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IMO Manifold edge is a trap feat it does not allow you to progress in your flurry or precision and you have to take other feats for flurry and Manifold edge negates the effectiveness of those feats without giving you anything that matches them. It is a very bad feat.

No you Have to take Masterful Hunter for your 18th level Ranger feat Masterful Hunter is a rockin 18th level feat Your companion gets both your flurry or precision abilities and your hunted prey bonus.

This is a companion question when the ranger gets the Masterful Hunter the companion gains the Flury or the Precise ability of the Ranger depending on which the Ranger chose? Wouldn't this Make Manifold Edge a really bad feat to choose?

Finoan why can't animal companions have runes tattooed or etched on them if their master has the tattoo feats of runic impressions feats if the master can put tattoos or runes on their bodies or NPC's. If the answer is they [the companions] don't have the trait that is just plain poor game design on the part of Pazo not completely contemplating what the master's capabilities are.

Hammerjack what traits allow companions to have runes or use magic items that have runes?

Can weapon runes be added on Natural weapons?

All this talk of a God dying is great but what can kill a greater god? Gods get a portion of their power from devotional power from their Flocks so are there going to be a mass wipe out of the gods followers to weaken a God?

In golarion is there going to be a war between the mortal followers of the dying god seeking revenge on the followers of the god killers flock?

If the Tyrant comes close to godhood I could see Ioamadae coming down and destroying him prior to him becoming a god while he is still a Lich It would not matter that Rovagug Has his Soul cage if a God herself used divine power to destroy him. Not Divine power the gods pass out to their flock but divine power from the source.

I Think both Shelyn and Desna are Safe The same for Zon-Kuthon unless someone was attacking his sister and he died saving her.

How I read apex items is they only will raise a stat to a total of 18. what I am asking is that if you have a stat higher than 18 with a raise say if you have a 19 and want to raise it to 20 would that upset the math in path finder?

I have a question for you math guys and gals, would it disrupt the pathfinder math to allow an apex magic item to give a +1 to a stat that has an arrow up say the stat was a 19 and have the item raise it to a 20.

James how much time has passed in world between the first Sandpoint 1E and the current Seven Dooms of Sandpoint 2E?

James, does Sandpoint have Kennel? They have had Goblin problems for years of game time why hasn't a Huaman or other non-Goblin ranger opened up a kennel to sell trained War dogs to the population of Sandpoint?

When a magus uses fused staff does the bulk of the staff still count against the carried bulk of the magus.

Is the player playing a two-weapon fighter or a two-handed weapon fighter?
if not shield block is one of the best feats that a fighter can have that is why it a class feature not a bonus feat. As the Gm you should point this out to him.

The above posters are right that you can't retrain a class feature.

If the person dying had a breath of life cast on him and this brought him above 0hp this would prevent him from dying as per wording of the spell so this should remove the dying and wounded conditions Then follow with moment of renewal this should also remove the wounded and dying conditions as target get the benefits of a full days rest. a heightened wholeness of body should also remove the dying and wounded conditions as long as it was hightened to 9th.

Finoan do you know of any magic items that give you bonuses to flat checks?

Finoan I was thinking of a squishey that did not have a shield.

Is a shield not considered a melee weapon you can use with shield spikes or a shield boss as a striking weapon so a shield is more of a dual blocking and striking weapon, mostly blocking and absorbing damage.
I understand the feat was designed to make impressive sword cutting arrows out of the air with a katana or nine ring sword.

I thought shield warden was designed to defend those that did not have shields, non-melee types.

Would it be legal if the fighter with shield warden was standing in front of the cleric and the witch to use shield warden to defend both the cleric and witch as long as he had the ability to use an extra action to use only to shield block with?

Can you use shield block quick shield block combined with cut from the air to gain a ++4 to your ac or use with shield warden to give an adjacent Allie a+4 to their AC

You can recover Focus spell with a 10-minute rest. I think there is some type of feat that lets you prepare a normal spell in 10 minutes. I could be wrong but it makes sense if you can do a 10-minute rest to refresh a focus spell then with a feat you should be able to prepare 1 spell in 10 minutes of rest.

Can a character with Natural attacks add Potency and striking runes to them?

