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Looks to be for Stylish Riposte, basically another source of opportunity attacks.

Weapon Trick: Stylish Rispote wrote:
Stylish Riposte (Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +4): When your AC exceeds the result of a foe’s melee attack against you by 5 or more, that foe provokes an attack of opportunity from you. Once you make such an attack of opportunity against a foe, you can’t again use this trick against the foe that day.

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Hubert D'Amberville wrote:

Is that consistent with the bolded part? If it strikes an Incorporeal Foe, what's the damage type?

Instant Weapon wrote:
As a force effect, it can strike and damage incorporeal creatures

Its whatever the weapon you choose to create normally deals. If the creature is incorporeal and has DR/Bludgeoning, and you create a weapon that doesn't bypass the DR, it still gets its DR. Force keyword abilities affect incorporeal creatures as if they were not incorporeal.

Incorporeal Universal Monster Ability wrote:
An incorporeal creature has no physical body. It can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, magic weapons or creatures that strike as magic weapons, spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities. It is immune to all nonmagical attack forms. Even when hit by spells or magic weapons, it takes only half damage from a corporeal source. Although it is not a magical attack, holy water can affect incorporeal undead. Corporeal spells and effects that do not cause damage only have a 50% chance of affecting an incorporeal creature (except for channel energy). Force spells and effects, such as from a magic missile, affect an incorporeal creature normally.

Note: it doesn't say "force damage". Its quite possible there is something out there that does force damage but doesn't get the force keyword, but then we have to go into the discussion of if things automatically get keywords if it deals a certain damage type. Havoc of the Society I am looking at you...

Interestingly, if you Instant Weapon a Battle Poi you have a fire damage weapon that can strike incorporeal creatures. My Blistering Feint character has used that I think once.

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Imbrex's obedience is kinda neat. Having Hardness 1 could add up to a significant amount over an adventure path. Statuesque (Sp): Statue 3/day as its second boon is kind of an odd duck. It lasts an hour per level, and you can basically change between statue form and normal as free actions any time during the duration, apparently without limit. So basically, by the time you get it, its on all day.
The 3rd boon is 1/day Storm of Vengeance, which is kind of clunky to use because its slow and can get interrupted... but you can just turn into a statue while channeling it.

Charon's 1st boon can be Create Soul Gem 1/day, the 2nd boon lets you crush (any) soul gem for fast healing 15 for a number of rounds equal to your hit dice... not limited per day only by the number of gems you have. You did get a Cacodaemon familiar to start your stockpile, right?

And of course Arshea that lets you use your looks as armor (Cha as an armor bonus), though the obedience is not safe for work.
Minderhal has something similiar with its exalted 3rd boon. Specifically "Rocky Flesh (Sp) You gain a profane bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on your Fortitude saving throws and to your natural armor bonus." The wording makes me think the natural armor bonus is also a profane bonus (meaning it stacks with barkskin/etc). The obedience is also +1 damage on thrown weapons, which is kinda niche.

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Wooden Armor: +3 AC, +3 Max Dex, -1 ACP, 20 gp, 25 lbs, special property of its ACP doesn't apply to swim checks.

However, making armor masterwork reduces the ACP by 1, so Studded Leather would cost 5gp more base, and have 2 higher Max Dex and weigh 5 lbs less.

In general, the good light armors have a combined AC and Max Dex of +8 (leather, studded leather, chain shirt, etc) medium are around +9 (breastplates, lamellars) and heavy at +10 (full plate, stone plate, o-yoroi, tatami-do). Wooden is combined +6, so well below average and its special feature is worthless once its made masterwork.

Basically, Wooden Armor is only worth it until you can acquire masterwork armor and even then only if your dex is too low to take advantage of the max dex on other light armor.

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Artificial 20 wrote:
By having 3 or more burn at level 9, the kineticist will have +3 to their kinetic blast attack rolls, and double that (+6) to damage rolls. There's a cheap 1-burn fire infusion that can add another +3 to this, which still doesn't increase the actual burn due to their 2 points of free infusions.

Kinetic Blade doesn't add the damage from Elemental Overflow, so this doesn't apply.

Artificial 20 wrote:

So now we have a 45 36 fire damage strike. The composite blast is 2 burn, and empowering the blast is another 1 burn, for 3, which they can accept. This can raise their burn from 0 to the previously-mentioned 3 and apply to the blast that does it. so that's 45 36 * 1.5 for 67.5 54 fire damage per an attack.

With haste applied, you get 3 attacks, all against touch AC because that's how blue flame rolls, each at 67.5 54 damage, for 202.5 162 total fire damage. If anything, your friend low-balled it, knows their way around the rules and seems they started on 39 base damage.

Or perhaps it was 10d6 +4 with some of the +4 being from 1/2 con and maybe favored class(half-orc), that diadem magic item, or Fire's Fury. Likely, its Fire's Fury for +3 and a con of 14-17 for another +1.

