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*stands up and begins the initial solo slow clap*

"Bravo, sir, bravo. Well done."


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Read it? I'm even going to like it! ;)

There's a lot of good work you put into this, man!

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Agénor wrote:

It took me a while to start reading the lore outside of what was relevant for me to know depending on my characters. For the same reason or maybe because of this, it took me a while to use the Golarion setting as a game master.

I was this guy too. If it wasn't the Realms or my campaign, why bother? I actually forced myself to really read into the setting of Cheliax since we were running Council of Thieves. Seeing what was cool to work with, I actually apologized to my friend about my reluctance to accept the adventure. Once I was into the lore, oh,I rocked that path!

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What do level 20 wizards or warlords know about balancing tax levies or increasing tariffs on goods? What would they do when famine takes all their lands wheat? What to do when farms go fallow when people leave?

Why would they want that headache? Sitting on a throne proclaiming yourself ruler of the world like a 60's Dr Doom villain monologue accomplishes nothing. It just gets you poisoned by morning.

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Quandary wrote:
But AD&D 2e weapon speed will forever be missed. /s


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Rhiani32 wrote:

Hope this time around Rachel lets others get some more talk time in. I liked her character but she was jumping in too much on others. Might just be them getting used to playing with each other.

Unfortunately this is just a little too prevalent in ep7.

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And I'll be ready to start by then: only got the final episode to finish!

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The body of the OP's post makes so much more sense when I actually read it, as opposed to glancing at it and believing it states 'Count me unlikely to convert to 2e.' lol

Great post, though!

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Everything seems right to me.

Discuss your personal play reactions, current and future releases, ideas and wants for future releases, and podcasts - done by or for Paizo-, blogs etc.

17 less pages arguing about armor on the main page is welcome by me.

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Loving the reading of this 'adventure.' Thanks for taking the time! Rather see more of posts like this than another 7 page argument about wizards in full plate armor.

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I can ONLY run an AP after I've changed, adapted, and rewritten parts of it.

For me, I think one small part is that it has to 'flow' in the manner in which I think, collect, and process. Not calling myself a genius or anything, as I mostly run homebrew adventures all the time for the past 28 years. But for me, if the outline I perceive of the book I'm reading makes little sense to me if I start asking questions (Why would that villain do that? How does the PC come to know the adventure background at all? Why would the NPCs presume that an event has 'ended'?) then that's where I start changing things.

Giantslayer Book 1 is fun, but honestly, the prescription Stupid Pills one must take to assume why the leader of the guards does what he does in part 3 is ridiculous. So yes, to maybe add onto point, I believe that all Paths need to be seriously gone over and adapted and edited as needed for each table.

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They are simply hit points to represent you are a living creature.

Any common butcher, baker or candle stick maker in an elven village will have 6hp.

Any dwarf walking home from work in the mines with his pals singing "Heigh Ho" has 10hp.

That's all. You don't like it? House rule it out. There is nothing to really understand about it.

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Slyme wrote:

1e had 41 classes (most of which had a huge variety of archetypes), plus 4 unchained variants, plus I don't even know how many prestige classes...even with the new multi-classing and archetype rules, it is going to take years for PF2 to come close to the customization options available in 1e. My question is, just how many years before it stops feeling like a kids bicycle with the training wheels still on.


You say it's going to take years to get to 1E levels of customization?

It took years to get there in the first place!

Chill out. Play some more 1e. Expecting 10 years of play at the first release date is asinine.

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Hey now...I really dig this! Thanks for sharing this!

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Been loving the conversation here, but I'm really looking forward to discussing the inclusion of rules about how to honor my soup oath in 2e.:-D

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Being able to one shot an enemy is cool, but what happens when there are a dozen or more lesser HD enemies there? 3 shooting arrows from different walled areas or trees? 1 or 2 flying enemies as well?

It rained the night before; ground is difficult terrain? A stone plateau slick from ice?

There is a burning building, or someone trapped under a fallen tree, or other natural disasters where innocents are in danger, all the while combat is going on?

