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I feel like I read a lot of people starting this path in the last year. How is everyone's campaign doing?

I'm almost finished with the first arc, but with my own twist. Looking forward to so much with this series!

Hey all, feeling foolishly confused. I haven't bought the books, but I'm just trying my hand currently at character creation, in trying to recreate my first ever character, an elven fighter, and throwing in the ranger archetype to get all that 'nature' type skills with the build-just to experiment.

In looking at things, I have questions. So, I would take the Archetype Dedication at 2nd level.It obviously states
"Special You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the ranger archetype."

So, cool, whatever, you get to choose a Ranger class feat at any point in leveling your Fighter class, which means 4th, 6th, 8th, etc.

So, say I take Scout's Warning at 4th, and Skirmish Strike at 6th. That means I've picked up the 2 ranger feats, so I can pick up the next Dedication feat.

The next dedication feat is Basic Hunter's Trick (which I have to take at 8th level). It gives a 1st or 2nd ranger feat.

...what? Why would I need this dedication feat? Can't I just take a ranger feat for my class feat at any point? This seems like a step backward in leveling. What am I reading wrong?

Spoilers only for those interested in playing or being spoiled on both Giantslayer and IronFang Invasion.

Figuring in the time it takes me and my group to arrange our lives (all 40,40+ married with kids), getting to and through the 6 APs I have waiting on the shelf, while still going through my current campaign (which needs another 4 years), I got the brilliant notion to combine these two APs together...while using storylines from Storm King's Thunder as well! (I'm a Forgotten Realms mainstay fan; everything gets converted over to my Realms). Brilliant, right? Brillaint!

Don't worry, I laugh at myself also.

My want in combining these 2 is that both are such battle heavy, army invading, destroy mass numbers of enemies rich that I don't want to spend 2 campaigns worth 'doing the same thing.' If I make one giant gestalt, I can cut out the parts I don't want to do (finding resources to get refugees to live in IF 1), and cut out things I simply don't care for (hunting down the horses stolen from the boat in GS 2 by a wyvern or drake-don't remember, or dealing with the irate lover from GS 2 on that same boat trip as well), or flat out cutting chafe (ie, the very repetitive 'go kill this next stronghold of other giant-types!' that makes GS drag and get boring).

So, I'm tossing out the ideas I wish to use and change, and also get some other tips or ideas from those that have solidly played these, instead of reading them only like I have, about things you would definitely change or toss away-or even how to make them merge better.

I know I'd like to run my current campaign still face to face with all my friends, but this IG FS campaign I'd take to roll20 so in the times we don't play for 3 months, we could always just hop online on a Friday or Saturday when convenient for 2-4 hours and rend some enemies!

I'm thinking to start, I'd like to keep most of GS 1 'Battle of Bloodmarch Hill' intact. There will be ominous signs or portents of enemies on the move, the murder mystery within town, trying to figure out what the dead sheriff had discovered, wondering what all the white crosses were. But I also would need to utilize the town of Phaendar as a place, base of the mountain for Truneau, as a supply town. Make a place where the PCs and NPCs also have relatives or connections. Make Truneau really the 'last line of defense' against the wilds of the hogoblin tribes and giant forces that are out in Lastwall. Truneau protects Phaendar as much as Phaendar keeps Truneau operating.

So, the attack of GS 1 on Trunea happens as it does. From there, it would be mounting up a counter force to respond to Phaendar's fire beacon for aid. There would still be plenty of captives that Scarvinious' troops would have taken, so there's plenty to do and go out and about to rescue them still in the encounters that are listed in 'Trail of the Hunted.'

However, there still has to be the encounter within the tomb under Truneau for the giant's gear. Also, within 'Trail' there is another tomb that has some giant sized gear within the troglodyte section (which is an angle I'm totally doing away with. This can just be another tomb that is being searched for ancient giant gear and magic-which feeds into the storylines from Forgotten Realms of when, in ancient times, Giants and Dragons fought for supremacy of all the lands).

So, Scarvinious, is not only out to destroy Phaendar and Truneau, but he also has to find purported giant artifacts within burial mounds. His forces will be spread pretty thin at one point, which should be hinted at or dropped enough in clues for the PCs to want to make a quick strike force attack on his Red Jaw encampment...

And that should take care of a goodly amount of both volumes 1s.

From there, I figure to go downriver, into enemy territory, to the giant's keep...and figure out if the Chesnardo(sp) Rangers and the angles with the druid stuff in IF 2 can be rolled easily into what I want to do. But that's for some future reading there!!

Any thoughts or conversation would just be fun to have.

Hi all, as stated, I'm double checking some creation business.

8th level magic user is looking to upgrade his mace +1 disruption to a +2. Disruption is a +2 upgrade, meaning to make the enhancement +2, it's the cost difference of a +3 to a +4.

However, since it's essentially a +4, that means the caster has to be 12th level, since that's three times the enhancement bonus, right?

So, the magus spell wreath of blades spins 4 daggers around you for defensive attacks. If those blades have the vicious weapon quality, would it activate?

The daggers are not being wielded. There's a part of me that says there is nothing rules wise specifically saying they have to be held, but in the spirit of the affect I think they have to be held.

What say thee?

Zealous: You are fanatical in your beliefs, ruled by emotion over reason. When you attack a creature that you know worships a different religion than you do, you take a —5 penalty on the attack roll and a +2 trait bonus on the damage roll with your first attack.

A quick random polling; would you say this only occurs on the very first attack that occurs in an encounter, or would you say that this occurs on the very first attack in each round for the PC?

I lean towards the very first attack in the encounter. Hoping to destroy the infidel as quickly as he can, our PC unleashes himself in a fit of religious battlelust. Whether or not his enemy falls, after that it becomes about surviving the fight.

Someone in the comicshop said that you can now get a critical hit and damage on undead and constructs, as well as use a rogue's sneak attack damage on it as well.

What book says this? Where's the info for this? I haven't read the Core Rulebook cover to cover, but I can seem to really search this one out....