Probably the biggest question is making sure that they are taking 27 non-healable damage to do this trick, that they are actually using Kinetic Blade and not throwing it at ranged (without the kinetic blade upgrades) and that Fire(or whatever type) Resist applies to each attack. Also we're assuming Haste, so if that's not the case, let us know. Without Haste, the example damage goes down to 108 at the cost of 27 to self. Or 72 all day no self-harm.

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Once you get a bit more gold, Elven Chain is a good base armor. Its actually non-magical, and counts as light armor for all purposes not just restrictions unlike Mithril (though it is made of mithril). Its a little pricey for you right now at 5,150gp.

So I would recommend the standard MW Chain Shirt at 250gp. Since you don't care about arcane spell failure, a Masterwork Buckler (155gp) has an armor check penalty of -0 ... so basically no drawback of using it without proficiency. I would recommend against a darkwood buckler, because the description says its a small shield, not a buckler. I would say that having it made from Living Steel though could be fun. Its just another 100gp to make natural 1s against you with metal weapons have to make a DC20 save or be damaged. Fairly cheap and the effect is pretty decent at low levels.

I would recommend a cold iron(and probably separately, alchemical silver) Kunai over a cold iron dagger. Your Aldori Dueling Sword is already Slashing damage(we'll get to that later), so you have covered that DR. Kunai are B or P and can count as a crowbar or piton if you need to. They have the same damage dice and range increment as a dagger but they aren't a 19-20 x2 crit, just 20 x2. Even the same cost, but weighs 2 lbs over 1. Also on that subject, get a pair of Wrist Sheath(spring loaded) for wands/potions in iron vials/scrolls/weapons without quickdraw. Swashbucklers are proficient in all simple and martial weapons, so get a composite Longbow and a couple quivers of arrows. I recommend a couple Masterwork Durable arrows of various metals (cold iron, silver, adamantine) to further cover DR. Since they are durable, they don't break so you can just keep reusing the expensive metals. Bypassing DR/Adamantine for 61g is about as cheap as it gets.

Sounds like a naval/aquatic game so I would recommend the alchemical air crystals, potions sponges, air bladders, Barbed Vest/cork vest, and a good ranged option. I also like acid over alchemical fire. Cheaper (at 10gp) and usually less resisted, just no catch fire for a round. Basically, think about what to do if you fall in the water and what to do if you can't reach the enemy because they are over/in the water.

Finally, the archetype, Rostland Bravo, that it seems you are talking about has some issues. For one, it doesn't modify Panache or Swashbuckler Finesse... or Deeds that require a specific weapon type (Precise Strike, Plunder from Corsair, Subtle Blade, etc) or Swashbuckler Weapon Training. Meaning this archetype is actually terribly at using an Aldori Dueling Sword because it turns off almost all of its main class abilities. Panache only recharges on a crit(or killing blow) with the appropriate weapon type(piercing) and the Aldori Dueling Sword is not the appropriate type. It grants you the exotic proficiency which allows you to use Weapon Finesse with it, but Swashbuckler's Finesse counts as Weapon Finesse for Light or One-handed, Piercing melee weapons only, which it is not. So right out of the box you still need Weapon Finesse, or more appropriately, something that allows you to apply your swashbuckler abilities to slashing weapons: ie Slashing Grace, or Aldori Dueling Mastery. Though the latter will not be compatible with a buckler, but it gives you a shield bonus anyway. The archetype also trades out Swim/Climb as a class skill, so spend your traits (if you have them) on getting them back as class skills because them seem important if you are on a boat.

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I played a variant of this type of character before, Half-orc Skald/Bloodrager with Flagellant and Guarded Life.
However, I went with Totemic(Tiger)/Urban/Red Tongue for Archetypes. That way I could give everyone a Morale and Enhancement bonus to Dex(with no AC penalty) while keeping Str/Con for myself. Also used Combat Trick to add Power Attack (because I couldn't fit it in otherwise). Ferocious Action over Diehard(and Fate's Favored) and Skilled over Darkvision. Tales of Twisting Steel bardic masterpiece to dole out shield other on the squishies. I didn't pick up the Celestial rage powers, because PFS(though they get Extra Performance instead of Scribe Scroll so thats good).
Natural Spell and Planar Wild Shape (with druid's vestment to get the second charge of wild shape) and I am a celestial/fiendish Pounce Tiger all adventuring day that can still cast spells and start oratory performances in form. Essentially as soon as I get Planar Wild Shape I have DR 5 or 10/evil on top of Greater Guarded Life and Skalds Vigor with 8 Str.
I choose a Rat familiar, for flavor mostly. Despite all my familiar's rage, he is still just a rat in a cage.
For spells, I picked utility. Feather Fall, Liberating Command, Remove Fear, Saving Finale, Haste, etc.
Typical Combat: Start in Wild Shape, Move Action Inspire (controlled) Rage for +4 enhancement to Dex, +4 morale to Dex, taking Dex for myself... for round 1. Might as well get the increased AC and with Community Minded the Morale portion will stick around for a few more rounds. Standard Action: Haste, hopefully 5' step somewhere to get a better charge lane for round 2.
Round 2: Maintain performance but switch to 8 Str/Con for myself, Pounce.

