get it to become a link. Too rusty at this.

Derin Chance wrote:

First of all, thanks to everyone for the great advice!

Foushadow, I agree with you regarding the Sound Striker, I played one in the Kingmaker campaign and that extra damage source was more than welcome, especially in a campaign full of non humanoids and things immune to mental effects.
My doubt in this case regards the fact that, if I understand the AP correctly, there will be a LOT more social interaction. In that case, I am wondering it suggestion might not actually be much more lethal than the sonic equivalent of a second level spell (powerful as it may be). I mean, a properly put Suggestion has limitless potential, especially in an environment in which everyone is plotting against everyone (so, not many moral qualms to stop your suggestion from working).

Dave, I was thinking of making him ranged competent, in fact but, calculated that it would take at least three feats to make him so and even then, the contribution would be underwhelming (especially since he would be useless with a bow). I am, though, open to suggestions in that area.

Focusing on spells and bard abilities is good but, my concern is, what happens when we find stuff that is immune to mental influence or magic?

I guess you missed the part about WeirdWords being Supernatural? Not subject to Spell Resistance or DR? Only subject to Sonic resistance, which is very rare. That's the only thing that can stop Weirdwords.

With regard to the Sound Striker (my favorite archetype for my favorite class!), I really like the swap. I gladly give up suggestion (action economy is much better as a Spell than a performance, at least early to midlevels) and inspire competence for those sonic attacks (which are Supernatural and thus cannot be impacted by Spell Resistance! Only Sonic Resistance/Immunity, which is very rare!). Also, WeirdWords gets a boost from the 11th level Bard feat Discordant Voice (Why? Because Rays are weapons!) doing 5d6+CHA mod instead of just 4d6+mod. Most Bards want that feat anyway.

Court Bard isn't bad for what it does, either.

Shifter feats! YES!

Oh, I too would like more wood element options for Kineticists. Favorite element!

That looks really cool.

I just assumed it meant the Spirit Touch psychopomp ability. Editing errors happen, unfortunately. Common sense can save the day!
My character in Strange Aeons is a Soul Warden Spriritualist. Cannot wait to reach 4th level and get my whippoorwill to evolve into a Nosoi. Feel as though I am playing Pokemon...

OH.MY. Christmas is in JANUARY this year! So looking forward to this.
So eager to see what this does for the Shifter.

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Not keen on Mythic, but the Beastspeakers and Sphinx, Phoenix, Medusa bloodlines are things I am looking forward to...thanks for the update!
Now for the waiting game...sigh.

Elorebaen wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:
At the way these Tactics books are selling out, Paizo is missing out by not doing an Ultimate Tactics type hardcover.
I would buy this in a heartbeat!

Me too! I don't own this one (may remedy that in the near future) but all the others are in my collection.

Sunbeam is not a ray and therefore would not be impacted at all by AC. It is a "line from your hand".

Otherwise, looks like some very creative and sound advice. Good gaming!

skizzerz wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:

Any details to share regarding what is in this?
While waiting on Paizo to make an official card list (which might be a while), this wiki contains details on what you’ll find in the deck.

Thank you! Very helpful. Some nice things in there...

Any details to share regarding what is in this?

I don't even see a card list in any of the Ultimate decks. What a shame. Sure would like to see what is in these decks...

Do we know what exactly is in this? Other decks have a PDF list one can look at...

So what is good in here for a bard?

To the OP: the Bladed Brush feat might do what you are looking has Weapon Focus (glaive) and worshiper of Shelyn as pre-reqs, though. It does allow for one-handed use and applying Dex to attack rolls.
Can be found in Player Companion: Paths of the Righteous (one of the best resources for useful/cool prestige classes!).

There is also this from Desna's Shooting Star:
If you do so, you don’t modify attack rolls and damage rolls with your starknife with your Strength modifier, your Dexterity modifier (if you have Weapon Finesse), or any other ability score (if you have an ability that allows you to modify attack rolls and damage rolls with that ability score).

In other words, once you commit to this Technique and switch to CHA as your damage bonus, there is no going back to any other ability score. It's right there in the benefits.

If going with Starry Grace and that chain, you are okay (as far as I can tell).

Have you checked out the Diva Style Feats? They are a bit feat tax-ish but they might fit your theme.

The first of which is this: e

The first allows you to feint in combat using a Perform check. The second allows you to deal additional damage equal to Charisma modifier when target is denied Dex bonus to AC. Third allows you to feint up to 30 feet away.

Edit: I appear to have forgotten how to hyperlink in this forum. Sigh. You will have to resort to Copy/Paste. Sorry.

I've been trying to look through reviews of Campaign Setting products, but when I click on 'Next' or '2' after reading the 1st page of reviews, I get kicked to the Product Discussion instead. Try as I may, I cannot reach any reviews other than the 1st page.

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Thank you!

When I try to download PC Martial Artist Handbook from Digital Content, these are the results:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Message>Access Denied</Message>
CQfvTgy+VhCJwy3HseXdBUbvLy1AWfqqexz3LX9q/jwtAEi+cjK8mBqtOk/WP1QxQ9uXE6qF9xU =

When I click on the Martial Arts Handbook, it disappears from my Digital Content...or tells me there is nothing there. Are you aware of this issue at this time?