Taja, how would you balance a race that had higher than normal stats?
I am trying to port over 2 new ancestries' one has an additional +2 to strength and Dexterity and the other ancestry has an additional +2 to constitution. these are over and above the normal two racial ability boosts. The first race has some lower powered ancestry feats that revolve around jumping. The second ancestry has feats that make the race tougher as it an ursine inspired race.

IMO all damage cantrips in the remaster should deal the same damage 2d6+a rider like Gouging claw doing persistent bleed on a crit. eltrric arc should have been changed to damage only one taraget and on a crit deal 1d6 on the next round.

The only arcane caster that should use melee weapons is the Magus why would a caster concentrate on Melee attacks and when they can use wands staffs and scrolls. Imo Cantrips are meant to be used when a caster runs out of slotted spells.

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Ravingdork do you do commission work? I don't care how its done I just want to get a few portraits done for new ancestries that I'm working on. Btw I love your characters their stories and artwork.

Does anyone know if Pazio is going to add a Rune for Spirit Damage?

Are Kasatha a Medium race or a large Race? The Race I'm Working on is a large race They are called Throons.

If the 4 armed race in question was using one 2 handed weapon and 2 shields would they get a +4 to their AC from the 2 shields?

Can you use the acrobatics mastery skill feat in conjunction with athletics to jump over an enemy flip or twist in the air to wind up facing your foes rear to backstab

That why was asking because I did not Know if the Multi weapon Rule had been changed. How do demons like the Marilith resolve their attacks or are they still in Pathfinder after ORC?

The ancestry that I'm designing is a race that uses a two handed weapon in one set of arms and a two shields in the other set of arms or a mixture. As far as action economy goes I don't think they should more actions unless they did something like flurry two weapons builds do. 1E had multiweapon attack but it was not designed well.

Are there rules in PF2e fore races with more than 2 arms For combat? Does PF2E have the Multi attack feat.


Can a large creature use a medium sized 2 handed weapon in one hand?

What would happen if the person swallowed whole polymorphed into a creature that had poisoned spines would the creature that swallowed whole have to make fortitude saves each round?

How do you increase your Arcane ability for arcane casters not the skill. The Arcane that increases spell dc and your arcane to hit with ranged touch attacks.

The better question is, is a Tome of Clear Thought a normal book or does it change it contents to fit whomever or whatever reads it as it does not say what language the Tome is written in it just gives a time limit as to how long one must study/read the contents.

Lets say the Circlet of vast intelligence had linguistics as one of its 3 skills the Animal companion should be able to read and understand the tome of clear thought and get the Intelligence bonus?

This is somewhat of an off beat question but can animal companion that you have that has its intelligence raised to 3 then has say a circlet of vast intelligence +5 placed on its head for a few days read because it could theoretically understand spoken and written language then read a tome of understanding +4 and have its intelligence raised to 7? I understand this would be a misapplication of resources but is it possible?

Raven Black and Possible Cabbage, you two are confusing taxation vs. the Larger economy. Most of the Inner Sea economies rely on Mercantilism
but still collect taxes as I described above except for Andoran which has tax collectors like the IRS. I would think that most inner Sea governments are similar to pre-civil war England with the exception of Andoran and Katapesh

Possible Cabbage, Feudal Systems do not have tax breaks the Tax collector
directly takes the levied tax from the lower classes in either gods or coin. Nobles paid in either suctage [levied troops] or coin from their purse or both. There are no tax shelters in Cheliax you pay the tax your social betters tell you to pay or bad things happen to you. I would imagine taht tax collection is very easy at the beginning of the you the tax rates are posted so the masses can see what they owe the government at tax time. Rates are not changed on the masses but the Nobles can have higher rates in goods from their holdings or increases in levied troops if the nation is at war. Its very hard to change ones station in Cheliax unless one gets an appointment from the state to a higher noble station.
Again I would think that the tax rate would be at a level that would prevent social climbing by the non-nobles.

Zimmerwald it took the US 11 years to ratify the US Constitution and in 1789 Delaware was the first state to elect Representatives Remember the Senate was 2 Senators that were appointed by the state. So cut Ravounel
a little Slack.

Remember Ravounel is not a democratic or federal republic, the only country in Golarian that is, is Andoran. Who says that Ravounel will even have election and just not appoint officials. Other than Andoran most of the countries operate on the Feudal system so there is no template on how to form a democracy.

I could see Ravounel evolving into 2 city states each with its own form of government independent from the other but working together in foreign affairs.