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Al Beale wrote:

If so, how can the spell last ten rounds (caster level 10), and encompass 15 bolts when they can never be used?

Sorry to be a pain, but it is something that is bugging me. Playing a druid with no weapons (chosen to use nature).

Thank you.

Duration is Minute per level not Round per level.

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Artful Dodge is a thing, but that merely trades needing Dex to needing Int.

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Eh, Estoc is budgeted a little toward being a dex weapon. It has no other features useful over other exotics besides the minimum damage being a little higher (2d4 vs d8). Also piercing only.
Katana would be slashing 1d8 with the deadly property.
Rhoka Sword is basically a Katana without Deadly.
Spiral Rapier is basically a piercing d6 (ie rapier) with Blocking and Disarm features though you can't 2h it.
Urumi is another d8 slashing, but has the Distracting feature and that it can be worn like a belt. Since a Phantom Blade can effectively sheathe the weapon in their mind, that is less useful though interesting.
Wakizashi is possibly an upgrade over the Katana because its P or S, though it drops down to a d6. Still keeps deadly, though its a light weapon so no 2h option.
Waveblade is similar at d6 P or S and bonus vs being disarmed instead of deadly. Being disarmed isn't a big deal after 9 since you can just spend a point of pool and teleport it back to your hand as a swift.

Since Phantom Blades can't easily swap out weapons against damage type DRs, I would actually lean toward Wakizashi. So you have the choice of Piercing, Slashing or sheathing your Phantom Blade and dealing Bludgeoning with your unarmed strike. Yes, Reshape/Quick Reshape is a thing... but then anything keyed to a specific weapon type turns off (weapon focus, improved crit, etc).

Sovereign Court

I am playing a Phantom Blade in Hell's Vengeance and my damage felt low compared to the rest of the party (and we had an illusionist and a bleeder)... but I was fairly self-sufficient. Some light heals, spell combat with the shield spell until I bought a decent buckler. I also went with spells like Purge Spirit to play up the Charon angle of the character. Now at higher levels, Imp Crit/Crit Focus/Staggering Critical while possessing one of the enemies and still manifesting my Phantom Cutlass feels pretty good. Oh they have a cave troll? Yeah, mine now. Revenant Armor pairs well with Possession, though with possession you body only appears dead so its unclear what actually changes with your body (like, does your body still need to breathe?)

If I went back and restarted the character I think I would drop the Charon deific stuff and probably try to fit in Disarming Strike or Tripping Strike since they stack with Staggering Critical and focus more on status effects on enemies.
Which ever weapon you end up choosing... the ioun stone for exotic proficiency is only 1500 gp since you are proficient in all martial weapons. You should be able to afford this easily as a GM credit baby. The 10k version gets you weapon focus for free when slotted into a wayfinder so basically no need to ever take exotic weapon proficiency.

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Doug Hahn wrote:


How necessary is Power attack? It seems like a good option since I can target touch AC, but perhaps something that can wait until later when the spiritualist has a larger pool. However, it's probably useful for fighting mooks and I will probably take it as the level 8 bonus feat.

First, you cannot target touch AC and use Power Attack and similar feats at the same time(firearms have an exception for deadly aim).

Power Attack wrote:


The bonus damage does not apply to touch attacks or effects that do not deal hit point damage.

The bonus combat feats for Phantom Blade count your Spiritualist level as your BAB and as Fighter levels for prereqs. Improved Critical is a nice fit for the level 8 bonus feat. Especially with a high crit range weapon. I also like Stricken Heart for Phantom Blade, since it shuts down a full attack on hit and for a full minute on crit. Not as much damage as Frigid Touch, but less common damage type. Your spellstrike crits don't use your weapon's crit multiplier, they are always x2. So I would recommend a rapier/cutlass/something else 18-20 over a 19-20/x3.

Vampiric Touch is a good 3rd, so is Haste of course.
Etheric Shards and Possession are fun 4ths once you get to 10.

Sovereign Court

I had a Kitsune fox shape melee fighter with a low strength (I think 4-6 in the tiny fox shape), and lets just say that Ring of Inner Fortitude was purchased and useful by 12.

As far as how often ability damage/drain comes up... not sure, but Leech Swarm is low CR(4) and damages/drains 3 ability scores without an attack roll and only allows a save for the Dex Drain.
I like my leeches (as a GM) with the Aerial template to keep them relevant at higher tiers.

