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Interested in GMing Strange Aeons but dreading the thought of sorting through dozens of applicants? Good news, someone did the hard work for you!

Myself and five other abandoned amnesiacs were exploring a strange hospital when our GM vanished into the mists. Since we'd really rather not aimlessly wander the halls for all eternity, any chance someone out there wouldn't mind stepping in?

The roster:

Vermilion Vixen: Human Brawler
Malarra Rodan: Drow Fighter
Saiya Atarangi: Fetchling Investigator
Erisa: Samsaran Oracle
Jassminder Shah: Human Paladin
(Possibly) Matsu Miyuki: Kitsune Sorcerer (Character hasn't confirmed whether or not she wants to continue.)

We're very early in the first book. Currently we're killing monsters because paranoid people with crossbows asked us to, and listening to paranoid people with crossbows seems like a good idea. Particularly since they're the only non-monsters we've met so far.

Our previous GM had a lot of house rules for character creation. We don't want to have to rebuild our characters, so we'd like our new GM to go along with them. The main change you'd have to worry about is that we're all weak as hell right now, but will be gaining two ability score points per level to catch us up quickly. The house rules are all visible on the campaign info tab.

If you're interested, please let us know! I promise we don't bite :)

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*waves at VV*

Question, did anyone take up your prior GM's offer of using 3.xx material, including worshipping FR deities?

Delmoth wrote:

*waves at VV*

Question, did anyone take up your prior GM's offer of using 3.xx material, including worshipping FR deities?

I did. She doesn't know it but Malarra isn't from Golarian.

I'll be honest I have a lot on my plate right now. I have been considering taking on another game but I am pretty bust IRL right now. The only reason I'm considering it is because of my past very positive experiences with VV and the cross planar shenanigans. Over the next week if I have time I'll take a closer look at the characters and your game play thread and go from there.

That said if another GM wants to take up the game please don't be scared away by my interest.

I appreciate the consideration. Please take all the time you need and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Delmoth wrote:
The only reason I'm considering it is because of my past very positive experiences with VV and the cross planar shenanigans.

I'm half the reasons!

I would love to have you as our GM if you can, Delmoth. Thanks for mulling it over.

I've reviewed the gameplay thread and your characters. I am not convinced that I would be a good fit for the group. Samy had a different style than mine and you all seemed to enjoy her style a lot. She was also a better writer than me. If you want to check out a current game I'm running, see here. The link starts at the last combat that group had.

That said, I really like the group and I had a good time reading what you all have written. I don't really want that to end, so if you still want me to GM for you I'd be willing. I won't be offended if not.

Some caveats should I take over

"Vermilion Vixen" wrote:
Malarra Rodan wrote:
any DM taking over might have to have us retool our characters to make sense to him/her, given the house rules would likely change.

I would hope we would not accept a GM who won't play by the houserules. True, they are unique, but they are not hard to follow.

AP - we add 2 attribute points per level. No effort on the GM's part.

HP - we roll and can opt to buy HP if the roll is less than the mex we can roll. My Google Sheet is actually set up to tell me the cost, in case anyone forgot. (If the GM wants to remove rolling and just give us max HP so we don't need to buy it, that's cool too.)

XP - the new GM can make that up for all I care, as long as we do actually level and get enough gold so I can afford a 1 when rolling for HP.

Everything else (gender, traits, etc.) was char-gen, so the new GM doesn't even need to deal with that. I don't think it's a big ask to want to play with the rules we agreed to up-front. But it IS a big ask for a new GM to have us re-stat our characters.

AP - It does though because part of my job is to ensure a good game balance. The way Samy scaled stats means that you’re stupidly underpowered at low levels and way overpowered at higher levels. I’m expecting I’ll have to adjust a good chunk of encounters to a system I’m not accustomed to. If you don’t believe that’s the case one of you has your ability score progression spelled out on their character sheet. They went from roughly a 7 point buy equivalent to roughly a 45 point buy equivalent by level 16. They were in standard point buys (15-25) from levels 4-7, before then I have to make things less deadly and after that I have to make them more deadly, which is more investment for me than you adjusting your stats at 1st level.

My compromise - When I run games I use automatic bonus progression. That suggests the expected ability increases from items and normal ability increases is 17. That’s pretty close to 20. So you gain one ability increase at each level. This still leave you a little under powered so I’d increase Samy’s 1 to 1 point buy to 67. I’d still want to use ABP but you wouldn’t get Mental Prowess and Physical Prowess at those levels.

Alternatively - You rebuild with a 15 point buy.

HP - I’d like to revert this to standard pathfinder HPs. It’s my opinion the HP changes were good from 3.x to pathfinder. If you want less HP I'm actually fine with that but everyone would be one die step down. So a barbarian HD would be d10, fighter would be d8, cleric would be d6, and so on. Either way you’d get max at first level then average round up after that.

