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Out of character questions comments and conversation goes here.

In game adventure of the small group trying to stop an Ionian caravan of pilgrims from establishing a camp that would be detrimental to Valerian interests.

Out of Character discussion and information will be posted here.

This is the Gameplay Thread for the group investigating the Black Hearts. Feel free to post IC here.

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This is a spin off thread from the Terra Nova hub for those involved investigating the strange happenings with the Novan tribe, the Black Hearts.

See the main Terra Nova hub, Inn of the White Wolf, for details on how to apply to this campaign

Post our out of character questions etc here.

Terra Nova campaign thread for Elise and Katze to explore Seaside Manor at the request of the bookish Dirk Longwood.

The White Wolf is the only inn in the town of Tanner's Crossing. The whole town is relatively new, but the Wolf is of recent construction. White pine timber lies on a foundation of stone and rises three stories in the air.

The top two floors are lodgings for the various guests who come and go from this town on the Marches of New Valeria, the colony established on Terra Nova. The ground floor of the Inn has one large common room, with a great fireplace in the center. Mounted above the fireplace is the stuffed head of large white wolf, giving the place its name. A long mahogany bar with a brass rail runs along the common room and various tables, chairs, booths, and couches fill the rest of the common room. The place is abuzz with smoking, drinking, and the murmur of conversation at all hours.

The proprietor of the White Wolf is a grizzled veteran of campaigns on the old world of Alderran named Aldred Cartwright. Most call him by his nickname of Top, a reference to his rank as first sergeant in the Royal Cavalry. He has a thick scar across part of his face, and is missing is left eye, which is covered with a patch. His temper is legendary when he loses it, and his forbearance for foolishness and fighting in his common room is extremely low. Many a hooligan or drunkard has taken a thrashing from this man, and many more will too.

Top Cartwrght's wife, a matronly saint of a woman named Maida, is the cook and hostess for the White Wolf. She is as sweet as Top is tough, and her food and hospitality make this inn the hub for activity that it is.

Two serving girls, in low-cut blouses and short skirts, serve the patrons. They are named Rose and Ella and live in the quarters behind the Inn. They are attentive and a bit saucy and keep things lively in the common room, even when times are slow.

Feel free to introduce your character, what they do, and where they are. The idea of this hub setting is to get characters to interact, and perhaps form groups to solve problems or investigate concerns they hear about while resting in the pub.

Feel free to ask game-related out of character questions or make suggestions here. The game will get better and the world setting richer, the more you add to it.

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Welcome to Terra Nova! My intent is that this Homebrew world becomes a hub for multiple PC's playing in multiple threads all in the same world setting. Ideally, it is a living world, where if one group of PC's sets off a chain of events, the rest of the PC's, even in different parts of the world, will have to deal with those events.

This thread is intended to be the "hub" of the Terra Nova campaign, where adventurers meet, form groups to face a single goal, and then may spin out into a separate thread to carry out a certain set of adventurers, which may be noted in the hub thread in some fashion, before coming back here as group fold and re-form. I've not seen a PBP campaign exactly like this, so bear with me as we try something newish.

Terra Nova means "new land" in Latin and an unexplored, newly discovered continent, much like North America of the 16th and 17th centuries is the basis for the setting, though there are differences. I have attached a link to a Google document that explains some of the high level politics and background of the campaign. It also discuss the religions (briefly) and the races involved in the game-world.

Terra Nova Primer

Ideally, the players will help form and add structure to some of the concepts in the campaign outline, breathing life into the world not only for them but for future players as well. My intention is for this to be a collaborative enterprise, with my veto power on certain aspects of the creative direction. Something more than a hack & slash is the goal.

At first, I intended to run this with the PF1 ruleset, but I think, with the relatively recent release of PF2, I will use those rules in order to get all of us acclimated to that version of the game.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, and you wish to participate as a PC, go ahead and build something using the campaign guide (which is still a bit or a work in progress) and the PF2 character creation guidelines and lets see what happens.

Gameplay on this thread will be in the Inn of the White Wolf in the village of Tanner's Crossing, which lies in the contested area of Terra Nova, and where most of the new game threads will begin from. Set your character in the Inn, and let's see if interactions there move you your own Gameplay thread with a group of like-minded PC's.

Happy to address questions concerns or creative suggestions from here on out!

Feel free to dot in here, for continuing adventures from the Magnimar lodge at Heidmarch Manor.