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Str 4: Bloatmage Initiate with Magic Trick(Floating Disk), basically embody the Runelord of Sloth. Too lazy to even attempt to walk.
Dex 4: your Sidestep Oracle or Sanguine Angel archer
Con 4: Aim for Juju Zombie(via Mark of the Devoted)/other undead or focus on Possession/Object Possession type casting... A mauler familiar with Mauler's Endurance could actually have almost 2.5x HP then you do. On the plus side... 1 hp per class level minimum, so get that false life going.
Int 4: Human with Skilled or Half-orc with Human-Raised/Skilled, Favored Class Bonus:Skill Points and Cunning to have a decent amount of skill points with a really low Int(since from class its minimum 1, then the others increase).
Wis 4: Paladin option
Cha 4: Any barbarian...

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To clarify is this the sequence of events?

Ranger rolls a 20 for init, Wizard rolls a 15, Enemy Caster rolls a 10
Ranger wins initiative on 20, decides to delay until after the Wizard (15)
Wizard is up next on 15, and casts Dimension Door
Ranger comes out of delay and declares a readied action(which is a standard action, meaning they could have used a move action first) to shoot the Enemy Caster if it casts a spell
Enemy Caster is up next at 10 and starts casting a spell triggering the Readied Action
Ranger interrupts the Enemy Caster possibly causing a concentration check if the Ranger hits
Enemy Caster finishes casting the spell (if passing the concentration check)

Perfectly normal.

TIL: you can specify a specific initiative count to end your delay, not just in reaction to something.

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Depending on your banned schools, a very powerful but overlooked spell is Project Image. Essentially, you can engage combat from 300' away with very little risk. It
I once used it to great effect as a GM with a Graveknight templated Marilith, since Mariliths have Project Image and Telekinesis at-will and are supposed to be played smart. Their brilliance as tacticians makes them most sought after as generals and commanders of armies.
You could sub in Sonic Thrust if you have Transmutation banned though its a bit harder to aim.

Marilith Story:
I did spring that(referring to throwing Colossal Longswords with Telekinesis)on a party once, though I merely used large longswords(ie, appropriately sized for the Marilith). The Marilith was also at the bottom of a 250' well (more like a vertical tunnel really, opened up into another room), using Project Image to engage the party at the top of the well. ...And I may have added the Graveknight template, and allowed Channel Destruction to apply to the TK'ed Swords since I considered them wielded.

They laughed off the Marilith, at first, when the barbarian charged through the image "Oh, its just an illusion" they said, "Its harmless!".
"Harmless?" she hissed at them and made a waving motion at one of the racks of large longswords in the room. I made a very deliberate motion marking off the rack from the room. There were 5 remaining racks.
15 attacks at +25 to hit for 2d6 +4d6 fire latter, the Wizard started slamming it with Resilient Spheres, Telekinetic Spheres, or something similar to block line of effect of Project Image.

Oh, and there were 2-3 blade barriers down the well(radius 5' 20 high, 10'x10' well). It had intended to teleport up back up to the top and play cat-and-mouse after the party got to the bottom, but rolled a nat 1 on a dazing metamagicked spell, acid admixed fireball IIRC.

Ended somewhat anti-climatically, but I definitely had their attention after the opening volley.

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Deadeye Bowman trait gets you a good chunk of Improved Precise Shot (once you take Precise Shot anyway). Specifically, ignoring 1 creature for purposes of cover.

Adoptive Parentage for Human lets you trade out your bonus feat for a Weapon Focus feat (which you normally wouldn't qualify for) or a skill focus feat (not why we're here) as long as you choose a humanoid race that doesn't have Weapon Familiarity, but where Longbow would be an appropriate weapon for them. For instance the Nagaji. They are humanoids without weapon familiarity, and the monster entry Nagaji Fighter 1 from bestiary 4 is listed as wielding a longbow.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
I seem to recall the existence of a magic item called a Fleshwarped Whip or a Fleshwarped Tail. You can use it as whip, and you can attach it to yourself as a tail. That will give you a tail attack.

Yep. 2 items actually, a weapon and a fleshcraft, and I mentioned that in my first post in this thread.

Firebug wrote:
You can even get a stinger/tail attack from Stinging Tail or the weapon version.

Sovereign Court

Dwarves' Iron Within also gives 1 ki pool that does stack with other ki pool sources, unlike Perfect Style. Perfect Style is interesting though. From what I can see you would have to spend the swift to activate the style for the energy resistance... and the ki pool since its all under the benefits section? I would probably go acid, though most casters who would care to use it probably have resist energy on their list anyway.

With just Replenish Ki and 6th level spells as your highest, you can go infinite without having Ki Channel. Good find.