XP - You’ll level when the adventure advises you to be at that level.

My vote:
• YES, DM us!
• AP: Compromise is fine, since we get to add 4 AP now and we still progress.
• ABP: Hell yes! I want my masterwork boots to upgrade and APB guarantees that!
• HP: That's fine... I don't want to be stuck with a bad roll, so this works... oh, and please revert HP! I have a d10 now and want to keep it!
• XP: Honestly, that's exactly what I want—to level up when the story says it's time.


I do NOT want the AP alternative—the 15-point buy. While I've played (and am playing) point-buy systems because almost every GM on this site does XX-point buys, I honestly don't like them. I understand the steep cost of an 18 is to prevent the double/triple-18 characters you might get with 1:1 AP systems, but the same can be accomplished with an array (18-16-14-12-10-8). Your compromised version of Samy's AP system is fine in that we can all keep our characters pretty much as they were. (4 extra AP to start is great, though I hope you'll allow us to adjust, not just add, since my initial stats were chosen carefully so I can meet a feat requirement at Lv.8.)

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@Delmoth: That all seems perfectly reasonable to me. I’ve taken a look at some of your other campaigns, and I think your GMing style will be a good fit. What I liked about Samy was less the specific style and more the emphasis on roleplay over rollplay, particularly with our character-driven group. From what I’ve seen you handle things much the same :)

As for the specific changes, I would be fine with either the modified progression or the point buy. It seems VV prefers the former; that’s fine with me. The HP and XP modifications are fine with me as well. Samy’s house rules were interesting, but I totally understand the difficulties they can cause.

In short: I’d love to have you GM for us.

Fantastic! Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Re-tool your character as you see fit. After sleeping on it I think 67 might still be a bit harsh so I'm going to up it to 70.

I do have some other house rules and rulings that I've been tracking from my other games they're in the spoilers below. In addition to ABP, I also use Background skills for all my games.

House Rules:

Auto identify magic items if a character has max spellcraft ranks and has detect magic. Cursed items may not be automatically identified.
Treasures will appraise at full value if a character has max appraise ranks for level. Otherwise they will appraise for some lower amount.

Drawing and Sheathing weapons and weapon-like objects: can be done as a part of any move action so long as character has +1 BAB

Abilities like Time Flicker: continuing these abilities once active is a free action so long as the current duration increment has not already expired.

Paralyzed: If it's not clear from context which way the victim is facing roll a 1d8 to determine the facing like a missed splash weapon. The target can then target squares in a cone for line of sight.

Grappling and Threatened squares: Grappled condition does not prevent you from threatening, just from making AoOs.

If a spell applies the grappled condition but doesn't specify CMB, it is caster level plus casting stat modifier for situations not specifically covered in the spell.

Making Drunken master work with Unchained Monk
Drunken Ki and Drunken Strength are unchanged. Drunken Courage, Drunken Resilience, and Firewater breath all have similar abilities that are selectable in ki powers and so are removed from the drunken master archetype. These abilities are, Diamond Mind, Diamond Resilience, and Elemental Burst respectively. I will convert other archetypes on request.

Purchase Limit: Golarion is a high magic world. Purchase limit in a town is the largest gold piece value item a PC can buy or sell. The roll to see if an item is available is waived.

Ability score modifiers: -2 str, +2 dex, +2 to either int or cha
No light sensitivity
Alignment: any

Delmoth's FAQ:

Dervak wrote:
Can Mara, while blinded, use Status to target us with her other hexes like Fortune and Heaven's Leap?

Status lets her know your square but she still lacks line of sight, so any ability that requires line of sight will still fail. If there is a touch effect she can still try to touch you with a 50% miss chance, but will automatically know which square to target. However I feel it's in keeping with the item (Phylactery of the Shepherd) to waive line of sight when she chooses to end the status effect. So ending the status effect to use healing hex as a swift action does not require her to see her target.

Mara bint al-Katheeri wrote:
Related to situation above. Could Theo spend a move action to touch Mara and eliminate her miss chance if she tries to use her Healing Hex on him?

Yes. Mara can even roll her miss chance to see if she hits him before Theo commits the move action.

Delmoth wrote:
How much time does it take to attune under ABP?

1 minute

Assuming the players find me acceptable in a couple of days I'll get a new campaign set up. I could request to take over the campaign page from paizo but when I've done that in the past I've had to make multiple requests and it's taken a few months.

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Sounds awesome! And I totally agree with you starting a new campaign thread to avoid a hassle. The sixth player, Miyuki, who invited me to join the campaign in the recruitment phase, is also interested in continuing the game!

Miyuki's last post was reaching out to the guys at the barricade to ask that my character be healed. Just pointing that out as it would be nice if VV can finally wake up from her two-month nap.

Also, I have a question that I will PM you, since it is only about VV.

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