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Human Brawler (Hinyasi) from Numeria


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About "Vermilion Vixen"


Six Years Ago in Numeria…
Brutal barbarian men fought for control of the Land of Fallen Stars, as for the women... there were those who did what they had to for survival. Those with sons knew they would need to grow strong and become the next generation’s warriors. Those with daughters hoped to provide a better life.

One particular red-haired daughter vowed to make life better for all women and girls... and boys and men as well, at least of those with no intention to perpetuate the reigning chaos. She was known as the Vermilion Vixen, the Extremely Fashionable Muscle of the Society, Champion of Milani, Protector of Young Girls, of All Women, of the Innocent...

Many illustrated texts depict this glorious heroine! She couldn’t save all of Numeria, but it is said that she thwarted many villains and managed to escape the border with a legion of women and girls. The whereabouts of their Amazonian paradise is rumored to be in the First World…

So how the f%*$ I end up in a nuthouse?

Memory #1: “Rooftopolis”
The Vixen leaps from rooftop to rooftop, then crouches by a gargoyle and watches two opposing forces of barbarian men battle it out. One side wears nothing but paint and fuzzy briefs. The other side has glowing green eyes and tubes of green gunk flowing from a metallic exo-spine. The Vixen waits to take on the handful of survivors. Team Woad wins, we can talk sense. But if the Juicers come out on top... here’s hoping no more than three of ’em’re left, and badly beaten to boot.

Memory #2: “Mrs. Bluebeard”
The Vixen enters a room in which the rotting corpses of several brides hang from the rafters in a wine cellar. Her eyes well with tears as she looks into the ice-blue eyes of a red-haired bride. She cuts her noose with a pair of fabric shears and cradles the body in her arms, sobbing…
((Click “Origin Story” spoilers for the full version.))

Memory #3: “Hot Spring”
The Vixen relaxes in a hot spring with a woman in each arm and another on her lap. The surroundings are lush and pristine.

Memory #4: “Epic Failure”
The Vixen hugs her leather-clad knees and sobs uncontrollably in a dark alley. There is dried blood on the pavement, but no body is there. The Vixen has a single red rose. She lays it in the center of the bloody spot, apologizing profusely.

Memory #5: “Mr. Bluebeard”
A man with a blue goatee lays dead with the heel of a broken stiletto embedded in his throat. Blood trickles from his bashed face. Broken teeth are scattered about on the wine cellar floor. The Vixen hears the sound of the man’s final bowel movement, and wipes the blood from her smirking lips.