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Diego, would this work, you have an improved familiar and the sla that alows you to switch bodies with your familiar you do so as a move action and to have a staff with teleport on it inside you familiar pocket as a free action you touch your body and teleport out of danger.

Can you use the dimensional feats with the arcanist exploit Dimensional Slide?

Are there street Urchin gangs in the Inner Sea countries? Do the thieves guilds use them to recruit members as the Urchins age out of the street urchin gangs?

Are there street Urchin gangs in the Inner Sea countries? Do the thieves guilds use them to recruit members as the Urchins age out of the street urchin gangs?

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MadScikentest, Cheliax is far from a swift kick to bring it down. For one it serves too a good boggy man for the writers to cast it aside. The nobility has really not been effected by anything. You also have to consider Hell is not going to give up on Cheliax as they supply Hell with lots of Souls. If Abrogail II can't cut it, she can be replaced easily
she will just have an accident like many of her predecessors have had.

Cheliax will never be a Democratic Republic as long as Asmodeus is a God,
he will not let that happen. Do you think Zon-Kuthon would give up Nidal and let Nidal become a Galt or Andoran?

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I'm having a big problem with how Pazio is treating LG and LE societies they are treating them as Lawful stupid and CE Societies as totally omniscient and that the citizens do whatever their overlords say people would be fleeing in droves from the Gravelands before they were eaten or turned into undead.

This whole idea of the Order of the Scorge rebelling, they would be
mercilessly crushed by both the Chelish forces and the forces that would set on them from Hell and they know it, they are not stupid. [All the Orders have spies in their ranks and they know it.] They might try to work with the lesser nobles to change society to make it closer to a lawful neutral outlook but pairing with chaos that would be a no-go IMO. They might have to do some work to find the Rebel forces
but CG or CE forces stick out like sour thumbs in a LE or LN society. The Rebel forces would do things that would make themselves stick out and easy to find, they can't help themselves.

As far as the freed halfling slaves I think it would be better in the long run to give them a choice serve 2 years in the army and be made full citizens without putting them in any form of debt, because that would just cause thievery or be given a ride to the boarder in a coach with their meager goods and be exiled from Cheliax forever. This would be done because it would serve Cheliax better in the long run not because they are any type of good they are evil through and through.

Are there 2 Drow Racial Heritages in 2E? I would think that the population of Drow would be less than surface elves because their society is CE and very backstabbing and higher warfare among the houses as well as more warfare with other subterranean races.

Can someone explain why the subsurface lands on Golarion so much warmer than on earth. I just watched a youtube video on a caving expedition to the deepest known cave on earth in the Caucus mountains about 7600 feet deep and after about 3000 feet the cavers had to wear special gear because the temperatures were just above freezing and very wet and prone to flooding. Also do the underdark races use some form of elevators to traverse the depths if not why don't they get racial bonuses to their climb checks.

Derklord you should have written the spell combat rule.

Is a Bladebound Magus's blackblade considered an Item Familiar?

Why wouldn't you suffer the -2 to hit? You suffer the -2 [IMO] because you are fulfilling the Material or somatic portions of casting of spell casting and using a weapon at the same time [it is not mentioned why you suffer the -2 penalty]. IMO casting a quickend spell still has to follow
rules for casting spells meaning unless you used the spell combat ability
you would have to have still spell and eschew materials feat.

Derklord and Diego, how does the archtype Myrmadarch exist by your reading of the Spell combat rule as a bow takes two hands to use?

Can you use spell strike with two hands on your blade as Spell strike does not have the one hand free in the rule also you are not casting a spell.

The one hand free makes perfect sense if you follow the rules for casting magic that requires somatic or material spell components but both of you seem to not make the connection that magus's must follow the rules for casting magic except where it lets you make an attack with a weapon. [without having a hand free you cannot fulfill somatic or material components in the spell being cast.} it is also why there is -2 to your attack roll when using spell combat, so following the rules for casting if you do not have to fulfill the somatic or material components of a spell you should not have a hand free ie component freedom.

On a slightly less contentious subject can one of you explain the action economy of a magus using Spell combat casting a quickened spell. this has confused me over the break up of casting a quickend spell striking the baddie then casting regular spell and striking baddie twice normal
attack and free attack with the wording of spell combat about splitting up attacks.

have a good night guys.

Could someone explain how spell focus and greater spell focus work when casting abjuration magic?

Diego there are two mythic rules the First is Mythic Spell Combat, it appears in the Mythic Hero's Handbook. I know its 3rd party.

The Magus may use a hand on his weapon to fulfill a somatic component.

