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"I'm sorry; I have no idea. I asked, but he wouldn't tell me. I don't think he told anyone. Maybe if you could find his journal he might have written it down there."

Brinya frowned in thought, but shook her head.
"I'm sorry, I don't recall anyone by that name."

Brinya looked embarassed.
"Well, when we got engaged, we traded hopeknives to symbolize our union, and had Sara Morninghawk engrave them with our love notes.” Pulling at her heavy silver necklace, Brinya reveals her own hopeknife
dangling from the chain. “See? This was Rodrik’s hopeknife. It says, ‘For Brinya, my love.’"
Brinya goes on to reveal that Rodrik lost the hopeknife she had given him in the course of his investigation.
When she learned of the loss on the night of Ruby’s hopeknife ceremony, Brinya was furious, and she told Rodrik she didn’t want to see him again until he found it or otherwise made things right.
If she had known that night would be the last time she would see her beloved, Brinya laments, she would have acted much differently.
With Rodrik’s death, Brinya’s anger at him quickly transformed into overwhelming grief, and she unfairly blames herself for his death.

DC 15 Knowledge (local), or who is a native of Trunau:
You know that engaged or married couples exchanging hopeknives is a common tradition in Trunau.

At Grobradon's statement of admiration, Brinya smiled fondly.

Perception DC15:
When she speaks of Rodrik, she touched the hopeknife hanging between her breasts.

Brinya talks at length about his beautiful poems (which initially attracted her to him), and about how Rodrik was always writing something. She confides that Rodrik kept a journal as well, and suggests the entries he wrote up to his final night might provide insight into his murder. Unfortunately, she has no idea where the journal might be.
Obviously, there’s his room in the Ramblehouse, but Rodrik also frequently went to Trunau’s Sanctuary with his writing.
According to Brinya, Rodrik said he had a “thoughtful muse” there, but he never elaborated.
Brinya had always just assumed her lover was finding solace in devotion to Iomedae, but now she wonders if there really was someone at the church—someone who might know more about what happened to Rodrik, or worse, betrayed him.

She nodded; then gathered herself together and started talking about Rodrik.
She explained that the couple had been seeing each other for months, and Rodrik finally proposed to her using his mother’s ring.
Even once they were engaged, Rodrik was careful to keep the relationship hidden from his father, who wouldn’t approve of the match. Decidedly not.
Brinya grudgingly respected her beloved’s wishes for privacy, though his cowardice inspired no shortage of annoyance as well, and was a source of contention between them.
It didn’t help that Rodrik soon became preoccupied with some sort of investigation, what he called “his greatest work”—the details of which he refused to share with Brinya.
To make matters even worse, Rodrik’s father, Jagrin, did finally find out about the couple’s relationship, and repudiated his son for betrothing himself to a “filthy half-orc.”

Ruby called out; "Everybody pull together!"
ST check: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0

Ruby quickly bent her back to it.
ST check: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (10) - 1 = 9


"Sorry again! Father Noelan hid us in here while he... tried to rescue the Chapel." She said sadly.
"Sir, what are we going to do? Sooner or later they're going to come for us; a lot more! What do we do now?" She pleaded to Big John.


Knowledge:Local DC11:
This is Father Noelan's Assistant in keeping the Shrine in order, Rhyna.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She said. Realizing she had been hitting Ghosteye with a chair, she dropped it immediately.
"It's just... we saw what happened to Father Noelan. I thought that this was our only chance..." She said, almost in tears.

One of the small servitors ran past Elandra on the second floor down to the stairway.
"Miss Jet! Miss Jet! Those southland merchants won't come out of their rooms!" She piped.

Jet, who was not just the barkeep but the owner as well, shouted out; "OK, we're all escaping! I'm gonna need help carrying supplies! Come on!"
She threw open the doors to the kitchen and stormed through.

Sunny wrote:

"I gots some shine I din't put in me chest." She proudly holds out a coin that she's produced forwards for inspection.

While the coin is obviously and evidently made of gold, exactly what country or even vintage is obscured by the barnacles and other verdigres that things long left beneath the sea accumulate with time.