Please check in here for continuing PFS adventures through Varisia in Year 4 scenarios.

Recruitment is closed and players are added by invitation only, specifically those who played in Poblano Pepper's similar series.

Please Dot and Delete. We will begin at or around the kickoff date for Outpost 2.

Please check in here. List your PFS appropriate info for future Chronicle sheet completion. Feel free to dot and delete on the Gameplay tab when you are able.

Please Dot and Delete. Feel free to introduce, cooordinate, and prepare in Discussion tab while we wait for official beginning of Event.

Here is the place to check in with Name, Rank, and Serial Number to receive PFS credit. Please dot in and delete on the Gameplay tab as well. We will begin the game when the green flag drops, probably around 3/1.

Muster, discuss, and prepare all you like in the meantime.

Please post your necessary information to complete Chronicle Sheet here. Include a Day Job check if applicable.

Feel free to dot in here. Game should start this weekend.

Hello players. Please dot in or comment in the gameplay. We will begin in earnest when everyone has checked in. Expecting 6 for this game.

Please also post here the usual info needed to complete chronicle sheets: name, PC name, PFS #, Faction, day job roll (if any) etc etc.

If you want to make any purchases from prior Chronicles, just LMK.

Where we will begin the game. Dot in if you are able.

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Looking for two 2nd level adventurers to join us on an investigation of the sudden appearance of a unseasonal winter pocket at midsummer in the Border Wood between Taldor and Qadira. The heroes have recently left the shelter of a cabin in the woods, and are searching for the cause of the strange weather.

The remaining party is: a viking fighter/ranger, a winter witch, and an elven rogue.

20 pt buy
no evil
2 traits - one can by ROW campaign trait, but might be past the need for that now.
Average gold/gear for the group is 270gp, so let's start there. They have some gear unsold also.
Requires 1 post per day and 1 per weekend. More if available.

Looking for a long-term player, so those with good posting history will take preference, though new players are not ruled out. PM me with questions.

The invitation delivered last night was remarkably simple especially given the importance of the occasion: "Start where it all began. Meet us that the Pig's Paunch one hour before dawn."

The Pig's Paunch is a run-down building with a faded sign of a large pig standing on its hind legs, arms folded above a corpulent belly. Inside, the air is thick with the scents of human sweat, stale tobacco, and leftover food. In the center of the room, surround by inebriates, sleeping off their revelries, a familiar elven man stands high up on a top of a large round table.

"Welcome ! Welcome, my students! Please, have a seat!" With that Kreighton Shaine, the Pathfinder Society's Master of Scrolls, nimbly drops down to sit cross-legged in the table before looking about the tavern with a sense of reverent wonder. "Can you believe it? It all started here years ago -- well over four-hundred of them at least. Under this very roof the Pathfinder Society was born."

"But today! Today you will begin your Confirmation! Master Farabellus, Master Zey, and I all agree you each have shown your worth and dedication to the Society, as there's no better time to see if you can handle becoming full field operatives. Allow me to introduce you to Janira Gavix," he says as he motions for an excitable halfling to approach.

Please post here for your out of character discussions including character creation and start up questions

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Recruitment for this game has already been done. It is by invitation only.

Game action will start here. Feel free to dot in to reserve a space.

Glad we could all make it here. It appears with the 6 characters signed up, we will be APL 4.33 which is low tier.

Please sign in with the usual info. Since I am getting this scenario cold, I have to spend some time perusing before we get officially started. Please wait while the GM is loading.

Player Name
Character Name
Day job (if any) and die roll

Anything else I need to know about your Pathfinder?

Thanks again and see you all soon!

Feel free to dot in here. Will get the action started soon enough.

Welcome to the PBP version of scenario 01-56 The Jester's Fraud as part of the Outpost online game convention. This scenario is for PFS characters level 3-7. We will muster up to 5 spots for the table per Outpost rules, but it seems we currently have just 4 signed up.

Originally, Season 1 scenarios were written for 4 players, so that should work out just as fine, as long as everyone musters.

If you find the thread, please include the basic PFS info needed for Chronicle sheets:

Player Name
Character Name
PFS# including charcter extension
Day Job (you can roll if you like)

Looking forward to starting the game on March 5th when Outpost officially kicks off.

This is the Discussion thread for my Rise of the Runelords campaign where players can discuss out of character topics. Feel free to check in here.