Zimmerwald you asking a great deal of Ravounel to set up a standing government in less than 2 years. You are also forgetting that Pazio wants
Ravounel to be a Chaotic Good bastion. That type of society would take far longer to set up a functioning government than a lawful based society also the majority of the bureaucrats are lawful neutral or lawful evil as they are still hold overs from the Thrune government.

The Ravounel shipyards still have longstanding contracts with the Chelish
Navy and traders from Cheliax for ships and they will not like to loose the revenue from these contracts just because of a change of governments.
The trading guilds would still uphold their long standing contracts for delivery of trade goods just as Cheliax trades with Andoran and Taldore even though their governments don't get along.

If Ravounel just tears up contracts with Cheliax, why would Cheliax not tear up the Kintargo Contract as one contract is no better than another. Hell is also very legalistic and will not tolerate violation of contracts it is party too.

Your last paragraph clearly defines the formation of a chaotic government.

What is the Taldane ethnicity and language. What is the Chilaxian Language, [I believe their Language to be Italian based]. I believe the Andoran language to be 17th century Middle English. I agree with Kasoh people from city-states tend to see themselves from their city-states rather than from the wider country. As Genoese see themselves as from Genoa apart from Italian.

Belafon Here is what it is from the Mythic rules,

Mortal Herald (Sp) [Must complete a Herald trial, see Mythic Origins for details] (Mythic Origins pg. 16): You become a mortal herald of your chosen deity. Choose a domain granted by your deity. Once chosen, this cannot be changed. By expending one use of mythic power, you may cast a domain spell granted by that domain as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to your character level), provided the spell's level is not greater than your tier. In addition, if you are at least 6th tier, once per day you may commune with your deity (as the commune spell). If you expend one use of mythic power while doing so, this ability is a free action and time stops (from the point of view of everyone else) to allow you to ask your questions and receive answers instantly.

Szuriel is the Horseman of War, So Imani is the Hearld of War

Belafon, does planar infusion work for a Hearld of War [Szuriel] who is not Undead.

Is there a feat that allows a warpriest to channel negative energy to heal himself with his channel?

Is there a feat that allows a warpriest to channel negative energy to heal himself with his channel?

Derklord, I did not understand your your shorthand what book is page 313 for playing a character of a powerful race." B1 pg. 197 in. Thanks in advance.

MMCjawa, do you know anything about the Religion of Russia, Russia has always been a religious country except when it was suppressed by the KGB and the communist party. Have you ever heard of the Secrets of Fatima?
They were a set of Prophecies that are said to have been given to a Spanish teen from 1917-1920 the third secret concerns Russia returning to the Christian faith. All The Released Secrets of Fatima that have been released have come true.

As Far as The Queen of Iressin's converting her country to Christianity I doubt that will happen as the authors do no want real world religions to be in their product that are direct copies of real world religions.

Diego, the reason I was thinking of using a Kukri as a blackblade for a halfling is so I could gestalt it with a rogue knife master scout. To get the best of both worlds.

Can a halfling magus use a Kukri as a black blade? The only requirement that I see for a Black Blade is a onehanded slashing weapon and a Kukri falls into that.

I have a question for the writers, why haven't the gods of law put a side
their disagreements with one another and laid a whip ass on the quasi want to be god TB. TB is a far larger threat then Geb. Geb is not really expansionist like TB is. TB wants to take over the world reduce everyone to undead upset the balance between law and chaos.

TB is impugning on Pharsma's portfolio of controlling the souls of the departed by turning them into undead. It is quite well written in the lore that Pharsama hates undead. Why would she allow one to almost becoming a God without sending forth all of her minions both mortal and divine against TB and reducing him to non-existence. As she is most probably the most powerful god she could easily do this. I know gods normally do not interfere on the prime material plane but when a usurper
is attacking her control of the Graveyard why can't she defend her portfolio?

Diego, would this work, you have an improved familiar and the sla that alows you to switch bodies with your familiar you do so as a move action and to have a staff with teleport on it inside you familiar pocket as a free action you touch your body and teleport out of danger.

Can you use the dimensional feats with the arcanist exploit Dimensional Slide?

Are there street Urchin gangs in the Inner Sea countries? Do the thieves guilds use them to recruit members as the Urchins age out of the street urchin gangs?

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