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Bladud, that is correct. Dorian, yes the fire elemental is gone.

Dvalin cuts the webs free and helps Bal to his feet. The savage looking foreman's skin looks drawn, ashen and pale. He stands unsteady and starts trying to move outside, leaning heavily on the wall and the dwarf.

"Thanks. Now go. I can handle walking out the door."


Round 5!

Group A
Nisfeollyn: Moves
Hal: Draws and drinks potion
Cad: Moves
Lyla: Moves

Spider: ??

Group B
Dvalin: helps Bal
Torgan: readies action in case spider comes back
Dorian: summons earth elemental
Bladud: runs up hill


Group A, your turn.

The Foreman was spent. He lay on the ground trying to catch his breath. His green-grey skin was ashen and his eyes were extremely bloodshot. He managed to roll over and prop himself up against the pile of raised ground and started trying to cut away the webs still wrapped around his legs.

"Go... I'll be alright… Get that... damn thing."

Hal, that Withdraw action, is that your action for round 4?

The spider had forgotten about Bal. It was fighting to survive now.

The foreman was half-wound in sticky webs, but he managed to drag himself along by his arms until he was near Dvalin and the fire elemental. He was sweating profusely from the poison coursing through his system, but his body hadn't shut down yet. He huffed and winced, all but spent.

"Somebody kill... that f*!~ing thing." he growled between labored breaths.

The in the moment of distraction caused by Bladud, the Foreman managed to throw himself off the small ledge toward Travigan. The webs he was half-cocooned in left him hanging upside down and struggling to get free.

Bal struggled and grunted, finding his breath again, calling out from somewhere in the mass of webbing.

"F+@$! Help! AaaAAAAAGHH!!! Ow, f@#*! Someone get this thing off of me!"

Touch Attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

Bal scrambles back again, but a thick mass of webbing fires out, slapping into his chest.

His eyes go wide, and then in a heartbeat he is dragged screaming into the dark.

"We got it! It's op-" the words were cut off by a startled bellow.

"F@#+! Spider!"

The forman scrambled to his feet and rushed over to the edge of the hill, disappearing for a moment beneath an undercut.

"We got it! It's op-" his words were cut off by a startled bellow. He staggered back, one hand clamped over a bleeding puncture in his chest.

"F+#*! Spider!"

"Heave! Again! Heave, you motherless monkeys! We've almost got it!"

"Someone light up those webs!" Bal barked "We'll keep the fires off of you from up here!"

"Fire control. I think if we just go ahead and light the webs, we can keep it away from our boys if we just dump water down on them when the fires get close. What do you think?"

"Can any of you up here do that water creation trick?" the foreman asked the Surveyors who were still above ground.

"The skinny one who wasn't on the wagon with you. His name's Jonas."

The big foreman quickly untied his own line and tossed it to Dvalin.

"Since you're the sane one, maybe you can help tie off our boss. If he falls and breaks his neck, we're all unemployed."

Bal watches helplessly as three more tumble into the pit, then stares in shock as the dwarf jumps in after them.

"They're insane. They're all insane."

"Time! There's something down there! We need to move faster. Hell, I don't know. Normally this is where I'd be asking Jonas if he has any tricks up his sleeve." Bal said rushing to the tree to start measuring out the rope.

"Wait!" Bal yelled as Bladud sprinted forward and fell out of sight, widening the hole further.

He sighed. "Surveyors. Why are they all insane?"

"Lowering? I can't even get close enough to look." Bal says over his shoulder to Bladud.

He backs up carefully and then stands up on solid ground.

Looking at the glowing rock and the little earth creature sinking into the ground, the big man nods. "Surveyors. Good timing. Toss that rock down there and give them some-"

Yes, it's anchored around the tree. He seems to have done the right thing in the time that he had, it's just that the ground is too weak to support his weight.

"Careful! Don't come too close, I don't want to end up down there with them!" Bal said inching his way backwards. "We need to get some planks out here to spread our weight out!"

"I'm fine, but Jonah and Danner fell through! Danner's hurt and Jonah is tangled up in some kind of webbing!"

"Don't move, Danner! We're gonna get you out!"

The big man lay down on the ground and carefully crawled toward the hole, testing it's integrity. He stopped about 3 feet from it. The ground seemed spongy. "I can feel it starting to give! Damn!"

He looked over his shoulder.

"I need supporting beams, rope and a lantern! Now!"