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I always figured construct creation to be more a GM tool than something a player should utilize, due to both the feat-investment and overall cost in terms of materials, time and money in which to construct one.

I mean... I think there's a junk golem somewhere in the bestiaries made from ordinary trash that runs up to something like 2000 gold pieces to build. Kind've a heavy investment to put something together that dies in one or two hits.

Making an artificer who specialized in building robots/constructs was always something I wanted to try out, but the rules originally stated seemed to make such to be rather impractical for players. Is this book going to offer alternative construct-creation rules to make them more practical from a player-perspective?

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Rhatahema wrote:
I have mixed feelings about the saving throws added to the Litany Spells. On the one hand, they looked a bit too strong without a save. On the other, Paladins are going to have relatively terrible DCs given how low their spell levels are compared to their character level, plus the need to disperse their stat boosts. In particular, Litany of Sloth was of most use against casters, but now it targets their strongest save.

This. I don't know if there's any particular 'trick' to boosting Paladin spell DC's to a level that would have spells actually have a chance of working, but if the only option really is to boost the hell out of Charisma, then I don't really see the point of the class having any offensive spells requiring saves at all.

Personally, instead of adding saves to the spells, I'd have just made them higher level spells in both the Anti/Paladin and Inquisitor lists to compensate for their overall strength. I'm honestly not fully sure why this change was even made be honest.

Goblins like fire, and being the kind and generous folk they are, they share it with everyone they meet.

So yes, a pyre of Goblins seems very appropriate.

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So, I'm not sure if this has been asked already or not, and... well, I can't really read through the last 1000 or so pages of posts, but I vaguely recall some earlier mention that there will probably be a second edition of Pathfinder sometime down the road.

Is that still a likely future goal, or is Unchained basically taking the place of a new edition of the rules, with the changes it's making to the rules and some of the classes?

If it is still a likely goal, do you think Pathfinder will be sticking to the D20 format, or will it move away and define itself with it's own system?

On a different note regarding Mythic rules and Wrath of the Righteous: I actually really enjoyed them both. Wrath of the Righteous made for an amazing experience where myself and my friends fought against all impossible odds to halt a demon apocalypse. It was an extremely challenging and rewarding experience, and I liked how the mythic rules gave us that feeling of being in a league of our own. :)

I'm not sure what problems or 'bugs' there were with both as I didn't really see any, but I had fun, the people I played with had fun, and the GM had fun and that's really all that matters, and it was thanks to the effort that went into writing it.

So yeah, cheers, and thanks James. Hope you feel better in time.

Shiroi wrote:

No pressure. *twitches*

I'd be curious to see an archetype focused heavily on forms, an AoE master that deals in sweeping gouts of fire, giant earthquake zones, or massive waves of ice and water. The current design allows for one or two fairly weak and small Aoe's with half your damage and 1/4 on a save, I'm thinking more like a few d6 short of a fireball, and pick any x adjacent squares, so you can make it your own design. *slaps a Gargantuan sized flaming handprint into the crowd of goblins*

This class feels like it could do crowd control very well, thematically, but the mechanics don't quite seem there for the normal build. Which is good, because I don't want them there for every Kineticist. But the option to specialize that way would be nice.

I'm hoping to see this too, but I hope that AoE options for vanilla Kineticists get a bit of a boost too? As a 9th level Aerokineticist, I found my blast was seriously lacking any real punch due to the low DC, and the halved and then halved again damage when the enemies made their save.

I'm not really expecting to punch holes in mountains or wipe out armies in a single shot, but 14 damage to two enemies, as opposed to the 56 damage I rolled originally just didn't seem at all that impressive. =/

Edit: Forgot to say, I've always assumed a "It'll be done when it's done" attitude with things like this. That said, squeee! 18 more skillpoints! You're the best Mark! =D

Still new to play-testing, so please bear with me while I list my concerns so far after having poked around with the play-test and read some (though not all) the comments in this thread:

*Picking and sticking with a single element seems to be somewhat discouraged by being an under-optimal option, if not impossible.

