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So, I saw that they have added information to the new guide for the Shifter class. Anyone know when it will be PFS legal? Ultimate Wilderness still isn't listed as legal, yet.

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Roland and The Armendian Man don't see a hawk at all. Grakul, while much further away, spots several birds in the area, and one of them is probably a hawk.

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Happy to join in, not a new player, but always to play and have fun.

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Same, and I'm happy to play a pre-gen!

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Ok, so, I just bought the core book and accessories from my FLGS. My question is, as I am looking at running SFS here in the next week or two, is there an official SFS character creation guide created yet, or are we still all using Pregens??

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GM Faelyn wrote:
Okay, just wanted to make sure I didn't drop the ball on my end. Thanks for the info Granta! I'll keep an eye on things and its still a few weeks out anyway.

Other than signing up I haven't done anything. So far, two GM's have already PM'd me letting me know a table is ready for the group. Given that we have almost 3 more weeks until the event kicks off, I am not worried about the other's I have signed up for.

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Ok, so it is understood that until a PFS character reaches level 2 you can change that character as you see fit. After that, is there a way to change something?

For example, I have a level 3 character that I realize should have learned a couple of different languages/put skill points in different slots. Are we stuck with what we have, or is there a way to pay (in fame or gold or something) to change?

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I stand before you in a long (below the knee's and above the ankles) overcoat, tanned brown in color. On my left hip is a large satchel and a backpack is worn. My ocher colored pants are so dirty that their original color is almost impossible to detect. Held in my right hand, and rested on my should is a long quarterstaff. Around my feet a small tiger is resting. Young, but you wouldn't know it as spending almost all my time outdoors has given my skin a premature aged look. I smile at you, warm and friendly. I extend my hand in friendship to shake, you can't help but notice how dirty my nails are.

"Ironleaf Greentoes at your service, and this is my companion Stripe".

Profession(astronomer): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

This is the first PbP even I have ever done. Been playing PFS for over a year (from Kantcon 2016 onward) so I have a decent idea of the game and how to play, just never done a PhP.

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GM Deekan wrote:

Emmajay , glad to have you at one of my tables.

My tables are filling up fast. Still have spots left. I do have a Core table too for those of you interested.

Yep, I signed up for one! Time to get my druid on!

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New to PbP, but have a decent understanding of PFS. Looking to get a game in for new players before PbPgameday, so at least I have an understanding of what is going on. Any group forming up I am happy to join in, and can play/make just about any role.

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So, got into PFS at Kanton last weekend and totally love it! I have played the RPG without PFS for some time now as a player in another group. However, I do want to keep playing PFS.


New player to PbP looking to join a group. Class open to what is needed...