Spell Combat (Ex): -At 1st level, a magus learns to cast spells and wield his weapons at the same time. This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast. To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free (even if the spell being cast does not have somatic components), while wielding a light or onehanded melee weapon in the other hand. As a full-round action, he can make all of his attacks with his melee weapon at a –2 penalty and can also cast any spell from the magus spell list with a casting time of 1 standard action (any attack roll made as part of this spell also takes this penalty). If he casts this spell defensively, he can decide to take an additional penalty on his attack rolls, up to his Intelligence bonus, and add the same amount as a circumstance bonus on his concentration check. If the check fails, the spell is wasted, but the attacks still take the penalty. A magus can choose to cast the spell first or make the weapon attacks first, but if he has more than one attack, he cannot cast the spell between weapon attacks.

At 1st level, a magus learns to cast spells and wield his weapons at the same time. This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast. To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free (even if the spell being cast does not have somatic components), while wielding a light or one melee weapon in the other hand.

The bolded text describes the offhand casting the spell and the penalty that you take. if you do not have to use somatic components when you are casting why should the offhand free portion of the rule apply to you?

The previous is covered by the mythic rule Component Freedom [Somatic]
Iam not saying that you still would not have to make a concentration check or suffer the -2 penalty only that you would be able to wield your One handed or light weapon or blackblade in both hands.

IMO latter material published that modifies a prior rule overrides the prior rule that it modified.

Magus's still have to follow all the other rules other casters have to follow so if they spend two path powers it should trump prior sections of the spell combat rule.

Name Violation, so do rules written after spell combat supercede spell combat? There are mythic rules that effect spell combat that negate the one hand issue and if you do not need a second hand to cast spells or have improved or greater two weapon fighting do you need to keep a hand free in your opinion, as spell combat says it is a form of two weapon fighting. Spell Combat is a very good concept but a poorly written rule IMO.

On another topic where did you find your avatar it is way cool.

Derklord then why do you have to keep it empty, the rule as written makes zero sense.

The line in the spell combat rule is one of the worst written and interrupted rules pathfinder IMO, the author of the rule did not take
existing rules [Still Spell] and rules that completely bypass the need for somatic spell components like Component freedom. As far as cestus go if you can cast spells wearing gauntlets, chain or plate [Magus gain profentcies in medium and heavy armor] then you can cast wearing cestus which are leather gloves backed with metal just add a 5% spell failure penalty.

To the OP have the Boss hit the AC with a greater dispel magic on round one now the AC is back to medium. I have found animal growth is not a real good spell to use in a dungeon fine for outside.

You can point out to the druid that strong Jaw is a much better spell to use in a dungeon and as far as Atavism goes tell him to invest in a couple of scrolls of Heart of the Mammoth far better buff spell though more costly.

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Kefitu, Air and Magic sound cool for firearms mixing the two would also be real cool imagine an air elemental powering a firearm. Endless opportunities without the problem of reloading black powder firearms.

What kind of fashion do you envision for Arcadia?

I am looking forward to MezoAmerican Aztec, Toltec and Incan themes.
Maybe gauchos from Argentina. I think that Arcadia would be the perfect place for mor Shamens and other occult classes. I hope they redo guns for Arcadia and have 1840's to 1900 firearms. I think that giving black podwer firearms 2 or more shots in a melee round is bogus. If you want to see how a black podwer rifle is fired and reloaded watch Sean Bean in Sharp's Rifles by Tap loading a Rifled Musket a legendary Rifleman could get off 3 rounds a minute. If you want faster firing weapons just give out post 1860 rifles and pistols that had cased ammo. Then you do not need to suspend belief on reloading a firearm.

Sorry for my rant on firearms.

I am reaaly looing foward to Luis's take on magic and magic items from the cultures of Central and South American cultures

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You cannot compare the death of Aroden with the death of a Mortal. When Aroden became a God his type changed to outsider and an outsider takes a Ture Resurrection to return from the dead and also you have to deal with the fact of game exposition, the authors wanted Aroden dead for story reasons. Spells might remain on a god but not on a mortal simply because gods have divine power and mortals do not.

Yes you can memorize Empower delayed blast fire ball with spell perfection and when you cast it use a charge from your quicken metamagic rod but you could not apply empower and burning meta magic feats that you have the feats for and use Spell perfection with them.

Items that apply feats do not count with spell perfection.

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Pizza Lord, I would agree with you, spells would continue after Resurrection as the Rules are written but If I were running the game. I would rule that spells other than restoration or Greater restoration would cease because of the spells being disrupted by the great amount of divine power used in Resurrections. When a PC dies his soul is sent to the Graveyard to be Judged by Pharasma, or to hell or the Abyss if the dead PC sold their soul.

All three involve the souls travel to another Plane then having the soul ripped back to the Prime material and reunited with the body and having divine power used to heal all the damage done to the body to kill it in the first place. All this power should disrupt all other spells other than Restoration magic as those spells are mentioned in Resurrection as the Raise dead spell at the bottom of Resurrection.