Even when the encounter comes under your PCs control, another set of enemies enter the battle at round 3, who are not affected from the prior cast spells and are unhurt. No the PCs have to adapt.

Being a one hit power monster is fun, but there is only so many feet he can move each round and so many swings.

You create a battle environment where a cleric boosts abilities or dampens enemies, the wizard does battlefield control through walls or eliminating distant threats, and/or the group sets up all the pins so the barbarian can knock then all down? Then everyone, you included, wins. Doesn't matter if the group always face rolls the enemies, it's that they have fun setting up their winning ways.

If your combats are always on even playing field, without hazards, and there is no difficulty in access to the melee fight? There's boring for everyone, except your one shotting barbarian.

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Well, I am getting ready to be able to run first session on April 27th. First campaign my group and I will try with roll20 (we have always been face to face the last 29 years!).
But kids and life make it difficult to always gather, so we'll try 3-4 hours here and there to play online when we can.
I've put my GS into the Forgotten Realms, and I'm doing a merge with the Ironfang Invasion AP as well.

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I like entertainment. I buy movies, tv seasons, novels, wings and beers with friends.

I bought 5e PH. Never played the game. It's just reading. I've certainly spent more on Subway for work lunches.

Dropping the money for pre release for a company I highly enjoy, respect, and appreciate is nothing. I simply want the reading of it. Hopefully I'll play this some day as well!

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I truly believe the 2nd edition is going to be a far different animal than the playtest. I just feel it'll still be recognizable as Pathfinder. There's no way that after 10 years that the game designers will suddenly turn brain dead and put out a terrible game system for being too close to see it's flaws. I really do have nothing but optimism for it.

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Xenocrat wrote:
Erpa wrote:

Your blackmailer caved pretty easy for only $500. Oh wait, that's right, he's a blackmailer who comes back in a month and says he needs another thousand actually. You say "... But the contract!!" And he goes, sure tell everyone I broke a contract where I said I would keep your theft/infidelity/lies quiet. Pay up.

Blackmail is not a deal. Blackmail is force upon another person.

Yeah, ok, you don't know what you're talking about. Go read some law journal articles about the subject to fill up your boredom.

For fun I read through what you shared, and the economist who wrote it called blackmail between people, not business dealings, as 'moral murder.'

And I found another law paper with a Google search that argued against your linked paper.

I'm trying to engage in good conversation. Have some fun.

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Helmic, I'd like to nominate that post as Best in Thread.

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RazarTuk wrote:

That's a separate issue from the most annoying part of playing a wizard being having to choose exactly how many times you want to be able to cast any given spell in a day.

Yeah..that's a non-issue to me. I frankly enjoy that actually. That's me, but I loved to set up traveling spell lists, cavern delving spell lists, city use lists.. But I also personally tracked spell component usage back in AD&D because that immersion was a have play aspect I liked. So, to me, this detractor holds little water.

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Tim Statler wrote:

I have a Halfling Monk/Paladin, spec'd with high stealth.

His modus operandi is to stealth ahead to scout the opposition so the party can do more of a surgical strike.

I have had GM's tell me that paladin's can't use stealth without risking falling.

This has to be the dammed dumbest thing I've ever read. There's a DM who simply doesn't know how to roleplay.

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I am in awe of your dedication to your passion; your game.

I'm extremely jealous of your dedication to your passion; your game. ;)

I look at my own dice bag, gathering dust. 3 of us in my group of 30 years have children under 3, and 2 others live 60+miles away. We simply cannot make it together that much at all.

So, I'll live vicariously through your exploits. Well done, thanks for sharing, keep it going!

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This was awesome reading! Thanks for sharing!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Ooooh. I forgot about Gloryhammer! And "Stone Deaf Forever" is a gatecrasher for sure!

Actually, even though the titles are near the same, they are different songs. Deaf Forever sings about such awesome things as

"Horses scream, Viking dream, drowned heroes in a lake of blood
Armoured fist, severed wrist, broken spears in a sea of mud"


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Pathfinder has been the continuation of a Dungeons & Dragons game that I have played with my friends since 1990, and it has allowed us to remain friends and keep in contact for nigh 30 years across 3 states,6 marriages, and 10 children.
It is a mechanical set of rules that we have enjoyed playing. it has also been delivered by a fantastic company that has delivered amazing content, adventure paths, modules, and solid gameplay, mechanics, and stories for 10-plus years.