Sooooo excited for the Shifter love and what the Witch, Summoner and Spiritualists will get...January?! Aw, nuts.

I am planning on dropping my Subscription and walking away once PF1E is history. I think I shall like playing 1E without wondering what is coming next (I love what all the Player Companions have added! Favorite books of all of Pathfinder). I have quite the library with which I shall be content.
PF2E is definitely not for me. I enjoy the unique spell lists of 1E too much to like the idea of condensing and simplifying...not to mention nerfing. Ick.
But hey, the rest of you carry on the way you like.

Feros wrote:
The pictures of the iconics stretching before martial arts training is both cool and hilarious (cat pose, brilliant!) :)

I was hoping for something a bit more useful in that poses from actual combat styles. Stretches? Useless. An attempt to be comical, I guess.

Tools of the Martial Arts are currently my fave part of the book. The weapons and training equipment are interesting.

Rysky wrote:
KyleS wrote:

It drastically depends for my region. There's a few stores that carry a healthy stock of Paizo, as well as DnD. Others, not so much. Most of the shops near me, I'm lucky if I can find more than 3 copies of the 5e PHB and 1 copy of the 5e DM's guide. A shop about an hour from me has plenty that I can choose from. And it's not just the local stores, it's the chains too. My nearest B&N? There's one section that has two shelves of RPG games, mostly DnD, but some Paizo, some SW, and a few others that have 1, maybe 2 copies of a book. B&N an hour away? Nothing in the section specifically labeled Role Playing. What's there? Sci-fi novels and video game art books. But if you want bibles galore, you certainly found the right place!

Yeah, being in the bible belt sucks for table top gaming...


I've live in it and have no issue at all.


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I would rather have Lastwall, Mendev, 5 Kings, Kyonin, Galt, Brevoy, and lots of Garund.
Hope those who are interested in Druma enjoy it, though.

Archetypes are nice: my favorite being the Sound Striker. Gives up 2 nominally useful bardic performances for something very intriguing: Weirdwords=sonic Scorching Ray. They benefit from the same feats you are already using on your archer (well, at least PBS and Precise Shot) and are very useful in the event you cannot get past opponent's DR or Spell Resistance (Bardic Performance is Supernatural, which ignores SR).
The aforementioned Discordant Voice feat at 11th level is fantastic. Also, if you are going the Extra Performance route, look at the Verbose Performer (doubles Bardic Performance range) and Master Performer (increases Bardic Performance by +1 across the board)...perhaps not PFS sanctioned, though.

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Isabelle Lee wrote:

I'm afraid we can't do that, Dave.

...this reference admittedly works way better for Starfinder stuff. ^_^

How dare you bring up that evil stepchild in a Pathfinder thread!


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YES!!!! I love the various Pathfinder Chronicles in game literature with skill bonuses. To have a Player Companion named for it and including 'lost' or 'recently discovered' new items/magic?


Gimme NOW!


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There are some places minds should not go...this might be one of them.

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I have it! I have just scanned through the book and my first impression is...
This book is VERY specific: Ganzi, Aphorite, Shabti, Duskwalker get some quite interesting options.
Just know that there is very little in here for core races.
That can be good for some, bad for others.

For instance, the really cool Nosoi Buddy feat? Exclusive to Duskwalkers.

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Cevah wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
In addition, when you get this at 3rd level, it does 2d8 (1d8/2 caster levels) to a target. If undead, it does 3d6 (1d6/caster level) and those undead vulnerable to bright light 3d8 (1d8/caster level). It will get to 5d8, 10d6, 10d8. As the only character to get this as a 1st level spell, sounds better than Magic Missile to me. Intensified, it would be a 2nd level spell. Nice.

Nope. Searing Light is 1d8/2 levels, which means you don't get that second die until level 4. Remember to round down.


But it's a 1st level spell...that you're getting at 3rd level. Shouldn't that bump it? Or that would only be for undead? Hmmmm....

Rysky wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
Rysky wrote:


This intrigues me as I already have a Soul Warden Spiritualist (Planar Adventures) who has a familiar that becomes a full-fledged Nosoi Psychopomp at level 4.

Anything that could apply to that archetype? So eager to read this book!

The 2 feat chain works like that.

The Ghost Hunting Team Feat makes your allies' weapons ghost touched, so that might interest you.

Actually, the familiar gets that already as part of the Spiritualist archetype. I really like it a lot.

But thanks for the info, Rysky!

Rysky wrote:


This intrigues me as I already have a Soul Warden Spiritualist (Planar Adventures) who has a familiar that becomes a full-fledged Nosoi Psychopomp at level 4.

Anything that could apply to that archetype? So eager to read this book!

So the Plane-Hopper's Handbook street/PDF date is the 19th? Looks like it will be available for purchase before some of us get our Shipping Notice.
I has a sad.

The Archives of Nethys wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
And AON appears to be down...don't remember this happening before. Too bad, I spend A LOT of time there. ;-D
Looks to be up now - I've seen a few small blibs in the last few days to the news, which I expect to stabilize, but I haven't seen an outage last longer than a minute or two yet.


Dire Ursus wrote:
If at level 5 a character chose to boost their int would they gain a new trained skill? If they chose to boost con would they gain their level in total hp?

That's how we have played it and the GM (one of my sons)is a stickler for the rules, so I'm pretty certain that is RAW & RAI.

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