*On then flip-side; Multi-element seems to be the most assumed way to go. I think some of the suggestions here covered using the defenses of one element to cover the weaknesses in another? The mono-element

*Aether doesn't seem built to really stand on it's own, and exists instead more as an 'add-mixture' element.

Have any of these been mentioned or addressed? There's over 70 posts, and I... really don't think I'm going to be able to read them all.

Mark Seifter wrote:
mplindustries wrote:

So, I just saw that the boards are going to be closed and it doesn't look like we're getting a second playtest, which should surprise no one.

However, I'm worried that if the boards are locked, that means we won't be getting the "this is what I'm changing" post from Mark that I've been eagerly awaiting for several weeks now.

I am going to be playing a Kineticist starting next week straight through until the book comes out, and I'd really rather not be kind of sucky until then (I love the concept and flavor, though, so I'm still going to play it even if I have to play weak). Please, give us just a quick something like:

1) Yeah, you get X skills now, not 2, and [insert skills here] are probably going to be class skills

2) Damage is going to follow this progression instead

3) This is how I think I'll be changing Searing Flesh

4) etc...

You will get that post. Even if I have to exercise my moderator powers to post in a locked thread, you will have that post!

I'm new to playtesting on these forums but I'm wondering, will feedback on the changes be welcome when you do? If so, how will we be able to provide it?

I think that for those kineticists who want to and focus on one element, they should get some ability to overcome damage resistance and immunities vs their type, much like the Winter Witch PrC does.

Only as an option for single-element Kineticists though. I always felt that that kind of focus should get it's own unique rewards.

Some other ideas... and yeah, kind of wacky, but one thought I had for an Earth/Air composite ability: Kinetic POWER ARMOR! With guns that propel pebbles with lightning, and hover and mecha-punch... and stuff!

*Clears throat*

More seriously, my ideas for Air:

- Magnetic infusion could be expanded to optionally target metallic armor, to make movement for the wearer difficult, perhaps also rendering the wearer flat-footed?
- An enhanced sense of the Aerokineticist's surroundings. Being so in-tune with their element that they can extend their senses much farther out with increased sensitivity, feeling even the tiniest vibration in the wind. Effectively I suppose this would translate to being a sort of blind-sense.
- Bonuses to agility and speed. I suppose speed could be considered to be handled by flight, but I have this 'dancer on the wind' image in my mind whenever I think of the aerokineticist. Basically something more acrobatic.
- The ability to adjust air-pressure within an area, to create explosions and vacuums?
- An air wild talent that allows one to suck all the air out of an area, or directly from a specific creature's lungs? Suffocate and incapacitate?

That's about all I have thus far. Will post as ideas come.

Tels wrote:

As a final note, the lists of effects that I included above are not all inclusive, just stuff off the top of my head as I was writing.

I also do not expect that all of the stuff above should make it into the base class; a great deal of it would work well as an archetype. I could easily see an archetype for each element that excludes the others. At the same time, I could see an archetype that focuses on summoning and dominating elementals to serve it, while maintaining only limited blasting capabilities.

Over all, I think the Kineticist chassis is going to prove to be very archetype friendly and, with it's elemental theme, it could have a lot of versatility when it comes to character ideas.

Oh! One more thing, is there any way for the Kineticist to get some backwards compatibility with other things in the game? The elemental Fist and the Dragon/Janni/Shaitan/etc. style feats would all be great fun for the Kineticist. Prestige classes like Dragon Disciple would also be interesting little combos.

I realize this comes rather late, but I see a problem with this.

For one, Dragon Disciple requires you to be able to cast 1st level arcane spells. For another, it only advances levels of an existing spellcasting class in regards to spells per day. It wouldn't advance your kinetic blast damage, or give you the other benefits of the kineticist class.

Kineticists are also somewhat lacking in feats and at present have considerable feat taxes: Point Blank shot, Precise Shot for ranged... Improved Unarmed Strike and Multi-attack for unarmed, and Weapon Focus for melee. So I'm not sure if you'd be able to squeeze in your style feats to a satisfactory degree and still have room for other things.