Sovereign Court

My local PFS venture people brought it up on their super secret forums a few years ago and they decided that since it requires at least 2 levels out of a full caster, gold, and only gives back spells 2 levels lower that it was reasonably balanced. Since then there is an Oracle archetype(Shigenjo) that gives Ki pool innately, but I don't think its been revisited.

For low level play, its not a big deal because the level dip is a huge hit. And at level 7 you start getting back 1st level spells... at a cost more expensive than wands (12.5g per charge vs 40g) when a full caster is getting 4th level spells and you only have 3rd.
At high level play it can get bonkers because 40g per spell to get back a 6th or 7th level slot is nothing(even more so if you picked minor/major creation as one of your arcane enlightenment spells)... but it takes time to drink tea. So sure you can spam those spells, but not back to back or frankly even during the same combat.

Mid levels is kind of a sweet spot. You don't have quite as high of spells as a full caster, but you can dish out the low level utility spells as needed for a moderate cost. Granted, dropping 2k(effectively a 'wand' of tea, 50 charges) an adventure on just tea adds up. But how is that really different than buying half a dozen Cure Light Wounds wands every adventure for normal fighter types at high levels.

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zza ni wrote:

the spirit guide oracle getting Arcane Enlightenment for arcane spells was ruled not to work.

as it gives a shaman spells he can prepare but oracle cast from list of spells known.

While its important to keep that in mind... which build was even discussing that in this thread?

The only Spirit Guide was double life.

As far as the level dip goes, its manageable. Sure you lose 2 caster levels but there is a trait for that. You gain slower access, but still get 9th level spells at 19. The benefit of 2 levels of ninja is being able to swift action vanish, some bonus acrobatics (ki pool features), small amount of sneak attack and poison use. Most of those aren't terribly useful for support type characters, but the vanish certainly is.

Even if we ignore Ki Channel/Tea, my shaman also has 2 channel pools, one from Life and one from Witch Doctor. The Amulet of Spirits(Life) on a shaman/oracle actually increases the Life spirits effects by 2 levels. So it brings up the primary channel pool back to full effect. Witch Doctor's specific pool is level -3 (and another -2 from level dip) so typically I only use that to jump start recycling if I have used all my main pool or with quick channel to throw out another few dice.

I would strongly recommend on your double life build that you work in Purifying Channel since you are going to be using it in combat anyway to start off the double rolling. I was originally going to go with Fortune + Chant on my Shaman, but GMs get annoyed fast when you attempt to chant between combats.

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JDLPF wrote:
How about the healiest healer that ever healed?

So you missed the Ninja/Shaman's near limitless channels per day by level 5 then...

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:

Also, how does this work with Furious Finish? ...

Then I go back into a Rage, and I'm not Fatigued just yet?

Furious Finish makes you drop rage and you gain fatigued... so you cannot immediately rage because you are fatigued. Recovered Rage just gives you a round back.

Sovereign Court

Half-elf Ninja 2/Shaman (Witch Doctor) X.
Mauler familiar (king crab) as a mount (undersized mount feat). Can pinch and constrict medium sized enemies.
Vanishing Trick and Ki Channel. Basically always invisible during combat.
Gallons of Tea of Transference for unlimited(just by gold) channel energy and lower/mid level spells per day. Basically unlimited spells of 2 levels lower than the highest you can cast.
Cherry picked spell list(mostly buffs) from Shaman, Wizard (arcane enlightenment) and Cleric (half-elf FCB).
Selective Channel + Purifying Channel to heal and still deal damage.

Sovereign Court

Well, first those two archetypes (Oath against Fiends and Divine Defender) don't stack because Oath replaces the 9th level mercy and Divine Defender replaces all mercies.
I like Oath vs Fiends because you get Resist Energy in a 1st level slot. And I like Hospitaler for spamming Smite Evil. Whats that you say? Hospitaler gets fewer Smite Evils per day? Nonsense!

Grab 2 levels of Ninja because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition... er... Palaninja!
Ki Channel + Tea of Transference + Hospitaler (not that you need the archetype once you get 3 or more dice on channel) = more smite evil per day than an Oath of Vengeance Paladin.

Sovereign Court

For some classes its a level 1 spell (namely paladin). Still takes a 3 round cast time though which kinda defeats the purpose since the fatigue from Furious Finish is only 1 round. Potions are where its at, though potion glutton sort of locks you into a deity and your swift action every round.

Sovereign Court

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

I just thought about this. ...

Here's the part I was thinking. Dip into Barbarian, and take the Furious Finish Feat.

We talked about that 50 posts ago.

Also, Recovered Rage does nothing for the fatigue and Furious Finish makes you fatigued for 1 round(even if you are immune) unless you remove the condition somehow (the reason for my paladin suggestion). So at best you are looking at your big hit every other round unless you want to risk exhaustion (roused anger).