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This touches on divine magic, Why hasn't Ragathiel restored his own wing that was torn off by his father? He can grant true resurrection to his mortal followers which seems to be a more powerful spell than restoring his own divine essence. If it is something to do with his farther doing it why can't another god heal him?

As to why divine magic is different than mundane magic, my opinion is that divine magic is the union of faith between a god and his mortal clerics and other divine spell casters that allows the mortal to use a portion of his or her gods divine power in return for their faith in their god.

Why does anyone think that Cheliax would ever do anything but try to destroy TB. TB is CE and Asmodeus is LE and the dead don't have souls to try to corrupt or for mortals to try to sell theirs to hell for more power on the prime material plane. Why would Asmodeus want to chance that TB might achieve godhood and go after His [Asmodeus's Portfolio Magic]

The Lord of Hell would never chance that happening. He would use everything in his considerable power to prevent TB from achieving godhood. As far as Cheliax they do what Asmodeus tells them to do through his minions the House of Thrune. The Queen has a Pit Fiend
as an advisor after all and a fallen angel as a tutor so she does what Asmodeus wants almost all the time.

As for the Nation of Cheliax allying with TB what does he have to offer them that they want. He [TB] wants to kill all mortals and make them undead. Andoran's a nuisance as far as Cheliax is concerned compared to TB.

If you take an alternate thiefling ability what do you have to give up?

I am thinking of making a new weapons enchantment that increases the hardness of the meatal in a weapon by 10.

I am thinking of charging 5000gp for this. The only thing I can think of this effecting is if someone attempts to sunder the weapon. So, I did not want to make it a +1 enchantment.

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I would like Pazio to stick to pre 18th century Asian history. There is plenty of rich non-western themes for the players to explore. The Mongols, the Korean and Thei Empire's as well as the empire of Burma. Place these lands in Tian-Xia and we will have a wonderful rich land to explore. We can leave the modern 20th century stuff out. Tech is ok.

Set one Land in a land like the Kingdom [a show produced by Koreans exploring imperial rule and zombies] BTW this show is on Netflix it's great. The reaction of the crown Prince to seeing how peasants lived was great. He had never been out of the Palace. The show also showed a weapon being sundered.

WE don't need communism or neo-stateism discussed in a fantasy setting leave those to political science classes at University.

Diego, in one of your posts above you stated that a spell like breath of life would not end a condition I would have to disagree with that, bleed would end with Breath of Life ends bleed as it heals hit point damage. I would say it would depend on the condition. Generally in games that I've played in when a Raise dead was cast it would be followed by a heal and restoration. Those spells would end all conditions. Resurrection and True resurrection also would end all conditions as the spells state full hit points, strength and vigor no constitution loss or negative level loss.

Can someone explain the line between very powerful Magic Items, Artifacts and Legendary magic items? Are intelligent items automatically Artifacts or Legendary Items? Can the Archmage path power Crafting Mastery and mythic crafting create Artifacts and Legendary items? Why aren't there divine crafting path powers?

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Kefitu, There are three Mythic path powers that let a mythic being grant divine spells to their gods followers: Divine Source, Heathen Slayer and Seat of Power. I suppose a god can let a very high-level Cleric oracle paladin or another follower that casts divine spells grant others divine spells they are gods after all. Demi-gods can grant divine spells. Though gods are very jealous of their powers and do not just like to hand those powers out to mortals who do not pray to them.

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Possible Cabbage, have any of Chieliax's shipyards have been lost or damaged? I don't know. If not why doesn't the crown levy a new tax on the nobility to rebuild the Navy. Send some fine young nobles to the Navel war college, let them serve the crown and benefit themselves by earning glory for themselves and their families.

Keftiu, I think in the larger scale of things Abrogail II more to worry about from the big bad Lich than a bunch of slaves. She also has her lost city state to concern herself with as Asmodeus does not like failure. I could see a Navel interdiction in her former city states future The Queen does not have to invade just choke off all trade without attacking flaged shipping.

Though the Lich is more of a threat than anything else. I could even see
Abrogail engaging in diplomacy to start a reclamation of Lastwall as this in the long run is more profitable outcome for the Empire. They are very evil not stupid and the writers are writing the more of Lawful Stupid than Lawful Evil. Do you really think a bunch of Chaotic Putzs could outsmart an Immortal Pit fiend and the master of lies and their Mythic servant the Queen. There is a lot for the 3 beings of utter evil to do that would take a bunch of Player Characters to foil.

I say that the Chelish Crown should abolish slavery as I can see no reason for them to maintain slavery and many reasons to abolish it. Not because the Crown is good hearted they are not. It would confound their enemies at no cost to the crown. They could even rid themselves of a lawless menace again at no cost to the crown. They could even inflict their former subjects on their former province without any cost to the Crown and not violate the treaty.