That said, I'm totally with you on the idea! It'd really be awesome to be able to Dragon Disciple and Dragon Style a kineticist and have capable of punching and blasting the tar outta anything in their way. :D

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Not sure if this has been asked or not, but here goes;

"Bear's Endurance: The affected creature gains greater vitality and stamina. The spell grants the subject a +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution, which adds the usual benefits to hit points, Fortitude saves, Constitution checks, and so forth. Hit points gained by a temporary increase in Constitution score are not temporary hit points. They go away when the subject's Constitution drops back to normal. They are not lost first as temporary hit points are."

As I understand it, this would also raise the amount of burn one could receive but I'm curious as to how this effect would actually interact with the class.

Would a temporary increase in Con also allow a Kineticist to go beyond their usual limit of burn per day? If my 9th level aerokineticist has reached her limit of 8 burn, for example, and has Bear's endurance cast on her, does this mean that she'd gain 2 more points of burn left to use until the spell wears off? What happens if those points are used and the spell does wear off, is she stuck with having 10 burn for the day?

Okay, so I built a 9th level Aerokineticist, and these are my thoughts so far:

There is definitely a lack of skill points and class skills.

The impression I got when picking out feats, was that Point-blank Shot and Precise Shot were "Mandatory" for the class. As in, I really couldn't see why anyone would not take them. Supposing someone decided to focus on Kinetic Blade and Whip, they'd pretty much weind up with a switch-hitter that'd need these feats for capitalizing on ranged opportunities.

As far as Infusions go: It seemed that for the level and element I was building with, there were more form infusions than substance infusions. I also felt that The kinetic blasts didn't look like they either hit hard or well. Weapon focus, being yet another 'Mandatory' feat for the class. Also 'Mandatory' was what I thought when I saw the Expanded Element wild Talent, again after asking myself "Why wouldn't I take it?"

I think could also benefit from a few bonus feats, perhaps relating to chosen elements? Like Air would have a list of bonus feats from which to choose from, as would Earth, fire, etc... much like how the various sorcerer and bloodrager bloodlines grant extra feats depending on their chosen bloodline. At the same time, things like point-blank and precise shot perhaps being rolled into the class somehow?

I've yet to actually use this build in an actual combat, though I've started playing this character in a Module set in a place called Dustspawn (No spoilers please. ;P), but I feel that the Burn mechanic is interesting and certainly has potential.

I'm kind've torn between whether I like the burn mechanic or not; on one hand it's a good representation of really going beyond your normal limits, on another it seems like it all adds up much too quickly. I'll wait until that first combat before I give my final say on the class overall though.

BTW, not sure if this has been answered or not, but will we be seeing a second round of playtests?

...derp. Looks like I replied to the wrong post earlier. Sorry James. A hazard of having 20 tabs open for the forum here. >_<;

As for a Jedi/Sith with a lightsaber... the closest equivalent I've come up with is a bladebound Kensai Magus, with the weapon finesse and Dervish dance feats, along with Telekinesis as a prepared spell.

Anyway... From what I've heard, the amount of cybernetics a character can recieve are supposed to be based off a combination of a person's constitution and intelligence scores or something, right?

From the sounds of it, any class that has decent intelligence and constitution generally would be ahead of the competition in regards to how many augmentations one can install before hitting their limit; in particular, alchemists and magi... or is there more to it?

James Jacobs wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
3) Dunno. I wasn't involved in Arshea's creation. May have just been an oversight; does it specifically say no planar realm? If it doesn't say that, then there is one... we just haven't talked about it yet.

Actually, Chronicle of the Righteous specifically says why Arshea has no planar realm. Arshea, being the blithe spirit of freedom he/she is, roves the cosmos and just crashes at any Empyreal Lord or god's pad she/he happens to be visiting at the time. Sometimes Arshea hangs out at Desna's place, sometimes crashing Cayden Cailean's party, sometimes in Ragathiel's fortress, sometimes in Sarenrae's realm, etc. Vildeis is another Empyreal Lord who does something similar, though for different reasons (she's on a constant, one angel crusade against the multiverse's evil, and thus doesn't have time to maintain a realm).