Please understand I will likely be revising the build rules slightly from the shared recruitment thread that was used earlier. I will be discussing those proposed changes once everyone has checked in.

Glad to have you here. Hope you enjoy the game!

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Recruitment for this game occurred in a different thread and is complete. This game is closed recruitment.

Welcome to the Rise of the Runelords game I am running for core-only characters. If chosen for this game, feel free to dot in. The game will begin once all the characters have been reviewed and approved.

This thread is for out-of-character discussion, including character development and build rules.

In the human town of Trunau, a beleaguered settlement surrounded by the brutal orcs of the Hold of Belkzen, the heroes find themselves knee-deep in difficult problems only to see things go from bad to worse.

Please make a dot here and in the Discussion Tab. We will work on character building in that tab, and once that is complete, we can start the adventure here.

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It’s been nearly a month since Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng, a decrepit yet well-respected Pathfinder, instructed you to meet him dockside in Absalom. On arrival, Dreng herded you on to a Korvosa-bound merchant vessel and gave you a series of quick, stern instructions.

"One of my good friends, a merchant in the Varisian outcast’s haven known as Kaer Maga, sent me a very strange letter, which I need you to investigate. The merchant, his name is Horis Collgardie, tells me that the residents of Kaer Maga are very upset about the Society’s plan to build a lodge in their city and even further upset that the agents we sent are making trouble, stirring up the delicate balance of power that exists in the so-called City of Strangers."

"The trouble is, not the Decemvirate or any venture-captain I can find gave the okay to build a lodge there. We know it would be folly to do so -- at least right now -- and so this idea that Collgardie has that the Society is there and doing just that is worrisome."

"In a few weeks time, you’ll be in Korvosa. From there, book passage on a river ship for Harse, then travel overland to the road’s end at the cliffs below Kaer Maga—the so-called Twisted Door. There you must pay the Duskwardens to escort you through the Halflight Path to reach Kaer Maga. Once inside the city, find Collgardie and find out what he’s talking about. If there are Pathfinders in the city founding a lodge, tell them I order them to stop at once."

"If this is some kind of ruse, get to the bottom of it and do what you can to keep our Society’s good name in Kaer Maga -- we may not be completely welcome there, but neither are we unwelcome. Let’s keep it that way. Any questions?”

Please ask Dreng any questions you might have, and feel free to gear up either in Absalom or Kovosa. Our adventure will start with you at the bottom of the Halflight Path when you are ready.

Here is where you can check in and have all the out of character discussion your little hearts' desire. Feel free to dot. Will have Game Play tab up soon.

OH, and please share the info needed to complete Chronicle sheets:

Day Job check
Player Name (to be used on Chron Sheet)
any other pertinent info

This space is for out-of-character discussion once we get the game started.

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Feel free to dot in here. The adventure will begin properly once all characters are established.

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This is the character creation site for this game, which will be for PFS credit. As you probably know, PFS rules are not required to still get Chronicle Sheet credit, which can be applied to another character in level range.

For our purposes, we will have four (or five) PC's. Party balance is recommended, so you might want to sort out the spots. The order I recieved responses was:

GM Granta
GM Aeon

I'd suggest you chose role in that order, but will leave that up to you.

Guidelines for Character Creation:

1) 20 pt buy, no obvious min/maxing please. Shouldn't have stats higher than 18 after racial bonus. Stats lower than 8 are frowned on, and should expect to be role-played that way.

2) Non-evil characters, any other aligmennt is fine, but again expect to role-play it

3) Core races only

4) Any class in a Paizo published book is fair game. Unchained is fine. For Summoners, unchained is required. Any archetype is good as long as its Paizo-published and makes sense for the game and setting.

5) The Reign of Winter Players Guide is a free download which provides some flavor for the game, as well as some suggestions for class/race/build that you might find useful.

6) HP will be done PFS style. Full for level 1, one-half + one thereafter

7) Will have two starting traits and one should be a campaign trait (see the players guide linked above for those). You may add a third trait with an approved drawback.

8) Starting gold is 150gp.

A Bit about Me
I am a 3-star PFS GM, with about half those points coming from PbP play. I have run this entire AP for a local tabletop group and really like it. Am running one other AP (Crimson Throne) on the boards at present. Have been a gamer for about 30 years, starting with 1st Ed. Live in Franklin TN (suburban Nashville) so that's US Central Time. Most of my posting will be from 8-12 PM in that time zone. I do travel a bit for work and have family commitments that might interfere but will usually note those in advance.