The woman reaches out and takes it.

"Wha... This is an Azlanti Florin! It must be worth a hundred and fifty crowns at least!" She said, wonderingly.
She looked back to Sunny.
"Are you sure you don't have anything sma..." She said, then stopped suddenly.
She blinked.
"Why are you naked? And wet?" She asked, her eyes looking at Sunny oddly.
Then she reached out and touched Sunny gently.
"Oh honey, are you in trouble?"

Sunny wrote:
"Hey-YA there! M'name be 'Sunny' in'a speakin' of tha' peoples." She exctends a tanned arm towards the girl then blinks and tilts her blond head. "Wots a 'tick-ette'?" (^_^)

The girl turned to Sunny with a confused smile.

"Oh, hello! Um, do you want a ticket? We're set to voyage to Sargova. It's thirty crowns, but you need to decide now as we're about to cast off." She said, gesturing towards the ship.

"Sorry Ghirrak," Annie said as she mopped her forehead. She tugged at her blouse, which had adhered to her body from the sweat.
"I don't know any magic like that. I can let you breathe underwater, but that's it."

Kendra gasped as Skiia's potion and Ereviss' wand heals her leg enough to snap the bone back into place and knit together again.
"Thank you Skiia, and thank you Ereviss!" She sighed, just leaning against him in relief of the pain. "That thing... It lured us into that cornfield!"

Suddenly there is a metallic *SNAP* and Kendra screamed in pain as she fell down. You see that her leg is caught in a beartrap, and, due to the unnatural bend, obviously broken.

"We have to go help!" Kendra said, then broke into a run (double move), making it right to the edge of the cornrows.

Kendra retreated, along with the others, back to the overgrown pathway. There they were able to breath easier, out of the stench of decay under the giant cornstalks.
She gulped and nodded north towards the abandoned farmhouse nearest to their position.
"So. Check that spooky farmhouse out?"

Taking her cue from Ereviss' dramatic placement of the planchette on the ouiji board, Kendra gasped and looked around wildly.
"They're here. THEY'RE HERE! The spirits of the murdered children! Can't you FEEL the cold breath of death on the backs of your necks?" She intoned excitedly.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

No there aren't.
That planchette. It fascinates you. It draws, no, demands your attention like nothing you've ever seen before...
It has a power, a resonance with yours.

Nodding, Kendra started.
Fixing the sisters with a look of desperate urgency.
"I know this is a painful memory for you, and I'm sorry. But isn't there something you left out, perhaps because you didn't think it had any connection? This is perhaps the last chance we have to gain something like justice..." She said cajoling.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
She booted Ereviss under the table, signaling him to help her.

Scrambling backward, Kendra tripped over something in the grass and fell sprawling.

While probing around the edges of the old campfire with her staff, you all heard a *clink* of metal-on-glass.
"Ereviss? Do you know what this could be?" Kendra asked with a puzzled frown on her face.

Kendra made her way delicately around the areas where the creepy looking fetishes dangled down from the trees, wringing her hands and saying 'Ew' when she had to brush by them in any way. Going over by the old fireplace, she poked about with her staff.


"Thank you your honor. My father spoke fondly of you as well.
"As you may already know, we are here in accordance to my father's last will and testament. The delivery of this book."
She said, motioning for Christoph to give the book over.

Kendra patted the mans hand in reassurance.
"Of course, think nothing of it.
"I must tell you professor, I am curious as to what happened to your classroom. It looked like a whole wall had collapsed!"
She asked, curious.

Kendra smiled and reassured Professor Crowl.
"What he meant was you shouldn't hold things back, such as to protect me." she said, simultaneously driving an elbow into Ereviss' ribs.

Kendra found a gap in the crowd around the doctor and shyly introduced herself.

Turning around sharply with her lamp; Kendra gave a sharp gasp and threw herself backwards, crashing into Ereviss and sending them both sprawling. The lamp flew twenty yards over your heads, blinding you for a moment, before dropping into the reed filled bog and winking out with a hiss.

Perception DC20:
You noticed a bulky, misshapen figure that was right next to Kendra; but looking back, its gone now.

