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Adder Strike, does it use only one dose or two?
This feat allows you to poison 2 "weapons" (unarmed strikes) in a single action. Does it take one dose of poison for the use of the feat (1 dose->2 poisoned weapons), or one dose of poison per weapon (2 doses->2 poisoned weapons)?

Adder Strike:
You can quickly apply poison to gloved hands, protected feet, or other protected body parts, delivering the poison with your unarmed strikes.

Prerequisites: Poison use class feature, Craft (alchemy) 1 rank, Improved Unarmed Strike.

Benefit: As a swift action, you can apply one dose of contact or injury poison to two body parts that you use for unarmed strikes. You must still protect yourself against exposure to contact poisons you apply in this way.

Normal: Applying poison to a weapon or single piece of ammunition is a standard action.

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Do class features that effect poisons created by a character apply to poisons generated by the character's bodily functions?

Specifically, Sticky Poison (alchemist 6) and Vishkanya Venom? And for my purposes this is for PFS though this is a general question. I have a VC saying that because the Venom does not use the word "creates", that sticky poison doesn't apply. I take the interpretation that it is not a purchased item and by the abilities of the character it comes into existence, therefore "created".

Additionally/separately, is Vishkanya Venom even a poison? Mechanically it functions like a poison (DC, injury type, save condition, ability damage) and "venom" in the English language is a synonym for poison, but it doesn't explicitly say "this is a poison effect".

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It appears that the Poison Darter archetype(Blood of the Beast pg 9) for Ranger has a dead class feature. It keeps the Quarry class feature from Ranger 11, however is unable to actually use it since the target must be one of the Ranger's chosen favored enemies which the archetype trades away all instances of.

There are also no compatible archetypes that I could find that would trade away Quarry but nothing else that Poison Darter does(replaces: Favored Enemy, Master Hunter, Wild Empathy, Hunter's Bond; modifies: Combat Style Feat).

My interest is for PFS, so a simple campaign clarification or additional resources comment would be sufficient for my purposes. However, as there currently isn't a campaign clarification for it, this should be considered a general rules question/errata request.

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Specifically if the Dragoon Pistol is given the Scatter property from Gun Scavenger's Change Out deed, is the Dragoon Cartridge that it uses as ammo able to load pellets?

If not, does this mean that adding the scatter property to -any- firearm does nothing since they are also not able to explicitly load pellets?

Change Out Deed: Inner Sea Combat:
Change Out (Ex): At 1st level, as a full-round action, a gun scavenger can remove the broken condition from a single firearm she is currently wielding, as long as that condition was gained by a firearm misfire. When she does, she can replace the broken part with a specialized, short-lived component that does one of the following: gives the firearm the scatter weapon quality (Ultimate Combat 137); increases the damage dealt by the pistolwhip deed by one die size; or increases the firearm’s range increment by 10 feet. A firearm with such a modification increases its misfire chance cumulatively by 1 each time it is fired until it misfires. When it does misfire, the effects of the temporary component are lost. A gun scavenger must have at least 1 grit point to perform this deed. Alternatively, if the gun scavenger spends 1 grit point to perform a change out, she can either perform the change out as a standard action instead of a full-round action, or perform the change out on a firearm that isn’t broken. This deed replaces the quick clear deed.

Scatter weapon property: Ultimate Combat:
Scatter (Weapon Quality): A weapon with the scatter weapon quality can shoot two different types of ammunition. It can fire normal bullets that target one creature, or it can make a scattering shot, attacking all creatures within a cone. Cannons with the scatter weapon quality only fire grapeshot, unless their descriptions state otherwise. When a scatter weapon attacks all creatures within a cone, it makes a separate attack roll against each creature within the cone. Each attack roll takes a –2 penalty, and its attack damage cannot be modified by precision damage or damage-increasing feats such as Vital Strike. Effects that grant concealment, such as fog or smoke, or the blur, invisibility, or mirror image spells, do not foil a scatter attack. If any of the attack rolls threaten a critical, confirm the critical for that attack roll alone. A firearm that makes a scatter shot misfires only if all of the attack rolls are misfires. If a scatter weapon explodes on a misfire, it deals triple its damage to all creatures within the misfire radius.