Huh. I answered a question by James. Where are the flying pigs?!

Have tomatoes been introduced to Avistan from Arcadia at this point in history?

Then there you go. Arshea doesn't have one.

There are tomatoes on Avistan, but they're not necessarily from Arcadia.

Heya James, people. Not made many posts before this one, but I've been a longtime reader of the forums... so here's my 0.02gp (and hopefully I don't make a mess of things).

I think the decision to leave out energy swords from the new source material was a good one. I can't think of many franchises that use them out of Starwars or various games from the Rockman series... but that in itself is a good reason to not go with them.

Golarion is it's own rich setting, and while inspiration has been lifted from various sources to breathe life into it, ultimately it hasn't directly ripped off ideas from those sources. Not as I've noticed anyway.

Including something that is immediately comparable to existing sources, like Starwars... would be a discredit to the setting, and I'd go so far as to say an insult to the creative talents that have worked on it in previous years.

Another point I can think of, is how ridiculously broken a lightsaber, or a weapon very much like one, would be if it was something just anyone could use. In Starwars, lightsabers could cut through reinforced bulkheads because... it's superheated plasma contained in a forcefield. It could flash-boil any liquid because... it's superheated plasma contained in a forcefield. It could be used to set fire to various materials, cut clean though virtually almost any material in existence because... ...well, you get the idea.

I don't think most *artifact* weapons have nearly as much utility or ability to be so completely abused. It's a cool idea, but it's not one that really works within the scope of the rules. As James said, if someone wants something like a lightsaber... brilliant energy is their friend. Worst comes to worst, they can always try to work something out with their DM and homebrew an equivalent.

Anyway, that's about all I've got on the topic so far. Looking forward to the new material James. :)

Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Saber_Prime wrote:

So, about two weeks ago I was experimenting with the race-builder from the Advanced Race guide, as I finally had some time to get around to giving it a whirl.

But as I was tinkering around with my own flavor of a half-undead, I noticed that the subtype, is over costed by 2RP.

I did the math and the abilities listed add up to only 4RP, with the racial weakness reducing that cost by one. So, rather than being 5RP, the RP cost is instead 3RP.

I asked this in the Advanced Race guide section around two weeks ago, and so far no one's responded, so I thought I'd try here. In any case, are my findings accurate, or am I misunderstanding/overlooking/missing something?

The template isn't just the sum of its abilities, it has some extra cost because it is allowed to take some of the undead (or half-undead) specific racial traits and weaknesses, as well as other that might be published later.

I see, I guess that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)

So, about two weeks ago I was experimenting with the race-builder from the Advanced Race guide, as I finally had some time to get around to giving it a whirl.

But as I was tinkering around with my own flavor of a half-undead, I noticed that the subtype, is over costed by 2RP.

I did the math and the abilities listed add up to only 4RP, with the racial weakness reducing that cost by one. So, rather than being 5RP, the RP cost is instead 3RP.

I asked this in the Advanced Race guide section around two weeks ago, and so far no one's responded, so I thought I'd try here. In any case, are my findings accurate, or am I misunderstanding/overlooking/missing something?

So, I was messing around with the race-builder, and I noticed that the Half-Undead subtype, is over-costed by 2RP.

All the abilities listed, add up to 4RP, with the racial weakness reducing that cost by one. So, rather than being 5RP, it's instead 3RP.

Is this accurate, or am I misunderstanding/overlooking something?

Kryzbyn wrote:
AnCapBrony wrote:
Saber_Prime wrote:

In regards to the draconic bloodline, I can't help but think that maybe Bloodragers should get the ability, I dunno, transform into a dragon? Yes, they get the claws and the armor and stuff, but so far I'm not really seeing any option for them to take on a draconic form.

Meanwhile, the Arcane bloodline gets that nifty feature without any hassle at all.