Kendra whirled, shining her lantern NorthEast.
"What? How could she have moved?" She wondered aloud, fear creeping into her tone.

Kendra grabbed one of the Lanterns and followed along.

Kendra shrugged at Rhia.
"I don't really know the route myself; it has been years since I came here as a baby. Perhaps our coachman knows."
Spotting Councillor Hearthmount trundling up to the carriage in his overcoat, she charged up to him.
"Young lady, I..." He got out before she kissed him on the cheek.
"Thank you for looking after the house Vashian!" She said brightly as she handed him a small ring of keys.
He turned a bright red and tipped his hat as she ran back to the coach and boarded.

Kendra accepts a picnic basket and puts it aboard the coach.
"For lunch." She commented.
She accepted a lesser one wrapped in news sheets and gave it to their driver.
She looked at you all.
"If you are ready, it's time." She said, motioning towards the open door of the coach.

"ALL ABOARD!" Called the driver.

"Ereviss!" Kendra called out as she ran up to him and took his hand. She was now clad in her travelling dress and cloak.
"Did you get what you needed from Father Grimburrow?" She asked all of you.

Kendra smiled at Christoph's concern.
"You need not be concerned. The neighbors will gossip no matter what you wear. Feel free to wear something more comfortable, but..."
Her face turned serious.
"Do not go unarmed. Even if it's only a staff or walking stick. Those Whispering Way people are still out there, somewhere." She said, remembering the fate of her father.

Nodding, Kendra said;"I agree. We depart tomorrow morning."
She rose.
"I must to bed now, if we are to get up early enough to find the good Father before the stage leaves. Good night all!"
She takes a taper and goes to her bedroom.

Val was boggled at the claim that Cheshire and the tiger were brothers, but was distracted at Celest's entrance.

Wrinkling her nose, she walked over to the rogue as she helped herself to a bottle of fine liquor.
"Miss Celest it is good to have you back. Might I suggest a dip in the horse trough out front before tracking that vile smelling goo all over the tavern, which I just cleaned?"

When Flynn arrived, Val shot across the floor to tackle/hug him.
"Master Flynn, you're back! Shall I draw a bath and launder your soiled clothes?" She asked eagerly.

Flynn wrote:

"Val, I need a good bottle of wine, a couple of hot lemon scented towels and Lily here needs some serious bandages."

"Right away Master Flynn!" She said, and bustled off to find said items.

The swinging half-doors creaked open and bootsteps echoed as a figure entered. A short figure.
The barkeep lit the lanterns in the dusk light, showing a cute girl in blacksmiths' clothing and smudged face. She glanced over the sparse crowd to light on Variel and Cheshire and hurried over to them.
"Hi! I'm Val, and I run this place until Master Khonnir comes back. Are you guys here about the ad?"
She nodded.
"Master Flynn will be by to look you over with his assistants. His rescue party needs more hands after the last attempt, the poor souls. Let me get you a free drink while you're waiting! What'll you have?" She said brightly.

Lisandra whispered; "Thank you my friends. Gods willing, we will meet again. Now gather together..."
She makes you stand in a ring as she Channels Positive Energy on you all thrice for 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 3) = 15, 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 1) = 8, and 3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 1) = 10 points of healing.

With that, she drinks her potion of invisibility and departs through the front door.

Skiia wrote:
“What happened? Should we expect interference on the road to Lepidstadt?”

Kendra shook her head.

"No, no. We managed to banish the spirits that had haunted Harrowstone and the whole province. At a high cost." She said with a sigh.
"It is these cloaked men; the whispering men who trapped the spirit of the Warden and killed my father by crushing his skull."
She shuddered.
"They're still out there. Somewhere."
She dashed the tears from her eyes.
"So yes; I am grateful and accept your offer of escort to Lepidstadt."
There is a knock at the door.
"Oh! Here is our supper finally." She said.
Rising to her feet, she accepts a couple of large baskets from a boy and brings them to the dinner table.
She quickly serves out an excellent stew, with hearty black bread, butter and honey.