Expecations of Players

1) Make great characters! Give rich backstories and tie your feats, traits, skills, and gear instead of just making the best build you can. It's not about optimizing, it's about integrating and enriching.

2) Post and interact frequently. Ideally minimum of one post per day, and one per weekend, but more if its possible, especially during combat times.

3) Push or leave hooks for other players to move the story along whenever possible.

4) Understand that the GM rulings are final. I don't propose to be a rules expert, but I will research any questions and try to make the best ruling possible, usually giving my rationale. If you don't agree, it's fine to link your side of the story, and I'll consider it, but in the end, GM rulings must stand. I am also open for constructive criticism or suggestions about any part of the game!

5) Have fun!

Feel free to discuss your character builds below. Will get the game open as soon as it appears we have some viable characters.

This is the in-game, in-character place to post. The game will open soon.

Out of character and character building discussion here.

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Korvosa, the Jewel of Varisia, has long sparkled on the shore of Conqueror's Bay. Established just over 300 years ago by Cheliax at the height of that empire's expansion. The city now commands its own destiny. A line of Korvosan kings and queens emerged to rule the city. Establishing an infamous seat of power -- the Crimson Throne. Rulers have sat upon the Crimson Throne for more than a century, and the city has flourished; yet the monarchy always seems on the brink of disaster. The Crimson Throne is not a prize to be won -- it is a curse. No monarch of Korvosa has died of old age, and none has produced an heir while ruling. Even though King Eodred II controls Korvosa more fully than any previous monarch. That control remains tenuous, and many secretly count the days until their latest king falls to what they call The Curse of the Crimson Throne.

As you may be able to tell, I will be opening recruitment for a group of 4-5 adventurers of 1st level for the extended edition of CotCT AP. Several items below will lead to successful application for this AP. Will keep recruitment open until 7/15, unless overwhelmed with good responses before that. Good luck!

Character Build Rules

1) Characters should be first level. Core races only (no exceptions). Any class indicated in Paizo-published material is acceptable.

2) 20 pt buy. No obvious min-maxing please. Should not be above 18 after racial bonuses, nor under 8 (without a good reason). Please consider how you will role-play your character when making stats. An 8 CHA will need to be played that way.

3) HP should be full HD at first level and then will be PFS-style (1/2 HD +1) for subsequent levels.

4) Character's should be considered heroes, and as such, will not be of evil alignment. Others are acceptable, but be prepared to role-play the alignment you choose.

5) As stated above any Paizo-published items will be considered. No 3PP will be allowed.

6) Starting wealth will be 150gp.

Tips for Successful Submissions (These are preferences, so follow them at your own peril)

1) Characters traits, feats, alignment, gear, stats etc should be part of a cohesive whole that fits the character. It's obvious when a PC is built for optimization only, and I'll be looking past those. Instead, the submissions that get my focus, have a backstory and history that ties the whole build together.

2) Be Role-Play friendly. A silent thuggish type, or a schizophrenic paranoid may be fun to build, but the opportunities to interact with others are limited. I am looking for a team that works well together and can communicate.

3) Remember your character starts at first level. An incredibly complicated backstory where your hero has survived many trial and tribulations probably doesn't fit well into a first level character background. Choice selections will have a story that fits their experience, which is limited.

4) Party balance is important to me. Typically will need a front line hitter, an arcane type, a divine type, a skill monkey, and a wild-card to make it work. Consider who else has applied if you want a good chance of making the game.

5) This is an urban adventure based in Korvosa, which is the leading city of Varisia. Characters who are built and fit this area will have preference. The Players Guide for this adventure may give some important tips.

I will be checking the thread and commenting on submissions throughout the week. Feel free to ask questions or send IM's as needed. Best of luck. I look forward to seeing some great work from all of you!

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Left alone on the edge of the Wilderness, Kingsbridge holds dear to when times where better. Of old, the great King Alexius II built a great stone bridge over the Greyflood River here to ease crossing to the Outposts. Once this town was a bustling trade center, the only road crossing of the river within many leagues in either direction. All trade with the Outposts ran through Kingsbridge and as such the town's market was a bustling center of commerce. As pioneers and money flowed, the town prospered. A small keep was erected by the Guard, many artisans and craftsmen moved to this little community, and the future looked bright.