You would need to kill 6 (sort of challenging) creatures with Recovered Rage a day for it to be better than Extra Rage. A couple of Torc's of Bloody Rage once you get some gold going is probably better then spending a feat on it. 8k for 3 extra rounds is a little steep, but high levels its pocket change.

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It comes up in almost every 'extra attacks' thread.
No. The Alchemist Discovery does not allow you to make additional attacks beyond your normal amount.
It can allow you to wield a shield, and to give you more options (a longbow in 2 hands and a spear in another 2), but not additional attacks(you could use them for iteratives, but not two weapon fighting).
Find a different way to add more arms.

Sovereign Court

I mentioned this recently on Giant in the Playground forums and I notice a similar name on the OP, but personally I like the Paddle-foot Pistol.
It can load shot(and 20' cone, not 15') as well as bullets, has a capacity of 4, average range increment of 20', and doesn't require a free hand to switch barrels (unlike a pepperbox). However, it has a max range of 3 increments, d6 instead of d8 damage dice, and x3 crit instead of x4.

You can either worry about reloading or not. Gun Chemist gets you rapid reload at 6 for free, and with Alchemical Cartridges you can drop your reload speed by 2 steps. This gets 1h firearms as a free action reload. Now, if you were level dipping into Gunslinger for Musket Master 3 for treating a musket as a 1h firearm for reloading, you want a musket. If not, then any 2h firearm is going to be a move action reload at best. There are a few ways to get swift action reload 1/round but making a full attack starts to reach its limit without free action reloading. Alternatively, you can weapon enchant Shadowshooting, but that has its own issues.

However, an alternative that I like is to pick up the Explosive Missile discovery. This allows you to reload your gun as part of the standard action to fire the missile. It is restricted to 1h firearms and bow/crossbow however. Gun Chemist's "Alchemical ordnance is treated like an alchemist’s bomb for the purpose of discoveries, though such discoveries ignore any effects associated with a bomb’s splash damage or radius unless the gun chemist also applies the exploding bullet discovery." So basically, you can use explosive missile, just no splash damage. It does limit you to a standard action attack, but you can apply your ordnance twice, once as a free action and once as the standard action missile. Depending on your GM, Explosive Missile may allow you to reload the whole cartridge of a Dragoon Pistol since it only comes in clips of 3.

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Grognar must have warned Usador before he readied his attack, because taking any action negates the readied action.

Ready Action wrote:
Then, anytime before your next action, you may take the readied action in response to that condition.

IE, if you ready an action and then speak as a free action, you have taken another action and invalidated your readied action.

And by extension, if you take an Attack of Opportunity before you take your Readied Action(even against the same trigger, but you can choose your order of operations), the readied action fails to trigger.

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Heather 540 wrote:
As mentioned by Firebug, aasimars can get wing attacks with Metallic Wings, but that requires a total of 4 feats which is quite a bit just for wings.

Which is why I mentioned the +5 armor enchant Dread Wing as easier.

For Skinwalker, you choose one of the abilties, ie you choose 2 hoof attacks or 1 gore (or scent, or +10 move speed) at a time with Change Shape. Unless you take the Extra Feature feat to gain 2 at a time(or more since the feat stacks with itself).

Sovereign Court

For getting natural attacks from race, I would suggest something harder to get then claws or bite.
You can get claws from a feat (Aspect of the Beast), weapon(Beaststrike Clubx2), necklace (Amulet of the Blooded-Abyssal), various class features (feral mutagen, etc), and probably a host of other things as well.
You can pick up a Gore attack from a Great(or normal)Helm of the Mammoth Lord.
You can get Bite from a few things already noted (Feral Mutagen, Beaststrike), trait (tusked, mother's teeth), spells(Hunger for Flesh not a polymorph effect, Savage Maw transmutation but not polymorph, etc), but I prefer the Ring of Rat Fangs.
You can even get a stinger/tail attack from Stinging Tail or the weapon version.
Wings are a bit harder, but if you don't mind sacrificing your armor bonus the Dread Wing enchantment is the probably the easiest. Aasimar can get wing attacks as a feat as well, from Metallic Wings.
Tentacles are a bit difficult as well, though Kraken Caller Druid has the majority. Its not clear if expending the use of Wild Shape to gain tentacles is a polymorph effect, though it probably should be something you ask your GM. Otherwise, Tentacle Cloak is probably your best bet, though limited to 1 minute a day (activated as a standard action). There are a few other classes/archetypes so getting tentacles from class is the best bet.
I am probably forgetting a few other natural attacks, but the moral of the story is that Hoof attacks are hard to get (just Brazen Hooves, which is 1 hoof attack a round) outside the Ragebred Skinwalker which can get 2.