Dragoon Cartridge: Villains Codex:
These clips of alchemical cartridges hold three bullets and fit the slot of either the dragoon musket or the dragoon pistol. They allow the wielder of those firearms to fire up to three shots in quick succession without the need to reload. Once the cartridge is spent, reloading another dragoon cartridge takes a full-round action, no matter the type of dragoon firearm in question. Rapid Reload can reduce the action time required, but abilities like the musket master’s fast musket have no effect. Unlike other alchemical cartridges, dragoon cartridges don’t increase a dragoon firearm’s misfire chance by 1. Dragoon cartridges can be used only with dragoon firearms.

Pistol: Ultimate Combat:
A pistol uses either a bullet and 1 dose of black powder or a single alchemical cartridge as ammunition. This is an early firearm.

Blunderbus: Ultimate Combat:
This weapon fires pellets or a bullet from its trumpet-shaped barrel, making it an effective fowling weapon or close-fighting personal defense weapon. The blunderbuss fires in a 15-foot cone when firing pellets, and has a 10-foot range increment when firing a bullet. A blunderbuss uses a bullet or pellets and a single dose of black powder or a single alchemical cartridge as ammunition. This is an early firearm.

Bold for emphasis

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If I have produce flame already cast, can I use them to make an attack of opportunity?
Additionally, if I have the feat Blistering Feint, can I use produce flame's fire damage with the feat? (I would knock off a minute duration for both of these triggers).

Produce Flame:
Flames as bright as a torch appear in your open hand. The flames harm neither you nor your equipment.

In addition to providing illumination, the flames can be hurled or used to touch enemies. You can strike an opponent with a melee touch attack, dealing fire damage equal to 1d6 + 1 point per caster level (maximum +5). Alternatively, you can hurl the flames up to 120 feet as a thrown weapon. When doing so, you attack with a ranged touch attack (with no range penalty) and deal the same damage as with the melee attack. No sooner do you hurl the flames than a new set appears in your hand. Each attack you make reduces the remaining duration by 1 minute. If an attack reduces the remaining duration to 0 minutes or less, the spell ends after the attack resolves.

This spell does not function underwater.

Blistering Feint:
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on feint checks made while wielding a weapon that deals fire damage. Anytime you successfully feint a creature while using such a weapon, you may deal its fire damage to the enemy.

Basically, are you considered weilding the flames from produce flame.

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For PFS can we upgrade a cracked/flawed ioun stone to a normal one? Ie does it follow the same rules for upgrading similar tiered items, like a belt of giant strength +2 -> +4.
Specifically, I am looking at getting a flawed Opalescent White Pyramid and upgrading it to a normal stone when I have the fame.

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A battle poi normally does fire damage, no physical damage at all.
Would a +1 bane battle poi do 1d4 +3 +2d6 ie all fire damage against an appropriate target?

Second, would strength apply to the fire damage roll. I see nothing in the rules text for the normal application of strength to damage that even mentions a damage type (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing), only the handed-ness of the weapon. The only text that implies no strength is the fluff text for battle poi, stating that its weight is insufficient for physical damage... Which we already know by the damage type.

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Let's say I am a level 9 Medium with the Boar style line. Would the spirit bonus (and seance bonus) from Champion apply to the bleed damage(Boar shred), being a non-spell damage roll?
What about splash damage and "on fire" damage from an alchemist fire?
How about robe of needles, the piercing, bleed, or both?
What about rapier of puncturing? The stacking bleed, and/or the con damage attack?

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In the description of aiming a spell it states for a cone

PRD wrote:
A cone-shaped spell shoots away from you in a quarter-circle in the direction you designate. It starts from any corner of your square and widens out as it goes. Most cones are either bursts or emanations (see above), and thus won't go around corners.

I took this to mean, pick a corner, lay down a blast shape starting on that corner. But when I tried something like:


The diagonal cone from the opposite corner, I was told no because the examples are
. X
. X X
. X X X (and presumably the mirror image)
. M
. X
Is this intended? It certainly seems like to me that my first example fits the description.

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PRD:Robe of Needles, Ultimate Equipment wrote:


Price 1,000 gp; Aura faint evocation; CL5th; Weight 4 lbs.
This dark, hooded robe has six long, silvery, razor-sharp needles protruding from the bottom of its loose sleeves, three on each side. The wearer can launch one needle as a ranged touch attack. The needle counts as a thrown weapon with a range increment of 10 feet. If the needle hits, it embeds itself in the target's flesh, dealing 1 point of piercing damage and 1 point of bleed damage. A creature can pull out the needle as a full-round action, which ends the bleed effect. The needle is destroyed if an attack with it misses or when it is removed from a creature it was embedded in. The robe regrows all spent needles each morning.