Kendra Lorrimor hugged Christoph, Skiia and Rhia tightly.
"Thank you for coming anyway. I know my father would appreciate it...
"But come! You have come a long way, and you will stay with me at the Lorrimor house tonight. I won't hear of an Inn!"
She said imperiously.
It is clear to the newcomers that the Professor's daughter had changed since they had seen her last. No longer a callow youth, she seemed older than her years. And that white streak in her hair...

She led the way to the house, recruiting whatever help is needed to shift luggage. He unlocked the door and bustled about relighting lamps, reopening doors and windows and righting tables and chairs from where they were in storage mode.
Soon they sat around a fire in the living room, a glass of a nice chardonnay in hand.
"I've asked the Inn to send over a meal for us all, but it will be twenty minutes or so."
She hesitated, unsure as to how to explain what happened clearly; it was all so muddled when she thought back.

She begins by describing the Funeral, which had been briefly interruped by fear haunted villagers trying to drive off the 'necromancer' and his henchmen (you) before being run off by your display of arms.
She then described the reading of the will. A transcript of which is in the Campaign Info tab.

A lovely young woman with a white streak at her temple looked startled. She set her trunk down and approached Christoph.
"I am Kendra Lorrimor, Professor Petros Lorrimor's daughter. I am afraid you are too late. His funeral was last week."
She sniffled at that point and quickly swiped at her eyes.
"I'm sorry. You've come a long way and must be tired. Since the coach won't be repaired until tomorrow, you can come to my f... My house."
She turned and remembered her companions.
"Oh yes, this is Ereviss and this is Agrimar, both friends of my fathers who were also invited to the funeral and the reading of the will. What was your name again?"

Kendra flung out a hand pointing at the ghost and cast Disrupt Undead.
She hit! Not much damage, but it stung him.

Kendra lashed out at the stupid dire rat.
Staff attack: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 But she missed again.

Still bleeding, Kendra realized the danger and leapt in front of the rat and Ereviss.
"No! Just take cover behind me and keep firing! He can't get to you now!"
She spoke sharply and wove her arms in a subtle pattern. A transparent shield formed in front of her.
Kendra moved to (K,6) and cast Shield.

Val comes up and serves Flynn a heavily laden platter for dinner.
"Is there anything else I can do for you... Flynn?" She asked anxiously.
You can practically see the hearts pulsing in her eyes...

Kendra staggered up and lashed out at Red 1 with her staff as well.
1d20 + 0 ⇒ (12) + 0 = 12 Miss.


Ref Save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Kendra screams as she is partially buried by rubble.

The haunt siphon glows green with trapped essence.
Kendra stops bashing at the wall and collapses into your arms.
"I don't feel good..." She moaned.

Heal check DC14:

You can see shes taken a lot of Wisdom damage.

"Oh, sorry!" She said, helping Flynn up as if he were an old man. "My name is Val, Val Blaine. I'm Master Khonnir's apprentice."
She stepped over to the monster and kicked it. It responded with a *KLONG*.
"'Inert' my ASS!" She swore, shaking her fist.

Limping slightly, she turned to you.
"THAT was a little something Master Khonnir picked up from an expedition to some caverns he found under Black Hill." She explained.

She looked at you skeptically. Then snapped her fingers.
"Hey! You guys must be the heroes contracted by the Council! Miss Dolga said she'd send you this way."

She ushered you into the hillside manor, where she showed you around.
"As long as Master Khonnir is missing, you can use this as your base. I've made up the ground floor rooms of his manor here for your use. There's two single rooms with actual beds, and two double rooms with hammocks. They're all clean and fresh as I can make 'em. Don't go upstairs, that's Master Khonnirs private sanctum. There's a bathroom out back, hot and cold running water, a steam room, there's room at the foundry to make stuff, if you've a mind to, and theres free food and beer at the tavern when yer hungry."
She cocked her head.
"So, who are you again?"

The tinder box behind Flynn popped open with a *BANG*
"Is it over?" Called out the smudged girl in the leather apprentice clothing as she emerged from her hiding place.
"Oh praise Cayden!" She exclaimed as she tacklehugged Flynn hard enough to knock him to the ground.

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