So Ragebred (2 hoof), with 2 Beaststrike Clubs (2 claw), Dread Wing (2 wing), a Helm of the Mammoth Lord (1 gore), Ring of Rat Fangs (1 bite), and a Fleshwarped Scorpion's Tail (1 sting) all on all day without any class features. 9 Natural Attacks and your class (and neck slot) is free, though the Ragebred Change Shape is likely a polymorph effect(though it doesn't say so).

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marcopico wrote:
I thought that, instead of the tinkerer archetype, I could just take the Improved Familiar feat at level 7 and get a clockwork raven, but apparently alchemists do not qualify for the Improved Familiar feat.

Because caster level right?

Take the Spell Knowledge discovery. You now prepare and cast (a single, unless you take it multiple times) spells. Not a spell-like ability, actual arcane casting. Arcane spell failure and everything.
You can first pick this up at level 4 if you choose a cantrip prepared in a 1st level extract slot (it is not unlimited use). You can wait until 7th to get a 1st level spell (in a 2nd level extract slot), or retrain at 7th if retraining is available and you want a useful spell not already on your list (like Alchemical Tinkering or Liberating Command).

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How much damage do you think you actually deal with an ice scrapper anyway?
d2? At least for myself, I don't work out regularly, so my Str is probably 8, so 1d2-1 ie 1 nonlethal half the time and objects are immune to nonlethal?

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Shem wrote:

The Globe of Invulnerability spell says like Minor Globe except it stops 4th level spells.

Minor Globe says it can be dispelled by Dispel Magic. It does not make sense to me that a Globe that will stop 4th level spells can be undone by a 3rd level spell. What makes sense to me is that it would take Greater Dispel Magic.

Any advice on this?


I think the issue might be that you overlooked that the lesser globe of invulnerability affects spells 3rd level and lower. And Dispel Magic is a 3rd level spell. So if it was a level issue only, then it could not be dispelled by dispel magic. However, lesser globe calls out that Dispel Magic can affect it. The full globe inherits this.

There is nothing different between a full globe vs the lesser globe (other than the name, and DC) for Dispel.

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Well, how are you making your claw attacks count as unarmed strikes? Nothing in Shifter or the archetype does so.

Sovereign Court

Without knowing the adventure details I'd probably put construction Mud at hardness 0 and 3 hp/inch(for a 5' section). Those numbers come from Ice, and I feel it is a similar material as you can carve both and they are somewhat structural. If it was more clay-like, ie poorly baked brick, I might tack on some hardness.
The walls are probably at least 6 inches thick, and being an object it at least takes half damage from stonecall. So the spell would need to do 36 damage to break through... not 2d6.

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Kitsune Fox Fighter, aka variant of the Songbird of Death?
Change Shape is unfortunately an SU ability so would be suppressed by anti-magic, but its hard to take all of your gear if you are always a fox and it is melded into your form.
Agile is kind of important to the build, but thats just damage.

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You will likely be purchasing a belt of giant's strength very soon so Bull's Strength is less useful.
Enlarge Person is a valid choice for potions, so spending 50g each is very affordable by level 4.
Ragechemist is largely considered a trap. Every time you take damage you have to make a will save, or your will saves get worse. And it can knock you comatose.
You could take a level in Alchemist anyway, so you can use Wands of Shield/Enlarge Person, but remember that it still takes a round to activate it from a wand. Only potions activate faster.
Now, if there is a discovery you really want, then by all means go for it.
Going Brawler 5 gets you a bonus combat feat and your attacks count as magic, which is useful... until you purchase an Amulet of Mighty Fists.

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The scientific name for red fox is 'Vulpes vulpes'.
So my suggestions:
Logging town: Vul Pines, Lu Pines
University/Mining: Vulcan
Mining/Astronomy: Canis Minor
Rebellion town: Fawkeston
Human Diplomacy border town: Monkeyville, Ape Odd(Cape Cod)

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Personally, when I really need Intimidate, I shell out a little gold.
Gravelly Tonic and Elixir of the Thundering Voice. If +15 isn't enough, you probably have other problems. The tonic is even pretty economical at low levels too.

Sovereign Court

You can already Intimidate Animals (unless they are mindless). Until that trait came out, no one questioned it.
Beast Bully would allow you to do things like command the knight's horse to buck them, or stand where it is. Or command that random encounter bear to attack the other one while the party just takes on the winner.

Sovereign Court

How much of an increase is the switch to Int?
What about something like Adopted(Beast Bully) to gain most of another skill without much investment?

