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Interested in GMing Strange Aeons but dreading the thought of sorting through dozens of applicants? Good news, someone did the hard work for you!

Myself and five other abandoned amnesiacs were exploring a strange hospital when our GM vanished into the mists. Since we'd really rather not aimlessly wander the halls for all eternity, any chance someone out there wouldn't mind stepping in?

The roster:

Vermilion Vixen: Human Brawler
Malarra Rodan: Drow Fighter
Saiya Atarangi: Fetchling Investigator
Erisa: Samsaran Oracle
Jassminder Shah: Human Paladin
(Possibly) Matsu Miyuki: Kitsune Sorcerer (Character hasn't confirmed whether or not she wants to continue.)

We're very early in the first book. Currently we're killing monsters because paranoid people with crossbows asked us to, and listening to paranoid people with crossbows seems like a good idea. Particularly since they're the only non-monsters we've met so far.

Our previous GM had a lot of house rules for character creation. We don't want to have to rebuild our characters, so we'd like our new GM to go along with them. The main change you'd have to worry about is that we're all weak as hell right now, but will be gaining two ability score points per level to catch us up quickly. The house rules are all visible on the campaign info tab.

If you're interested, please let us know! I promise we don't bite :)