Just throwing this up here, since I'm not sure if I'm the only one who caught this or not.

Your not the only one and im in the camp that completely agrees with you.
It's a spell. Form of the Dragon.

I know. It's a spell the Draconic bloodline has more of a right to have, than the Arcane though.

Heh, good to hear. I realized almost after I hit 'submit' that I wasn't being very articulate. Edited and reposted.

But yeah. As it stands; an Arcane Bloodrager can turn into an animal/magical beast or a dragon. An Elemental bloodrager can turn into a huge elemental. So why can't the Draconic Bloodrager turn into a dragon at all?

In regards to the draconic bloodline, I can't help but think that maybe Bloodragers should get the ability, I dunno, transform into a dragon? Yes, they get the claws and the armor and stuff, but so far I'm not really seeing any option for them to take on a draconic form.

Meanwhile, the Arcane bloodline gets that ability as a bonus spell for some odd reason. Can't imagine why, as it doesn't really fit into the flavor of the arcane bloodline. Not that this is much help though, since it's only Form of the Dragon I, which means you end up turning into a small dragon at best.

Just something I noticed and wasn't sure if it had been pointed out by anyone else. I do like the class, but those are the main oddities I've seen in it thus far.

I do hope that when they revise the bloodlines, they actually include something that allows a dragon-bloodline bloodrager to become a dragon, and hopefully nix that from the arcane bloodline.

Sporge wrote:
The war priests were essentially clerics at this level, nothing setting them apart. One idea I heard from them was if the warpriest got spell combat, even if it was just for spells cast on themselves. Just something to set them apart a little.

Being that the warpriest is pretty much almost a complete ripoff of the Magus class, giving them Spell Combat wouldn't set them apart at all. Rather, it'd make them even more like the Magus.

lichzeta wrote:

I think we don't need a warpriest……

a cleric Alternate Class Features with DMM Persistent Spell can do what a warpriest can and better……

Agreed. I'm not really certain why a new fighter/cleric class is even needed; doesn't the Inquisitor more or less fulfill that role? Failing that, what about the Paladin? Wasn't the paladin originally designed to bridge the gap between martial combat and divine spellcasting?

Besides that, the Warpriest looks almost like a direct copy of the Magus anyway, only it's based on divine spellcasting.

As the Warpriest currently stands I can't say the class is particularly interesting, nor does it feel unique enough for me to want to play as one.

The idea of a saint seems interesting though.

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Okay, here's the thing; The book gives the mythic spell lists for every class well enough, but I'm unsure what happens when a class gains spells from other lists.

An example of what I mean are the Magus' Greater Spell Access, which allows a magus to add spells from the Wizard's spell list to their spellbook. Another would be how the Hexcrafter adds all spells with the [curse] descriptor to it's list...

My question here, is would a Magus or any other class which obtains spells from another class list, be able to get the mythic version of those spells as per normal? Or would they simply not be allowed to?

I'm asking this because I've been going through the book, and I can't seem to find any real mention of this one way or the other. Maybe I missed it or something. Can anyone shed any light on this?

I felt somewhat the same way. Even considering that at least one of the players who had joined in hadn't had time to prepare his equipment and item list, the combat as Espy noted, went without a hitch. The only things that really stood out, was the fact that as stated before, the Winter wolf acted twice in the round, and had a significant bonus to it's initiative, and move speed.

I played the 5th level Str-based Bladebound Hexcrafter Magus. cast chill-touch, and I was charging, power-attacking, arcane-striking, and spellstriking my way through the whole fight, and as Sira said, aside from the breathweapon, was rather painful (Knocked 21 hp off of my total of 40). But that was really the only worrying part of the fight.

The standard Dire wolves that joined the battle during the first round didn't put up much of a fight either. That said, Had we been fighting three or more Mythic Winter Wolves, or had all the wolves been using different tactics, things might've gone differently. As it stands though, we ended the fight without much of a dent in party resources.

In the end... I suppose it felt like a regular fight, only that it had an extra gimmick to it to make things more interesting.