Sovereign Court

Yes on 1-4, 5 probably not.
Some points though just in case its not clear:
Ghost Scorpion is a specific monster, not a ghost templated scorpion. That being said, it has 3 attacks and pounce so is really good for the level 1 list. Basically an upgraded (because pounce) eagle. An eagle would have +1 to hit on all its attacks, and a larger damage die (d4s vs d3s) compared to pounce and poison. Flight is offset by Tremorsense. Pounce is less useful on a summoned monster vs player, because typically it can arrive right next to an enemy anyway and full attack.
(4)The advanced template ability (it came from beyond) is only 1/day. So good, but might not be worth the domain slot.
(5)The Herald Caller's ability for the caster and the summon to understand each others spoken language probably should not trump the fact that the ghost scorpion can't speak any language in the first place and is in fact mindless. In general though, summoned creatures understand your intent, ie 'attack that guy' regardless of int or communication ability.

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Slim Jim wrote:
Give Warpriest a look-see. They're not that complicated, and you'll definitely have more to do out-of-combat (i.e., aside from pure roleplay). They're especially good for Vital Strike builds, because any weapon they take Weapon Focus in becomes a "sacred" weapon with automatically increasing damage dice as the character levels. E.g., Weapon Focus: Toothpick means toothpicks are 2d6 weapons at 16th, melee or thrown. Basically, anything you want will be at least as good as a greatsword.

For sacred weapon damage, you can choose the damage the weapon normally does, or the sacred chart based on your size.

Impact and other 'as if' is the damage the weapon normally does, and should not affect the sacred weapon damage. Enlarge will work fine with sacred because you actually are that size. So you can choose the Impact Short Sword for 1d8, or Sacred damage of 2d6 in your example, not 3d6 Sacred with Impact. Ie, an impact butchering axe would normally be 4d6, but if you used Sacred it would be worse at 2d6. Sacred is there to make the 'bad' favored deity weapons 'better'.

Sovereign Court

A normal Greatsword is 2d6. With just Greater Vital Strike you are at 8d6.
So... how are you getting a prime number of dice? Maybe you were just adding 1d6 instead of 2d6 each time?
Greater Vital Strike is roll (all) the weapon dice 4 times and add them together.
Then you add size increases, either through using a larger weapon (titan archetypes), becoming larger yourself (enlarge person), and 'as if larger' effects (impact weapon, lead blades). Per a FAQ, you cannot stack multiple 'as if larger' abilities.
The size charge goes 2d6 -> 3d6 -> 4d6 -> 6d6
So Greater Vital Strike with a 3 size increased Greatsword (or a 2 size increased Butchering Axe) is roll 4 times 6d6 or 24d6.
I mentioned Impact (which is 1 'as if' increase) in my examples, and also using enlarge person potions (1 actual size increase).
When I mentioned 18d6 earlier, I was basically saying what Greater was adding to the base weapon (ie your normal weapon was 6d6, then greater adds 18d6 over the base for a total of 24d6)

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I would lean toward no, as the template says what it gains from increasing its hit dice. Specifically: "It gains appropriate skill points, feats, ability score increases, base attack bonus, and base saving throw advancements for its increased Hit Dice." with no mention of size.
However, I would say GM call since the general rules actually leave that in the GMs hands. "As a general rule, creatures whose Hit Dice increase by 50% or more should also increase in size, but GMs should feel free to ignore this rule if warranted by the individual creature or situation."

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No it cannot cast Animate Dead at level 1 (without additional help anyway).
Interestingly, the version of Juju mystery on the offical Archive is substantially different and doesn't even have Spirit Vessels revelation. There are quite a few things different, and it looks like the version you linked to is the version from the Adventure Path: City of Seven Spears and the one on Archive is from the Pathfinder Player Companion:Faiths and Philosophies (which came out later and is the updated official source).

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Ryze Kuja wrote:

Two-handed Fighter archetype - Race: Any

Then put that Effortless Lace on a Huge Greatsword (your penalty to hit will only be -2).

Full stop.

You have no way of wielding a huge(or even just large) 2h weapon. You didn't even attempt to do Titan Fighter/Titan Mauler for at least 1 size increase. Effortless Lace doesn't even work on two handed weapons.
Inappropriately Sized Weapons wrote:

Inappropriately Sized Weapons: A creature can’t make optimum use of a weapon that isn’t properly sized for it. A cumulative –2 penalty applies on attack rolls for each size category of difference between the size of its intended wielder and the size of its actual wielder. If the creature isn’t proficient with the weapon, a –4 nonproficiency penalty also applies.

The measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon (whether the weapon is designated as a light, one-handed, or two-handed weapon for a particular wielder) is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder’s size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a Small creature would wield a Medium one-handed weapon as a two-handed weapon. If a weapon’s designation would be changed to something other than light, one-handed, or two-handed by this alteration, the creature can’t wield the weapon at all.

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So use a Greatsword instead of the Butchering Axe with Gorum's divine fighting style to use it on AoO/Charge as well. The damage drops down a tier to something like 3d6(12d6 Greater Vital) if you don't enlarge or 72 with furious finish (before static mods).
Otherwise, you don't have to use furious finish every time, just hold it in your pocket for when you really need that one guy to die.

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