I have no reason to believe that they will not continue to do so, and I do not believe they are purposely shooting themselves in the foot to destroy a game they love to work on, nor do I feel they are purposely doing this to screw old-time gamers.

We have enjoyed playing more of the story of the Runelords on Golarion than all the rest of the world's environs. However we still mostly play in the Forgotten Realms, as that content we've known best, but would not follow to 4th edition and 5th edition considering what Wotc and Hasbro has done to the setting.

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But this does highlight the clunkiness that can be the critical success or failure due to the +/-10 situation.

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People attempting to read the ethos of a life calling as if it's a delineated game mechanic or some form of software coding language are going to miss the boat entirely about the written statement.

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I say thank you

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Too much back logged PF stuff to play to switch to 2e {6 unplayed APs}, but I intend on buying the CRB to see the finalized product. Goes right on the shelf next to my 5thEd Players Handbook.

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DM Livgin wrote:

First off. There has been some meanness and lack of empathy on the forums especially towards the developers, it is upsetting to witness that as a spectator, and everyone on the receiving end of that has my sympathy. I am loving being part of this beta-playtest and am so happy that Paizo is so dedicated to the craft that they invited all of us to participate in the playtest. You are my heros.

Hear, hear!

I don't post a lot, but I too feel this needs to be said, and more often.

They obviously love to game, made it their profession, and are greatly interested in making their mark in the landscape of ttrpg with 2e.

They aren't evil, purposefully dumb or mean spirited, or out to screw consumers. People need to recognize.

Thanks for the write ups!

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Greylurker wrote:

I wanted a better version of 1E.

at this point it's pretty clear I'm not going to get that so my best option is to steal a couple of things that I feel work well and be done with it.

I think we can all generally agree that this is what everyone wants.

Agreement, or even ideas for how this occurs is where a million different ideas come in-or at least a million 'no'responses that arise when looking at PF2 and comparing it to the concept of a better version.

I don't know what a better version of 1E looks like. I haven't seen any poster on these forums lay anything out to describe a better version either.

But there are more than plenty here that say this (PF2) is not it. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my mind around the thought of how to approach all this. If PF2 isn't a better version, doess that means it just automatically fails? If I can remove the thinking of an improved version, is there a chance that this playtest will become a good edition of mechanical roleplaying rules? I'd like to hope so.

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You have come to the public quorum, ascended the dias and spoke your piece. To what end?

Do you wish to invite conversation?
Do you wish to bring people to your POV?
Do you wish to sow discord and have others rise up with you?
Do you wish to be convinced otherwise?

If you have come to shout to the wind your displeasure, then kudos. There is no conversation to be had.

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Just make sure that you explain as much and with this detail in the surveys as well!

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Of course the goals aren't met. Nothing's finished. Why assume that they are saying mission accomplished?

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'Barnabas' wrote:

I see people say things like this. "Exponentially" is a word with a lot of meaning. I also see quotes similar to "Because Wizards is killing Paizo in marketshare..."
For people who say these things like this, I ask: Where do you get this insider information? When I asked one guy (the guy who made the marketshare comment), his response was that it was because in his little town in Iowa, D&D was displayed way more prominently on the shelves.
So, anytime I see a post like this, I instantly barely care. Because there's no way the average person could know who is "exponentially" outselling whom. Or what part of marketshare is 5E, and what part is MtG.

2 big thumbs up.


76% of statistics are made up on the spot.

I thought it was closer to 68%, but that's just me quibbling.

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This may be my favorite thread on the boards now. Thanks for sharing and taking the time in the write up!

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Awesome storytelling and write up. Thanks for sharing! Wish I had more time to devote to playtesting.

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Great post, sir. Well thought and well said.

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I don't envy your job, what with current vitriol as it is.