Cost 500 gp
Craft Wondrous Item, bleed

Is it a standard action to fire one needle, or is it treated as a thrown weapon? Meaning if your BAB was high enough you could have iteratives?

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When you choose the Draconic bloodline (or Elemental) you make a decision at 1st level as to which particular color of dragon.

Now, is the Bloodline just "Draconic" regardless of which color selected? Or is the actual bloodline "Draconic(Black)", for example?

The reason I am asking is about the interaction between a Sorcerer and the requirement from Blood Arcanist that it must select the same bloodline if it already has one.

PRD - Blood Arcanist:
Blood Arcanist (Archetype)
Though most arcanists possess only a rudimentary innate arcane gift, the blood arcanist has the full power of a bloodline to draw upon.

Bloodline: A blood arcanist selects one bloodline from those available through the sorcerer bloodline class feature. The blood arcanist gains the bloodline arcana and bloodline powers of that bloodline, treating her arcanist level as her sorcerer level. The blood arcanist does not gain the class skill, bonus feats, or bonus spells from her bloodline.

If the blood arcanist takes levels in another class that grants a bloodline, the bloodlines must be of the same type, even if that means that the bloodline of one of her classes must change. Subject to GM approval, the blood arcanist can change her previous bloodline to make them conform.

This ability replaces the arcanist exploits gained at 1st, 3rd, 9th, and 15th levels, as well as magical supremacy. A blood arcanist cannot select the bloodline development arcanist exploit.

If the bloodline is "Draconic" rather then "Draconic(Black)" then a different color choice could be made with Arcanist. For instance: Sorcerer with Draconic Bloodline (choosing Black) and Blood Arcanist with Draconic Bloodline (choosing Copper). And by extension: Elemental(Air) Sorcerer, Elemental(Fire) Blood Arcanist.

If the Bloodline is "Draconic(Black)" then Crossblooded Sorcerer should be able to take "Draconic(Black) and Draconic(Copper)", correct?

Which way does everyone else read this interaction?

Bonus question: Robe of Arcane Heritage on a Crossblooded Sorcerer. Crossblooded gives the choice of powers and you can select powers you didn't choose at a lower level. The Robe gives you the powers as if you were a higher level, before you make the choice on which power you want. Could you simply remove the Robe and put it back on to choose a power from the other bloodline?

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It occurred to me while updating my playtest Occultist to a Sha'ir archetype that I believe this Archetype runs a little counter to the rule of 1 combat critter. If you have to choose one, then half of your spell list(and focus powers) are gone during combat. If both are considered noncombat pets then ALL of your spells are gone. Unless while they have no effect on combat you can still use them as a focus item.

Additionally what happens if you have the Necromancy/Conjuration school(s) and have your familiar focus power also active? And animate dead... and summon servitor, and summon monster. My intention is not to flood the field, but it feels like 1 combat critter is to restrictive.

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According to this faq you can only have one familiar in a scenario:
However, the Duplicate Familiar spell copies your familiar, abit temporarily. Duplicate Familiar is on the additional resources as legal.
Can you use both familiars at the same time or is your original familiar suppressed? If it is suppressed is it for the entire scenario or just while the spell is active?

My intention is to use the spell to attach a second tumor familiar, which will remain attached until it's duration runs out. So it would not clog up the table, and typically will only aid defense (protector archetype).

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So, I have a character concept I want to play. Unfortunately, it hinges on Baleful Polymorph.

As in, at the start of a session I contract some spellcasting services to cast Baleful Polymorph on my character. Level 5 spell, total cost 450 gp per cast. And I have to resolve the condition (it is a curse) by the end of the session or the character is "unplayable". Note: I want this curse, and will pay for it, but it still fits the definition of "unplayable".

Resolving the Baleful Polymorph is a non-issue due to Kitsune having the Shapechanger subtype.

450 gp isn't bad at the higher levels, but having to beat a Will DC 17 to keep class abilities, or pay another 450 gp to try again, is going to be a little difficult at lower levels. And I'd like to play it from 2 xp on.

Is there anyway we can get Baleful Polymorph added to the list of spells that carry over between scenarios? Is there a boon out there to allow you to keep a curse/condition, even when it has a mechanical effect?

Any other suggestions?