But that was before the Fall...When Alexius II great-grandson, Ishmael died without an heir, chaos struck the Kingdom. Rival barons, outside foes, and internal dissidents all took the opportunity to play for power, and the Kingdom suffered. It wasn't long before the Guard was called back to the capital, and without a force to police the Wilderness, the Outposts began to wither. As they shriveled, the great market at Kingsbridge also shrank. Soon, trade beyond the bridge became lessened, then became a trickle, then stopped altogether.

After the Fall, Kingsbridge lives alone. On the edge of kingdom still engulfed in a hundred-year old internecine strife, without a leader, and without authority. Across the bridge, only the Wilderness remains, where only rumors of still-occupied Outposts exist. The stories also tell of bands of freemen or brigands who run amok in the wild, along with all manner of evil creatures and wild beasts..

Each year, the town slowly withers, losing more residents than it gains. Each year, they hope for a return of the Guard, or some symbol of that the Kingdom has been reestablished, but after generations, that hope is slowly becoming only legend. As times become more difficult, the village can only wait and worry.

This is the place where out-of-character (OOC) interaction related to the Kingsbridge campaign can be posted or discussed.

Here is the area for OOC discussion etc.

Here is the gameplay thread of the new game. Feel free to dot in. When everyone is here, we will begin.

It isn’t every day that one receives an invitation to the Karcau Opera House, with the ticket prices being what they are—not to mention the cost of seats in a private box. Of course, as soon as the usher leads the PCs to their seats, it becomes obvious why the Society has sent them
to enjoy a night at the opera. Already seated within the private booth, a lean Ustalavic noblewoman waits, watching the show with detached enthusiasm. She turns slowly, the crimson of her elegant gown contrasting starkly with her dark hair, pale skin, and sharp features. She motions to nearby seats and dismisses the attending usher.

"Thank you for coming. I am Venture-Captain Basia Kalistoff, currently without a home lodge. The Decemvirate requested that I speak with you here, in private, to discuss a problem that needs sorted out. I trust you’ve heard of Skeldon Miregrold?"

Regardless of how the PCs answer, Venture-Captain Kalistoff continues:
"Miregrold is a disreputable and duplicitous rogue of my own, noble, Ustalavic blood—my second cousin, in fact, though I’m loathe to admit it. He’s also quite renowned in our little Society, though again, few would boast of associating with him. When his father passed, Skeldon invested most of his sizable inheritance in illicit trade operations with the dark denizens that dwell below this city. Though he is valuable as a font of knowledge about the subterranean passages below—and the
Darklands in general—he’d sell out his dying mother if he thought he could profit from it."

"Despite my personal warnings, the Decemvirate granted him permission to open a lodge in Karcau, though this grant came with several stipulations. As I’d suspected, none of these conditions have been met. The Society requested Skeldon send them his research notes along with some samples of a rare mineral he’s being experimenting with called aureolyte. Neither the notes nor the samples ever arrived. Furthermore, it’s been a month since Skeldon contacted the Decemvirate, who are increasingly concerned about the additional finances they granted him to conduct his research. Other sources have led us to believe he has squandered this money for his own purposes and owes significant sums to one of Karcau’s most influential crime families."

"That's what we need you for. Make your way to the Karcau Lodge and present Skeldon with these transfer orders."She slides a stack of sealed envelopes across the table. "Once inside,try to collect whatever information you can about Skeldon, his side deals, and the kind of trouble he's in. It would be even better if you could procure copies of his research and a sample of aureolyte. The Manor sits on a sizable hillside property just south of town. Any questions?"

Please use this forum for out of character interactions before, during, and after the game.

Please check in here, and begin out of character discussion. Welcome to teh thread. Hopefully this game will last longer than a dozen posts!

I will begin by looking at each character build in detail and asking some questions. Please make sure you stats etc are all on your character somewhere.

Also please make sure you "show" you base stats on the sub-line under your name. HP, AC, Init, Perception, and saves are most important.

First point of discussion is about adding to teh 4-man group. You cover the key jobs of an adventuring party well, but I worry about attrition. If we drop to three we will have to add. Do you want to go to 5 or 6 now, or just wait till one of you is missing to start the search?

Here are the continuing adventures of a group of heroes who stumble into Sandpoint, and end up saving the world (or die trying).

Welcome, thread orphans, the game will begin soon enough.

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